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What Can I do About My Problem Neighbour?

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 4 Aug 2020 | comments*Discuss
Neighbour Noise Nuisance Slamming Door


I live in a rented townhouse. My neighbour has a habit of slamming her door several times a day and it has actually knocked a shelf from my wall. I've asked her not to and her reason for doing it is that she has a problem with the door locking because of weatherstripping.

On two occasions she has screamed obscenities at a neighbour and someone doing roofing at 8am, which was followed by her door being slammed 5 times in anger.

My nerves are frayed as you never know when to expect it. I've also had the landlords send her a complaint letter but still it continues.

(Miss J M, 17 September 2008)


So far, you have taken exactly the right steps to try to resolve this issue. You’ve asked your neighbour not to slam the door and, when the behaviour has persisted, you’ve also asked your landlord to intervene without any success.

Your local authority has the powers to take action against any problems related to Noisy Neighbours. However, this will usually be related to issues which persist continually over a sustained period of time, such as problems with loud music, Dogs That Bark Constantly and people using loud power tools at unreasonable hours in the likes of workshops, garages and garden sheds. This is because these activities can be monitored and recorded.

The problem here would seem to be ‘catching her in the act’ because as you said, “you never know when to expect it”. The chances are that an environmental health officer from your local authority’s noise nuisance team would be unlikely to come out to investigate the matter as it would be virtually impossible to predict when these outbursts might occur. It would certainly be worth giving them a call, however, to explain the situation.

Meanwhile, it is probably worth trying to have another polite chat with her. Given that she’s also been involved in screaming obscenities at a neighbour, it would appear that she might not be all that approachable, but this is no excuse. Try to catch her on a ‘good day’ and politely explain to her about the way her behaviour has affected your nerves and about the shelf falling down. Quite often when a person is angry or upset, they have no concept of the effects of any outbursts on others, so speaking to her may just prick her conscience.

Alternatively, it wouldn’t harm you to have another word with the landlords. A complaint letter can easily be disregarded unless it’s backed up with threats of eviction, so perhaps suggesting to the landlords that they go and speak with your neighbour will have the desired effect. As far as the slamming door goes, perhaps you could suggest to your neighbour that they ask the landlord to come out and arrange for it to be repaired or replaced.

If the problem still persists, the more evidence you can gather the better. You mentioned the fact that another neighbour was on the receiving end of verbal abuse. This could Constitute Harassment and, once again, this would not be tolerated by your local authority. Therefore, the more people who will back up your claims that your next door neighbour is causing a nuisance, the more likely it will be that your local environmental health officer will come out to investigate matters.

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And similar to Baker.Im really hoping someone has some advice
Louise - 4-Aug-20 @ 11:16 PM
I am having problem like Dr and Alex lots of domestics and slamming front doorall evening Every evening until around 11,12 pm. It’s waking my young son up late at night. I recently had to report them for a rubbish problem because it was attracting rats and even though I had politely raised the issue they were not doing anything about it and now their behaviour is getting worse. I know the domestics are anti social but Does anyone know if the slamming of doors constantly is anti social behaviour or is classed as a nuisance.the door sounds like it has dropped but it quieter some times more than others so it’s definitely being slammed on purpose.Any advice would be appreciated , I’m so stressed out with it all and how uncomfortable they are making me in my own home ..they can be aggressive in their manner if we ever try and raise anything
Louise - 4-Aug-20 @ 11:05 PM
Hi, I hope you can help. Just over a year ago the property next-door was purchased by a lady for her son to live-in (he's aged around 30). It soon became apparent that he has serious mental health issues and is a chronic alcoholic. As you can imagine, his behavior has made life unbearable for my family and the lady who lives to the other side of his property. Most concerning are the two phone calls we've overheard when he threatened to 'slit throats'! As his mother is effectively his landlady, is there anything we can do? I've hesitated to contact the council or police for two reasons. Retribution (we are scared of him) and secondly the negative impact on selling our house to escape this nightmare. Thank you for any help.
Mike9001 - 12-Jul-20 @ 9:32 PM
carers come to help woman who lives below me from 07.30 - 22.00 they visit 5 -7 times a day 7 days a week everyone of them slam the front door when entering and leaving the flat which is heard across the road from other flats.I have told them all to stop but all i get is abuse back and it does not stop them doing it .What can i do.
dav - 7-Jul-20 @ 9:49 AM
The problem is a lot of people actually believe they have done nothing wrong. But in fact you are the one causing the problem to have the nerve to complain at them in the first place and they get angry and upset with you.They do not know how to behave it is beyond there understanding Police are not dealing with it and you will be referred to environmental health This takes a very long time so far I have been chasing them up now for 9 months taking all the routes landlord ext about all the same kind ofnoises Good luck from Mr reason About the unreasonable.
Mr Reason - 24-Jun-20 @ 9:24 PM
We have just had new neighbours. Move next door. Two weeks ago .our previous neighbours were so quietearly twenties. Never heard hardly any noise from them ! Cue the new neighbours .... constant slamming of doorsa lot !!!! Drives me insane. We live in a three bed semi detached propertywith some partitioned walls. So the door slamming can be heard quite loud ! It’s been difficult when your previous neighbours were really quiet
Baker - 19-Jun-20 @ 8:47 PM
Our neighbours show little respect for anyone else. When they want to play music loudly, they open all the doors and windows so the whole of the street is consumed with their noise. One part of the couple has the most horrendous temper and stamps his feet, stamps up and down the stairs and slams doors so our floorboards are shaking and the lightbulbs rattle in their fittings whilst screaming at his spouse or children, the latter of whom are actually lovely! When they go on holiday, their early taxi arrives and they ensure everyone has to hear them shouting at each other at 5 am in the street We have had our house soundproofed but notwithstanding that, we can still hear them argue.They know we can hear them, we have asked very politely on several occasions to tone it down but when they go 'into one' they do not care about anyone else and who may be listening. I was told recently that it is against the law to be so noisy when arguing as to disturb your neighbours.Is this really true?It is impossible to record them, I have tried, so taking a muffled recording to the council would not deem appropriate.(Sadly, They are home owners not renters.)
Dr - 3-Jun-20 @ 2:41 PM
I have very noisy neighbours.They have 2 kids and one of them has a habit of screaming really high pitch. Another very enjoying (most of all )is the fact that they keep slamming their doors and cupboards. Lately it’s just got worse .I feel very distressed and depressed almost.Im spending fortune on soundproofing my walls but I’m afraid that slamming the doors noise will continue trough the floorboards. I don’t want to keep complaining to them as we already had issues caused by their dog .Is there a law against slamming the doors? What can one do to stop hearing this enjoying noise ?
Alex - 23-May-20 @ 11:57 PM
Hello, I am at the receiving end of abuse from both next doors. One is trying to update my title plan because she is refusing to remove items in my boundary and another one who move in 9 months ago doing as they wish to my property without permission - took the piss and removed my fence without permission despite asking not to. Got abuse for confronting them. Hanging cables on their side of my fence without permission. Got abused again for confronting them. I was called a c*** and that they can do whatever to my property. They hanged dog mess bag on my fence on their side- don’t know why don’t hang it on their own fence. Threw stones on our bay window which distressed my elderly mother. I have reported to the police and police are monitoring the situation along with the council. But of advise to individuals at the end of receiving unacceptable behaviour from their neighbours - do not let them bully you: Actions you must take - 1. Report repeated harassment more than twice to the council - environmental 2. Report to police and make it explicit that you are at a breaking point and that you’d like intervention 3. Get a solicitor to write a formal letter if repeated harassment continues
Next door - 6-May-20 @ 3:28 PM
Hi there I live in a semi detached house with 3 small children. We are having issues with out neighbour past 2.5yrs (since we moved in) complaining about my kids making noise or turning on n off the switches in party wall or occasionally closing the door harshly disturbing him. I have had numurous chats with them explainf they are 1/2/3 yr old children and they make noise and we try as much as we can to control them. However for smallest noise they bang on the party wall warning us to make the kids quiet. We had this enough. During this unprecedented lock down, kids been home more than 3 weeks, they started playing with ball in the house (as its rainy outside) evening around 5.30 and the neighbour came furiously asking us to stop them playing with ball as its very noisy! I got furious as I have had enough of their complaints and arguments rose and he thretended to hit me if my kids make any more noise. This has all caused me a great distress. Our homes have floating floors and its true that impact does go to neighbours- but what can I do? We do warn kids and no anytime the disturbance has been more than a min before we intervene and silence the kids. But in our own house we cannot live a life and always need to clam our children so that they dont get disturbed. I want to put an end to this as we have had enough. What options have I got?
tirfk - 17-Apr-20 @ 8:24 PM
I've got a terrible neighbour, he's disabled as in can't walk properly but the noise the guy makes is unreal, banging about underneath me, yawnimg really loud ect, my mum helped me up buy this flat and I didn't expect this don't know what to do
Stu - 13-Mar-20 @ 6:07 PM
At 12:40 a.m.on 11/19/2019 was again awakened by slamming which several times incurred at oddball hours in early a.m. I thought it was A.C. FILTER. In small hall way. This time I found out it was neighbor slamming the window! She's very bitter or angry by lashing it out on neighbor. No wonder those window- stickers indicate the slamming. This continiously goes on. Sign off. HKS.
Kathy - 19-Nov-19 @ 5:58 PM
Is anyone get help in here.I meanreall help not advice. Ore did council helped to anyone like whit this UFO slamming doors visitors at your neybour at midnight. As im live like in Santa Barbara.
Ramas - 17-Jul-19 @ 12:04 AM
Been racially harassed, physically attacked and threathened by two sets of neighbours for over a year. I have video recorded all incidents . The housing association, Police and Ombudsman & Councillor haveextremely unhelpful. The housing association even blackmailed me into not making further video recordings. I am still harassed and really distressed . Citizens Advice is a waste of time, all they do is try to assess which way they can help the Housing Association.I have asked to move- the housing association ingores all my emails. I want to move to a private housing but fear the lack of rights if the landlord decides he wants to sell the property also the lack of privacy. Any help?
Char - 31-May-19 @ 5:20 AM
My landlord lives next door do I approach what rights have I got. He slams door and every single person whom enters house.what to do.
Doorslammer - 6-May-19 @ 10:19 PM
I have anonymously complained to council about my neighbors smoking drugs. Now I am planning on selling my house and not sure if i need to disclose this information to buyers/solicitors? Do anonymous complaints show on any property reports?
Neighbor - 18-Apr-19 @ 11:41 AM
When i 1st moved in my neighbour was so nice n helpful .. she gave me a set of curtains and i said ill get em back to you ..she replied na i dinny want them back do what you will with them ..so when i replaced them i handed this given pair into a charity shop along with a load of other stuff i was clearing out .. today shes at my door wanting the curtains so i explained she said she didnt want them and what she said ..she replied ayebut your bang out of order .. i want 90 quid for those curtains .. i said no way and shut my door ..its now 232 am and she is screaming through my letterbox about curtains or else .. her partner has already threatened an elderly neighbour and chased him to his door ..what can i do? I dont feel i owe her any thing.help please .
Chatty lass - 20-Mar-19 @ 2:34 AM
I have lived in my house for over 9 years and since day one put up with my neighbours slamming doors, hearing the stairs. Living in a semi-detached out I was open to the idea you'd hear them from time to time, but not this bad. As the stairs run along the party wall I hear them all time time, and they slam doors until midnight most nights. This has brought on anxiety with myself due to how loud it is and unexpected it can be. However THANKFULLY I am moving out and into a detached property, I can get my sanity and my life back. These so called people who do this have no idea how it can effect someones life and how it can take over it. You can get obsessed over it and start to hate your neighbours. It can get the best of people and everyone has a breaking point and I reached that 4 months ago when I decided to sell up and move. I just can't wait to move out now, less than 6 weeks now. So they can go about their noisy lives as I don't care now.
Marty - 19-Mar-19 @ 8:58 PM
Hi I know how you feel I moved to my flat to a ground floor flat as needed op for bad back my other flat was on second floor it was not good area but I was there 4years and no problems only had 1 night of peace since I been here first night. my neighbour is an inconsiderate idiot he uses his flat as a work shop he takes all kinds of junk into his flat washing machines kitchen appliances TVs motorcycles etc and bangs taking them apart it's like removels he thinks he mending them you can imagine the noise of a washing machine falling on floor boards above your head I hate him its been 3years now and I have stood outside at night to get some peace I'm trying to find a move but Coventry properties are very expensive to rent so will have to leave city asIcan get cheeper property out of Coventry these people ruin people's lives they should be evicted and decent people be able to live in peace.
Sonia - 19-Mar-19 @ 6:18 PM
My neighbour slames doors constantly dog barks constantly she bangs with a hammer All the time i flipped on her and now its worse than ever am depressed with it all and cant cope its making me ill help
shaz - 6-Mar-19 @ 9:57 PM
Hi I live in an end bungalow with small car park that gets full like today (sunday) ive been here for 5 years and find so annoying by people slamning car doors my bungalow vibrates and i think 'what f***was that?? People are so oblivious that council walls are thinner so sound travels doesnt help we get sporty cars being revved up either. Doesnt help im in alot as cant get a job so cant afford to go out to escape. People are very inconsiderate. I wish i could live in one of those 'escape to the country' houses...??
Fedup - 30-Dec-18 @ 12:14 PM
My neighbours slam doors from 5.20 am till the latest being 20 past 12 at night. Went an asked for them to stop then told no one was slamming the doors been happening for over a year now. Can anyone make any suggestions
Aaaa - 22-Dec-18 @ 7:45 PM
Hi I live in a semi-detached house and an 70 something year old lady lives next door to me. Every night at anytime between 7:30pm to 12:45am she bangs the cupboard door, some say she's got a fitted wardrobe. I tried to avoid the noise by going downstairs but when I go back to my bedroom at 11:15pm she makes the slamming cupboard door noise anytime after. Sometimes whenever her granddaughter comes round she shouts and sings loud and I've heard her shout to her granddaughter "you naughty girl".
villa - 4-Nov-18 @ 12:01 AM
Vee - Your Question:
My daughter lives in a terraced bungalow and has disabilities and difficulty sleeping most nights. The problem is the neighbours bang draws and doors early morning and late in the evening. She has had a word with the H.A. who rang them and made the matter worse. I have tried to explain to the neighbours the difficulties my daughter has but that hasnt helped either. at our wits end. What else can be done?

Our Response:
How late in the evening and how early in the morning? How loud is the noise and how long does it go on for? Sorry you need to give more information
ProblemNeighbours - 3-Aug-18 @ 10:34 AM
My daughter lives in a terraced bungalow and has disabilities and difficulty sleeping most nights. The problem is the neighbours bang draws and doors early morning and late in the evening.She has had a word with the H.A. who rang them and made the matter worse. I have tried to explain to the neighbours the difficulties my daughter has but that hasnt helped either.. at our wits end. What else can be done?
Vee - 31-Jul-18 @ 6:58 PM
davidgardner - Your Question:
The side of my wooden garage is on my land and is adjacent to my neighbours, they have no wall or fence on their boundary line next to the garage.I have lived in my property for the past 31 years. The neighbours were here before me. Over the years they have attached a wooden lattice for a clematis to climb,5 hanging basket brackets, a clothes hook to hang their hose pipe.They also water the hanging baskets with a hosepipe and drenchthe garage. They have never asked me for permission I have nevergiven them permission to attach any fixings to my garage.They say they were given permission presumably by a previousoccupant. What rights do I have and what action can I take to demand theyremove all fixings. The hook for the hosepipe is pulling a panel open.Surely when I purchased my property and garage they would need myconsent for future use. The garage is on my land. I have sent them a letterasking for the removal, which they refuse. What now?

Our Response:
If the neighbour's are refusing to remove the items that are fixed to your garage, you may have to consider legal action.
ProblemNeighbours - 4-Jun-18 @ 3:25 PM
The side of my wooden garage is on my land and is adjacent to my neighbours, they have no wall or fence on their boundary line next to the garage. I have lived in my property for the past 31 years. The neighbours were here before me. Over the years they have attached a wooden lattice for a clematis to climb, 5 hanging basket brackets, a clothes hook to hang their hose pipe. They also water the hanging baskets with a hosepipe and drench the garage. They have never asked me for permission i have never given them permission to attach any fixings to my garage. They say they were given permission presumably by a previous occupant. What rights do i have and what action can i take to demand they remove all fixings. The hook for the hosepipe is pulling a panel open. Surely when i purchased my property and garage they would need my consent for future use. The garage is on my land. I have sent them a letter asking for the removal, which they refuse. What now?
davidgardner - 4-Jun-18 @ 12:19 AM
Our neighbours are a nightmare with slaming doors day and night went round got told to go before my head gets kicked in whats my next step, cant talk to them and other people around wont get involed, at wits end, council not doing anything
Mojo - 28-May-18 @ 10:17 PM
My neighbours are the worst. First it was one neighbour who is mentally ill who has caused me problems for years. Each and every complaint was ignored. Then by late 2017, our area became antisocial, a lot of nasty people moved in - druggies you name it. The area turned to crime, because of the druggies who invite their friends over. Since then there has been a lot of vandalism, and door tampering. People desperate torob and damage properties. Worst of all someone moved in below me and all they do is bang doors, and smash things. If it isn't the woman next door who's smashing the wall and has been for years now it's just unbearable.I tried to leave in Jan, but I had nowhere to go and would have been intentionally homeless. I was also suicidal, and am now just suffering from anxiousness. The council - IGNORE pleas, which forces you to have no choice but to accept it. And that is why things like this escalate, because the council do nothing. If someone is being hassled, they should be allowed to move home. But no, this world doesn't work that way.
A.G - 22-Mar-18 @ 6:21 PM
Our neighbour moved in just over 2 years ago, since then he has done nothing but drilling and banging altering the house. I have been round there a few times and asked him to stop as my husband works nights but it makes no difference. I have even told the landlord but nothing is done, how much longer do we have to suffer.
fedup - 12-Mar-18 @ 2:26 PM
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