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What to do if Neighbours are Spreading Rumours About you

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 5 Jun 2017 | comments*Discuss
Dealing With Neighbour Rumours Coping

Unfortunately, we live in a world where gossip and rumour-mongering is prevalent throughout the whole of society. Often, it comes about as a result of the person who is spreading the rumours about you being very insecure, and may even be jealous or envious of you for whatever reason.

Try To Rise Above It

Firstly, although nobody enjoys being gossiped about, it’s important to realise that most gossip and any rumours that are spread about you will probably be pretty harmless. Wherever possible, you should try to keep a cool head and let it rise above you.

Much of the time, the person(s) who is spreading rumours are hoping that they can provoke you into some kind of retaliatory action so the more you can ignore them the better. Laugh things off if another neighbour approaches you with some gossip, and the likelihood is that they will lose interest, too. The rumour ‘spreader’ is more likely to start to feel that they're the one that other neighbours are starting to pity.

What if it Starts Becoming Malicious?

Although most gossip and rumours are pretty harmless, even if they can be a bit hurtful, sometimes they can start to get out of control and, before long, you can feel quite victimised, especially if the person spreading the rumours have been able to coerce other neighbours to ‘jump on board’. This can sometimes be very damaging to the mental health of the victim.

You might start feeling as though everyone is laughing at you or condemning you and this can lead to you feeling paranoid or suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression. If this happens, there is a real case of harassment taking place now and you are Protected By Law Against Harassment. You may wish to approach the police or, perhaps a better course of action would be to contact your local authority’s anti-social behaviour team, if they have one, and explain the issue to them.

Confronting the Rumour Monger

Before considering taking any of the actions above, it may well be worth contacting the rumour monger first to discuss the situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up becoming friends with them but sometimes rumours originate as a result of complete misunderstandings, so it might help to ask them why they have been spreading rumours about you and on what grounds are they basing their assumptions.

It’s also useful to tell the person how their actions have affected you, especially if there are no grounds for the rumours in the first place. Even if you don’t get the desired response, it may be worth asking your neighbour if they’d be prepared to Speak To A Mediator with you to help reach some kind of agreement.

Taking Legal Action

Unless the rumours can be proven to constitute some kind of harassment, taking the person to court is fraught with danger. Firstly, you’ll need to be able to provide proof that their comments are slanderous and have caused defamation to your character, and that’s often quite difficult to prove. Also, not only will legal action be costly, a defamation lawsuit may not necessarily result in any restoration of your character, and may even damage your reputation further.

Therefore, simply ignoring or laughing off rumours are usually the best way to go about dealing with them and people will soon get bored. However, if they do start to cause you harassment and make you feel that you’re being wrongly persecuted, then the threat of involving the police or actually involving them is perfectly acceptable under laws to deal with harassment.

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How radical arethese peoplethey soundextreme
Fat Girl Slim - 5-Jun-17 @ 2:16 PM
We live in a mobile home/ rv park. My husband was doing laundry the maintenance man asked my husband if he was flexing his muscles at a 60 years old lady who lives there in the park. Cause She told the man that my husband was doing soThen she told the maintenance man that we put window tint on our windows which we did because she keeps looking in our windows of our rv who does she think she is. What are we supposed to let her look insides biotech plz. Lol
Abs - 21-Apr-17 @ 6:05 AM
My hell began 1 year ago with a new neighbour - husband, wife and father in law (son).I have been residing in my home for 20 years, no troubles with any neighbour.We keep to ourselves as we are senior citizens. The father-in-law began a campaign of terror against us, simply because we are 2 women. 1 crippled.He : a. eavesdropped on our conversations and confronted us with what we were discussing even though it had nothing to do with him. b. Would make sexual innuendos towards us. c. Everything we did was subject to his scrutiny. d. He would literally stalk me - when I went to the garbage shute, to the mini-mart. Tried intervention by speaking to his daughter-in-law, she promised the earth.Things quieten down for a bit then started up again as he began to target our friends who visited us. a. He would deliberately block their path. b. Sexual innuendos towards our lady friends. c. Deliveries or courier service would be interrogated by him.Wanting to know where its from or who its from. d. Slander and tarnishing of reputation - he would go from house to house belittling us, carrying tales. e. He would purposely spit at our area. 74 and 55 year old women, we never once opened our mouths to him.Instead we stayed far away as we were repulsed by his behaviour. He caused us a lot of stress and mental torture.What I've written may sound light but its not.Imagine having the whole neighbourhood scrutinise you as if you were a criminal.I am embarassed and afraid to leave my home.Essentially a prisoner. 2nd intervention with the son, he accused us of being the only ones to complain, we are troublemakers. I even asked him if I had done anything wrong towards him and his family.His father is neither senile or suffering from any mental illness. He's only in his 60s, ex army purser. One day I caught him spitting and lost my temper with him.His son retaliated by starting a hate campaign against us.He went to every neighbour to complain about our 'attitude'. Neighbours would move away when they saw us coming as if we had the plague. Even the mini-mart keeper would avoid serving us. Till today both father and son are carrying out a campaign to force us out of our home (rental).Shunned and ex-communicated. We live on a stipend and cant afford to move. There is no justice especially where I come from. Its a matter of how long we can go on or whether we can find a place that we can afford. My 2 cents......if any of you are in a similar situation .....MOVE....dont waste your energy fighting a lost cause. There are battles that we cannot win. If you can afford it, just move.I cant begin to describe the physical, mental, emotional toll it has taken on both of us.Loss of appetite, sleepless nights, paranoia, fear, shadows everywhere, trauma....the list goes on. Worst part is we NEVER did anything to harm him.
A VICTIM TEN TIMES O - 19-Apr-17 @ 4:57 PM
ALI - Your Question:
I am having my neighbourhood gossiping about me. My brother when I went back into my house after he had taken me to Court after my Mother had died to get me out of his house told my neighbour to spy me. This has been going on for seven years. I also have had my mail steamed open and also being stalked on the bus and tube. They have also tried to get to all my workplaces and gossip Ed there as well. It has been constant day and night gossiping around my neighbourhood. I have been to the police about my mail but they said they couldn't do anything about it because they didn't know who it was. My brother made himself the Executor of my Mother's will and took everything. He wasn't supposed to be. I don't know what to do about all this gossiping and also my mail as my brother paid off my solicitors so I didn't get a reading of the will. I have had people asking me for dinner and then recording what I have said. They also are trying to say I'm mental to get me out of my house etc. I am scared now and very tired cos I can't sleep cos of these people talking day and night. Does anyone out there have any good suggestionsand any good ideas to sort this out etc. Thanks.

Our Response:
We suggest you ask your doctor if there is any support in your area first of all. It may be that someone can come and help you and discuss with your neighbours what is between you and where your post has been going etc.
ProblemNeighbours - 18-Apr-17 @ 2:04 PM
I am having my neighbourhood gossiping about me. My brother when I went back into my house after he had taken me to Court after my Mother had died to get me out of his house told myneighbour to spyme. This has been going on for seven years. I also have had my mail steamed open and also being stalked on the bus and tube. They have also tried to get to all my workplaces and gossip Ed there as well. It has been constant day and night gossiping around my neighbourhood. I have been to the police about my mail but they said they couldn't do anything about it because they didn't know who it was. My brother made himself the Executor of my Mother's will and took everything. He wasn't supposed to be. I don't know what to do about all this gossiping and also my mail as my brother paid off my solicitors so I didn't get a reading of the will. I have had people asking me for dinner and then recording what I have said. They also are trying to say I'm mental to get me out of my house etc. I am scared now and very tired cos I can't sleep cos of these people talking day and night. Does anyone out there have any good suggestionsand any good ideas to sort this out etc. Thanks.
ALI - 16-Apr-17 @ 12:14 AM
First and foremost you have to be able to identify the root of the problem and if there are any underlying malaise orbored group involved . Next you have to find a strong source of belief, try, prayer, meditation or yoga while the problem is hot on your trail (see organised gang stalking) Don't underestimate people the problem may have gone underground Another cure is tocompletly give up on the ones causing you problems, let this be your last resort because in today's worldthis one is sad to look at. There is nothing else you may be able to do but Give up on the humans like how the dead man give up on life or get Into the circle and make confusion with them, if this is not how you are you will then know to make your way out, you will find a way, where there is a will there is a way. In my neck of the woods the bigger informer run the smaller Informer obviously Let's hope the higher man rum the lower man when there is no more joy. There are people who are different in behaviour wise to another. Such people minds are so narrow mindedthey have to stand from a distance to see what they are doing wrong When everyoneis making merrydont expect any in any dark circle to see the light.
Annabella - 10-Apr-17 @ 8:50 PM
My neighbor is ruining my eardrum with a drillsometimes bet 230: and 3:30 am in the morning I need a hearing aid, I Find 2:30 - 3:30 am in the mornin to be unsocial hours I have a strange feeling while she is enjoying doing that her Karma won't be nice I can't go to nightmare neighbors on TV because then she will have support and I will be the bad one, I feel the evil soul want to be on Tv since she saw the programmetne nightmare Neighbor next door It's clear to see they feel they alone shouldhave a life Why listen to Jamaicans everyone knowsa huge majority these people are rotten and givestheir ownselves a bad namewhich they enjoy. I feel bad for people who gathers up others to gang on others. Taking a bath is right not wrong, passing waste is right. Stop watching me. It's not nice
Photoshopper devil - 21-Mar-17 @ 10:20 PM
Life is a hard thing to liveit seems, make sure you are not putting the into them the energy they are putting into you This is how some people chooses to live very low, by harassing other people on a regular basis, whether it's by telling lies, peeping, bugging or using their time and energy to bang unecessarily, it's all a total waste of their own precious time, can sombody tell them how pathetic they look, instead of endorsing them. Life was not meant to be lived easy so please leaveother people alone it was meant to be full of tears, joy, and laughter, tears for everyone, laughter and joy for everyone, save your energy on something to better you situation, life is not hard for only you, put your drill down its nonsense, get some sense, your banging is low rubbish nobody cares
Stepchildren Busines - 11-Mar-17 @ 10:05 PM
Whether it's sombody bugging your house or stalking you it's very uncomfortable I has a neighbor who thought he could wire and bug people's house, he saw himself as a person who needed to please his girlfriend because this was what she wanted . It's scary knowing sombody are watching you do little harmless things which are meant to be private for everybody including the peepers and their famalies. It so happenthey took up residence opposite me just to peep at me these days I keep my curtain mostly closed, it's really upsettingbecause they had confessed what they were seeing hearing and doing totheir friends although unlawful. The others jumped on the band wagon without stopping them. You could tell something is going on in the very saidneighbourhood amongst many people involved. What it boils down to evidently you can see these peepers people want to have a life but do not want others to have a life which feels very strange. Butthey have a low quality life when it resorts to peeping at other people on a regular basis and it's very upsetting for those on the receiving end, I hope it will be done to them and their generations one day in this life.
Princess peepers an - 8-Mar-17 @ 6:20 PM
I was twelve when a stranger started stalking me.I was terrified.He followed me everywhere,to school,to shops stared at me every time I stepped out of my house.he had friends who'd call him the moment I stepped out of my house and he'd appear staring at me.i was so scared that he'd try to hurt me.i told my friends but they weren't any help.His friends were my neighbours,soon it felt like every guy in the neighbourhood knew what was happening but instead of doing anything to help they stared too.it freaked me out.They seem to think I wanted or drooled over my stalker.What shames me the most is that after some time I began accepting and even wanting everyone's attention.i correlated it to how attractive I was.Eventually he stopped stalking and people ignored for the most part.ive lived in this neighbourhood for a few years now,and I feel like everyone hates me.i don't know what rumors were spread but I'm considered disgusting.It hurts.I feel guilty.its been a few years now since he stalked me and I've become stronger,I know if he appeared now I'd call the cops or do something about it.im not the child I was but I also don't want the whole neighbourhood to hate me.
Ebony - 12-Feb-17 @ 2:02 PM
@jobe I am sure you have stated you do not have a criminal record this maybe part of the problem they want you to lost it, so you can have a criminal record since theyprobably know s all the criminalsand their likes in the neighbourhood as friends or buddies, there is an old saying birds of a feather flock together, you can seek true spiritual guidance, I can't promise your prayersfor peace withinyourself will be answered right away, but it definitely will, after a while the war within the enemy will go on, but God can grant you the inner peace they so long for. Try meditating, or somekind of prayers, you will not even hear them when your prayers is answered or you will hear the enemy and pity them, they will long for your peace as the battle they fight is not about you, but about them. I have a neighbour who takes perhaps a drill to the wall of my bedroom,i am suppose to be the crazy lady so she can get away with it since the flats are so close, Ifeel shewantsto deafen me and I already have a slight ear problem,as you can guess there is no reaction from me to the poor soul, but I heard a reaction from another one pounding like crazyexactly above me, since they already know who is drilling orwhateverit is that person is doing. They all seems to be ready to point their fingers at the wrongneighbour as usual.Wait for Karma or is it already a case of theirown Karma, because what quality of human will drill about 2 am, could it be a paid job?You mustBe carefulnot to react because one man was shot by a nightmareneighbour, another had her finger bitten off,it's all very real and serious, and criminal, do not take part, there is a not so secret anymore thing called organised gangstalking google it. I feel your pain. Don't try nothing as i triedreactingonce some years back, and the result was plain to see. They had to ask so many not involved to be involved.Some people could really make themselves shame by starting things and do not know when or how to end it.
No more in Darkness - 13-Dec-16 @ 9:44 PM
I take care of my elderly cancer patient mother. We have been terrorized, harassed, stalked, vandalized, stolen from, brake lines cut, slandered, persecuted and taunted for close to 8 years.We call the police and when they come, they separate me and mom and then ask mother if she feels safe living with me (I'm her son) and then talk to me and suggesting that I'm a troublemaker.I've done nothing, I have no criminal record and my neighbors have slandered me, and I just mind my own business! Nothing more! I talk to no one. I'm afraid to move out of fear of being followed and then slandered to the new neighbors. I'm just so torn and mom is too. We can't understand why these people are doing this to us! It makes me so sad. I wake up sad and I go to bed feeling sad. I've prayed SO hard to God. Is there nothing we can do to stop this for God's sake?? Please help..
Jobe - 13-Dec-16 @ 6:04 PM
@kam I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we livein a world where wrong seems to be accepted as right, nobody want to help the victim but make friends with the perpetrator and their children instead, what you can do is keep far away from them, and hope theyget theirkarma I live in a place where the so called spiritualist has also been involved inscattering everyone because her wrong seems right. She gathers information from everyone to read back to their palms She is pretending to read all the neighborspalms and scattering the community for her own selfish gains something weird about her. She is not comfortable in her own skin but does not want others to unite.. Keep away from fake spiritualist
Snake oil - 8-Dec-16 @ 9:54 PM
My neighbour is always telling lies about me my husband and my granson who is 9 he dosent go outshe moans about him even last yea xmas day she was talking about him because he had a new bike so he stays in all the time now we don't talk to her so she as no reason to keep talking about us wat can I do help me plz
Pat - 4-Dec-16 @ 10:24 PM
I'm 40+British Asian mother of two lovely kids, my husband is disable, never go out, she told me don't tell anyone that he is husband, make rumour I call boys in for sexmy landlady thought he was my boyfriend, she asked me to work for her as sexworker coz she been listening all my conversation by hacking my phone WiFi all n made a video of us in bed, she put on you tube if I tell anyone, she stole my husband's all details n change his address without we knowing, coz they have his passport and bank details and they started claiming behalf of him, when he found that she doing it and going to call police, she said do it but watch your nude video first, what to do, my name is kids me, my blinde husband get beat any time by her husband and son, I been raped but no one listing coz she is rich and bad lady please help me
Kam - 17-Nov-16 @ 6:01 PM
Don't worry about this type of humans they are surely the type of souls that will pull aircrafts,and helicopters with families into deep dark waters inplaces like the Bermuda Triangleetc, do not weep for them or attend their funerals when they are dead, they caused typhoons, Hurricanes and unatural, disasters seasons after seasons in their spirit world when they die. In the spirit land they causes the good soul to run for shelter, same old same old like they do In this lifesad but true, their poor troubled soul will never rest, for what they have done to others while alive. Good riddance.
Medium - 1-Nov-16 @ 2:54 PM
You carried the news wrongas you usually do I was reporting to someone that my daddy saidon the phoneto me that he rembered I was always crying crying when I was little. I am not a person who crys easily right now ,I am one of those who is hard to cry,but these days I get emotional thinking of all thegood souls who are no longer with us and is in the lands of the spirit and mystery. Most of what you all thought you heard was wrong as usual, how many rubs how many splases, will varies what you hear is what you want to hear in conversation according to your mindset,, you should however be making sure your young ladies and young men are all cleanout there, don't waste time watching others who are harmless and trying to survive some how I am saddened and upset by it all, year go year come I get angrier at your involvement, you little mafia,
Angry in Europe - 1-Nov-16 @ 2:41 PM
I feel bad for the woman who got involved with some others to set up surveillance on me and my family, I feel very bad for herespecially since I strongly believed at the time she was the one to be watching for all the mischief they made in the very said neighbourhood,they tried to make me the victim of organise gang stalking even telling me what I did in my bathroom and about my bed room the woman who is of Jamaican parantage hintedat everything that they were involved in on anotherwebsite where people think it's ok to involve with everybody that blogs there no matter who they are or what they are involved in. She said it was a job well done, some people called it mackoing other folks and leaving themselves and own to fester. They just wanted toget a place where they can witchunt another woman and peep at her then keep letting the cat out the bag about what they thought they were hearing and seeing. They usually box you aroundtrying make it hard for you to grow in life. Poor souls. Careful when someone is sent to put a plug on your wall if you did not call them, it can be associated with a surveillance in a neighbors flat, look around see if you know about all the wires in your flat dissconnect one then see if all your lightsor electricic appliance goes out, if not cut it, if the surveillance is getting a lot do not report to the police they maybe involved, maybe some petty or corrupted officer livesaround and smokes with them, meanwhile they will get away with things. Just go about your business don't make a fuss it takes two to tango don't ask no questions of others, go about your business in peace, karma have a way of dishing out to each it's own. You may have already been lucky to witness their karma or even hear about it, what happens to one can happen to the next. Why would a woman the mother of all humans be involved in such? Why he did not take the troubled girl hen? Let men carry on they do not give suck to their young, remember mother!! Nature it's not father nature, when we are left alone we will stillfind the strength to born them. Somehow
Howucarrying this we - 1-Nov-16 @ 2:28 PM
I lives alone for over 6,yearz who is blame by my estranged brother and my ex support worker is wrong they are bad name over they was not rights about my state benefits too high by my ex social worker are not rights reserved so hope we would meet again for apologised okay so hope you are take care with love Reggie x
henryjohn55 - 27-Oct-16 @ 6:59 PM
Ignoring does not go away, it in fact angers the enemy, who will go to any extent even influencing the media and press, just like MH370 is a rumor and not a real event.
chantal - 18-Oct-16 @ 8:24 PM
Unfortunately, I am suffering similar problems from three gossiping, nasty women who tell lies and spread rubbish. They are making mine and other people's lives hell. One even gave away a family phone number to another of their gang.
Cycling Nut - 7-Oct-16 @ 10:43 PM
Why are people afraid of the truth? No wonder the world is the way it is It's the Jamaican woman making the little girl keep pounding she has set upthe little girland her on and off lover,making her believe that the tenant below does not approve of her The tenant below knows the little girl from an infant. You only wanted the girl to put her self wit this boy because you wanted to go upstairs with your son and boyfriend to harass the lady below them continually, shame on you And when you find it was too obvious knowing the girl is mentally challenged and also the boy you set her up with is too, you decide to use them against the tenantdownstairs When you Jamaicans start with your confusion there is no end. Unlike others. The pipes expand also the radiator hence some noises, nobody won't report all you to the police because you got that covered too. I know better. One morningI looked out I see the mentally challenged black boy running speed to the mentally challenged girlfriend flat above, then boodom, boodom assoon as he reach,but by the grace of God I don't react to them, knowing who is involved in this set up. People like to do wrong but don't like to be exposed. Everybodyknows who the trouble makers are, but some people have no shame. So they abide with it. The mentally challenge girl herself will give himthe on and off boyfriend what's coming to him This is evil a big mature Jamaican have no right hanging out with teenagers and youths that age I pass in everything as I am the tenant below, I did not invite trouble it finds me You thought you and your family could come and disrespect those people apartment to get at the tenant below. When you know people when they were small you have a certain connection with them, this child used to be inside my flat playing but you this Jamaican aretrying to tell people who to talk to and when, and if they do talk tell you what the conversation is about Stop making it worst.I am overall that, just waiting for the hands of Karma Which happens ever so often. Nobody is going to the police he already know who the trouble maker maybe this is why Nothing goes unpaid and I will not say one word to the mentally challenged boy or girl I am not their companion, I always hang out with older folks from time I know he will get what's coming to him from his same on and off girlfriend. Let him keep runningup and pound his IQ must be very low as to trouble sombody who are not his companion Whether he care or not.I made one mistake of telling them to stop knocking, but I won't be saying nothing to them again, as I know what I know, just wait I do not understand why he have to listen to you and your son keep lowering his standards by pounding and pounding, but evil take orders from evil I like to see you alltogether, you all can't go any lower, this is low. The truth sure offends,by the way this is evil and using a minor to do your dirty works.
The truth offends. - 27-Sep-16 @ 8:43 PM
Yes I find that a certain individual receives the news feed and pass it to me as codes this is the role given, this codes then bounce back like karma after a while and smash itself like a six rums landing on things that splatters and splinters, the hand that rip the car of its beauty will strike again What do I say when I hear the sound of the shell I say lawd have Merci on us all. All of us not just on me They find comfort where I am But Karma knows everybody address, live good do good Christians deal In love. And fighting for the ujust and victims in society You will Win, you will acinieve your goals You will be what you want to be Sons and daughter of the land can also be worst betrayal
Stonethebuilderrejec - 4-Sep-16 @ 8:51 PM
Try to get in with the tenants association. After the meetingthey usually pick a name to select for gossiping on, they call it neighbourhood watch. Unfortunately you name may have been cast into lots, and you have now become a victim without realising? Do you find the doctors or dentist and other professionals acting strange? The store you visit for the last 10 years? The post office, the bus driver? Just about anyone? Is people being rude to you out of the blue for a reaction Are you hearing extra noises from neighbors? Hard to find a job? Experience failures it's not your fault. You are Intilligent, beautiful, spiritual unlike them,you are beautiful inside out Is there a word repeated by people you know and people you do not know? They are all under mind control and you are their victim, not your victim, Bingo!You are your friend, love yourself, because if you love yourself you will love others,you hate yourself you will hate all others Take care of yourself, you will take care of others. They are all busted now Keep calm and carry on, pray for them don't forget because more will be revealed they can't help bing evil poor souls.
Take it easy - 4-Sep-16 @ 8:40 PM
@bluethey feel they run things the first thing they do is attack your car and pine for your relationshipand life,if they can't have that they slander you at every opportunity They are really cowards who leaves out the e and o in everything They usually inform the police so the attention will come of them, when they are really the ones to keep an eye on. Their ganja is of poor quality too, it smells rank They feel who the hell is you to keep away from going down with them. If she wants to volunteer to give information to the police, nobody can't stop her until the police realise their information is totally unfounded, and which people they should look at By then the damage will be done and it's to late My harasser even arranges relationship who boy should be with who girl regardless of age When things are rough with her things should be rough with everybody. If it's a case of black andblack nobody cares, look after yourself things can't get any worst it is bound to boil over then simmer down. Perhaps the police is not to blame they are not perfect but the time will come when they will see these person is not accurate or near accurate about your life, just keep calm and carry on If you feel depress rest if you must strengthen your mind,then get up again, don't mind them
Paint a picture - 3-Sep-16 @ 10:55 PM
We have a neighbour who is constantly trying to dominate, dictate and harrass my family. The anti social team are involved. Now our neighbour has posted a letter around the street spreading lies and slandering my family. Should I go go a solicitor? I have an appointment with the police
Mrs b - 18-Aug-16 @ 10:11 PM
This irritating woman is UNTOUCHABLE, she has harassed me since )october 2011 and the POLICE never question her, they used to call to blame me but I caught them trying to put drugs in my little car.PUT IN A COMPLAIN TO 101 about the POLICE INVOLVEMENT. and it is obvious they know the woman well, In fact I now know that they put her in this block to HARASS ME.>seems the police are full OF BITTER REVENGE as I complained about them.!.this woman has turned neighbours against me, since she has lived here my car has been criminally damaged by her and her recruits. Jamacian and they like to bring in buddies and all attack.AND SHOUT with shrill voices like geece.they gaggle and run up and down the stairs. looking into my flat.they are certainly a PACK BREED.she has even had letters sent to me telling me to attend mental appointments!and she is not qualified but look who works at the south london COUNCILs so they all stick together like GLUE, VULCRO.!!.pathetic. barbaric. and she told everyonethat I am always drunk and been in a home.I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED ALCOHOLterrible how some people eo know the right people cand destroy your peace and life.KAMA.
BLUE - 16-Aug-16 @ 10:43 PM
You have moved into areas where some! people livebad the not wanting you to be yourself, the not wanting you to talk to others they fear you will learn somethingthey don't want you to know. So eventually the bad onesaround you want to pretend to be the good ones in the hope to keep things under control, and you who knows them becomesthe one to watch, by that time you may not care much even to mentiontheir names, especially if it had gone on for years without improvement. Also there is another thing to beware of it's called organised gangstalking, be aware it exists do not remain in the dark,it's about people following you about Maybe there is nothing you can do. Or maybe there are things you can do about it to confuse them,but don't be in the dark.Some people don't believe but I do, they are technical.Some are well in the head and othersare not, but they are well enough to cause you problems, which sometimes could come back to them, These organisations will like tomakes you believe you are the problem. They have a strange strange stare for you. Who are these people just about anyone even children under orders. Don't fist fight or hurt them try to pick up the bible it's a good book, read the New Testament of love and forgiveness, and you will do no wrong to others, society can cause a lot to, though charity begins at home. We can't force form people.Human beings was out there for each other. If god just wanted us to talk to family alone he would only give one family life. We are all family. Lol
Fight with all your - 22-Jun-16 @ 5:54 PM
I have a neighbour who now takes something that sounds to me like a drill to my ears in the morning while I am still sleeping, i have not yet reacted as I am not into this kind of things and may get the blame instead. Neighbors above is much better now But this one to the side is starting, because I did not join with her to blame neighbors above when she was searching for where noise were coming from one day As I know it can lead to serious consequences if I stoop to her level,How stupid can some people be. I won't want sombody like that for friends, it's now affecting my hearing as this is how she wakes me up I won't say she is bonkers I will say she must be evil Instead God sees everything even things all of society don't know about
Goliath - 16-Jun-16 @ 10:29 PM
Can this be classified as act of terrorism one or two my neighbors isor has been doing surveillance on me they are suppose to know what I do inside my home. What time I goes to the bath and follow me whenever I leave my home, even if my business is innocent business I find it quite disturbing for people to want to know how many times I splash my private partswhile bathing orhow many times i rub my skin! She also listen twist news a d carrys it about Question should she not be Interested ? Inkeeping her own children clean and on track instead of reigningher forcedunnaturalkarma upon me. She is supposed to report to some others, who are suppose to make it their duty to let me know I am watched and followed all over the place by hinting. Although I pity her for doing these, I find it quite disturbing, low and shameful ontheir part And what if it's council accommodationrent is being paid. Many residents end up becoming owners of these flats sometimes . The message I am sending to these people is to clean up your own children instead of paying too much attention to me, I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record Teach your children that charity begins at home and make sure they aspire to be what they want to be in life, live your life and let others live theirs please.Judge and you will be judged.Hope everyone aspire to be what they want though each goals are different. You have absolutely no reason whatsoever to get inside of me, if God wanted you to know everything he would have made us Siamese twins, I can see if you all had a reason for concern but there has been one except your pure hatred and jealousy. I leave it in God's hands now you can't hurt me anymore. Let the damage be done because ofthe picture you have painted. Only fools will believe you, you have stooped low to make friends an unnatural way by showing hatred for another. You are a snake in grass who will eat at a table and laugh with a person but in your heart is malaise you will pay the price some day if you do not change the better Who I make friends with is my business I rebuke you in Jesus name.Love thy neighbor
Fear real Karma - 16-Jun-16 @ 10:00 PM
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