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Letter Template: Neighbour's Children & Ball Games

By: Abigail Taylor - Updated: 4 May 2024 | comments*Discuss
Ball Games Neighbour Property Damage

If a neighbour's children regularly play ball games next to your windows, conservatory or greenhouse, you may have concerns that windows may be accidentally smashed or perhaps the constant noise is starting to drive you mad!

If balls regularly come into your garden, you are obliged to give the ball back (either throw it back over or keep it safe to give to the owner when you next see them). If a child simply climbs into the garden to get it themselves however, it can cause further damage and is also trespass.

What can you do if you experience these problems?

We would always recommend initially just speaking to your neighbour about any problems; it may be that they are unaware of where their children are playing or the problems caused by it. If you can't do this, try sending an informal note. If this doesn't resolve the problem, then a more formal letter may be required.

To assist, a template informal note and more formal letter are below:

Informal Note About Children's Ball Games

Dear [name]

Just a quick note regarding your children's ball games.


[I am concerned that they play ball games right next to my windows / greenhouse / conservatory and so are likely to accidentally hit and smash the glass. Please could you ask them to play a little further away so that we don't have any accidents?]

[The ball regularly comes over into my garden and then the children come into the garden to retrieve the ball. Please could you ask them to try to avoid throwing the ball into my garden? If it does accidentally come over, I would prefer for them to come and knock on the door and I will happily return the ball, rather than them just jumping into the garden.]

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes,
[Your house number]

Formal Letter to Neighbours About Ball Games

[Your Address]

[Neighbour's name]
[Address / 'Delivered by hand']


Dear [Neighbour's name/If unknown, just address as 'Dear Neighbour'],

Re: Problems caused by ball games

I live at [address], next door. I am writing in relation to ball games played by your children in [description of area, e.g. the grass verge area in front of my property].

The problem(s) caused by the children's ball games is/are: [select appropriate]

  • The ball hits my property and has/could cause damage
  • The ball regularly ends up in my garden
  • Damage is being caused to my property by the children entering my garden to retrieve the ball
  • My private property is being trespassed onto by the children entering my garden to retrieve the ball.

You may have previously been unaware of this problem. I am keen to resolve this issue amicably; we are after all neighbours! I would therefore be grateful if you could [ensure that your children don't play ball games in this area / ask your children to knock on the door to get their ball back rather than just enter my garden.]

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

[Your signature]
[Your name]

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Lived in this house 21 years had tenants next door never had a problem till theses that have moved in last two years Woken every morning at 5.30 Monday through till Saturday making my health bad noise is hammering on walls when he’s a temper on him doors slammed we asked about the doors not my doors not my problem cheap doors think because they rent they can destroy property broken fence about two months after they moved in landlord replaced it god knows what the house inside looks like some owners don’t care as long as they pay the rent what a messed up World we live in now days
She63 - 4-May-24 @ 8:01 PM
4 yrs I have listen to the cheeky scroat opposite kicking balls so hard off walls in the back street until 9pm all day school hols and weekends. I have kept 17 balls that have come over a 10ft hedge. Tonight it came to a head after paying 2k for a new wall the coping stones have been loosened by the powerful volleys. I started putting my car outside infornt of the wall and heard it being hit. I went nuts this time the wooden parents are as thick as a castle wall. The mother said well park it somewhere else he's playing football. Well you can imagine the red rag was out then. The father was a bit more sympathetic and ushered her and the goby teen indoors. Where are the brains of these clowns
DT - 28-Aug-23 @ 8:36 PM
I’m fed up with neighbours children 6 years old or under who constantly knock on my front door and run away or causing other unwanted problems in the neighbourhood. The mother is from gypsie background which she thinks is a privilege or right to cause mayhem .I have cctv and a guard dog who they regular torment .
Caz - 26-Aug-23 @ 3:30 PM
I think there should be a law passed about foofballs being constantly kicked over people's gardens,hitting doors and windows and damaging plants.I have had this problem now for 3yrs I have started holding onto the balls I am waiting for the police to come knock on my door The neighbors have had a letter from ASB but just carry on annoying me So I thought well if the police won't do anything and the letter didn't do anything,I will do it myself ,I will face the music when it happens,I think I deserve a bit of peace and quiet at 79 and living on my own.
Jan - 26-Aug-23 @ 9:04 AM
It's was interesting to read how many selfish parents don't prevent their scrotes from causing a nuisance in their neighbourhood. I am sick of footballs, tennis balls and today I found a 4 foot metal pole had been launched into a flower bed. I do wonder if the kind of parents who allow this kind of behaviour would respond to one of the letters given in the templates. I suspect not. The problem might become worse if I mention anything to them. It would be helpful if the law allowed me to keep anything thrown into my garden.
Tabitha - 23-Jul-23 @ 3:46 PM
We have problems with our neighbours 5 kids and 2 adults a 2 bedroom house mother sitting outside talking to kids saying that we are fat she would love to do us in We just ignore but we should be able to live a life without this abuse we have CCTV cameras installed but does not stop her
Mary - 16-Jul-23 @ 6:23 AM
Why should people be 'obliged' to give back unwelcome objects that keep landing in/on their property??? I have annoying neighbours who clearly think they own the street/shared alley/the parking space outside our house, and our back garden. We have plants and a pet and I know their kid trespasses to get the ball back too. I've tried asking nicely for it to stop but Mrs next door is a crank and has decided to take offense. Mind boggling. The kid's 14 - bit old for toddler games in the back yard, and there's a huge park across the road! I've a mind to put a knife in the balls from now on! But of course that would be 'wrong'. It's bullying, actually. They're the ones who are the aggressors, people shouldn't be afraid of missiles coming into their gardens!!
Elf - 26-Jun-23 @ 2:48 AM
This seems to be a nationwide problem for some people- not me. I like seeing/hearing children playing outside. So the balls come into my garden- give them back or let them get them back theirselves.Far better that they are playing outside than sitting at an x box in the house.It would help if there wasn’t so many‘no ball games’ signs up everywhere and the council chicken wire fences are only about 3’ high and out gardens are very small and close together.
Chris - 22-May-23 @ 10:12 AM
The law needs changing footballs constantly been kicked and basket ball posts up with a gang of teenaged playing outside your housekicking and throwing ball into others gardens and smashing on windows is unnaceptable. Councils wake up and take action! Police take action!
John - 18-May-23 @ 2:44 PM
I am sick to death with my neighbours directly above. First it was hi gaming "NOCTURNAL" whilst most of us tried to sleep, nearly 3yrs ago they had a child (ive raised 2 boys so know fine well what the script is, this little lad screams 24/7 (i'm really surprised he has any voice left) his pitch is that high that he sets the dogs off in the building HOWEVER. parents leave him to scream time and time again, infact 1 night he screamed solid for over 4hrs (MY HAND ON ANY BIBLE IN THE LAND) "Housing always came away with, awe they are trying for a house out here" went to brush my teeth at bedtime and their chat was ""awe R gonny you get him NAW awe gonny) felt like shouting ""gonny 1 of yous fkn get him"" lately they have introduced a BALL to him(THEY NEVER TAKE HIM OUT, ALL THIS GOOD WEATHER & HE GETS TO BOUNCE IT ON TOP OF ME DAY/NIGHT) AGAIN I can swear on any bible! I had an op in Jan 23 & i was not given the luxury of recroupriating March/April23 I had Covid & again i could not look after myself right (hubby had cancer Op so could not afford to have around me) 30th April23 my Bro-in-law passed, again not given the time to mourn! Told my housing officer not to come back As he was as good as a Chocolate Firegaurd, so i have been reporting these incidents to the housing office aswell as writting everything down...... I just want the constant bouncing to STOP! I don't want to be contacting housing or writting stuff down ! I have never had any issues with any neighbours before. What I would like to know is, Does anyone know who to contact next? I am in Scotland & I understand our laws are different from down south, I am destitute hence why I popped on here
Jan - 14-May-23 @ 6:00 PM
So, for past 4 years we've had kids (between 3 and 15 at a time) consistently playing ball games opposite house and it's driving me insane! If schools out, they are there and sometimes upto 10pm at night.Cars have been damaged, grass at side is all torn up and muddy, walls been damaged where they hang of it. Parents don't care as "it's just children playing".Police won't do anything unless we can prove the damage (photos and videos not enough), council don't see it as issue... I run my business from home and hear screaming and shouting all the time.My bedroom is at front, cant go bed during daylight (even when sick) and can't open windows in summer months..now thinking only solution is sell up and lose a considerable amount of money in fees and moving my business.So unfair..
FED UP! - 8-May-23 @ 6:04 PM
I don't think it's fair that we have to put up with this problem,because it is happening to much . It's time the law changed and something is dun to these people's children or the parents.May be a fine.
Dede - 3-May-23 @ 7:15 PM
I'm very tolerant of children, their games and noise whilst playing outdoors but have recently become distressed at how regularly the footballs from my neighbours enter my back garden. Their garden is 4 times bigger than mine with a 14/15 foot fence but it doesn't contain their games. As large as their garden is the football nets and basketball hoops are all directed towards my home. Not down the garden away from it! The public park is a 100 yards away from their home. It can be seen from our windows! Balls hit my bedroom windows & doors. I always returned the balls but lately with my concerns to the family ignored I'm feeling resentment. I have my own plants, an old cat who lies in the garden but more importantly a small grandchild playing. . these balls kicked with such power over such a high fence are missiles! I'm becoming afraid to go in my garden. I no longer open my door to them because they don't listen to my concerns and distort what I'm saying. I feel bullied and abused.
Jay - 2-May-23 @ 3:27 AM
I constantly have footballs come into my garden from my neighbours son. I have asked them to stop this happening but their response is "boys will be boys". I have reluctantly accepted this so now I throw the balls back over, unfortunately... dagnammit... my aim appears to be as bad as their sons and the balls tend to go into the park which backs on to our gardens instead of his garden. Not my fault really, maybe I'll get better with practice, just like their son!
GozzyNeighbour - 12-Apr-23 @ 8:56 PM
I have a lot of problems with teenagers kicking Thier football at my window and door,try telling the parents is a waste of time.I give them their balls back but get a load of abuse,so from now on they must come and ask for their ball.They have had one anti social letter.The trouble stopped for a while,but it all started again.Why should I sell up and move,I am 79yrs and don't need this.I am all for them playing in their own garden,but they should have respect for people,or am I asking to much ?
Jan - 11-Apr-23 @ 9:30 AM
We have had plants damaged and have had to relay the lawn. Tonight I confiscated ball and the neighbour who was watching stormed over. We've had a word with one neighbour. Enough we e put in an anti social letter to the police and written to our MP. There is a park 200m away and the kids still play on the road and kick balls at our cars, walls, windows and damage grass and plants. If he is watching he is liable for not controlling kids? The price ask for photos but the neighbour complain I'm taking pictures of the kids? House is s for sale we are leaving when sold.
Kimmy1 - 5-Apr-23 @ 8:25 PM
Ah - 31-May-22 @ 12:29 AM Sounds like you are a bully. You mock an old man's garden and let your kids play ball knowing he suffers greatly, you(your offspribg) make noise by playing. He is not bothering you, or is he playing football. So why are you entitled to bother him? If anyone, he should be allowed to play there he is old. Buy anyone who has energy and strength to play should go somewhere else where no one suffers especially kids who have loud voices. You are cruel. Your kids, all neighborhood kids are monsters. If you knowingly cause another human distress you were better not born, your monsters, evil creatures better not born. Shame. No excuse to cause suffering or pain, torture anyone, your monsters lazy and ugly inside. Ugly people you have made on the face of earth
Jane - 4-Apr-23 @ 5:26 PM
I am horrified. I never had an idea that people have a choice of not to disturb other people but make an active choice to cause pain and suffering. Like yes boys/kids have always been allowed things but we don't have to continue cruel and sadistic actions. And actually no one fears motor cycle gangs. The police haunts them. Any one dares call police on them or name them. But even in these comments people seek acceptance of other people by saying things like "i like kids playing outside" or "kids make noise it is nice". Well if wete nice and if kids playing was nice they would be playing next to their own home/in their livingroom, in tveir garden. There is a reason that animals keep their offspring near their parents and their parents keep their offspring decent and grab their offspring if they annoy other animals. Why is it that human animals act different. Few people like loud noises and kids tend to have loud voices. Kids voices are horrendous, not nice. People should be allowed to say the truth without fear of terrorism, what are you people that allow your kids to be where they are not welcome, in the street. Or teach them to mob or stalkpeople that only want peace and quiet. You are monsters. You are evil. You raise evil.
Jane - 4-Apr-23 @ 4:47 PM
I have endured the same issues as above for many years..rude parents even ruder kids..3 balls today and everyday after school and at weekends.Mum is at home all day and kids run riot..have all the kids in the street in her small garden and constant bang bang on my fence..have asked them..told them but to no avail..to think i moved from london for some peace and quiet and yet get more noise from one house that is the only rented one in the whole cul de sac.Some parents just do not teach their kids how to behave today..sunday morning 7.00am footballs and 'alexa banging out music..have started sending hubby out there but they still don't listen.Just heard them plotting to climb my fence when we are asleep to get balls back..these kids are about 7 or 8..dread to think what they will be like when they are older!!
FED UP - 15-Mar-23 @ 5:52 PM
My Grandson has autism and plays ball in the garden Occasionally the ball will go over into the neighbours garden and she has the greatest pleasure puncturing it while he is in the garden and can hear. She will not return the ball at all
Lou - 19-Feb-23 @ 12:50 PM
This rule of 'obliged to hand ball back to owner' is escalating the problem. If the ball is of any value to the owner they would not kick it into a private property. It is completely biased. Working from home you get disturbed up to 3 or 4 times in day or a week - ongoing. Cars are damaged and the excuse is always the same, they are just kids.One party occurs financial damages whether in time lost, interruptions, ball damage repairs to owners property and the other party gets off free. Thank heavens here in S.A the Police tell you the owner that you are under NO obligation to even answer the door or return the ball. They say, if you want to train a plant to grow up straight you must bend it while it is small. By allowing this harassment to continue on like this creates unnecessary stress to grow out of proportion and stops one party suffering far greater financial damages then the other. After 7.5 years of throwing backs balls, repairing car roofs I sent a letter to the parents advising them from now on I will return all balls every quarter - 4 times a year. If however the ball strikes my car then the ball is not returned. Parents must be taught to respect private property and take their kids to a park or field and enjoy the time out.
Gavin - 5-Nov-22 @ 7:27 AM
The neighbours next door to me, have no consideration at all, they only care about themselves. They have 4 kids who are out until 9pm in the garden, they scream shout, answer back and show utter disrepect, the parents can't control them. They have in the garden, a hot tub, goal net, the kids bang footballs against my fence all the time, they do not care if i am sitting out, they park over my driveway and have parties and music blaring all the time, i tried to speak to them and i got back ' not another moaning !!!!!! go f* off, now i know it is a rented property, i was not told about this when i viewed it. What path can i go down,  love the house and the garden, i have a lovely sitting area which i cannot use.
MrP - 20-Jul-22 @ 3:12 PM
So I have a son,13, and a daughter,11.regularly they,and the rest of the kids in the cul-de-sac,play football onthe green outside my garden.kids from all over the village play there,it is public land.kids have played football on this land since 1952 when the estate was built.to be clear,the kids play with either a foam football or a lightweight toddler ball.all of the neighbours are happy for the kids to get the ball from their front gardens,as long as they are careful and respectful...except one.the man on the end,who is in his 60s,was violent to his wife and kids,and is an alcoholic.the children are petrified if the ball accidentally goes in there.he will pop the balls or scream at the kids.his garden is just a bit of scabby dirt,he doesn't have any plants etc,and no breakables.the police were called last year.the children are all very respectful,they knock in the door and ask to please have their ball back.today I have noticed that he has now put CCTV up,looking at the grass outside the garden,so he is essentially filming children playing.by Popping the balls he is behaving illegally,not the children.
Ah - 31-May-22 @ 12:29 AM
We moved to a retirement bungalow for peace and quiet but a grandmother has her son every evening and weekend with his sons the 3 of who are absolute thugs. They kick balls against peoples pristine painted walls marking them with dirt, hit our cars, windows and doors and then trample our plants by trespass to retrieve said balls.If you complain the father is abusive to the point of threatening us elderly people with violence i.e. punching or knifing, we are all terrified.One neighbour pays them money out of her pension to leave her alone!
wishicould die - 29-May-22 @ 1:39 PM
NIGHTMARE! No respect, no consideration! Asking the parents nicely doesn't help and they even instruct kids to go back and do it on purpose!!! They even GANG UP on you and make a MONSTER of you!!! HERD MENTALITY!!! Yes - thats what you are Scottish folk!!! Easy and convenient to be a part of a gang and receive support from each other!!!Once you ask not to do something then they have a pleasure in coming back and doing it on purpose just to annoy you and get reaction!!! This is dominant in Scotland and no help to be received from anywhere!!! Whether its partying, drug dealing or JUST LITTLE INNOCENT CHILDREN PLAYING FOOTBALL... Horrible people horrible country, no respect, no values, no educating kids and teaching them respect!!! This is a future youre creating... VERY TERRIFYING!!!
Tonpa - 21-May-22 @ 8:33 AM
Seems alot problems today a result of norespect parental control and discipline.Kids rule and so do parents outside anyway.In 80s would not glare at an adult who disciplined you. Todsy kids rule and so do parents. People who chose quiet life suffer especially child free.If you confront child who is making too much noise outside property or in danger damaging property you getglared at laughed at and parents gang up on you because you are a minority an unrecognised bullied minority.I have only experienced this by british white people who because they lived in area all lives have a gang mentality and if you have a dispute about their kids they run to other neighbours who agree kids rule. I am a single child free person. I have visited other countries and seen how children behave and they are a blessing. I am a british white person and it worries me the decline on respect of youth towards adults but it is the adult parent to blame. If we dont get a reversal soon on values how will it be for us when we are old.Most loving peaceful people I know are elderly no matter what religion they are.Teach kids respect adults parents you reap what you sow. One day you be old and young person will disrespect you and their parent laugh st you.
Shebs2 - 15-Apr-22 @ 9:19 PM
My mum has just been moved to a new house and kids next-door neighbor kids thought orange and hitting my car and kicking the Ball over the fance and climb over to get the ball back but when you go to other mum and dad to tell them to have words with other kids and other dad tell you that boys have to play but he Gina it doesn't work I had to pay for my car to get fixed I am taking so much fits and my mum has heart attaches and my dad died and my mum has his two sons and they don't do that to cars
Anne - 19-Mar-22 @ 9:03 PM
I am 74 and my wife is 72.I have Parkinson’s and now classed as disabled.We live in a bungalow next to another senior citizen.We have lived here since 2001 and it is a cul-de-sac.We recently had to have words with other parents who live in another cul de sac .Now we have other children from different areas playing football in our cul de sac.I am now having anxiety problems worrying about the ball hitting my car or windows .Does anyone know how I stand if they come back and begin playing football,
Rayvon - 16-Aug-21 @ 8:26 PM
My wife and I have lived in our house near the end of a cul-de-sac for nearly twenty years. The small estate consists of mostly detached/linked detached privately owned houses. It is fair to say that we are the oldest inhabitants in the road but the parents and children from nearby houses have no regard to our quality of life. Every day after school we dread hearing the sound of a football being kicked outside our house because we know we are going to endure yet another few hours of our car being hit, windows and front door being knocked, flowers in the front garden being damaged and children running down the side of our house to retrieve a ball. When you confront them they look at you as though to say what are we doing wrong! Its particularly annoying because less than three minutes walk away is a great play park with loads of play equipment and plenty of grassed areas to kick a ball as hard as they like. I don't want to sound like an old dinosaur but I think my wife and I deserve to enjoy our retirement without the constant worry of what is being hit next. In all the time we have lived at this address I have never once seen any of the parents playing with their children - they just seem to disappear into their homes after work and the children are left to their own devices. The children are now in the ten to thirteen year oldgroup so when the ball is kicked its with some force so before long we fear some real damage will occur to a windscreen or window. We have approached the local councillor who didn't want to help and when we approached the local planning authority about the possibility of erecting a low front garden fence we were told that we would have to apply for full planning permission because as its deemed to be a high density estate an Article Four direction applies and no development is allowed without full consent despite nearby houses being built to a similar density and all have front fencing. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how this problem can be resolved as clearly the parents are not interested in our well being.
Deltic - 21-Jul-21 @ 1:34 PM
Moved into this house 3 years 4 months ago. We moved here hoping to have a peaceful life, looking forward with anticipation and excitement, to our new life near the NW of UK coast. Before purchasing we did all the necessary steps of due diligence, making sure this was the right area for us,we even asked neighbours about any problems with neighbourhood, aggression, crime, drugs, vandalism etcetera, the answer to all of these enquirieswas "no problems, it's a quiet area. We never, in a million years, thought the nightmare we're now living, due to an absolutely vitriolic neighbour "who incidentally", thinks she can control everyone's life because she's got no life herself". I was once employed with Psychologists as well as Psychiatrists and this woman is an 'Atypicatypical Socio Psychopath Cluster B' individual. This is a person who has the ability to convince anyone who questions her that she is the one being victimised and who is also volatile and extremely dangerous. This is my next door neighbour, everyone's worst nightmare and the person who has and continues to, ruin my life. Neighbours have dealt with her for about 20 years but do nothing about her. The police, housing association, council, including environmental health do absolutely nothing, even though they are well aware of her ongoing reign of hateful, daily tyrannical behaviour. The housing association representative has voiced that she has been an ongoing problem for years; this statement was made during a meeting we had with him. Apparently she was moved out of another estate because of the self same behaviour. Why can't someone in authority deal with this issue of ASB and help the victims. I have recently undergone major bowel cancel surgery, during which I got an infection and double pneumonia. I am currently on chemotherapy. I also have an aortic aneurysm, as well as several other major ongoing health issues. This neighbour has seen district nurses, who came daily to check and dress my wound, so knows I'm ill, she has showed no empathy at all. I mention these factors as this woman has preyed on the vulnerable tenants who lived in this house, prior to our purchasing it. I called the real estate agent who sold us this place and asked why I'd never been advised that there was an issue with ASB. She told me she had never been told about a problem, and, it wasn'ther problem and it was up to our escrow officer to let us know?????? How can she let us know unless it's on the paperwork received by our own agent. I think either she or the previous owner have not been forthcoming with this information or have knowingly lied about it. I thought that this problem had to be filled out and disclosed to prospective buyers so that they were forewarned. I'llbe quite honest have actually wished my illnesses would end my life and put an end to this living nightmare. I'm actually afraid to go outside as I get ongoing, hateful, vitriolic abuse . If I go into my garden to tidy up or
MAB - 29-Jun-21 @ 12:56 PM
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