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Plans to Speed Up Evictions for Problem Neighbour

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 6 Oct 2020 | comments*Discuss
Neighbours Tenants Eviction Antisocial

If you’re suffering badly from the curse of the neighbours from hell, you may be able to breathe a sigh of relief very soon, due to the prospect of new legislation that will enable beleaguered residents to get their stress-inducing neighbours evicted speedily for causing a real nuisance.

The process of getting a problem neighbour evicted has been painfully slow in the past, even when neighbours have been involved in really antisocial behaviour, and under new rules, certain ‘offences’ will automatically give the authorities greater powers to evict troublemakers, especially if the problem neighbours are indulging in illegal activities.

It’s been estimated that around 3000 tenants a year are subject to eviction proceedings because of their antisocial behaviour, but the process of actually evicting them is lengthy and can take up to seven months. This means that the behaviour carries on, making the lives of the other residents a misery and giving the troublemakers even more opportunity to wreak havoc.

Evicting problem tenants is also extremely expensive – in some complex cases ousting a 'neighbour from hell' can cost in excess of £20,000.

Examples of Antisocial Behaviour

As recently as July 2011, it was reported that an Oxford family had finally been evicted following two whole years of complaints from their neighbours about their swearing, loud music, fighting and even allegations about prostitution. In Peterborough an elderly woman claimed that she had become a prisoner in her own home for ten months after a new neighbour moved in and began a hate campaign against her.

What Are the Plans?

Housing minister Grant Shapps announced at the beginning of August 2011 that he planned to dramatically speed up court processes – some of which have been known to take over a year. To counteract this, he plans to introduce new mandatory possession powers which will allow any past convictions that a problem tenant has for serious anti-social behaviour to trigger off eviction proceedings. This should mean that the process of evicting antisocial neighbours will be sped up and give the rest of the neighbourhood a break from their antics.

Some of the offences which are likely to trigger eviction proceedings are:

  • Any breach of a previous anti-social behaviour injunction, if it was taken out by a social landlord (the rules won’t apply to private tenants or home-owners)
  • Any conviction for a serious housing-related offence – these would include criminal damage, violent behaviour against neighbours or drug dealing.
  • Closure under a closure order - for example in cases where a tenant has been using a property for dealing drugs.
Some of the powers being brought in to make life more bearable for residents, councils and housing associations include mandatory grounds for possession in cases of people who have an established track record of antisocial behaviour.

These specific types of anti-social behaviour order will also be recognised in both criminal and civil courts, which will cut out the need for two sets of legal proceedings against troublesome tenants who have been indulging in criminal behaviour.

Why are The Government Taking Action Now?

The government have realised the misery that can be caused to law-abiding and considerate tenants just through the actions of an antisocial few, and have decided to level up the playing field and stop taking the rights of the people causing the problems more seriously than those who blatantly abuse their neighbours.

It’s been decided that in extreme cases, faster action is needed to avoid situations where an entire neighbourhood becomes a no-go area, and the area goes downhill, just because of the actions of one family or even one tenant.

Ministers are also keen to introduce probationary tenancies that will last for up to a year, enabling local authorities and housing associations to throw out problem tenants easily if they don’t behave properly and respect their neighbours.

Neighbours From Hell in Britain

The moves have been welcomed by pressure group Neighbours From Hell in Britain, who champion the rights of residents blighted with problem neighbours. The group said that its members had been overwhelmingly supportive of any changes in the law which gave the police, councils and courts the powers to act swiftly.

A spokesperson for the group said that individuals who were, or had been, living with problem neighbours agreed that the current legal process in place to deal with a neighbour from hell takes far too long. He added that the process didn’t support the 'victim' of the behaviour. A survey of 1000 victims revealed that half didn’t actually believe that antisocial behaviour orders made a difference, and said that noisy neighbours were the biggest problem.


A government consultation, ‘A new mandatory power of possession for anti-social behaviour’ is available online on the Communities and local Government website. The deadline for responses to the consultation is 5pm on Thursday 27 October 2011.

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My neighbour was evicted from a housing society 9 yrs ago. Put next door to me by private landlord. Raided twice for drug dealing but police found nothing. Too clever for the police. All the cars and people day and night have stopped since April 2018 when a drug user came to my door. Wrong door. Since 2018 we have had to put up with a machine noise every night from midnight to noon sometimes. It made us ill. We would move but my mum is 90 it has put my dad in his grave. The landlord is nowhere to be seen. It is 3.54 in the morning and my head is fit to burst with this noise. Been told it's a cannabis cutter and then its bagged up. Cant be taking anymore of this noise. Council told her to mask the noise? Shouldnt they be telling her to stop whatever? Police are iffy. After the 2nd time they were raided they came to my house to tell me I dont need to contact them any more?? Strange. I reported them. At my wits end.
Ginger - 6-Oct-20 @ 3:50 AM
Where to begin... The guy above has been in the block 2 years. It's been one thing after the other. Right now I am waiting for a plumber to turn up because the guy keeps pouring fat oil Down the sink . It's 4 am in the morning. 3 days it's been going on and he didn't even report the leak . It's really bad in his flat , water everywhere. He said l will sort it and nothing. 4 days ago we had the second onslaught of maggots in the hallway where he just Chuck's them in the garden after fishing. He was found out because a neighbour outright asked him if he had done that. He was moved here from another flat because he kept having his door kicked off and people after him. Well within the first 2 months it happened here. It's now happened twice. I nearly died from severe bilateral pneumonia and I have been very sick for some time. I am waiting for an appointment from the OT to be assessed and moved closer to my family. I could go on and on but I will leave it there. If I don't get out , l will not be able to get my fitness back because the Stress of this idiot! He is a oxygen thief. I can't stand the guy but tolerate him because I want to keep the peace. Of course I mention things to him but he is an extreme narcissist and has no empathy for others
Gj - 27-Sep-20 @ 3:57 AM
New tenants have moved in to the house across from us. Very antisocial dangerous. Loud screaming all night till the early mornings and physical fighting during night and day. Just 2hrs ago there were a group fighting in the middle of the road and one pulled a knife so we had to call the police again, this is at 5PM in the day.
Sophie - 13-Aug-20 @ 7:08 PM
I have a neighbour who is constantly fixing and selling cars from his drive way.He doesnt have a licence. He thinks it's ok to rev and work on his car after 9pm.Have reported it to the houseing and noise pollution also phoned 101.He has NO Respect!!
SR - 18-Jul-20 @ 10:23 AM
Had nightmare neighbours for 23 years, jumped through all the councils hoops always promising they are near eviction then nothing happens. This has ranged from abusive shouting, threats, constant parties from early evening(7/8) til Anywhere at (5/6) in the morning sometimes all weekend and I do mean from Friday evening til Monday lunchtime, had properties and cars damaged in the street from them, burning rubbish and trying to claim it a Protestant attack although they started the fire, constant screaming about being ex ira member, fighting at all hours, door slamming, things being thrown about the house, excessive drinking (making abuse worse), swearing you name it they do it, setting dogs on people (staffies). Where exactly am I now supposed to turn can’t sell my property as let’s be honest who would buy it (I wouldn’t if it was me) but desperate to get out.
Completely Done - 15-Jun-20 @ 10:50 AM
Neighbor below me in flat bangs like a bomb going off, council aren't getting back to us, landlord doesn't care, police don't care, I have a special needs child and also boyf moved in, the neighbor just does it at any time and can go on for ages! They can see who comes and goes out of the flats and therefore is really clever. This has been going on for over 2 years, moved in laughed and then a MASSIVE bang came from below out of the blue :( they also have shouted nasty things up to us for no reason atall or cleverly accuse us of banging when we haven't what so ever! And never retaliate :( and also shout stuff out their window when we leave the flat and also we smell what there smoking and also know there selling or buying you know what.
Why66 - 8-Jun-20 @ 12:46 AM
I wa was strangled in my sleep and dragged into a lake first down and left for dead my body is Black and Blue I was I was hospitalized for a week and the police came and arrested him for something else when my neighbour had told me what date I was in shock I couldn't believe that I was murdered in your bed ragged out and round into a lake and the best part of it he only lives up the road and he's getting out soon what do I do he comes out next month and he will finish me off is a homophobe he doesn't like gears that's why I tried to call me but you didn't succeed but my body is bad black bloke I've got photos of it I was hospitalized for a week and the place told me there was nothing wrong with me the photos that I've received I just cannot believe call Clayton how the police handled this situation which is I call attempted murder the police here I really do need to learn the last a bit Mark attempted murder and the police have not got a clue what it means and I am now in my home I'm a carer I'm out at 5 in the morning I'm back at 8 at night I get something to eat and drink and then go to bed but I never expected to be strangled in bed dragged to the lake face down left for dead. I I have Witnesses that saw the guy drag Me Out Of My Whole Body right across to the lake and faced me down into the lake and I was shocked to hear all this as obviously when I was strangled a blacked out it gets out next month for a totally different crime is a homophobe is a gay beta my life is under threat he only lives up the road and I need to get rid of them I've lived 20-years 23 years and he's only live there 2 years he's an evil evil man that needs to get out of this area because I'm physically frightened and hes going to suceed next time. And like I said I'm a carerand I have to pass his home he can easily attacked me again do the same thing again except this time he will succeed in killing me because im gay...and I'm scared what do I do and nobody not even the police are out for me they won't help I don't know why but they don't care the more interested with the holiday makers on the seafront bloody hell with the taxpayers as I speak about this for the first time my voice is shaking I am scared again and I have to go out in the morning to go to work and I know he will do this again I wish somebody would help me what can I do what can I say I'm sitting here crying shaking do you know how it feels to be attacked in your own bedroom blacked out and dragged to the lake and ithen wake up faced down in lake and also there were four to five Witnesses that told police what happened and the police won't help me because I reckon their homophobic as well they don't like us because how can you let get a guy to get away with attempted murder it's a big crime. Can i have the family evicted they fight with a down syndrome girl who live below them and the police are alwaysthey arresting somebody in that flat is about 4 people live in a 1-bedroom f
Beefy - 22-Apr-20 @ 4:10 AM
I have been listening to neighbors for 3 years, knocking, slamming the door, not looking at the time, constantly Party, screaming, talking loudly, knocking on walls, horror.Here is a young family of black people.This is a family of three, a small child who screams all the time .... In the kitchen, in the bathroom, if she makes such a noise everything rattles, and at night, it happens until 3am .. they have a consul according to the rules you can’t make noise at night, butI endure 3 years.I wrote on the door to respect the Drig, nor knock, yesterday I said that you knock like that?he said that this child is - - - ridiculous, and today Party, again until the morning you can’t sleep ... where will I go, where should I write complaint ????
mari888 - 15-Feb-20 @ 9:36 PM
We had a new neighbour move in through the night. Loud music put on at 3 am and shouting scrapes of furniture and slams of doors repeatedly( I mean bunches of five at a time all night)between 11pm and 5 am. Then drug fumes seeping into our house in four rooms from theirs. Filling up our upstairs. Rendering one room unliveable. Three and a half years of constant logs to council. Councils been absolutely useless. It still going on as I type this today. The woman next door knows the tricks and is a constant game player who has retaliated. Harassed us and damaged my car and intimidated the neighbours. She gets away with everything council just ignore it hope it’s going to go away without dealing with it. The council useless absolutely useless.
Unhappy council tenn - 15-Feb-20 @ 3:36 PM
Hi Flossy. I have the same problems.They play loud music constantly.I live in a terraced house with thin walls. Weekends are usually worse as they have BBQ every weekend and all are outside even if it's raining etc. I complete the noise diaries for the council and so on, but never get a permanent solution.Things are so bad that it has made me I'll. I want to move,but in all honesty I don't see why it should be me wanting to run away. Their landlord ignores my frequent requests for peace and quiet so am truly at wits end.
SNOOPIE - 10-Jan-20 @ 7:24 PM
I have neighbours that play music extremely loud for hours in day, they have been warned twice by antisocial behaviour team and once with an official letter(they stopped playing music loud for two weeks). They seem to have a total disregard for their neighbours, I usually walk around with noise cancelling headphones, however my wife has recently given birth and now I can't use my headphones for obvious reasons. My neighbours also have a young child(maybe 5 years old) surely the noise levels would amount to child abuse. I am becoming desperate and even thinking to leave London because I wouldn't be able to afford another house. What more can I do?
Gavin - 13-Dec-19 @ 12:28 PM
Neighbour watches porn. Can't see or hear it but can see him through curtains, silhouette. How do I put it. Playing with himself. What can be done asked police they said if curtains are closed and private property.there probably do nothing.
Spy - 7-Jun-19 @ 5:53 PM
I live in a council rented flat. My neighbour is chronic alcoholic. He does not wash, shave or have a hair cut. He does not take his Waste to the bin and there lots ( 20? ) black bin bags piled inside his flat. As a result his flat and the 36 flat complex is infested with lots of tiny flies. The smell is horrendous. More worrying is the fact he smokes. Residents are frighten he will drop a lit cigarette on On of his bin bags whilst he is (constantly) drunk and cause a fire. The Local Council ( Berneslia Homes) have done nothing positive to evict or stop this anti-social and dangerous behaviour. Is there anything other residents can do?
Trevor Jones - 28-Feb-19 @ 11:02 AM
We have a neighbour who smokes repeatedly in the property below ours. The property is a non smoking property but the landlord and managing agents have done nothing about it. He also has a lodger who has bought dogs into the property, the dogs foul in the garden and on the pavement. There are also concerns of drug dealing from the property. Please help.
MrC - 25-Jan-19 @ 7:11 PM
Just wanted some advice about my upstairs neighbor, he's drug dealing and I installed a CCTV camera in July and caught him buying drugs outside my flat door, downstairs the communal hallway.Am on my own and afraid, that he's doing that outside my flat door. Don't know what to do, some advice please, anyone.
Lass - 21-Jan-19 @ 10:26 AM
It started with the neighbour above. She would rearrange furniture - wooden - dragging them on her wooden floors. Had no concept of time and would get her washing machine going at night. Or noise so loud I would hear it outside and next door. So after many different unhelpful council officers have visited upstairs put in carpet in one area and agreed to put in floor covering elsewhere. After their visit the flooring was removed and they commenced deliberate noise making every evening as soon as I get in after work. They then befriended the family from hell. And this is when it got uglier. This is a family that treats my front and back gardens as a dustbin; chicken bones, waste food, used condoms, sanitary towels, tampons, clothing, shoes, underwear, hats, wine bottles, lager cans, cigarette butts, and one of those security tags! The security tag went to the local police station and one of the horrors next door (local drug dealer) disappeared for a while.Now, a broken fence has been dumped in the front garden and in the back they now have waste water flowing into my patio. Could be from their washing machine as it looks sudsy. This started 3 Sundays ago. And this family do not work and so they open and slam shut every cupboard and every drawer most nights so that my sleep is always disturbed. I'm now back on antidepressants as it is all too much. I have simply had enough.
Loz - 27-Nov-18 @ 1:27 AM
I have neighbours in their 50/60's living next door to me.It took 20 years for me to be housed.They seemed incredibly noisy before I moved in.They told my mum their life story over the fence and were asking so many questions about me.So I kept myself to myself.Their was just a chain link fence separating the 2 properties, that was 4 ft high so he used to lean over it and peer into my bedroom window while I was laying in bed or getting dressed.So I managed to get a privacy panel put in but they still watch my daughter in the garden making faces at her.They stand my the fence most of the day every day, eavesdropping, pretending to do gardening and banging the fence.How much can a path be swept and how long can you water plants for, they set the world record! They are up at all hours, cooking food, washing up, banging on the wall, arguing etc. I've had to have sound proofing put in, not that it's done much good.I banged on the wall twice at 2am during a shouting match and they hit back 30x harder and faster and really scared me. They beat their dog as I have heard him doing so, have looked over the fence as I was concerned and saw him doing it.One day I heard it scream like a fox so reported it to the RSPCA, the response I got back was I'm going to come and smash your face in, through the wall.We had mediation and he said he can go whatever he likes as it's his dog! He thinks he owns everything.We are both disabled, but he has no issues mowing the lawn etc or making fences.I was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk so parked in the 1 disabled bay as there were no other parking spaces. He came and told me to move my car!He's taken the garden from his other side.He's moaned so much that he wants more garden that they gave in. Now he's looking into their bedroom!He also wanted to put in parking drive right outside their bedroom window!Etiquette is not their finest point!I parked in the car park behind up so I could ask someone to help clean out the car and the next morning 2 of my tyres were slashed! Cost £180 to fix. I've tried to water the new turf and was screamed at to turn it off as it was going into their kitchen, it wasn't. He's screamed at me at lot. In mediation they said why don't I just approach them to tell them about these things including the dog barking at all hours, them letting their dog out onto my garden, them using my wall for their hanging baskets.... The list is endless.I said I can't as they're not approachable.They gave me their number to tell them of any issues.Well I've used that number if their dog barks at 1am, 2am or later and they do nothing.So I have to contact housing again.These are just a few examples of what they do. Now the other neighbours behind me have started.They chat with the neighbours next door, in a car park, talking about me so loudly I can hear them.They have made up lies. My dogs bark at 5am.They live outside in th
CountryGirl - 21-Aug-18 @ 7:54 AM
Khye Abe- Your Question:
We have been subjected to racism & hate crime for 5 years now. From having petrol slipped through our letter box to threats of attack with hammer in front of fire service men. Racist rants in front of our then 3 year old child to accusations of running several businesses in order have us chased out, calling the police out in the middle of the night against us claiming we’re having house parties while we’re almost asleep just so the village neighbours see that we have police cars in front of our house frequently. They also came out in front of the fire services when we smelt petrol in the house with abuse and hate calling us Muslim freaks , and they are EDL and will claw hammer us down. Despite this the police only let them off with a warning and. The council kept changing case workers and asking us to keep logs which seem to have been misplaced and never received by them. We were forced to put cctv around our house as we kept finding nails , broken glasses on our drive in the morning. Hearing monkey sounds when we’re in the garden from their window , telling us to go back to our country ! My 3 yr old daughter eventually asking us where did we come from? She was so traumatised when she had stomach pains she would cry silently because she feared the next door would here and bang in the wall and come banging on our front door like the past. We have a severely disabled child which makes matters worse as he falls ill quite frequently and they know this very well. They also went around the village spreading lie but villagers won’t come forward to give statement because its not their problem. Any help. We had managed a injunction after the fire service incident but they’ve started all over again as it has been over a year. :(

Our Response:
This is awful behaviour, the police should be taking this more seriously. It might be worth your popping to Citizens' Advice for help on what other steps you can take in relation to racist or religious hate incidents
ProblemNeighbours - 25-Jul-18 @ 11:04 AM
We have been subjected to racism & hate crime for 5 years now. From having petrol slipped through our letter box to threats of attack with hammer in front of fire service men . Racist rants in front of our then 3 year old child to accusations of running several businesses in order have us chased out, calling the police out in the middle of the night against us claiming we’re having house parties while we’re almost asleep just so the village neighbours see that we have police cars in front of our house frequently. They also came out in front of the fire services when we smelt petrol in the house with abuse and hate calling us Muslim freaks , and they are EDL and will claw hammer us down. Despite this the police only let them off with a warning and. The council kept changing case workers and asking us to keep logs which seem to have been misplaced and never received by them . We were forced to put cctv around our house as we kept finding nails , broken glasses on our drive in the morning. Hearing monkey sounds when we’re in the garden from their window , telling us to go back to our country ! My 3 yr old daughter eventually asking us where did we come from? She was so traumatised when she had stomach pains she would cry silently because she feared the next door would here and bang in the wall and come banging on our front door like the past . We have a severely disabled child which makes matters worse as he falls ill quite frequently and they know this very well. They also went around the village spreading lie but villagers won’t come forward to give statement because its not their problem . Any help . We had managed a injunction after the fire service incident but they’ve started all over again as it has been over a year . :(
Khye Abe - 22-Jul-18 @ 1:09 AM
My son is having trouble with his upstairsneighbour and has done for 2 years now.shouting and screaming at boyfriend at unsociable hours at night and day druggies and other people calling at unsociable hours night. My son is in poor health with this situation and it has flared up his anxiety.He has reported this neighbour to local council and antisocial department but nothing has been done. My son is going to court on Tuesday to see what he can do about getting this this person evicted. Any help has to what he should ask for would be appreciated.
Flossy - 5-May-18 @ 11:40 AM
My council tenent neighbour physically attacked me , she admitted to police she assaulted me, it has been ongoing for yrs then finally the attack, I now fear to leave my home will she be evicted?
Soozie - 20-May-17 @ 1:42 PM
I live in a convete house with a flat below and above me. The guy down stairs plays music early hours in the morning before work which I don't mind at all as I believe that if you make sound then I can to. Same goes for the lady upstairs or so I was thinking. She has wood flooring in her flat and I can hear her walking, using the shower talking etc andbanging early hours in the morning. Every single day. Normally 11pm when she goes to sleep and early hours in the morning. Are floor and Celin are very thin and you can hear everything. My problem is this. I work 6 to 7 days a week every week and once or twice a month I like to have friends over for a meet up when I get a weekend off. No party or anything just friends having a chat and a few drinks. Baring in mind I work late hours ever other week. I did come to an agreement with the upstairs tenant which I stuck to, and i still stick to. This is once every other Friday night. most times as I've been doing a lot of overtime at work i wouldn't see my friends for over a month. I had friends around 3 weeks ago on are agreed day (friday) she is complaining now I have received a notice about noise nuance. I can't understand this due to are agreement it's also infuriating that I've been trying to live with her everyday noise but I have one night that ends usually about 2am in the morning. And she complains? I would like for some kind of advise on this situation as it's now becoming a problem that I've been living with her noise but I can't have a convo with a few friends for one evening after two weeks of long shift work. We also live next to Clapham Junction station so the sound of trains is always present. I can't hear my tv at night due to this and trying to keep the level of sound down when I get home from work. But I also hear her upstairs banging and walking around even as I'm typing this she's walking around with what sounds like shoes on wood flooring and I have work be at work for 7am tomorrow morning. Any and all advise would be greatful.
Marley - 29-Oct-16 @ 12:11 AM
I live in a converted house whereas i have flat downstairs and neighbours upstairs. They are council flats. My neighbours are heroine addicts and deal drugs from their flat. I have been punched in the face on my doorstep for not giving them a cigarette, the noise is unbearable banging and shouting constantly into early hours. They signed a no contact order with council which meant they had to not come near me but they have broken it numerous times. The council are not doing anything at all, if anything they are scared of them. Theyve had front door bashed in by police etc. I need help but dont know where to turn
Tina Sutton - 7-Sep-16 @ 10:51 PM
my neigbbour moved in about 3 years ago everything was fine at firstthen out of the blue i get a letter from council telling me that i was doing diy at unreasable hourswhich i wasnt since then ive had police come roundcost me for two skips when they made lies up about my garden .i have had 2 heart valve replacements i explained to police and council im decorating the house but i get out of breath so it takes time.if i do more than a hour or 2 .my neigbour banging on walls screaming absenites they had a go at my partner and her elderly mother .its as if nothing will stick to them and whenever i go to police or council its as if they dont beleive me last week he attacked me with a weapon which luckily i got on my phone and he is being charged but there still making my life unbearable im a home owner and they are council so im getting know help .they have had cameras put in by police when i go outside they stand behind curtains trying to get a reaction its a nightmare any advice
t31ry - 7-Jul-16 @ 10:56 PM
To none and ellyphant, Can relate to both of your experiences and am very sorry. We have had the neighbours from hell for the past ten years. They are long term tenants whereas we have a mortgage. Where to start, abuse, swearing - both adults and children, bottles thrown at fences, our children, car, their wider family and friends joining in, fences smashed, blocking us in the list goes on and on! They have mocked my problems with depression and have no thoughts for anyone except themselves and their gang of loyal fellow alcoholics. Keep hoping they will move but landlord is a greedy old tax dodger, and they are crafty!
Belle - 4-Feb-16 @ 11:53 AM
None We had the very same problem. Vile vile neighbours. They destroyed just about anything we had including our sanity. Letters from the Council made them worse. The only way out was to downsize property. The council found us somewhere within a week. After 12 blissful years of peace we now have a very large annoying Roma family that has ruined our peace again!!!
Ellyfant - 17-Dec-15 @ 4:42 PM
My elderly parents have horrible neighbours. My parents don't keep in the best of health and their neighbours who are also retired seem to get a kick out of their failing health.They mimic and ridicule them, swear and give hand gestures and call them names and cause no end of problems, captured on cctv. It goes quiet for a while then it all starts again. The community police are aware of things but when they say they will get in touch they never do yet Tonight the police appeared at my parentsdoor.Next door had reported them for trimming the garden hedge in october to keep it tidy.The hedge is on my parentsown boundary and is being trimmed by a professional tree cutter due to the fact they cannot do it themselves.Police said they had to come out because they had reported it but also said there was nothing they could do. We've all lost faith in the police. They won't come out when you need them yet they come out for silly things.
worried - 5-Dec-15 @ 8:28 PM
I am having lots of problems with a tenant next door to me. He parties all day and nights with his druggies. screams andparty daily. This has been going on since he moved in in 2012 till2015. I keep reporting it to landlord but they say their hands are tied and can't evict him due to no other witnesses. In the mean time he's harassing me and abusing me by kicking my wall and screaming. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
don - 23-Sep-15 @ 7:59 PM
Hi this is about my daughter she lives alone with her son a young women with a baby moved next door to her my daughter my related to her as she is also a single parent then the neighbours mother moved to the other house next to my daughter she is now is sandwiched between the two houses well the husband of the woman has come out of prison and they have been bullying my daughter the mother slapped my daughter across her face for moving her bin so she could get in the car .the police were called about the assault on my daughter had did nothing the father threatens my daughter with violence he has also threaten my grandson .my daughter has an eating disorder and cause of this is thin and they take advantage of this to bully her the police did not charge the mother for assault even though it happened in the street in front of neighbours .i have lost my trust in the law a victims rights count for nothing .she has been through the council and agency's to help her my grandson is in his last year at school but he falling behind cause he is so worried for his mum they say go to this place and that place but these people don't give a dam.
soniasky - 20-Sep-15 @ 9:12 PM
We completed a mutual exchange to our property but now things have become very apparent why she was so desperate to move, the first week here was great, I truly thought we had landed on our feet but things had gone downhill at a very fast rate which has set off my anxiety and panic attacks (had been doing very well for a long time) It seems my neighbours house is the 'go to' place for all the local teenagers to gather and have loud parties that literally shake the windows drink and drugs... Thursday night it got that extreme I had to stay at my mums for the night, when we were leaving they were mimicking the 'meltdown' I had (I had a previous problem a few years ago when I complained about neighbours and they threatened to burn down my flat!)... There is no time frame as to when this happens, like just on a weekend or in the evening, it can literally start at any time of any day so I am constantly living on edge waiting... Now for the bit that really worries me, the backlash from these people. They are really not nice people and very much have the 'I am untouchable' attitude. I had a friend round the other day and her daughter was looking through my fence into my neighbours garden, they threw a bottle at her, I have been told that they blew up a car belonging to someone that dared to go against them. I have spoken to all the appropriate authorities, I have put a complaint in against their HA, spoken to my HA ( although they say they cant enforce any action as they are not their tenants) my children's schools, environmental health, doctors and am currently waiting on the local PCSO to call back who have all been fantastic and said they can write reports if needed. I have been told my best option is to move but because the local council see us as adequately housed that is by no means a quick fix, or I have the option of another mutual exchange, but it weighs very heavy on my conscience the thought of bringing in another family to this situation, although at the same time I need to think of the safety of my family and my health. I get told 'hopefully they will be evicted' but that worries my because they know where I live! I cant even let the children out to play in the garden without me because I don't know what will happen, lets face it, they think nothing of throwing a bottle at a child and blowing up a car, what else are they capable of?! I really cant think straight to see a way out of this... Sorry for the long winded post but i literally feel trapped!
none - 12-Sep-15 @ 6:33 PM
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