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Dealing with Noisy Neighbours

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 9 Apr 2020 | comments*Discuss
Dealing With Noisy Neighbours

Some of us will have had to deal with noisy neighbours at one time or another. Often, this might be simply because of the types of personality they have and not because they want to be disruptive.

Remember, we’re not all the same ‘types’ of people. You might prefer the quiet life or you’d much rather enjoy doing all of your socialising down at the pub. Others, however, might enjoy socialising at home and having parties, they might be DIY enthusiasts, or have a small tribe of children and we’re all aware of how much noise a group of kids can generate.

The problems arise when the noise becomes excessive and it can escalate even further over time if ignored. It can cause stress to those it affects as well as inflicting sleepless nights and can, in effect, completely ruin your enjoyment of your own life in your own home. However, you might be surprised to discover that many people who are considered ‘noisy’ and disruptive are often totally unaware of the effects they are having on others, and a simple polite conversation will often resolve the issue.

Speaking to your Neighbour First

No one should have to tolerate Excessive Noise Pollution, but it's not very neighbouring if you immediately call the police or your local Environmental Health Department at the first sign of any loud noise. Many noisy neighbours might consider this to be a bit like ‘going behind their back’ instead of speaking to them first and, if a complaint is made anonymously, it can often cause an even deeper sense of resentment. They may then become suspicious of everybody in their immediate neighbourhood, and their mistrust can sometimes lead to them becoming even more disruptive.

That doesn’t mean you, as the person under sufferance, should have to put up with their behaviour, but talking to them first about the situation can often nip in the bud a potential long-term noise problem. What is important, however, is the way in which you choose to speak to them and, quite often, the timing.

Choosing the Right Moment

Even if you’ve been tearing your hair out, it’s important that when you go to speak to your neighbour, you stay calm and remain polite. Simply point out to them what effects their behaviour has had on you and your family. You can be firm and get your point across in a polite manner. Most neighbours should be reasonable enough to understand and to take your views on board which should keep things harmonious between you, and also should ensure that they do not repeat the same mistake again.

If you’ve hardly spoken to them previously, you’ll naturally feel a little apprehensive about doing this, but it’s usually the best solution and stops the problem from escalating. However, the other crucial issue is the timing and not simply what you say and how you say it. A house party is a good example.

The Right Timing

If a party is in full swing yet the noise is excessive, it’ll be no doubt very tempting to go and confront your neighbours there and then. The best advice would be to leave it until the following day, as they may have had a few drinks too many and be right in the party spirit. So, if you confront them when the party’s in full flow, they may simply see you as a ‘killjoy’ and/or will simply not be in the frame of mind to give any thought to how their behaviour is affecting you. So, whether it’s a party or a DIY project that’s giving you grief, you’re much more likely to get your points across and produce the desired result if you wait a day or so.

The fact is that most excessive noise problems with neighbours can often be better resolved between neighbours themselves. Sometimes it’s even more effective if a few neighbours who have been affected go round together and state their case, as nobody likes to feel a social outcast within their own neighbourhood.

This all said, however, there may be several reasons why you might not wish to have a chat with your neighbour first to try to resolve matters. Perhaps they are renowned for making people’s lives difficult, or they might want to provoke you into a confrontation that might get out of hand. So, it may be a ‘judgement call’ depending upon the ‘personalities’ involved.

However, no one has the legal right to make someone else’s life a misery through excessive noise, so don't feel guilty about Contacting Your Local Environmental Health Department or even the police, if you strongly suspect that by confronting the issue directly yourself, you could be putting yourself at risk of harm in any way.

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I really need some help, we rent our home between home owners I’ve lived here for 9 years and feel it is our home as do my children.We have had great friendships with our neighbours over the years and really felt a part of the community but over the last 3-4 years I’ve been receiving complaints from a lady who bought the home next to ours with her family.At first she was very curious about why I home educate my children this became less curiosity and title but Intrusive which I was fine about but had to stop conversation short if I was busy.It moved onto complaints that o was spamming our back food at night which we apologised about we re oiled the door and we made a big effort to be quiet which we were then she was nice and shortly after she moved it onto coming to the door complaints to my partner and refusing to leave until she had spoken to me which was when we had done everything we could felt very worrying.She wrote a letter that I was ruining her life and I felt so upset as I had not been making excessive noise I do not slam our door we even planned it as we knew it would swell in wet weather we went above and beyond to fix this issue.Then she said I was up all night talking on the phone I was not some nights I am up late and yes I talk on the phone occasionally but it’s not loud as I have children I do not want to wake up for a start she started to shout out of her bedroom windrow demanding I shut up.So this stopped too then it’s been that she is being woken not by my cough which occasionally I do have one if I’m poorly but she has said it’s every night she has now spoken to another neighbour and this lady has decided to cause problems with complaints about our shared access garden and clearly has decided to make us feel unwelcome.The problem I have with all of this is I contacted the council and they reviewed the properties and their proximity to each other they could see that we have a alleyway going between the two properties that we have a freight train track literally at the end of our garden which has very loud trains passing through the night as well as an industrial estate with factories open at night and a loud intercom which sounds out every hour or so.Basically we live in a very noisy area and I’ve gone above and beyond to keep quiet as it worries me she has said these things about me but it’s now turning our fitness against us despite us never having issues before.We want to stay here but we feel so upset at the constant complaints being made about only me she seems to have decided it’s only me??
Carrots - 9-Apr-20 @ 10:55 AM
Since we had the keys to our house in 1999 the neighbour has tried to put us off living here. For years they banged on the walls whenever we did anything, blocked our car in. We found out 2 years in that the sun lounge extension the neighbour built for the previous family had only a stud wall between us. In 2008 they started using dryer sheets the fumes came through all round our house as did the cannabis smoked by them. The dryer sheets made my lips swell. The neighbour damaged our down pipe by wrenching it off the front wall their dogs pushed our fence panels coming into our extension frightening our cats. When I rushed out the woman had a go at me. Now after other incidents their son is playing music all night since the lock down the Base dun dum dum means I can't sleep. They have their TV on loud the daughter moved back in and gas two young toddlers who scream incessantly. If I open a window or go into either back or front garden I am choked by the cannabis.They have thrown dog muck into our garden rubbish. The son told us to move they didn't want us here his Dad wants the grass and trees taken up to be made into road and told me it would happen and wd had no rights. How do I deal with them we can't afford toover?
Lis - 6-Apr-20 @ 2:00 AM
Hi Ange, I wish I could help you as I can just imagine how awful your situation is. I can barely think straight to type this as my neighbours radio - its like its thumping right in my ears! The only thing I can think is once we get out of this lockdown, do whatever it takes to move. This situation is a real wake up call. I reckon a lot of people will want to move after this as they realise their living situation is just not ok. Can you get private rented accomodation? Even think about changing job or area. The economy will be very bad but there might be new and different opportunities - it might be difficult to make a change, but it could be worth it to get away. Don't rely on any council to help. Especially where its kids making noise. They will not care. In the meantime, try and find the best place in the property to do your work. I am having to get up at 5am and work till she puts her music on in the lounge mid morning. Then I cant do much except answer emails etc till tea time. Then have to work in the evenings. Could you do that, horrible I know, but it gets the work done. Also try and play music like jazz or classical radio or music from your country it helps give your mind something else to focus on. Try and get out once a day for an hour and walk preferably somewhere quiet, even a quiet street. Try and have a laugh at something silly with your family members. I hope you can comfort each other. My father is terminaly ill too but far away, we still email every day. You CAN get through this, nothing ever stays the same, thats for sure. I dont know how I will, either, but I must. Thinking of you and all the others with problem neighbours at this difficult time x
nmf75 - 5-Apr-20 @ 2:12 PM
Hi Tom and all. I feel your pain and I know exactly what you are going through. I have banging, music, slamming, TV and house vibrating due to my neighbours and her 5 children. We were told this was A working areayet she doesn’t work and is a neighbour from hell. All day and night they are noisy and I can’t work from home Properly. The housing association will not do anything and always have an excuse to protect her or say my recordings are insufficient. I can’t even confront her as she has been racist and mimickes me all the time. I have a terminally ill mother and sister on top of being the bread winner. I can’t sleep and it’s affected me so bad. I’m suffering from anxiety and depression and feel useless. Manchester City Council won’t help either. I know my housing association is being biased and I feel like it’s because of my race. Anyone have any advice for me?
Ange - 5-Apr-20 @ 12:39 AM
Neighbour in the flat is having a party & and his child who doesn't live here.Due to the coronavirus nobody is allowed in this property
Dried yeast - 3-Apr-20 @ 5:06 PM
Hi Tom and all of you, I feel so bad for you and know exactly what you mean, I've had some awful problems with horrible neighbours over the years resulting in real problems for me (not them, just me!) I've moved 9 times in the last 13 years alone and and have no savings due to moving so much. I have become very sensitive to noise which makes it worse. Currently in a flat with elderly neighbour below playing loud bass radio all day from back of 7am till gone 11pm then crashing around till 1pm. I asked nicely but she was rude and nasty and carries on doing what SHE WANTS. On lockdown trying to wfh in a complex job where I need to concentrate. On top of huge distant family worries etc. SO STRESSED! Although I know many many people are going through so much worse right now. I've been through hell with various anti social problem neighbours in the past. Just wanted to say you're not alone. Today im trying to listen to easy jazz on headphones its working quite well so far? I wish we could all have little detached houses, I really do! :(
nmf75 - 3-Apr-20 @ 12:56 PM
@ Tom813 wish I had advice but just want to say your not alone. My post is a few below yours. The intrusive nature of other people's living noise in the place were you should feel at peace and safe is nothing short of severe mental torture that impacts every aspect of your life. My neighbours are nice people mine also has laminate and these flats just arent built to have flooring like that and they always have their shoes on. People just need to be aware of others living around them. Hate when people let there kids bounce about and think they're entitled to do what they want! No not when your in a flat. I always take my shoes off outside and I have thick carpet but my floors really creak and I know my neighbours below hear this. My daughter has always been taught to have indoor voices and never to run about indoors. All housework gets done at a considerate time and if I come home late with loads to do then tough luck I'm not disturbing people just because I've got housework to do. My downstairs neighbours daughter bounces about like mad at times it drives me crazy as I got moved due to issues like that but to be fair they are ground floor and I doubt they know I can hear it.if everyone just had that consideration then we would all have peace. I feel your pain my heart is constantly pounding with the anxiety of it. Hope you find peace!
GB89 - 2-Apr-20 @ 9:23 AM
I have been living with noisy neighbours for over 5 years and with all my best efforts have not found a solution. Sure, sharing stories on forums like this one is nice but I really wish there were actual regulations in the UK that address these issues. The number of people affected is ridiculous as a quick Google search shows. One problem is building standards - neither traditional terraced houses nor new builds are insulated properly - and the other problem is that some people just don't care about anyone but themselves. My neighbours are decent people generally speaking (no known mental issues or alcohol/drug problems as some of the other posters here are dealing with), yet my desperate pleas to them to make some adjustments to their lifestyle have been ignored. I asked in the most polite manner, several times, but they won't even do as much as take their shoes off indoors. They drag the recycling bins about or vacuum their car underneath everyone's bedroom windows at 11pm, the kids jump around and scream all day long without parental interference, they store bicycles in the communal hall, etc etc. The noise is constant as I can hear regular conversations, or even typing on their computer, opening/closing drawers, the piss hitting the bowl when someone's on the toilet...let's not even start with the impact noise of walking, running and tantrums. What is the worst is that I can see the ceiling bounce when the kids kick off and I can see and hear the cracks that have now formed all over my ceilings and walls. Really at this point my anxiety isn't so much about the noise but more about the ceiling crashing down on me. The room that is underneath their living room I only use for hanging laundry now, I am too scared to actually spend time in there. The fact that they had removed all insulation and carpets to put in hardwood flooring when they moved in I can't legally challenge since we are both owners sharing a freehold and it appears that flooring standards only apply in rented property. I really don't know how I'm going to make it through this lockdown, trying to work from home while not getting a single moment of peace. In the last few weeks I have started to dream about them because they are controlling my life 24/7. There is no escape. On weekends I force myself to stay awake all night because the hours from midnight until 7am are my only chance of giving my racing heart a break and feeling safe in my own home for a short while. If anyone has any advice or knows of something that could help me...I'm all ears.
Tom813 - 1-Apr-20 @ 6:50 PM
We have lived here for nearly 10 years one neighbour has been a constant problem for a variety of reasons. He is an ex drug user paranoid nasty self centred bastard. His cutains have not opened once in 10 years 2 years ago his son has moved in about 9 years old now often hear screaming wailing swearing. But the last few weeks we have been subjected to loud drum n base music all night 10pm till 4:30am reported to council and police but l am along with my 3 year old been driven to insanity by lack of sleep anxiety depression. How can they allow this to continue it is going to push me over the edge and l will deal with him head on
Bear - 29-Mar-20 @ 12:09 PM
I posted last year about my experience with noisy neighbours. I lived in a high rise quite happily for a couple of years no noise then a woman and her young son moved in. It was clear from the start the son had alot going on the noise was horrendous, crashing, banging at random times day and night and sometimes long periods. They also put laminate flooring down (that should be banned in flats!) I didn't like complaining as the boy had problems but the mum would also do housework at random times and with the laminate even general living noise amplified through.Mine and my daughters nerves were shot after 2 years of it! They had been spoken to lots of times. Then one night a serious assault took place which resulted in the police getting involved. This was the final straw. The housing offered me a flat soon after. I told the housing I wanted a top floor as I could no longer bare having people above me I had actually developed severe noise anxiety due to it. The flat they offered was a first floor newer build it was beautiful! I wasnt sure about living below people.The housing assured me there would be no noise at all here and it would be better for me. I took it, I wish I hadn't. The neighbours I have to say are lovely people but the flats have zero insulation! And every little sound filters through! My last place didn't have great soundproofing but it was better than this! The floors creak constantly! And as soon as I moved in the neighbours above decided to put laminate down! Foot steps echo through from above and below I can hear every conversation in certain rooms. Phones vibrating through the floor, clattering of plates and cutlery, cupboard door and drawers opening, I can even hear the kids 2 floors up running about! There is no kids living directly above me (I suspect that's why the housing offered it) but kids do come to stay and the moment I hear them I get flash backs and I panic the noise is awful. Also the young girl below me has autism and creates the same noise problems I got moved for! I have more of a problem with sounds above though. The problem here isn't really the neighbours like my old flat it is these houses not being insulated. No one wants to feel that there neighbours live with them! Hear every clomp of shoes above! I'm trying to do an exchange to a top floor which should be easy enough or would have been if the current UK situation didn't come about. The anxiety I have every day due to noise at home is horrible and it all stems from the old flat. My time living below people is over my anxiety just cant cope and now imagine the horror of being stuck in doors all the time due to the virus my mental state doesnt bare thinking about :-( sorry I know it is long but needed to get it out my system.
GB89 - 23-Mar-20 @ 12:09 AM
I have suffered with noisy neighbors 8 months now. The noise is day and night and intentional. Tumble dryer on all night, kids running in high heels that fliipps every step on concrete floor above us. Extra loud music and TV. I phoned police they said they don't deal with it. Housing officer only makes all worse as I said I have nothing against kids and the neighbors made sure kids be extra loud from there on crying, running round in heels. I'm totally abused and don't know where I go with this. I even have nightmares on them killing me every time I sleep. Obviously I have to go further as it is ott
Lizzy - 22-Mar-20 @ 4:10 PM
I can relate to many of the stories already posted. From the children next door who run on laminate flooring (shoes *on), to the neighbours above who thump all night long, jump up and down & do what can only be described as gymnastics above our heads. It's one thing to advise "speak to your neighbour first"-and we did, but when the neighbours believe it is their "right" to behave the way they do, & they fail to modify their behaviour, there is really no solution to the problem. Our local council does not call out to "everyday domestic noise" as they call it. If it were a loud party, disturbing > 1 flat, it would be easier to get them to call out-especially if the noise is long in duration, i.e., a few hours. But with thumping above, or children running...there is really no chance of them witnessing it-cause by the time they call out, the noise would have stopped. The toddler next door has been up as early as 6:40AM this week...running back and forth in their shoes...this vibration reverberates through our flat. Nothing we can do. As a 50-something, hard-working professional, I can honestly say that the neighbours I have had noise problems with over the years have all been in the same age bracket (early 30's) with the attitude "we can do what we want". It's certainly not conducive to communal living but because there are no consequences to their disturbing behaviour, it continues. I wish there were privatecompanies (independent of the Councils) who we could call out to witness the noise & report back to the Council-Councils are definitely stretched, but when living in a block of flats, with people who have different sleep/work patterns to you, there has to be some enforcement of "etiquette" and considerate behaviour.
50-something working - 11-Mar-20 @ 8:46 AM
I have a neighbor above me, just moved few months ago, and he doesn't sleep at night, all night. Every couple of hours he uses the water, the pipes are really noisy, it is a council flat, anyway, he stomps all night on the floor, can't get a wink of sleep, slams doors, drawers, horrible I suffer from anxiety,and depression, cause of him is getting worse, I have reported to the council, some lady went to talk to him and then came to tell me that he sounds a very pleasant person I don't care,it is a nightmare, I have been living at this place for 11 years and this is the worse neighbor I ever had
Son - 7-Mar-20 @ 11:19 PM
I have a neighbor one side who punches the walls in the early hours it can go on for hours. I tried talking to him about it but he just made excuses for his behaviour. Was making me I'll doctors were giving me diazepam to calm me down. The last time he was banging and shouting on his own empty house front door. Have had enough nowI called the police. He was charged and found guilty of causing alarm and distress and battery and assault of police officers. Will call the police whenever it happens again from now on because people like that only take notice when there are consiquenses to themselves for there behaviour. It's the only way to deal with them. Neighbor other side has a toilet that sounds like a loud foghorn. Not a problem in the day but they flush it as early as 3am and at least twice in the early hours. They are well aware I can hear it. Mine used to do the same but I got housing association to fix it. Can't understand why the person don't get it fixed also housing association Tennant it's free. Now I'm recording the noise because it wakes me up every morning. (I say morning but 3am).No excuse for it really.
Gem - 5-Mar-20 @ 6:08 PM
I have a neighbor one side who punches the walls in the early hours it can go on for hours. I tried talking to him about it but he just made excuses for his behaviour. Was making me I'll doctors were giving me diazepam to calm me down. The last time he was banging and shouting on his own empty house front door. Have had enough nowI called the police. He was charged and found guilty of causing alarm and distress and battery and assault of police officers. Will call the police whenever it happens again from now on because people like that only take notice when there are consiquenses to themselves for there behaviour. It's the only way to deal with them. Neighbor other side has a toilet that sounds like a loud foghorn. Not a problem in the day but they flush it as early as 3am and at least twice in the early hours. They are well aware I can hear it. Mine used to do the same but I got housing association to fix it. Can't understand why the person don't get it fixed also housing association Tennant it's free. Now I'm recording the noise because it wakes me up every morning. (I say morning but 3am).No excuse for it really.
Gem - 5-Mar-20 @ 6:08 PM
I've had trouble with my neighbours for a few years now they have a small child which they hardly ever take out of the house and since the child was able to walk she is stomping and running up and down banging in the living room I have tried to speak to them but the women just got nasty and accused me of being racist she also called the police what I find frustrating most of all is that I dont hear the child during the day its starts around 7pm and can last untillate at night I have reported it to their landlord and my landlord but nothing has been done I have reported it to the council but they were not help at all it's making me so depressed and I'm getting very angry please can someone help
Charcait - 26-Feb-20 @ 6:51 PM
Bought a terraced cottage 4 years ago, peaceful, with quiet tenants either side, until the "hell squad" moved in, two years ago. Though they are diminutive sub-continent Asians, they make more noise than a rock concert. Man, woman and 3 horrendous brats, nicknamed Hooty, Whooper and Bump, living in a 2 bedroom house. Running/jumping on wooden floors and staircase, slamming doors, banging on walls, hooting, howling, screeching and shouting, day in and day out. Confronting parents on the matter, it's the usual " no understand English".
None - 22-Feb-20 @ 12:08 PM
I had new neighbours moved in 3 months ago and they have been renevating it since which is bearable just. What is not is being woken up since the family moved in by children screaming or playing at 11.30pm til 1am in the morning. It is affecting my families sleep. Since the neighbour knocked the chimney walls down their side you hear absolutely everything. I am not said anything yet. However I want to state why should neighbours be allowed to do this by councils if it causes issues like I have read below. They should sort it.
Eagle - 19-Feb-20 @ 9:49 PM
Live in a semi detached house. Fell out with neighbour about a year ago after I informed her about being able to hear the constant shouting swearing and agruing between her and her partner.She became very aggressive and tbh I had to walk away before things really exploded. They have a disabled teenage daughter who has always made lots of noise i.e shouting and loud moaning, which I do understand is part of her disability. Since my 'chat' with the neighbour, the daughters moaning has become so loud. It goes on for hours and is really affecting the enjoyment of my home. I really dont know how to approach the situation and I know the young lady has problems but surely I'm allowed to enjoy my own home. To comment about a disabled person isn't deemed as 'politically correct' but it really has become a problem. Any constructive advise welcome. Thankyou.
Anna34 - 1-Feb-20 @ 10:07 AM
Neighbour below me is nearly completely deaf. Got on fine with him when i first moved in until i got sick of listening to his tv at full volume all day and night. I could hear which programmes he was watching sometimes a room away lying on my bed. If i fell asleep without putting ear plugs in first i'd get woken up in the morning by his tv. Asked him 3 times if he could turn his tv down but he just made excuses 'my hearings shot' 'I don't have a hearing aid' 'You're lucky i didn't buy a soundbar'. After that i was done asking him so contacted the council they came out within 20 minutes and agreed his tv was far too loud. They spoke to him apparently because i could hear him shouting to one of the neighbours out on the street about me calling me a little sh1t haha. He keeps his tv way down now, i very rarely hear it. I count myself lucky everything worked out well and he listened to the council at least.
frosty - 30-Jan-20 @ 12:27 AM
I been having trouble with my neighbour caused me lot depressionand panic attacksthis would be the second person I lived next door to that stinks my home out of weed and plays base loud we have non stopped asked her and even talked to the housing but nothing gets done I'm too shaken up now to ask her as she has been nasty shouting over the fence and messaging me my daughter also a afraid of her as she was playingin the garden being a dinosaurlike kids do I was on a importantphone call but I was watch her then i heardnext door.shouting at my daughter for.scareing her cat and said its shaken up evan tho there was no cat in my gardenmy daughter came in so upset whent up stairs and wet.her selfI also get the slamming of the door no matter what time it isjust so stressed out I just break down In tearsjust don't know what to.do anymore I just want to live in peace
Nay - 24-Jan-20 @ 4:37 PM
Re:mari888 - 30-Dec-19 @ 12:50 AM, I sympathize with what you were enduring when you wrote on 30-Dec -19 about your anti-social neighbors. What you described is a situation that is increasingly common especially now that the UK is very multi-racial even though being anti-social isn't dependent on skin color. I suggest that it is a combination of poor quality housing, too many people living in areas where crime and unemployment are high, a lack of help from the local authority and so the situation goes from bad to worse because little or nothing is done to address it. I live in the London Borough of Brent and I can honestly tell you that living here leaves much to be desired especially in reference to housing and nice neighbors. When I moved to Wembley back in 1988, if I could have had a glimpse of what I would be subjected to in terms of poor quality housing, horrible neighbors, dirty environment, serious depression, and neverending despair, I would have looked elsewhere. Living here is comparable to living in a desert and what I mean is you quickly find yourself searching (in vain)for shade and refreshment from the horrible, tormenting conditions. This is why I no longer vote because this is what you get in return is endless torment and frustration while the hypocrite politicians get the best of everything.
fedup2020 - 18-Jan-20 @ 12:50 PM
Re:Dan - 30-Oct-19 @ 10:56 PM, I'm glad that you seem to have faith in God but with respect, I don't think that loving your enemies and praying for them will change anything. In many cases, the problems with noise are due to a lack of noise insulation material and, of course, a lack of consideration for one's own neighbors. I think that people need practical help to deal with those issues rather than turning oneself into a veritable doormat or punchbag. I've tried that and I can honestly say that it didn't work for me but if you believe it works for you then I'm glad for you but most people need practical assistance rather than spiritual. Don't get me wrong though, 'turning the other cheek' does have some benefits but, again in a situation that is stressful and frustrating due to poor quality building and a lack of care for the feelings of one's neighbors, that can't be addressed by prayers alone which is what your comments seemed to imply.
fedup2020 - 18-Jan-20 @ 12:29 PM
Right now as I sit writing my neighbor's grandchild is running around below my flat and the sound travels up into my flat and drives me to despair with frustration. I have asked my neighbor to control her grandchild but she doesn't and so the problem goes on. I have been putting up with this situation for over 10 years and my patience is rapidly running out. Right now I feel so angry I feel like stamping down on the floor with all my might but that won't change the situation at all having done that many times over the years. I may have to write a letter of complaint to my landlord again because I shouldn't be putting up with this again as the new year has begun and I find myself feeling frustrated, depressed and quite frankly effing angry.
fedup2020 - 18-Jan-20 @ 12:18 PM
My neighbour is black people, 3 people live3 yearsI listen door bum, bum, bum, no stop, in go to toilet bum, kitchen bum, I don't know what is people live, have little baby, and have 4,5time a week party, people crazy, no muzic, But they scream loudly, knock., finish party 2~3am,i need listen no stop bum, bum.... ? my got, I’m tired, there’s no one to relax, you won’t look at the TV monitor, it’s calm for a maximum of 2 hours a day, and it's up to 11am-3?m..if they in bathroom, kitchen no stop, Knocking, 5 min maybe 50time...I send letters for neighbours, 1 day been ok, and again no stop.... To quietly shut the doors, I have first time this problem, 3 people live, 4 family in house, but think 20 family live in my house..
mari888 - 30-Dec-19 @ 12:50 AM
I have lived in a rented flat in London for ten years, and I live above the most despicable tenants on the face of the earth. They crash doors in the property about 80 times a day, throw bricks at the radiator, turn up their tv while going out, and have been complaining about noise from my flat since I moved in. They recently started to bash the door after midnight because they have some sort of OCD problem that involves being a full time menace to the rest of society. Other tenants have told me that I am quiet, that previous tenants had similar problems and that they think the family below me are schizophrenics. I doubt this as I know they are doing this just to be vindictive a-holes and that they are exploiting the council's inability to do anything about their juvenile mentality. I know that one person does not live there, but visits the property as a relative. They sneak and creep around outside late at night, and they use the place as a crack den. I have seen the red eyes of this creepy sneaky snake creature for myself, and just one look was enough for me to know they need a straightjacket. I have tried it all - mediation, complaints, letters, the lot. Still they sit there. Still they carry on the nursery school behaviour, throwing all the toys at the ceiling while I try to sleep at night. Newsflash: Get a F***** life you pathetic (cannot even find a word to describe you)
Bob - 22-Nov-19 @ 5:17 PM
My neighbors moved in April 2019. I believe they are under housing associations as my previous neighbor. I bought my house 10 years ago and never had a problem. Since they moved in they will have showers after 11pm sometimes during summer holidays even at 2am! The walls are so thin that you even hear when they cough or clean the bathroom tiles! I go to sleep around 10pm as I wake up early for work and kids for school. One day after work I went to speak to them and they wife just boded. It was quiet for couple of days then they went back to the routine. I’m so so’s tired having sleepless night cos of the late showers, stumping on the stairs, banging the doors! I don’t really mind what they do during the day but the evenings are really annoying! I don’t want to be in a war zone with them but I just don’t know how to approach them again if they didn’t listen at the first place. I know council can’t do anything with it as due to poor isolation between the walls but it’s just getting too much!
Odija - 18-Nov-19 @ 10:28 PM
Just moved to a nice little housing association property, the police helped us get this move due to previous anti-social behavior where we lived previously.Unfortunately we have a 35 year old living next door to us whom is out at work all day, but lets his front bedroom out to two of his friends who are noisy as hell.They bang every single door in the house,they are like elephants up and down the stairs, they put they dog in the yard and leave him there barking his head off from 9.30 onward (evening)We approached our neighbor as he seemed friendly, approachable and helpful.Where we wrong!! His tenant was abusive and threatening to me and the neighbor who rents the house just stood there and said or did nothing. Now they deliberately make noise and we hear them laugh about it.Told the housing association who sent a bit of a kid out to speak to us... nothing was done except to call the neighbor in for a chat with them.They are still noisy and stomp around and slam doors. Solicitors don't want to know unless there is money in it for them.What do we do now my husband is 71 and I am 56 and have Mental health issues it is really affecting me badly.The housing association wants me to keep a recording them when they make a noise, but it's difficult to do ad they may make short bursts of noise!Not everyone stands there slamming their doors 3 or 4 times, so recording them is difficult. What can we do nextThe housing association says he cannot have anybody living there with him but these people are.Now they are aware and the housing association has told this Tennant they cant live there what they do is come home at around 10.30 am and they band around giggling and laughing waking me up.It was 2 am last night they woke me.They park their car around the corner to make us believe they are not there but we hear them!!I only see one way out for myself as I cannot live like this with these nasty people, they know what they are doing and don't care they run rings around the housing association whom are as thick as two short planks.
pinkprincesscat21 - 11-Nov-19 @ 2:38 PM
Hi, I sympathize and empathize with commenters.I have had the same experiences.I have come to the conclusion that the best approach is to 'love thy neighbour as thyself' (Mark 12:31) and 'pray for your enemies' (Matthew 5:44)..
Dan - 30-Oct-19 @ 10:56 PM
My neighbor's always moan about my dog, when someone knocks on our door my dog barks once,especially if the postman knocks!!! Any suggestions what i can do? Many Thanks, Jim
The power - 28-Oct-19 @ 1:02 PM
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