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What Can we do About our Neighbour's Noisy Dogs?

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 18 Oct 2020 | comments*Discuss
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Q.Since our neighbours moved in around 9 months ago we have had constant issues with their dogs continuely barking day and night. They live in a small two bedroom house with a tiny garden and the dogs are labradors.

Their barks are really deep and loud and can be heard easily in our house. Whenever they go out the dogs bark non-top for hours, keeping our one-year-old awake. When they go into the garden it is horrible and they go mad if they hear us at all. What can we do?
(Mr Paul Fairless, 22 September 2008)


Persistent dog barking is not acceptable by law but before you take any formal action, it might be worth visiting your neighbours first and explain the situation to them as they may not be aware that there is a problem.

It can be a nightmare to live next door to a dog that is Barking Persistently, but the good news is that there is usually a reason for this behaviour. If both of your neighbours are out at work all day, the dogs are likely to be barking because they feel lonely and/or bored.

There could be other explanations, too. For example, they could be neglected and have medical problems, or they might simply be defending their territory. Alternatively, the owners may simply not know how to train them or they haven’t even bothered to try. Whatever the reasons, it’s not acceptable so if the barking continues after you’ve spoken to your neighbours, then you should contact your local authority’s dog warden service.

Monitoring Noise Levels

Once you’ve explained the situation, you’ll usually be given a record sheet to complete in which you’ll be asked to rate the level of noise, the exact time(s) it occurs most often, for how long it persists and how it affects you and your family. If the dog warden then decides to investigate, they may want to come and install sound monitoring equipment in your home.

If that happens, and the results indicate that the law is being broken, then the dog warden is likely to pay a visit to your neighbours. Initially, this may be done with a view to informing them that there is a problem and also to check on the welfare of the dogs in question.

Possible Court Action

Issues such as the suitability of the property to keep two Labradors may also be discussed and, at this stage, they may offer training advice to the owners. However, if the noise persists after the owners have been given a deadline by which to resolve the problem, then the local authority can issue an Abatement Notice. Then, if the barking does not stop, the owner could very well be taken to court.

However, there is also the chance that your local authority might deem the barking not to be a statutory Noise Nuisance. In that event, they should be able to provide you with an information pack should you decide that you want to take the case to the Magistrate’s Court yourself.

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We’ve recently moved into a new house and my neighbours dog doesn’t stop barking. It’ll literally bark from 7am till 9pm. It’s extremely aggressive. Our neighbour is lovely and I honestly think she has no idea her dog doesn’t stop barking. We’re working from home and can’t use the living room as the noise is relentless. During the evening we have to turn the volume up slightly higher as the barking doesn’t stop. I was thinking of buying the dog some treats so it knows us? Or having a polite word or recommend a bark collar? I don’t want to upset my neighbour as she’s so nice but the barking can’t continue..... thoughts please?
Treacle - 18-Oct-20 @ 8:17 PM
Our neighbours bought a puppy about 5 months ago which stunned us as they had a cat and a rabbit both of which they neglected, the cat disappeared, the rabbit died after 2 years. They have two kids both obviously at school while they both work and they are out pretty much every weekend, the puppy howls and even bangs its head against their patio doors in frustration when its alone. They did ask whether it was noisy while they were out and promised to take it with them when they could but even after I said it was they then decided it needed to "learn to get used to being on it a own". I just don't get why people buy dogs if they work and are out most weekends, just pig ignorant with no respect for neighbours and little for the poor little dogs who feel abandoned. Either take them with you, get someone to sit with it or better still don't buy one.
Jo - 3-Oct-20 @ 6:32 PM
I feel for you all on here. I’m one year into a new home & the noise is that bad I’m planning to sell up. Interestingly I’m in a so-called posh area, I’ve got million pound house neighbours - and it’s the noisiest place I’ve ever lived. One side has loud, swearing teenagers, pool parties, music, much screaming& shrieking, with random aggressive (drunken?) arguments in the early hours. Both neighbours have barking dogs on / off during every evening driving me mad & disturbing sleep. I dread evenings. Council told me it would be a prolonged complaint process involving diary keeping etc, advising Police 111 might help (tho not to say it’s noise related or we’d be signposted straight back to the council!). Needless to say nil response or action from the Police 111 contacts. I’ve written to neighbours asking they rein it in - anonymously as I don’t know them & don’t want to, but nothing. Ignorant fools. Are other neighbours bothered I wonder - it can’t just be me Ffs lbut it just carries on. I hate people!
Viking - 20-Sep-20 @ 10:04 PM
To James. People will complain about dogs barking and not babies crying, because this is a human society not a kennel.Furthermore, if a baby was making 100db noise at night in the garden that would be 1) impossible and 2) get the attention of the authorities. Dogs bark and people complain.That's what people do.If you wish to rob your own neighbors with the peace and quiet they are entitled to, perhaps you should consider psychotherapy, for anti social tendencies.
Phil - 20-Sep-20 @ 11:09 AM
We are living in a semidetached property in Wales with a privet hedge between our back garden and our neighbours back garden, there is Ivy which roots are within the boundary hedge creeping up the back of our house and our neighbours house, our neighbour has recently severed the trunk of the Ivy without consulting us and it has now started wilting, we liked the Ivy on our house, but shortly it will be a dead brown unsightly sight, what are our rights?
Dan Gasper - 15-Sep-20 @ 5:25 PM
I need some advice please. So my neighbour's have set up separate 3 outdoor pens for their dogs. They've started to leave them out at night and I can't see that there is any shelter for them in these pens. I could be wrong as they may just not be in my line of sight, but that's my first concern. Second, they bark, constantly. For the last 3 days since they've moved them outside it's been barking until late hours and they start again early morning. This morning they've been barking since 8am and don't seem to be slowing down. Usually I'd just tune it out if I can, but it's setting off my dog and she's now barking constantly. Whining and crying whenever she hears this and I can just see this becoming an ongoing problem. They do seem well fed and cared for as they all look healthy. I just can't see any shelter and the barking is really starting to wind me up. I don't know which house is it on their street and I'm not a confrontational person, so I'd be too afraid to approach them. And I've heard them be aggressive to other neighbors in the past. What should I do ?? with lockdown and working from home at the moment it's also really starting to disrupt this for me as my customers can hear the dogs
Gadona - 11-Sep-20 @ 10:57 AM
We have neighbours that hang around the garden trying to hear what we speaking about. Excepting that they have dogs that bark all day long. They are totally unapproachable. The man of the house has informed other neighbours they not his dogs. There off spring denies they not there dogs either. Yet these dogs reside on their property. When anything is delivered to our house they hang out their windows! We are fast going to approach an attorney to give them a warning. Dogs barking up to a hundred times a day is just no fun.
Kinky - 26-Aug-20 @ 2:30 PM
There’s a dog in a flat above me and it bangs the floor with it foot or leg , it sounds like He’s scratching as it go’s on for bout 1 min and fast and then again then again then stops , but it go’s on at 11pm, 3am 5am then of and on through day and then night then early morning , I’ve a 3year old boy 2 teenage girls and myself and I’m constantly tired as this dog, I’ve spoken to them upstairs but they don’t want to know I’ve spoken to council and they say do a diary .is there anything else I can do?? I’m always down and ratty as no sleep , pls help Thankyou
Kk - 24-Aug-20 @ 7:26 AM
I have lived in the same road 17 years and dearly love all my neighbours,they are noisy,they party, they smoke, they are a fun bunch,however,both have dogs who bark continuously for no reason at all,ok,maybe the other neighbours cat is sitting on their fence and they're annoyed.I have chatted to them and they said they will try & keep the dogs quiet.Recently my 88 year old dad moved in with me and for him its really "ouch" to keep hearing the barking.I so much want to report it,but do not have the heart, so will just have to live with it.Cape Town, South Africa
poppie - 18-Aug-20 @ 10:47 AM
I cannot understand any owner who can sit with a dog constantly barking and not try to shut it up . My neighbor sits in his garden whilst his dog barks constantly .it has been barking now for 2 hours it's a lovely little dog and I do like him but I don't want to hear him bark all day . So I have sent my neighbor a friendly text telling him as much as I like his dog it has driven me around the bend for the last 2 hours . Peace at last . Whilst his dog was barking I had to keep my dog indoors because he starts barking back so hopefully matter now resolved
Nobbo - 2-Aug-20 @ 5:10 PM
I am alarmed regarding the comments on here. Why do you think it's okay to complain about a dog but not kids, power tools and parties in the garden, which all makes neighbours dogs bark in the first place. Get a life and live and let live.
James - 10-Jul-20 @ 7:45 PM
I have lived here for over 30years and for the past 2years I have a neighbor who smokes, has this huge dog and several children who leave trash out front.I hardly ever sit outside the front or the back anymore.I keep my windows closed so that the smell from the dog poop does not come into my house.When I get a worker to cut the grass or do cement work in the back, the dog jumps, growls and backs until we go back inside the house.There has been times when I hired someone to do yard work, but they never return mainly because they don't feel comfortable with a hugh dog aggression.Today, I asked the neighbor if she would keep the dog in the house while my grass guy cut the backyard, and she says "she'll try" but her dog goes in and out the house to poop freely.are you kidding me.hell the only reason Im cutting the dam weeded yard is to make it look nice.I don't use it anymore since they came.what can i do?
Tee - 14-Jun-20 @ 4:20 PM
We have moved to a brand new house 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble harassment intimidation threats etc after we had no choice as to officially complain about excessive barking and the dog owners next door declared war on us and have not stopped causing excessive noise and trouble for 3 years- the council let us down -big time and now these people do nothing but continually antagonize us breaking the rules and laws every day and NIGHT-they just lie about it and keep going - we have suffered so much - every area of our lives-not one nights sleep in our home due to these neighbors and now are forced to sell our home and we have had to pursue legal avenues-where it's ending up in court -in light of that fact-we wish that we had taken legal action sooner because these people literally DO NOT CARE- they have up to 3 police visits a week - and they yell at council animal management to f____ o____ and lie and still causing trouble almost 3 years now- we have to- stop being nice - the sooner you get authorities onto it - the better-people that are doing this constantly are more than selfish uncaring and narcistic-they are BULLIES
kat - 30-May-20 @ 9:39 PM
I live next to someone who only tries to control her dog when it suits her. She has an associate who actually whines, whimpers, etc.. at the dog, making it bark loudly & often. 1 day recently the owner put it in the back garden.. where it was barking almost all day.
Newimproved2020 - 14-May-20 @ 4:49 PM
( Manchester Man ) I sincerely sympathise with you. I andmy other neighbours suffer from inconsiderate and anti - social dog owners in the local vicinity. You mention that you are ' Passionate ' about standing up against this kind of behaviour. With respect.....Passion can sometimes be mistaken for ' Obsession ' , brought on by feelings of vengeance.....not a healthy state for anyone , either physically , emotionally or financially! Anti - Social Laws in this country are really poor and non - committal ( Civil ).These are usually designed to actually deter people from actually complaining , due to lengthy nature of process..etc! More importantly ( for local authorites ) it means they save money in their budget , not deploying valuable resources having to investigate said complaints. Red Tape saves money! Best wishes to you.
David - 14-May-20 @ 4:37 PM
We lost our Home3 years ago in the hurricane. We then moved and to my mother's my wife and 2 dogsInto asmall corner Room. We busted our but for over a year getting our credit score up and saving money for a down payment on a piece of land and a new home. And yea we finally got it about 6 months after we moved in we had some neighbors move in next door on a small lot with a CAMPER and They have 6 dogs that live in camper with them. No outside dog houses all of them in this little 28 maybe 32 ft camper. They bark non stop anytime we are outside bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark I can't even have a conversation with my wife let alone have company over for a cookout. We were in the front yard one day laying out Our landscape and the neighbors were out and the dog sat there and bark bark bark non stop I finally lost it and as loud as I could I said shut the F up. My 2 dogs go outside play in the backyard do their business they don't bark they don't cause any problems or not aggressive in any way to the neighbor's dogs they basically ignored them as they are train to behave like civilized animals. Now on top of that the neighbors decided to put up a street light in their front yard it is not high like you would see on the street but it is pointed to where it lights their property but it also lights the entire front of my house my front yard my side yard and when my grand kids come over they think it's day time all the time. I've had to put up sheets blankets you name it to block the light from shining through the blinds on my house even with them closed it still looks like daytime. I would like to wake up with sun shining in in the mornings but I have to get up and take down the blankets or towels used to be dark inside at nite time. It is so brightl if you walk out on my front porch at night you cannot even see to walk down the steps as the light is so bright my manufactured home is up on blocks and very nice over a $100000 we paid for it along with the $$$$ for the property We moved here for some peace and quiet and to grow old together and retire. So much for that idea The neighbor remarked to me one time when they moved in oh I'm sorry about the dogs theyll stop once they get to know you. Why should I have to get to know someone else's dogs that moved in next door to me as we were here 1st and they have made no attempts to do anything about their dogs barking nonstop they say nothing to the dogs when we were outside doing anything and I'm on my last straw on top of that I'm disabled I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident and all I wanted was some peace and quiet a piece of land for my grand kids to have fun ride 4 wheelers grow old on and instead we are miserable. We are not really on speaking terms with Neighbors as they are rude uncaring about us having to listen and deal with the nonstop Barking of there dogs.I wish somone could help end this agrivating situation.??????????
Bo - 12-May-20 @ 10:31 PM
I am an nhs worker with an 11 month old baby, I’m staying at my mums house during lockdown as she has to have my daughter why I’m at work. Her neighbour locks the dog out of his house at night and lets it bark all night from 9 o’clock to the morning. It disturbs my sleep constantly and wakes up my daughter multiple times every night... I am constantly exhausted because of it. My mum has complained to the neighbour and council In the past and they did nothing.
Amy - 12-May-20 @ 10:14 PM
Other laws don't require you to sit at home logging every time the offender strikes before considering to take action . If the problem is really bad try feeding the dog laxatives so it poops all over the owners house , it won't stop it barking but it might discourage them from replacing it when it dies , then you might be able to enjoy what's left of your life without constant disruption and parasite worm eggs .
Toxocara Contaminati - 12-May-20 @ 1:16 PM
I have new neighbours of 3 months, they have 4 dogs , they keep them in a shed, they let them out in morning any time between 11 /and 1.30 they have their food, and are outthe garden all day till they go back into the shed again between 7.30/9 , but they don't have toys ,nor see their owners except to tell them to be quiet , and the smaller dog is barking quite a lot , it's starting to get us down. ,as we like spending our time out our garden .
Tommy - 12-May-20 @ 10:29 AM
Never understood why is it so easy for people in the UK to acquire a pet dog without being ‘vetted’ themselves (pun intended).Remember-it is NOT the dogs fault if he/she barks all day- it is the owner’s responsibility to train it/keep it under control.
Biffo - 9-May-20 @ 4:32 AM
Why is it ok for children to be noisy and a nuisance but not dogs!
Mandy - 9-May-20 @ 12:15 AM
Hi. Both my neighbours have loud and noisy dogs. One howls and barks whenever they got out until they get back and the other is shut out of the house in the garden at 11.30 every night and barks for 30mins. I’m a key worker and need my sleep. It saddens me how selfish people are.
VStar - 3-May-20 @ 12:14 AM
I’m also on a 12 week isolation because of being extremely vulnerable so cannot go out and walk my dogs. My neighbors children call my dogs and make noises to make them bark. Once they have wound up my puppies they then start telling them to shut up and even swear at us telling us to shut them up. We are housing association and they aren’t so they can complain to our housing association but we can’t complain to anyone. The child even swore at my wife earlier right in front of his Dad and he did absolutely nothing. They even stare over the fence into our garden but if one of my children were to do the same they would complain. I just don’t know what to do anymore, it’s affecting my mental health.
Steve - 15-Apr-20 @ 7:39 PM
I am on 12 weeks and the only way I can get fresh is to open my patio door, there is a house just below me, the dogs are not walked and there is a kennel in the garden, they are regularly barking there used to be 2 and now there is an additional husky type puppy and it is also barking, we tried logging this problem and they had a letter, so they are playing a game and take them away and then bring them back, a day or two later, they also have been barking at night, as I am self isolating for 12 weeks this is driving me mad, the environment dept are no help, has anyone got a suggestion for a solution, I am a pensioner classed a extremely vulnerable medical problems on 12 weeks isolation. Thank you
Lizard - 27-Mar-20 @ 5:29 PM
Hugsy What exactly did you buy? I’m desperate for sleep.I’m offered my neighbor shock collars, vibration collars, she said no.She doesn’t hear them much anymore. Yea. Because she’s passed out. Now the other neighbor has a dog who also barks. That’s why I’m writing this at 4am. I’m tired of using earphones and earplugs in my own home. It raises my blood pressure and I get so angry. I don’t allow my dog to misbehave. No disturbing the peace law in our county.:/
Mkay - 10-Mar-20 @ 8:58 AM
Hi all. We're on the opposite end of it. Our neighbor complains constantly about our dog. We have the bark collar and a two way camera that alerts us when he barks and he rarely does. We live in a townhouse and their always seems to be a dog barking somewhere and she blames it on us. Anytime we log into the camera, there he is chewing on his bone. Our neighbor has gotten vulgar towards us and the kids. Any ideas?
Barky - 19-Feb-20 @ 11:18 PM
Some of these stories are horrible.Its unbelievable that the government will not address this matter. All who suffer from dog noise pollution, must write and keep writing to politicians.If enough of us do this, perhaps politicians will take notice.But if we do nothing, this menace to our society will continue. It takes 5-10 minutes to write an email to your local politicians.If we keep up the pressure, change may come.
Phil - 3-Feb-20 @ 2:12 PM
Give the dog 1 benedryl in a treat and get anti barking device put up. Should work if not then only option is to take to court or move.
Pris - 9-Jan-20 @ 5:17 PM
We've recently just moved into a home, lovely quiet street apart from one thing. The dogs next door barking constantly. We've found a solution after trying to be civil and getting told to f off, the council and landlord doing nothing, best purchase ever, anti bark device. Haha! I feel awful though, its not this poor dogs fault, and unfortunately my well behaved dog also had a few scares to. He's a well trained boy who only barks if someone knocks on the door, so my poor lads being punished for lazy dog owners. Never have I seen these dogs leave the house unless it's to go in the rubbish and poo infested garden, they bark the second anyone is walking past, we go in the kitchen, open our door and we can't think of going outside, the kids are terrified as these are big dogs who lunge at the fence at them. All while the owners sit inside pretending it's not happening. These people can't be reasoned with at all, and our other neighbours have apparently also tried. So we hid this in a Bush and pointed it their way, we can't hear it, but the second those dogs bark they run in tail between their legs and we don't see them for a good hour. Unfortunately our dog runs to us for reassuring as he thinks he's done something wrong. It's only day two but fingers crossed after a few weeks they'll take the hint.
Hugsy - 22-Dec-19 @ 10:48 PM
I run a b&b from my house for students who are often,at home studying. My attached neighbourshave 3 dogs that will at times bark incessantly when they are left alone. I have talked to them in several occasions but they say its not their dogs barking. I had a bad review last year about the dog barking and had no bookings until I managed to have it taken off. I am now thinking I will get another negative review and that will be the end of my business! It has been,stressful listening to them barking.
Sue - 16-Nov-19 @ 3:17 PM
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