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What to do if Neighbours are Spreading Rumours About you

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 29 Sep 2020 | comments*Discuss
Dealing With Neighbour Rumours Coping

Unfortunately, we live in a world where gossip and rumour-mongering is prevalent throughout the whole of society. Often, it comes about as a result of the person who is spreading the rumours about you being very insecure, and may even be jealous or envious of you for whatever reason.

Try To Rise Above It

Firstly, although nobody enjoys being gossiped about, it’s important to realise that most gossip and any rumours that are spread about you will probably be pretty harmless. Wherever possible, you should try to keep a cool head and let it rise above you.

Much of the time, the person(s) who is spreading rumours are hoping that they can provoke you into some kind of retaliatory action so the more you can ignore them the better. Laugh things off if another neighbour approaches you with some gossip, and the likelihood is that they will lose interest, too. The rumour ‘spreader’ is more likely to start to feel that they're the one that other neighbours are starting to pity.

What if it Starts Becoming Malicious?

Although most gossip and rumours are pretty harmless, even if they can be a bit hurtful, sometimes they can start to get out of control and, before long, you can feel quite victimised, especially if the person spreading the rumours have been able to coerce other neighbours to ‘jump on board’. This can sometimes be very damaging to the mental health of the victim.

You might start feeling as though everyone is laughing at you or condemning you and this can lead to you feeling paranoid or suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression. If this happens, there is a real case of harassment taking place now and you are Protected By Law Against Harassment. You may wish to approach the police or, perhaps a better course of action would be to contact your local authority’s anti-social behaviour team, if they have one, and explain the issue to them.

Confronting the Rumour Monger

Before considering taking any of the actions above, it may well be worth contacting the rumour monger first to discuss the situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up becoming friends with them but sometimes rumours originate as a result of complete misunderstandings, so it might help to ask them why they have been spreading rumours about you and on what grounds are they basing their assumptions.

It’s also useful to tell the person how their actions have affected you, especially if there are no grounds for the rumours in the first place. Even if you don’t get the desired response, it may be worth asking your neighbour if they’d be prepared to Speak To A Mediator with you to help reach some kind of agreement.

Taking Legal Action

Unless the rumours can be proven to constitute some kind of harassment, taking the person to court is fraught with danger. Firstly, you’ll need to be able to provide proof that their comments are slanderous and have caused defamation to your character, and that’s often quite difficult to prove. Also, not only will legal action be costly, a defamation lawsuit may not necessarily result in any restoration of your character, and may even damage your reputation further.

Therefore, simply ignoring or laughing off rumours are usually the best way to go about dealing with them and people will soon get bored. However, if they do start to cause you harassment and make you feel that you’re being wrongly persecuted, then the threat of involving the police or actually involving them is perfectly acceptable under laws to deal with harassment.

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I have moved12 times in the past due to abusive backstabbing neighbours making my life a misery, just moved last Christmas and started having problems near anough straight away. Had the paramedics round as I was upset and had self harmed, the unprofessional woman paramedic shouted " why are you self harming for its Christmas"? So I said " well thank you for that now all the neighbours and neighbourhood are going to know" seeing that these ceilings and walls are only thin and they can hear everything what is said especially when she shouted at the top of her voice at me . Before you know it I was walking up the road and two youths were walking down the road and one asked me " why do you self harm for"? I just ignored him . I realized my next door neighbours are friends with a couple across the road and had told them about me self harming , then them across the road especially her has been going round telling folk I,m mad and mental , since then I,ve been targeted at by loads of other youths in the neighbourhood and adults and the man nextdoor on the other side pointed his finger at me and said " your mental" and he also speaks to her across the road , it was a few weeks ago I wrote a letter and posted it through her letterbox asking her to stop telling folk I,m mad as I,m not I suffer from depression and anxietyand the other week I heard her talking to him nextdoor and I knew she would tell him about the letter I wrote to her that's what made him say I,m mental. But he,s a terrible backstabber too, he always talks about everyone in a bad way then before you know it he,s having a chat and a laugh with them, their all backstabbers round here and are ganging up on me everytime they see me . I,ve rung the police before but them across the road pretended they were out when the police were knocking on their door , I knew that was going to happen and I,ve just rung the police on Monday about my nextdoor neighbour what he said to me. Better to let them know than bottle it in like I have been doing for so long now .
Gill - 27-Sep-20 @ 9:21 PM
I was moved I to my flat 2½ years ago after a very traumatic time in my life caused me to become permanently disabled.I did get on with the neighbours upstairs for the first year or so until the housing association refitted our kitchen, wetroom and replaced our front door. While doing the wetroom they ground asbestos and we were moved into a caravan in a nearby seaside town. I had to stay there alone while my partner worked at night. It was terrifying for me.The neighbours stopped talking to us nicely and made nasty comments about Flagship having favourites and sending people on holiday for free. It didn't stop there, they've been racist against my Polish girlfriend, been homophobic to the both of us, made unnecessary complaints about overnight door banging when it hasn't even happened. I e just been to see my friend at the other end of our road only to be confronted by a drunk woman calling my girlfriend a Polish C***, saying if any one of my 3 cats enters her garden she'll poison them and told me that I'm the one who is 'supposed to have a bad back' insinuating that I am faking it. My neighbour is the only one who knew these things and it doesn't take Columbo to work out who has been spreading gossip. Any advice would be gratefully received.
JellyBean - 29-Jul-20 @ 7:50 PM
Everyone in burghley Court great Holm spreading rumours not true.think I stay people window not true and moan about my ctv cameras at side my house. I have problem in eye sight I can, t see very well, I'm partly deaf, my health is getting worse. I lost my husband how past away 2018.know I'm on my own in the house. I can come full unwell at Blueevery four or five times in themonth and claps any time at home. Or I have to get in bed sickness. trouble get up with in lot pain I do struggle a lot. we put ctv camera outside for my son who got autism and learning disabilities trouble get in the house without stress him self. His grandparents got Ctv aswell to make sure he was safe. And we got security button in side house just in case I claps in side the house for him reach for help also. I want report this bad rumours to stop. I'm scared go out my house because these rumours. People in burghley Court should report and try stop this im very depress, bad health lonely, lost partner, scared go out because the rumour it's true all pack off lies. The people come around are my help me clean house I can, t do much because my health, gardener is a friend comes around help me do my garden for me because my health problems, if people in burghley court think my health not true. I give every letters from hospital in Oxford, Milton Keynes hospital, Northampton hospital doctors every two weeks and other places I go. I take 10 different pain relief to help my pain. And also not clue the other tablets I take. Other problems. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME STOP HORRIBLE PEOPLE IN BURGHLEY COURT GREAT HOLM. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND STOP SPREADING RUMOURS THAT'S NOT TRUE PLEASE.
Catz - 30-Jun-20 @ 7:41 PM
So I moved to this neighborhood was so excited everyone was so nice at first. Next we had some trees removed and the neighbor kept walking into our backyard and took pictures this happened multiple times a day. When I confronted the neighbor he stated I was crazy. Mind you I stated why are you taking pictures I think you need to stop. Since then we have noticed some of the neighbors not taking to us and ignoring us. I’m not sure what to do. I felt I had stood up for myself as I don’t think it’s not right to come on someone’s property and take photos I just don’t know what to do
Kat - 9-Apr-20 @ 10:52 PM
Hi When our new neighbours moved in next door were very friendly.My husband did a new drive for them saving them $5000,I gave them a lot things they needed for free from my deceased mums things,visited each other couple times a week.Out of the blue she complained about my cats(I have a few but in builtup area there are lots of other cats)She has been a smoker for 40 odd years arrived with a terrible cough but now blames my cats for being unwell.Also cat poo in her place was my cats only and started throwing it across the fence on our drive.After she spread the rumours about me & my cats at the local cafe people I had milk own for a long time were siding with her.I went around to the cafe to say my side of the story and it just got worse(I was at the time very unwell and after an operation recently it got way worse)She came over to make peace and I was sleeping so my husband coped with the women involved.She bought her husband with her and straight away ran me down saying I called her names was texting her friends horrible things about her and told my husband I had a mental problem.My husband stood up for me and said she had better leave cause it wasn’t making peace it was being very unkind.She has been quite since but I don’t trust her at all.I have lived in this area for 40 years and this is the first problem I have ever had??
Lyn1457 - 19-Jan-20 @ 8:17 PM
We used to be close and I have given her food, money and a second hand smart phone...really I went for extra mile by helping her by doing some gardening for her. She used me and she screamed at me that I have told her to her face she is ungrateful, it went out of control with harsh words. Now she is playing mind games and spreading nasty romours about me, it is effecting me very badly and I suffer with mental health problems, I have aspergers too. She won't stop and she is poison, I avoid her at all time, I am petrified.
Julie - 20-Dec-19 @ 6:28 AM
We were emptying a discead relative home in June when a new couple moved in next door but 1. Being very devastated & vulnerable from our loss and because they didn't know anyone we started chatting and became friends or so we thought. To cut a long story short about 2 months ago they stared not talking to us. As "friends" do on an evening they had come to us on an for a drink and a natter, Sometimes we had to walking them home and open their door like friends do to make sure they home safely because he was so pisssed & she didn't help much. About a month a very good friend told me that the woman was going round to neighbours telling them that me and her husband were having an affair. We just laughed as it was so ridiculous and didn't think too much of it. We new she potty. I later found out she was also saying that I tried to get her husband drunk one night at our house and that he was giving me money. Their daughter had told her he was taking the money from their account to give to me Now that really got to me and I am so angry and upset that she would do that.. So I reported it to the our H Association. I wanted it to be registered as an official complaint. I was told just to ignore it and ignore them which is exactly what we were doing, and what she was doing wasn't something that could affect their tenancy agreement. I was so mad that I couldn't stop crying on the phone. All I wanted was for the Association to contact them and tel them an official had been made and her behaviour had to stop. I know my true friends know it not true and think she is a nutter, but it still gets me so angry.
Peed off - 6-Nov-19 @ 12:42 AM
I have been having problems with a neighbour who has been gossiping to other neighbours about me since I became disabled in 2016. I have heard her telling others that I'm not that bad. That I dont need a wheelchair. That she knows worse than me. Only last week I heard her and another neighbour talking about her daughter. The a neighbour asked her if her daughter and partner know all about me which she responded with oh yes they know all about her. I have done absolutely nothing to this woman I've always been nice and friendly towards all my neighbours. In fact this person has gossipped about me so much to others that I'm being treated differently by others now. Because they have been brainwashed by this person leading them to think bad of me. This woman has also started to touch stuff that belongs to me like my section of the communal garden under my bedroom window and claimed it as hers. She has also put her washing line outside my window where mine is ment to be. Last night I noticed that after a friend had been kind enough to help place my rotary line in another area that it has been tampered with. Everyone leaves there lines up but she has put my line down without even asking me. I have damaged tendons in my wrist at the moment so I'm unable to push it back up. Also because of my disabilitys I am struggling to hang washing out and only do large bedding items as and when I can. So to see my line had been tampered with is going to put me in another awkward position to ask for help from a neighbour. It has made me so ill stressing over all the bad things that are being said about me that aren't true and now my personal possessions are being tampered with behind my back. I already suffer from ptsd after an assault that took place in my flat and been mentally abused by an ex. So having this on top of everything I cant cope. What should I do? Please if anyone can help me I'm at the end of my tether.
Birdy - 27-Jul-19 @ 11:44 AM
My nebours in block of flats in Srbija heat ther flats by burning solid fuel and not caring for chimneys . This have resolted in fire that burned part of roof . Fier men pourde water down chimney that flooded my kitchen cosing damage to my floored parke flooring and wood went black .( this is my holidey flat I was not told till monts letter abouth fire ) Oners of ather flats are very nasty and expect me to pay for repers and I have never used solid fuels and my chimney are blockt ( cant be used ) Fire ?? in this block happens often and ather problems cosed by negolekt of of ather nebours (choping wood above me in flat cosed my seeling to fol down and floding me lots of times. They leave doors un lockt and poblick use our stair well as Wc ,shop on ground flor store rubish from sm supermarket and our entry in to block is dangeres they store heavu metal agenst window ( breking glas .) and very high crates of beear leaving us 30 cm to enter in to flats .shop have turned our back garden in to rubesh tip faoull smeling and flys,rats cocroches are geting in to flats . This is Srbija where low do not apply ef you have importent friends ! I am trying to sale flat with anonymous loss just to get out from hell . I was going back to live in Srbija when retired. My pension is state pension ( UK amonst loest in Europe) and now there is no wey to take problems to court for in Srbija that takes years and solicitars are mony grabing and usles ( once that I delt with ) Please help , Do I have to pay for damages ather iresponsible oneras are cosing. Insurance in Srbija is bad and no meany people get any money for damages from them so they and I are not insured .
Joka - 29-Jun-19 @ 9:46 AM
How do we edit our post Can you upgrade your site Thanks much
Arrogantaramus - 13-Mar-19 @ 1:32 PM
We live in a world today where you have to be very careful with whom you make friends with just in case you no longer see eye to eye with them for example disagreeing with something . Some people think that every one must be against youit's no rocket science it's a simple few words saying:"Don'ttalk to these people" thatdoes all thesedamages to the minority This is all the people youhad adisagreementsayfirstly beforethey starts the othermaliciouslyingrumours aboutyou Nointelligentwordsno proofthat you deserve this treatmentsisneeded From then on you are then falselycreatedand painted intopublic enemey number oneas sillyas thismay soundandbefore you know it the wholecommunityeven people you havenotmet!in lifeknowsandheardabout you. This is why it sounds silly . Theyheard aboutthings about you whichprobably neverexisted. Onceonemakean enemey out of you this one have to spread the word and there come another ant and take a grain of peas and another and another and it never ends. Sobefore you make friends with people thinkcarefully forjustincase Some!!!Peopleare only meanttobe in your lives for aseason . How people let go saysa lot aboutwho!!! they are. If they are meant to be in your life the universe will bring them back to you no devilin hellcould stop it with all the childishgamesyousee playingbefore your eyes . Theywill not be back in your lives if it's not meant to be Sayinglive andlet live should mean you are not guilty of the same Andif not don't say it. Don't mock it Havealookin your mirror and stop justyfing your wrongs. So the nice one yesterday is nowthebadone the next day Theprettyonelast night is now the ugly so and so this morningbecauseyou fell out It's a very thin line Lastjy please stop joiningin childishgames.?
No outspoken people - 13-Mar-19 @ 1:27 PM
We live in a world today where you have to be very careful with whom you make friends with just in case you no longer see eye to eye with them for example disagreeing with something . Some people think that every one must be against youit's no rocket science it's a simple few words saying:"Don't talk to these people"thatdoes all thesedamages to the minority This is all the people youhad a disagreementsayfirstly beforethey starts the othermaliciouslyingrumours aboutyou Nointelligentwordsno proofthat you deserve this treatmentsisneeded From then on you are then falselycreatedand painted intopublic enemey number oneas sillyas thismay soundandbefore you know it the whole community even people you havenotmet!in lifeknowsandheardabout you.This is why it sounds silly . They heard aboutthings about you which probably neverexisted. Onceonemakeanenemey out of you this one have to spread the word and there come another ant and take a grain of peas and another and another and it never ends. So before you make friends with people thinkcarefullyforjustincase Some!!!Peopleareonly meanttobe in your lives for aseason . How people let go says a lot aboutwho!!!they are.If they are meant to be in your life the universe will bring them back to you no devilin hellcould stop it with all the childishgames youseeplaying before your eyes . Theywill not be back in your lives if it's not meant to be Sayinglive and let live should mean you are notguilty of the same And if not don't say it. Don't mock it Have a lookin your mirror and stop justyfing your wrongs. So the nice one yesterday is nowthebad one the next day Thepretty onelast night is now the ugly so and so this morning because you fell out Its a very thin line Lastjy please stop joining in childish games.
No outspoken people - 13-Mar-19 @ 1:08 PM
My wife and I have been subjected to physical assaults, intimidation, harassment and vandalism on a constant daily basis now for the five years of our social housing tenancy with our local LA. The root of our problem is that I am an Irish Citizen and my neighbours do not want us living in their park. The Police are dealing with our issues but our landlords (Castle Point Borough Council) are not. Their stance is they do not get involved in matters of anti social problems. They told me to stop sending emails to them that they are not referees between neighbours. The most recent assault on us was a vicious physical assault that resulted in that neighbour, her boyfriend and a friend getting a Community Resolution Order (Each) and the tenant a 'Community Warning' from the Police. This however was pointless as this neighbour is continuing to attack us and harass us. She has now also begun to coerce other neighbours to ‘jump on board’ with her and they too are attacking us. We sought the help from the LA (Council) but they told me to stop bothering them. We would leave but we cannot afford to. Our life living here is hell on earth.
OB - 3-Feb-19 @ 1:57 PM
I say about my hasty neighbourshe dose not just talk about me but every one who lives by her Like she tells people I had to get the police as my other side not us as there bed room active was to noise and could hear throught the wall she told me that was when I was talking to hear now what they do is get the new neighbourask me question to pass back to them like what Happen to the carson in haspital but as yet he as not we just talk a bout when the dust man comeing round again you see she tell people is back garden is a mess the man as just move In got two small childrenfull time job got no time for garden now winter start in portent in any live is famerlys
Dot - 24-Jan-19 @ 2:14 PM
Nasty neighbourthay don't like me we have two handicap boylive in this house 50 years Thay want our fence downBecouse thay go a cross a path with no drop curb so Insed of ask us he tell the man the other side he was going to move ithe as out grown his garden so he want our but forlast 8 year they have tried to get us outbut with a brought house they would have to go to cort now with other neighbour whom have jumped on the band wagon you may say they wear trying to stop a handicap bus I have not been out of my house for 5 years because I can't leave my handicap son now he is in hospital very poorly
Dot - 24-Jan-19 @ 1:39 PM
My family and l live in the middle of many older nabours and it's an old wardens house and because the warden has left that helped a lot of the older nabours they hate us living here but my son who is autistic feels safe here and we love our home.The older people play bingo in the community centre next door and you can here them shouting about us throwing hate speech and we have been to the police and they have spoken to the two that have caused these problems by getting others to join in the shouting and pointing the finger. I don't work and care for my wife who is registered as disabled and look after my son as he has fits at random times my daughter is a God send and is doing fantastic but when she goes out to play the nabours grunt at her and twitch the curtins. But we are not leaving so bigger to them Matthew UK
Matt7777 - 21-Jan-19 @ 7:20 AM
The anti social behaviour team is a joke. Neighbours now spreading rumours and phoning sspca saying we are cruel to our dog. THEY were caught with council recording device, AND their son formally warned by night time noise team. HE is now phoning the asbt on a regular basis complaining about us. The law is an ass, and so is the dundee anti social behaviour team
Disillusioned - 3-Jan-19 @ 7:16 PM
Our neighbours are malicious and driven by hate and envy. They had us arrested for assaulting them, when it was us who were directly physically attacked by them. The police took their word for what happened on a piece of crappy phone footage. We were kept in a cell for 24 hours released and now face a court case and possible eviction from our home. These two little idiots believe their own lies and somehow manage to get the authorities to come down on their side. We are beside ourselves with what may happen, cant sleep or eat properly and have had the worse Christmas ever while these two Neanderthals get off Scot free!!! There is no justice in this world and the lunatics are certainly running the asylum!!!!!
Tenacity rules - 31-Dec-18 @ 4:30 AM
I heard one of my neighbors was evicted I don't know if she left or if it's true Anyway it's none of my business . I don't want to know and this is the honest truth . What I don't like for myself I can't like for others. I suggest she stop joining others to try to humiliatethemselves in the guise of humiliating me I really feel this being should find out the real truth about How she lost her home if this is true and go after them and leave my life immediately . I had nothing to do with her for years before she left or her associates so I am not and was not involved . Nothing means I had already washed my hands of them and did not want to know nothing about their business even up to this day Rumours have it she grassed up on her x boyfriend and many others and is now enlisted in a group to try to humiliate her innocent x neighbors for some time now She and the so called friends left behind have been participating in drilling , spreading lies, pounding and non stop harrassments giving the Neighbor no choice to defend herself For the most part they are trying but is humiliating themselves They stopped low No point reporting to the police everything is leaked I knows her name Also gave her own family problems Gossipers said she told them her boyfriend works for the housing trust. No wonder my life was such a misery. What I don't like for myself I don't like for others. Even if it'san awful person . I want to send a message to this Pearson.I don'twant to know if you work,if you aliveor if you are dead for years now. I live and let live. I suggest you find the truth if it's true what I heard . Please get out of my life . Life and let live Enjoy your vouchers but not on my account. You had thought the other girl should go away from the area until you befriended her No you and your acquaintances should live and let live . If sombody humiliated you Its surely not me Go away and leave my life alone . I really don't mind if you go after the ones whoreally humiliated you all Can't you manage them? Do what you does best? The word of God said you are an evil spirit . We wrestle against spirit and principalities in high places . If you are an evil spirit I know a God that could crush you and your evilspirit inside of you all. I won't mention your name You know who you are Leave me alone.Youhave your own problems to sort out Stop the lies If you can't figure the real reasons shut up Stop the organised harassment !!! LOW Keep writing about dogs ?
Wild Wild West - 17-Nov-18 @ 6:39 PM
I know how everyone feels.I am an older person living with my son, we have lived at our apartment for 10 years.Now we have a new landlord that is mean and abusive though we always pay the rent on time.Our neighbor is friends with landlord and she makes up lies on me to get me into trouble and he believes her and comes after me.I am a Senior Citizen and this has never happened to me, it has gone on for over three years and it is destroying my health and can't sleep.The landlord and this tenant are a nightmare for me and everyone.But, God is watching and he will punish them.And what goes around comes around.This is clear elder abuse on me from these two 60 something year olds, they are downright mean and evil.They try to provoke me, but, I ignored them.I have never met people in my life like them, they enjoy doing harm.And that is evil.God will punish them, but, I refuse to play into their hands.
Hope - 16-Nov-18 @ 7:51 AM
My neighbors started to gossip about me and my family. Im only a teenager and it really stress me out. The rumors spread on my school and everyone's treating me horrible. All I could do is cry on my friends and pray. Its been going on for 3 years. Im so depressed.
Hurt - 11-Nov-18 @ 3:16 AM
So a person is being provoked they not suppose to react? Nobody ask you if you are or was provoking the personfor the person to react to you that way They ask if the person is down You said yes They say let's kick them You don't live there so you want the person out Gal I know you. You are not sIck in the head you are just EVIL I DONE WITH FIGHTING EVIL EVIL HAVE 10000 HEADS You can't fight fire with fire Fight fire with PRAYERS Leave it to GOD GOD GO DEAL WITH IT IN HIS TIMING
Black - 4-Nov-18 @ 1:39 PM
A good person will always be a good personnobody can't change that It's the mindset Don't matter what othersdo or say about them Again a good person will always be a good person Just don't respond to provocation when when it's brought to your front door in any form . Who agrees ? Years should be for growingnot stuck in childishness Life is hard so if you are helping people ease pressure of lifein some way hey althoughthis is negative And unfair Life is not easyfor nobody as some think,we all dealing with life Just because sombody don't continuously provoke you don't mean life is good for them . Some people kick you if they think you down But youcan't keep a good person down Kick them they will get up So think twice !!! Then you will get more upset cause they get up Is this upset good for you healthi wise? Your game is coming to an end . Shoo fly don't bother me People shoul use your years for growing not stuck in mischief !!!
No you live and let - 4-Nov-18 @ 11:03 AM
My neighbour is spreading malicious lies about me, including that I am being investigated by the police for stalking. I reported this to the police who sent a PCSO to speak to her - my neighbour lied that she had heard other people talking about me. The PCSO told me my neighbour was entitled to speak her opinion about me. I have told the police that no one is talking about me, my neighbour lied to protect herself. The police refuse to help.
West Ken - 20-Oct-18 @ 10:57 AM
I live in a flat in a nice quiet village until I had the neighbour from hell move under me .Spreading stupid rubbish lies about me things that are causing other neighbours to treat me in a horrible way .
Nessie - 17-Oct-18 @ 6:41 PM
My neighbor behind our house is Terra Bella irrigation district they lease out that property to a man that lets his cows die on the property behind us and does not pick them up unless told to do sothey have ababy calves out there and take in the mothersdead body away yesterday and left the calf to starvewe called the sheriff because the Humane Society wouldn’t come out I reported it to the property owner and he says that those are his friends and they can do what they want not his problem I feel that this is emotionallydistressing me and my family we fear for our lives the person leasing the property shot into our property and I almost hit my husband and try to scare us By intimidation tactics I know that’s illegal the officer never came to take the report now I’m afraid for my husband to go work on our ranch and I don’t like to be out there either without another person aroundI am in constant fear that something will happen to our livestock or one of my family members on the ranch we bought this house to enjoy it from day one they never gave us a chance they always caused a fight what can we do
Loni - 26-Sep-18 @ 2:33 PM
The neighbour where I live her father decided to fly tip in our back garden, small fence posts with concerate on the bottom plus other bits of wood, bits of bricks, grass, when I approached him he told me it was ours, I said to him your daughter has just had her fencing done and it’s her old fencing with terracotta paint on it, at this time our fence was painted green, I asked him to stop he did for a while, then the neighbor and mother came out hands on hips started mouthing it, I got back in my car were my 20 yrs old daughter was sat, I reversed back to get out of the private lane then he started throwing stuff back in the garden I drove back down and my car skidded on the grass ( no intention to hurt anyone) no where near her father, then he came around to my car window and started shouting how dare you, I said what!my daughter said my mum hasn’t done anything, my neighbor told her son to get her i pad she told her father to stand in front of the car where the bumper is and she took the picture, her mother told me I was trespassing in the lane I told her I have more right than you, anyway the neighbour called the police told them I was trespassing and I tried to knock her father down, the police came asked me what had gone on I told them my version he did say he had a look at the skid mark and just said be careful I told the police there was no intentions but I had to prove to the police I was not trespassing and had to show them our house deeds which they where happy withI just wanted him to stop fly tipping but they have caused trouble before over parking we’re I was told to park my car on my f...... drive and f... off back to where I came from by her ex husband, and he actually drew a line with his finger and said this is your part of the wall this is our part telling me not to park my car over the line!They don’t cause trouble when my husband is at home, I know she is talking about me because 2 of the neighbours who use to talk to me don’t, but they were slating my neighbour off anyway but I didn’t get involved in there dispute I haven’t spoke to my neighbour for 2 years but they have twisted things and tried to make me look bad, but I do believe in Karma!,
Honey - 18-Sep-18 @ 7:03 AM
One of my neighbours that I don't get on with said to me look at my own children. She said I and my friends got to be insane because of what we got involved in and believeswe want sombody to pray for us by the looks of what we are involved in as people with children..
Look at my children - 29-Aug-18 @ 4:56 PM
A neighbour keep planning evil against me like if they think they are the devil. And they are saying they are having fun. I pity them but at the same time is angry that they have no idea this is not what fun looks like and it's not laughable quite nornally. This shows Satan isa busy one and is keeping them busy To be honest I feel they should forget this jealousy , racism and hatred they openly displayed in bold and get on with their own lives. Focus on their priorities . I am fed up of their unwanted obsession and attention focusing on me. So we do not get on what's the big deal. In an ideal world you go your way and I go mine's. Just leave me alone Know when to stop. If you try to use me as an example you will look weak and like big bulliessince you bring in everyone else because it has already been revealed the housing is part of it. They all attacked me together . I feel so ashamed for them. This is low. They said they are having fun Wish they could really have fun doing something good and not evil.
Pissbuddies - 26-Aug-18 @ 10:59 PM
Maybe this is what having loads of fun looks like . Ongoing !!! racism non stop Not partying, not shopping,not genuine laughter Your confusion can't done Your heart is so heavy Lighten up
Good luck in life - 27-Jul-18 @ 5:03 PM
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