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Protection from Harassment

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 2 Aug 2020 | comments*Discuss
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Nobody has to suffer persecution or harassment from their neighbours, no matter what has motivated the perpetrator to do this to you in the first place, and you are protected by the law in this regard. Some instances of harassment arise as a result of a dispute between neighbours which has escalated out of control.

Sometimes it’s down to anti-social behaviour by irresponsible youths, other times it may be due to a long-running dispute with a neighbour. Your harassment may be motivated by perceived differences between you and the rest of your neighbourhood by a neighbour(s) and these are usually of a Discriminatory Nature which is dealt with in another article contained on this website.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Harassment can occur in many forms. It's described as 'causing alarm or distress' and also as 'putting people in fear of violence'. It can include, but is not limited to, the following types of behaviour:

  • Threats of violence against you or an actual act of violence committed upon you
  • Abusive and/or insulting behaviour or words
  • Threats of damage to your property and possessions or actual damage to them
  • Any written form of abuse or threat made to you, including letters, graffiti or any other kind of written material such as posters being put up that are derogatory towards you

Basically, harassment can be any type of behaviour or action taken towards you which threatens your own sense of security and peace or which causes you unnecessary inconvenience. For more detailed information surrounding harssment and the laws governing it take a look at www.cps.gov.uk

What You Can Do if You Become a Victim of Harassment

If you feel that you are being harassed, you should immediately notify the police. It’s also useful if you have Kept Written Records of all the occasions when any harassment has took place, including what form of harassment you suffered, the date and time it took place, and a name or description of the perpetrator(s). Even if you haven’t gathered all of this information or you don’t know who might be responsible, just give the police as much information as you can.

The more you can tell them, the quicker and easier it will be to get the harassment to stop and to instigate any legal proceedings that might be necessary. Once you have been interviewed by the police, they will be on hand to offer you any advice while they conduct their investigations.

What Happens Next?

The police take harassment issues very seriously. They will be there to support you although the level will vary depending upon the severity of the harassment which has taken place. They will also offer you all the required information and guidance you might need if the matter goes to court. Depending on the nature of the harassment, they’ll also put you in touch with relevant external organisations or agencies that will be able to give you specialised support and further counselling assistance, if needed.

If You Live in Rented Accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation, you should also inform your landlord, local authority or housing association. They can offer additional support which might include fitting locks, vandal-proof letterboxes, fences and lighting, and installing alarms which might even be linked to your local police station. If your perpetrator lives in the same building as you, they can also confront them and warn them about possible tenancy agreement breaches, and the possibility of eviction.

In the case of local authorities and housing associations, they might also be able to assist in re-housing you elsewhere if that’s the decision you feel would be best for you. However, if you like living in your present home, you should feel under no compulsion to move, and your local authority will take all the necessary steps and offer you the support to enable you to remain put. Nobody should ever feel compelled to be driven out of their home and neighbourhood against their wishes because of a harassment issue.

Harassment is a serious offence, can cause unbearable stress and will be dealt with harshly by the Police and the Legal System.

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Hello Polly, depending on where you live you can get an order of protection a no stalking order or restraining order. Check with your local court house or county seat. Good luck
Mac - 2-Aug-20 @ 5:24 AM
I don't know what state you are in Debbie but the covid evection laws in most states only protects the tenet for non payment. It does not protect them when they break their lease for harrassing another neighbor depending how their lease is written there should be a clause for peaceful enjoyment of your home, if someone breaks that it is grounds for eviction. You can look it up on your states web page to show the landlord. Also take a look at your lease to see how it may be worded. Good luck
Mac - 2-Aug-20 @ 5:16 AM
My neighbours have called child service on us twice and have informed the school that we are bad parents with no Prevail. The help we have received has been amazing but they still present more False allegations against us. There hateful attacks on me and my wife are Daily they have told the rest of the estate we are dirty this is not the case. We are a clean family but still they complain. This has happened ever since They bought the house next to us then thought they could flip it quick and move on without noticing the Council would needs repayment. There’s more there kids are there kids but god damn I’ve got four kids and them three and my god you can hear them three from down the street. I need help. They have Accused me of all sorts and it’s been found out as untrue.
Dave - 31-Jul-20 @ 9:13 PM
For 6 years, there is this one neighbor will pick on us only. the neighbor across from us will spread bad rumours and getting all the neighbors to side with him. We are only different race from rest of these neighbors. I don’t know why he pick on us, I think it is cause we don’t speak their language. When we first moved in, The neighbor across from us told us not to park in front our home cause he can not back out. When we heard his complaint, we didn’t park in the front to be considerate and understanding. But than he is having his guests park in front of our home when we thought he/ guests will be considerate and understanding. We thought wrong. He only wanted to benefit himself. But, We continue to not park in front cause I don’t want to be hypocrite like him. he even threatening us to report us. We didn’t even do anything to them. We don’t bother them.There was this time when we were trying to talk to him but he was yelling and won’t let me talk.when I do get to talk, he walks away and won’t listen. He only wanted to say what he want and he doesn’t care about others have to say. He is playing innocent victim to other neighbors. We don’t bother any of these neighbors. We like to keep it quiet and private. We all wanted from these neighbors is to be considerate and understanding. We all have issues but if we were to be considerate and understanding, it will be ok. We will help other neighbor if needed. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to involve police or city. I feel like this neighbor is controlling especially more during this pandemic time. Having so many guests equal party. He is the one complaining about money. I don’t think he should be complaining about money if he is having so many parties
Need advice - 30-Jul-20 @ 7:11 AM
Call the Domestic Victims Unit to make appointmentto be seen to talk to and explainyr situation ...You can file charges...
Reba - 28-Jul-20 @ 9:38 PM
My daughter and granddaughter are getting bullied with a gang of kids my daughter has phone the police so many times not a thing is getting done about it what can I do thanks
Carol lambie - 16-Jul-20 @ 12:50 AM
I live in a apartment in Oregon and my downstairs neighbor keeps calling me names. Also saying that my grandson is retarded which he is only 8, the neighbor has caused damage to both of my cars, keeps parking in my place, he calls me the c word and my grandson keeps asking me why the old man keeps saying bad things about us, I tell my grandson to avoid what he keeps saying. It hasn't helped with any of this, I have also called the police several times about things and they tell me that they can't do anything about it and for me to move, well I have lived here for 10 years. My neighbor that lives in the apartments next door in a different complex has also complained about the same person, we have showed several videos to the police and they keep saying that there is nothing that they can do about it, I have talked with the land lord about this matter several times and they say that there is nothing that they can do because of the virus, I have several pictures and other things that proves what the neighbor has done and no one will do anything about it, he beats and bangs on things, starts up a 4 wheeler that he has in his apartment, as well as using a welding torch just outside, uses his grill with high flames under the porch along with several other things. There is only one way in and out of my apartment, I live up stairs and what if there was to be a fire and we can't get out. I have tried talking with the neighbor and it just gets worse so what am I supposed to do?
Deb - 14-Jul-20 @ 5:49 PM
I live in a apartment in Oregon and my downstairs neighbor keeps calling me names. Also saying that my grandson is retarded which he is only 8, the neighbor has caused damage to both of my cars, keeps parking in my place, he calls me the c word and my grandson keeps asking me why the old man keeps saying bad things about us, I tell my grandson to avoid what he keeps saying. It hasn't helped with any of this, I have also called the police several times about things and they tell me that they can't do anything about it and for me to move, well I have lived here for 10 years. My neighbor that lives in the apartments next door in a different complex has also complained about the same person, we have showed several videos to the police and they keep saying that there is nothing that they can do about it, I have talked with the land lord about this matter several times and they say that there is nothing that they can do because of the virus, I have several pictures and other things that proves what the neighbor has done and no one will do anything about it, he beats and bangs on things, starts up a 4 wheeler that he has in his apartment, as well as using a welding torch just outside, uses his grill with high flames under the porch along with several other things. There is only one way in and out of my apartment, I live up stairs and what if there was to be a fire and we can't get out. I have tried talking with the neighbor and it just gets worse so what am I supposed to do?
Deb - 14-Jul-20 @ 5:48 PM
I live in an apartment complex,there are some teen age girls who noticed a camera in my window. This was put there due to packages being stolen before any of these neighbors moved in. Since than these girls have done everything to cause my peace of mind. They bend over and pose in front of my window, they sat in front of my door and blocked my exiting my apartment with a pit pull and they will purposely stomp in front of my door.They block the stairs so it’s hard for anyone to walk up and when people visit me, they loudly make rude comments and harass my visitors. Along with these girls, they are involved with neighbors just a couple doors down from me who also have two little sons about 4 and 5 who their parents have told them to run in front of my window as the father has done it as well. I liveon the second floor as do they. The father runs with his sons and these teen girls across the balcony shooting water guns and stomping across the balcony. His girlfriend, the mother of the boys along with a bunch of others block the stairs as well smoking weed and getting high while blasting music. We live in a complex where smoking of any kind is not allowed within the common areas of others homes. I’ve heard her yell out about kicking white b’s a’s and kicking them in the head, so it’s also gone racial. Others have called police in them as well as security because when I called they knew exactly who I was talking about. Security has been called, police have been called and as soon as security or police leave they get worse. The landlords have been told and sent videos but they say their hands are tied due to the virus and courts being closed. I understand this but there has to be something that can be done. I shouldn’t have to put up with this. What else can be done?
Debbie - 11-Jul-20 @ 4:34 PM
Will the council move me if I'm being harassed? I am single mom i have 2 children and some one they call me no number they say to me you gonna die soon so i just scared I have council house i want to move to Manchester to my family too be safe so will the council to move
Ziada - 9-Jul-20 @ 11:13 PM
Can you get an injunction against neighbours to stop them contacting or trying to harass you? Ours is an absolute nightmare!
Polly - 6-Jul-20 @ 8:22 PM
every since I looked after neigh ours keys she gone physio on me. On 3 different occasions she has attached me. First time I got her of me. Second time she attached me I hit back. Third time while I had my meds and went for a nap. She cut some of my plants down. Shouted she is going to kill me. And because I pushed her we both got arrested. I am disabled. Police wont do a thing. I had 24 years of domestic abuse by alcoholic husband now the alcoholic next door neighbour she is getting away with everything . I really have had a enough. .
Nan - 27-Jun-20 @ 12:14 AM
I’m getting harrsed today nasty people and neighbours gossping about me in sandhurst the mental man group won’t leave me alone saying there call police on me
Nikki - 18-Jun-20 @ 11:35 PM
We have been having issues with our neighbour for about 12-15 years. When we moved in to this house we were warned by a neighbour that no longer lives there not to trust the neighbour we have issues with but we gave them the benefit of doubt and got on with them at first however it all changed one day when he came knocking on our door at 7am demanding we move our car because it was parked no more than the curb width on the pavement, at this time I was sleeping and my partner couldn't move the car because she went insured to drive it, I don't know what was said but he made some threats and she told him to do one. From this point we have had the occasional issues, he use to smoke and collect his cigarette butts and when he had a pile of them he would throw them in to our garden, we also found rotten veg in our back garden. He always sat in his kitchen when we were in ours just staring making you feel uneasy so we now keep the kitchen blinds closed. We even keep our curtains closed in the front and back of the property because he would stand in the front and back of his house nosing through the windows and if it weren't home it was the neighbour the other side of us who is friendly with them nosing in. We keep ourselves to ourselves and always have but they have gone as far as to turn all our neighbours against us so no matter where we park people have issues with it but only us. Going back to when this started he had an issue with me parking infront of his house, he parks in front of our gat and his family when they visit and not just a little they will all park right up against our gate just to antagonize us but we don't bite. He has never said anything to me but always targets my partner, about a year ago my partner on her way home from work came up the street Infront of us to come down our road to park she got to the top of the street going up hill she past the last car and because he had to wait 10s he sped round to where we park blocked my partner from getting out of the car and threatened get that if she don't pull in so he can go down again he will run her off the road and spit her throat. I said enough is enough call the police, she called them told them and they sent armed police because there was threats to her life. We told them what happened and the first thing out of the officers mouth was "well why call us it just makes things worse" so I asked what should we do then and he just shrugged, any how he had a word with them and we were asked if we want to press charges and we said no we don't want to go down that road. The following day same road she came up he blocked her in wound his window down and shouted something to her and drove off this was while my children were in the car also, she didn't hear what he said and turn her back on him. Now today same road at the same spot she came to the junction and he cut the corner on the wrong side of the road and blocked her again not letting her pass and he wouldn't move making her go
Jaffa - 15-Jun-20 @ 5:16 PM
When it comes to neighbourhood disputes, the police do no want to make arrests even if you are assaulted physically. The police are pretty useless, so is the council. I have been reporting for three years and 8 months with no luck. I feel for all of you. It is a nightmare to live next to narcs who have nothing better to do. I suffer from high anxiety and unsafe in my own home, my neighbours abuse drugs then abuse me and my family. Even when I have been physically assaulted, I have been told I have no evidence. Do I buy a bodycam? It might be my next option.
Ella - 11-Jun-20 @ 4:10 AM
I wrote about my nephew being bullied I just want to thank No ToAntiSocialBehavoior for responding with words of encouragement & also to Miller for doing the same. It's good to know there are people that care
ME - 10-Jun-20 @ 4:40 AM
Hi, I live in a ground floor apartment with my own gated garden. The neighbour on the third floor has been causing trouble now for 3 years - we rent from a social housing landlord. It started with the neighbour throwing rubbish onto our garden including dirty nappies, we reported it and it stopped, it then moved to her throwing her cigarette butts onto our garden sometimes 30 a day. I reported it and it continued a mediation meeting was set up and she never turned up. I was then told to return the cigarettes to her by my landlord I left them in a carrier bag and put them outside her apartment, she then tipped them all back on my garden along with lots of potato feelings emptied her bin in my garden and her hoover. So I had all this on cctv and sent it to my landlord who again sent her letters, it continued for the next 2 years. I have got an MP involved who has been no help, I have called the police who said it's down to my landlord. I got the housing ombudman involved and a manager from the housing association came to my house and he was not interested can to tell me there was nothing they could do as they can not evict her as she has children, never mind my 6 year old who is constantly breathing in the smoke from the cigarettes. The past few weeks its got worse she waits for me to park my car up when I finish work and shouts abuse at me. Today topped it off. I got in from work opened my patio door and she filled a paddling pool full of water and threw it over me not once not twice but three times. It all came in my house and soaked through my flooring. I called the police and they said they would send a response officer out, but you guessed it no one has turned up. I called them back and they said I was a priority and that someone would come out and it's now 4am and no one has turned up. She is annoying all our neighbours with loud music flooding the corridors and constantly smoking cannabis she even wakes up at 5.30 am snd bangs her pots and pans out out of the window to wake everyone up. Lots of neighbours have complained about her but nothing gets done. Where do I now go from here?
Shell - 3-Jun-20 @ 4:16 AM
ME,I really feel so sorry for you nephew, hopefully when these bullies find another target they'll be off.As for the hammer attack on the window then the police should be helping; write a letter to the force's chief constable as an idea, outlining problems. This must have been awful for you really sorry to read this, hope things improve for you all.
NoToAntiSocialBehavi - 2-Jun-20 @ 7:10 PM
My nephew who is 14 is being bullied. My nephew went to school with one of several that do the bullying. Everytime they see my nephew they harass him & have stolen his bike & even his shoes. We reported it to police who did nothing and wouldnt even return phone calls. They informed us that these guys are known for their harrassmentbut since some of them are minors there isnt much they can do. Also these kids no longer live at home so their parents arent responsible. When the group found out police were called they retaliated twice by throwing a hammer through the window, both times at 2am. My nephew doesnt go anywhere alone anymore & avoids any contact with them but because there are many of them and they look for my nephew this has becomea nightmare.
ME - 19-May-20 @ 7:12 PM
My partner rents a bit of land and theres 4 houses opposite, theres just bushes and rubbish there, hes had it over a year now, everytime he goes over to start moving rubbish 1 lady always shouts over hes disturbing her peace and rather than argue with her, he leaves he is still paying rent for it but hasnt been there for over 8 months now what can we do
Caz - 17-May-20 @ 8:21 PM
my neighbor has been getting drunk and harassing me and all the cops will say they stay in your house why should I have to stay in my house to keep from being harassed from the neighbor and they won't do nothing to him a switch your words around like you're lying to them they won't even let you explain yourself who do you go to for help
Scrappydog15 - 17-May-20 @ 3:33 AM
To all the people who have commented. If the police and Council aren't doing their job properly. Contact your local MP and explain the situation. In that email to them, cc in every single person you have dealt with beforehand and their superior manager. You will find that the problem will start to get noticed and people will start doing their job.
Miller - 16-May-20 @ 2:00 PM
I have been living in my upstairs maisonette for 12 year, a new neighbour has moved in downstairs and are harassing me and the neighbours, police are always around. We have a communal garden what they have put a fence around it and a big dog what is out there all the time, and have taken out there back bedroom window and put a patio door. When I come out my door he glares at me And swears. I am 62 and my neighbour is a woman in her 80s , and most of the neighbours are older then me and most of them are lone widows who he has squared up to. They are both nasty persons and we are all frightened of them. What can we do.
Jim - 15-May-20 @ 1:04 PM
Hi my neibour has bullyed me out my home I have autism and eperleptic so need sleep she has her TV on all night and day and also shouts abuse threw to my wall to upset me and think she got some sort of dermenture as the other month she was talkin to slugs and her trees she also collect s vermin rats and mice to anoy me it's on goin abuse she growin laventer knowin I elergict and shouts abuse and wen I try to sleep me and my pet feel upset as she makin me ill
Doll - 15-May-20 @ 4:00 AM
My neighbour is trying to stop us from using our right of way by making up lies about us spying on him, looking through his windows and taking photographs of the inside of his house.He came onto our property two days ago after shouting at me in the street, demanding to speak to my very sick husband who is currently suffering cancer and additionally waiting for heart surgery. The only photo taken on the right of way was of blockages to our access, he leaves bins and pots in the way so we can't get round.I want him to stop communicating with us.
Blossom - 9-May-20 @ 8:24 AM
Hi, we’ve been living in our home now 3 years our neighbours 5 doors down have been very unreasonable for a while, we live in a semi rural area, we have chickens and had a cockerel( which they objected to) so we re homed him to keep the peace, since then they have reported us to the environments agency on 4 occasions for various reasons, on each occasion the environment agency has dismissed their complaints, this evening they verbally abused my partner whilst he was burning some garden rubbish ( after 6pm) what if anything can we do about this, we feel it’s harassment
Jaymay - 21-Apr-20 @ 7:42 PM
I have an issue with my "neighbours"i am living at my current residence for almost two yrs. On april 19th 2019 i was awaken by loud music. It was my "neighbours". I waited about 40 mins. Thinking at some point they will turn it down. After 40 mins the music got louder. I went outside to investigate ,there i saw my landlord leaning over the railing calling out to them through a window. When he saw me i asked him what's going on over there. Sweating and breathing heavily he asked me togo over there and tell them to slow it down. I was hesitant but agreed. I stood in from of their driveway hoping to attract their attention. This went on for5 mins. When that failed ,i entered the property asked politely and calmly if they could tone it down. I was verbally abused and i left. Since that incident they have been harassing us for almost a full year now.the matter is now in court. With multiple receipts from the police and recordings. Like all other people who have posted here i justwant to come home to peace and quiet.
Jay - 19-Apr-20 @ 3:11 PM
hi, I have lived next door to my neighbours for 25 years and never had any real issues until 2 years ago. They totally changed with me and had become quite arrogant for no apparent reason. Things got worse and they began spraying over my fence whenever I was in the back garden. This got really bad to the point that I moved out for a short while as every time I went out my garden, I could smell strong chemical smells. It resulted in me getting the poilce involved but I had no proof tat they were doing this,.Overtime, we began talking again but this spraying has just started again out of the blue. Also, they have displayed intimidating behaviour to me too. Think Im going to have to move
Sal - 18-Apr-20 @ 6:13 PM
hi hopefully someone can help me, a neighbor were i live been harrasing me this pass 4 months to steal are cat, in those apts theirs a creepy ally between two apts thats where they go, back their is dark at night so first i been having a bad feeling in october then november came and i had it even worse so i left the cat in, i have a belcony were he enjoys his naps mostly he stays their and i leave my door open but this time i just had a really bad feeling that i close my door and went to bed around 1am thats when i hear them this person went back their making cat calls and i guess he pass by a window with a camera on it and he got mad and broke the camera that they had on top of their window scaring the family that was inside, i heard it and saw it as well but i was so scared to report it and without evidence it was hard, so since then i let my cat stay in my room while they continue searching outside. In december it was so much activity back their and they even were shaking a bag of cat food, then one night i guess this person was mad and found a cat outside and hurt it...it was bad, i was trying to tell my family but without evidence they didnt believe me but i understood, so it continued, until the landlord notice and put a light it was still dark though but good, i got some sleep...so it cotinued and they started using a stairs that is near are belcony and they check from their and started to call the cat, so it continued until i notice that whenever i turn off my lights they whistle and start their search and if the landlord left her light on they dont do nothing but they continued to check from the stairs however not anymore they even go on the day times and say to the neighbors i stole their cat and im crazy they are just spreading it, but i didnt care i have evidence that it is mine, so i continued with my life however one day i got a phone call from my sister in law it was all good however i notice whispering out my window they were saying what is she saying when i heard that i left to the restroom instead, so it continued like this and i told the landlord, her and her husband told me to tell them when i hear it but i didnt, until today at night i heard whispering around 2am, so i told the landlord without knowing who it was and how they look like, then she came out and checked, i felt asleep later i notice she talk to them and one of them yelled out to me that they are going to kill me and dening that they wanted to steal are cat so know everyone thinks i am crazy, so i dont know what to do, i have a diary that has all this written on however i dont think this could be evidence and right know they are outside, sry for my bad writting, really dont know what to do this the first time something like this ever happend to me,what can i do?
vivi - 24-Feb-20 @ 3:47 AM
The police were absolutely useless for me. I have autism and my neighbours knew this and targeted me with loud noise which obviously distresses me. Banging on my fire door, making loads of weird noises, shouting literally right outside (to the point where they could touch it) my bedroom window at 3am in the morning multiple times. Stomping outside my property, whistling at me to the point where I am now prescribed medication for schizophrenia and being forced to look into moving. I called the police out and my neighbours said they were just being a little loud so the police just referred me to the council. They then proceeded to mock me at night outside my windows for calling the police out. Safe to say, I believe what I suffered is a form of harrasment and my opinion of the police has forever been tarnished.
Paul - 4-Feb-20 @ 2:25 PM
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