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How to Tackle the Youths Gathering Outside your House

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 28 Feb 2024 | comments*Discuss
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Some teenage gangs will often congregate on parks and street corners for want of having no better place to hang out. Quite often, this will be perfectly innocent and there will be nothing sinister about it. However, it can create a problem if they are constantly congregating outside of your own house, with issues such as noise and litter just two of the less serious problems this can cause.

Don’t Overreact

The chances are that any gangs of teenagers who happen to be congregating outside your house will not be there for long. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, you should simply ignore their behaviour as it’s likely that they will move on before too long. However, if you’re starting to find that this occurs regularly, there are a few things you can do.

Speak to Them Directly

In deciding to speak to the teenagers directly, it’s important to assess the situation first of all. If, for example, they have been drinking alcohol, the situation might get out of hand. There have been so many cases where adults have been attacked when confronting youths, so if you’re unsure of your own safety, Call The Police.

If the teenagers are just outside your house but not threatening anybody’s safety or damaging property, the best thing would be to call your local police force and ask them to send out an officer out to investigate. In most cases, a stern word from a police officer will see them move on, but the police also have the power to issue a dispersal order and to take other action if necessary.

If you do decide to go out to talk to them, avoid any confrontation, keep a safe distance and ensure you can get back into your house quickly if need be. It’s often very much a judgement call but if you’re polite and simply ask them to move on because you can’t get to sleep or your baby’s crying, for example, they’ll usually comply with your wishes. You should go back inside and call the police at the first sign of any hostility or abuse. Don't make the mistake of 'rising to the bait' or being drawn into an argument which could escalate the problem.

Sitting on Walls or Fences

If teenage gangs are congregating by sitting on your wall or fence, they are trespassing and there are laws against this. Equally, there are Anti-Social Laws relating to noise, litter and damage to property, so the police have a duty to investigate these matters if you are concerned.

Community Initiatives

For many kids, the problems caused by congregating outside of people’s homes is because there is nowhere else to go – at least in their eyes. If these kinds of problems are occurring in your neighbourhood, it can be a good idea to get together with other residents and with local community groups and community police officers to see if there is anything that can be introduced that might help to alleviate the problem.

Many teenage kids feel marginalised within their local community. By getting involved in community initiatives which demonstrate that you care about teenagers’ opinions, you may learn a lot. Maybe you can help to set up some kind of youth group in your area? It often helps if you speak with the heads of local secondary schools who may also be able to shed some light on the causes of the problems. This might also enable you to jointly come up with some kind of initiative whereby the youths will have a safe place to go to socialise and to engage in some types of sporting or leisure activities.

If residents collectively give up a little of their own free time to address the concerns of the youths in conjunction with local community groups, this can often have the effect of helping teenagers to find a suitable place to meet up and to participate in stimulating activities, which will help them feel a part of their own community and Make The Neighbourhood A Nicer Place To Live.

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I have anti social school teens very naughty playing basketball in front of my house (20 feet away)everyday 11 hours 8.30am till 7pm , play bombing fire crackers whole daytime, screamings, Piling noises, Dong! Bang! Dang! Non stop, sharp shoes noises non stop.I feel upmost stress everyday.Punch my face, punch my heart.Rebellious, Anti-Social, Very Naughty.At first I thought talking to their parents can solve the problems.Their parents are same like them, drive them here to make noises.Nothing can be done.The only thing can solve is hire 4 long term security guard or they can trace them back to their home, undercover, confisticate-destroy ther bicycle or car so they can't come.Still sturborn, only get them beaten up till they don't come. 3 long years, nothing can be solve.Letters to government, talk to their parents.Nothing work.Just beat them up so they get the message clear.
Wendy - 28-Feb-24 @ 7:18 PM
My druggie neighbours chant insults and mutter rude comments! Whatever!They were taunting their kids and I couldnt sleep! Now I get 24/7 muttering! Im sick of talking to these no-class muppets! Karma will get them! And these ethnic people just get hi! I dont want to talk with or mix with just anyone! Leave me alone! Uk
Asbo UK - 3-Aug-23 @ 1:35 AM
There’s no harm if it’s not late night, give em a break. But late night til 1am is going too far. That’s what I have! Does my head in. You just have to keep calling the police and it takes a few weeks to get on top of it.
Jiji - 21-Jul-23 @ 11:37 AM
My sister is disabled,and most nights she get a boy about 12 ring her door bell. Her bell have got the lad on camera. He's been there 4 times this evening. It is quite annoying as she has mobility problems and on her own. Who can l contact to try to find out the lad to put a stop to it
Sue - 27-Apr-23 @ 10:00 PM
20 plus yobs causing chaos outside my 82 year old father's house phoned the clowns sorry the police they drove past and didn't even stop cowards tha they are I'm going to withhold my council tax from now onwards as the majority of it pays for these utterly useless people.
This country is a jo - 4-Apr-23 @ 8:07 PM
I made the mistake of chasing some kids away who where not just playing, but rREALLY screaming. I suffer with sensory autism issues so this noise level is undermining my mental health. I was assaulted and giving them a smack back only encourages them to come back. 3 yobs aged 13 - 15 attacked me.... The police stated it was a strike in 'self defence; so was lucky this time.... Some boys aged in their teens are quite large these days as well. I have decided to report the incident of assault..... At first I simply asked them if they would simply stop screaming. Nobody minds them playing and having a good laugh.... Ot is when it becomes abusive. Are there extra laws in place for somebody who has issues with noise intolerance due to a mental health condition. If possible use some noice cancelling ear plugs and listen to music to relax..... They seem to want ANY ATTENTION - good , bad indifferent.... Doesn't matter. Even if police call to their parents house some of them see it as a status thing.
OopsyWangy - 23-Mar-23 @ 12:14 PM
Reading these comments is sickening. My mother lives in a four flat complex and for a while now, youths have gathered in the grounds smoking weed, leaving loads litter, spitting everywhere including inside the hallway at times as they gain entry. My 82 year old mum has to shut her windows as the smell of weed gets into her home. I've been in touch with the police and housing association numerous times. I'm fed up with it. I resorted to writing to my mp and he has contacted the police and housing association to try and get it dealt with. However I'm finding that it's not being taken seriously. It's slow going. If you dealt with it yourself, you can bet your last penny that you would be dealt with instantly.
Kevowino - 30-Jan-23 @ 10:45 AM
I've recently moved into a property that's situated in a middle sized new estate that has a large number of youngsters living in & around the area. There is a nice park/play area for kids to play in which they use on a regular basis & it's nice to see them play rather than sit at home all day in the summer on playstations etc. However!!! I live on a rat run from the local school so i have a few teenages passing my house between 15.00 & 16.30hrs. I've built a nice small garden area outside where a path runs past my house that these local morons use. At first they started scuffing up my golden gravel & stealing a few pebbles dotted around my garden, but it's now esculated into pelting my front door every night with gravel & waiting for me to run out. They bang on my neighbours front door causing their dog to bark constantly for what seems like hours. They also bang on all the neighbours doors & run off. Play loud music on the park/play area,& bully all the small youngsters who just want to play on the swings & slides, leave litter & damaged the climbing frame by setting fire to the timber bridge walk & the rope which holds it together. Pure stupidity. I could go on & on but i'm not. When i've contacted the Police they've done SOD ALL!! I was told " It's down to you what you do but you'll have to except any repercussions" WHAT! Not all youths are bad but some are & don't except any resposibility at all.
Anto - 9-Nov-22 @ 5:36 PM
FED UP. I am so sorry for you after reading your comment. The problem is the fact that these 'untouchable' cherubs have every 'right' under the Sun go in their favour. They are all gob and intimidating when in a group but if you happened to see one of them on their own they would probably get scared because they do not have the backup of their 'Pack' to make them feel brave and they suddenly lose their tongue as well because their bravado disappears as well. Although your comment was written in 2018 Ido hope that these little yobs have left you alone now.
Tego - 30-Oct-22 @ 12:05 AM
Had this the other night. Three 'hyena' voiced girls decided to sit on the little road island outside our property and use the plastic reflectors as back rests while squealing and shouting. Thought they would clear off after a few minutes but they decided to 'stay there' occasionally shouting at passing drivers. I called the Police and was bombarded with question after question I was shaking as I suffer from severe anxiety I explained the situation and the woman on the phone suggest that I get my husband to have a chat with them I told her 'what and risk having the s**t beaten out of him, no way as we would have ended up being harassed by them and Iwas not letting him take that risk. I wouldn't mind but there is a bench just a few yards along the road but these delightful little cherubs decided that outside our front door was more entertaining. They eventually cleared off over an hour late.
Tego - 29-Oct-22 @ 11:49 PM
I use an alarm and it helped eventually, they got worse, but then started staying away. And fighting with each other girls verses lads instead blaming each other. It's so worrying as they start fires ??.
Alarm - 30-Aug-22 @ 12:47 AM
I have around 3 to 4 youths bash on my front door and windows at night the police don't won't to do anything about them they do scare me and I'm worried they will end up breaking the windows what can I do about them
Gypsey - 28-Jun-22 @ 12:11 AM
Happening on our road night after night. 17 year olds from a rough estate in town arehanging about in our residential road two.miles away because one is dating a girl here. Now he brings his mates. Playing football booting it like they are playing for Liverpool its going onto peoples gardens at speed, narrowly missing cars and windows. They are running onto the lawns to get the ball. Cycling round and round smoking on their bikes outside peoples houses. Yelling at each other. Called police. Told us 'thats what kids do' and that unless the ball hits a car or breaks a window they wont act andto phoneback then'. Police not interested in antisoc8al behaviour. All this is happening at dusk.
Fr - 30-Apr-22 @ 9:31 PM
Hey all so we had some trouble with teenagers hanging around near our home realised they was using our openWiFi hotspot so shut it off I also have a front and back sonic noise device for animals off Amazon that send off a sonic tweet the kids get confused and after a few minutes leave the area it has worked a treat. Amazon sell them for animals so I would definitely get one can’t really hear it but the kids can lol
StevenHull - 18-Apr-22 @ 8:35 PM
I’ve started blasting out Classical music / Opera. I find they soon move on as they don’t think it’s very cool and they can’t stand the ‘noise’.
Charles - 2-Mar-22 @ 2:12 PM
I'm having trouble at the moment with youths outside my house, kicking a football at my car ,next door kids leaving their McDonald's litter on my wall every Friday ,this is what they have for tea.ive complained to the council , the police but to no avail ,so l emailed the mayor ,he passed it on to the local councillor that has been in touch ,let's see how it goes,not holding my breath!!!
Mustard - 9-Jul-21 @ 10:11 PM
DO NOT listen to this advise as asking them to leave will only cause more trouble plus the police will refuse to help.
Tehrg - 7-May-21 @ 6:24 PM
Teenagers aged 10-19 are doing this stuff on Culfor Rd. Local Police force and Community Policewoman Jane Philipps totally not interested in complaints about kids knocking on doors and windows, pelting stones, pulling up flowers, emptying bins, shouting, swearing and hitting others kids. If your face fits, Jane will get off her arse making some noise to appease you but in reality she couldn’t give a f* all. Totally useless bint as are the police in general.
Chris - 19-Apr-21 @ 11:00 PM
I have been contacting police for the past 3 years and nothing has been done. We live in a flat above a takeaway which is also attached to a shop. Every single day kids aged 9-19 both male and female hang around next to our door. They bash the door multiple times a day to the point its broken and I had to put smtn heavy behind the door just to keep it close. They have also thrown stones, dirt, empty bottles at my window like everyday. My poor mother is so traumatised by them as she has asked them to leave kindly but was told to fk off and other racial abuse. We have no idea what to do as it seems some of them even carry knives. The fact that we are the only ones being targeted is very scary for me and my family. My dad works hard and he's not even able to sleep because of these kids. We are running out of options. We do not know what to do anymore. We are in need of serious help. Have been asking police for help for years now.
Ayaan - 16-Apr-21 @ 10:05 PM
You can purchase a Teenage anti-social device that will submit sonic sound waves.They don't like it and should move on.
Empowered Senior Cit - 2-Apr-21 @ 1:56 PM
On reading the above messages and what with China and Russia becoming more of a threat are we ready for another war to reset values again?
Prophit - 20-Mar-21 @ 3:05 PM
I purchased a house 2yrs ago across from a bus stop. I really did not think this would be a problem. However, gangs of local kids gather there every night. Smoking, drinking, swearing, shouting, vandalising, leaving a mess etc. In the holidays/weekends they are there playing football (on main 30mph Road) and football is I believe purposely kicked into gardens. I have involved police andMetro have even taken the seat out of the bus stop. I have shown police cctv footage of the bus stop being vandalised/ the plastic windows being smashed in the bus stop, the noise, the language etc etc etc.. Although police allegedly spoke to these kids (ages ranging from approx 9yrs to 17yrs)It only stopped when we went into lock down restrictions.. And it's been like heaven. My concern now is that we will more then likely be coming out off lock down restrictions by the Summer? And they will be back of that I am sure.. Oh and yes I have tried to talk to these kids in the past (I have my Grandchildren on a regular basis) about noise etc and get abuse back.. Next to me is a lady in her 80's who has told me sometimes she scared by the noise/these gangs (which I have also informed the police about) and the other side to me is a man in his late 40's early 50's who does not want to get involved!! (it's only us 3 three really that are affected.) Any advise from anyone as to what more I can do besides sell up!! Thank you.
Caz - 31-Jan-21 @ 5:55 PM
We live in a pretty decent working class area where most properties here are privately owned. Unfortunately for us a few years back a single mum with 3 different kids from all different dads moved in next to us. Firstly the parties started which would be most days of the week. This would affect me and my whole family as music would be on through the night. I have spoken to her but she is just an arrogant individual. For years now the smell of marijuana just takes over our whole house. Drug dealing is blatantly going on and people are coming in and out throughout the day and I’ve witnessed the drug dealing. Yobs have appearing out of nowhere and just hang around outside my house smoking weed and just being a nuisance. A few years back we complained to the council and mysteriously my cars were being keyed up badly so therefore had to install cctv cameras now. It’s just such a stressful situation as I have contacted the council on numerous occasions and even the police but the don’t do sweet f all.
IND - 22-Nov-20 @ 6:35 AM
there are some teens being way too loud screaming and yelling and playing basketball after 11 pm I wish I knew who to report them to cause I'm trying to sleep ??
Cristi - 12-Sep-20 @ 6:26 AM
every single night some teens like to play basketball after 11 pm at night when I'm trying to sleep they are extremely loud i wish I knew who to report this to cause I'm so fed up with their noise ??
Cristi - 12-Sep-20 @ 6:24 AM
There are three children who live next door. The teenage boy has always been disrespectful. He uses our garden as his thoroughfare to the driveway of where he lives. We have had to put up a border divider to help stop him doing this, because not only was he going through the garden beds, and scuffing the grass, he was also throwing his rubbish over the fence as he walked along the garden bed. The rubbish consisted of faeces covered tissue, and paper smeared with something smelly. Today, he walked up the driveway in a curve and then out again, and along the grass scuffing as he walked. I have not spoken to him. I would like to speak to his parents, but they work long hours and are not home. He was also getting his friends to loiter out the front. We have installed security cameras, so their actions are recorded. His behaviour is seriously disrespectful, and he has always behaved like this since the family moved there. His younger sister has taught their dog to bark at me when I hang out the laundry. So, we have a clothes dryer now. Poor dog being taught something like that. The teenager's brother who is only about 6, is sent out to run over the garden. Watched him do that twice. Have noticed now that we are in our late50's, there is much disrespect from young people. We are not scared, just disgusted. There are no consequences for bad behaviour, that is why children behave like this. It is bad parenting. There seems to be no consequence for bad behaviours anywhere. In the past we have always had to be the ones to move house to get away from bad anti social neighbours. Have really had enough. Have had toinstall roller shutters because of attempted break ins. Says a lot about society doesn't it.Trash.
Really had enough. - 28-Jul-20 @ 9:25 AM
I have the same problem I live in an end flat and a large group of youths meet there every night now ...they play football...and laugh and talk very loudly , Inverurie eveninglast night had a BBQ and all the smoke was coming into our living room ...we can’t use our gardens now or leave our doors and windows open ...it’s very very stressful when it’s every day ..my husband and I are pensioners,and I have 2 disabled adult children...it’s not fair on them
Nono - 12-Jul-20 @ 8:29 PM
I live next to a park which is nice for dog walking as I have 2 so it’s great. The noise up tomidnight every evening in the summer is Really bad !!! The noise is so bad it gets my dogs barking every evening as it’s so loud. I understand they have no where to go this is very sad. I have called the council and they have no funding to shut the gates at ten pm and suggested that I could be a key holder, having MS I do not wish to become one for fear of them knocking on my door . We have called the police to no avail several times even when they are shooting up drugs and leaving needles too . Terrible times for all .
Neen - 20-Jun-20 @ 12:06 AM
I live opposite a park and groups of teenagers gather there pretty much every night. They play loud music and scream and shout. Recently they’ve only been directly outside my house, and it’s all I can hear all the time. There’s constantly stuff going on such as broken beer bottles over the park, which my dog cut his paw on whilst we were taking him for a walk the next day. Always litter over there and they constantly set the park on fire. Our bin has been stolen twice and we’ve found it burnt out over the park. I honestly can’t take it anymore, I’ve contacted the police who told me to contact the council. Contacted the council who told me to contact the police. Me and my partner are saving to purchase a new property, but that could take years. I don’t know what to do anymore, it causes me and my partner to argue and is making me very depressed.
SickandTired - 15-Nov-19 @ 6:13 PM
So, do kids just want a place to hang out? Okay fine, let them hang out at a place of their choosing and let them conduct themselves in a decent and respectable fashion. I cannot see anyone having a problem with that. Perhaps this actually happens somewhere, but the reality is that most kids do not hang out without behaving antisocially. Instead of being members of polite society and respecting their fellow man and woman, they choose to eschew any shred of basic decency and resort to vile and toxic antisocial acts. I cannot claim to have been an angel when I was a teenager and yes, I dabbled in regretable acts of moronism. However, the worst of these acts took place on wasteland, away from people and their properties. Back on the streets, the occasional 'knock down ginger' was played, some doors were 'egged' once or twice and windows pelted with soft berries at night. Occasionally, my friends and I were threatened by annoyed neighbours with a dowsing of water, a clip round the ear, or a call to the police and this deterred us to some extent and certainly ensured the same person was never targetted by us for more than twice in the same year. Beyond these silly, antisocial acts my friends and I went fishing, boating, to the cinema, to friends houses for computer gaming or watching TV, walking to woodlands or the countryside, camping, skating on frozen ponds (usually unsuccessfully), lighting small fires, flying kites, running, trespassing on building sites etc. etc. What I am trying to get at, is that we were basically harmless, engaging for the most part in healthy activities and never endangering peoples lives, nor really blighting them to the extent that continuous aggravation might have on the same person or persons in their property. We had the imaginationto explore. We were also, and this is very important, absolutely and never violent to anyone, not even among ourselves. Perhaps our actions were because we were from a time (late 1970s/early 1980s) when strict parenting and proper policing meant something and could effectively control our actions and mindset. A threat to get the police involved, or even your mother and father discouraged any further antisocial activity. Fast forward to today and things are very different. For the things I did in my youth, even though I would say that they were not that bad in the grand scheme of things, karma seems to have dealt me a hefty poke in the eye. Over many years, going back to the early 2000s, I found myself besieged by small to large groups of youths, using the sheltered area and stairwell beneath my property to litter, spit, urinate, play music, play football, shout, fight, vandalise, commit arson, smoke weed, deal in drugs etc. I can now empathize with those who suffered the receiving end of my few antisocial activities. The actions of these youths throughout the years slowly turned me into a nervous wreck and plunged me into a deep depression. The inaction of the local council and rel
kerosene lamp b'lon - 12-Oct-19 @ 3:14 PM
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