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Personal Issues: When Disputes Get Nasty

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 13 May 2022 | comments*Discuss
Neighbour Dispute Harassment Gossip

Sometimes problems with the neighbours go beyond a bit of noise or mess, and the people around you can begin to make your life miserable. This can often start as a result of a previous disagreement, even over something relatively trivial which has been blown up out of all proportion. In some cases, it can blow up out of nowhere and you feel victimised for no reason.

Occasionally, you can even be the victim of discrimination. What ever the situation, personal problems with neighbours can be really unpleasant and take several different forms.

When your Neighbour Spreads Rumours

Gossiping neighbours have always been around, and often you won’t be the only target of the neighbourhood wagging tongues, so ignorance may well be the best option. If a neighbour is spreading persistent nasty or untrue rumours about you, and you find it intolerable, an approach to the offending gossip-monger might be in order. They might be mortified about upsetting you, or at least have the decency to be embarrassed about it. If not, you could Approach A Mediator to try to resolve whatever the issue is between you and your neighbour. In extreme cases, it’s possible to apply to a court for an injunction preventing them from making defamatory statements. This is a last resort though as it’s expensive and often a case of their word against yours.

Violence from your Neighbours

There’s never any excuse for violence, whether it’s an escalation of a dispute, comes out of the blue or is a result of discrimination. If you are a Victim Of A Physically Violent Attack From A Neighbour, you should report it to the police immediately. If a dispute escalates and turns into a fight, you may be able to take legal action against a neighbour if they actually assault you.

Harassment as a Result of Medical Problems

If you’re being harassed by a neighbour who has medical or psychological problems, it might not just be you who is being affected. It’s also worth treading carefully with a case like this – you don’t want to make things worse and you might be able to help them rather than jump in and start shouting about harassment. If they have a regular visitor, it could be worth having a chat with them about the behaviour, and asking if there’s anything they can do.

How to Deal with Personal Problems

In most cases, you don’t want to take legal action against an annoying neighbour; you just want them to stop harassing you or gossiping about you! This is what mediation is all about, a scheme where a neutral third party gets the people involved in a neighbourhood dispute to help to sort out the issues and find a solution. If there’s a community mediation service in your neighbourhood, approach them for advice, as it’s usually free.

Of course, this only works if the neighbours are willing to take part. If your neighbours aren’t willing to actually meet and discuss the problems rationally, a mediator can act as an intermediary and actually pass messages between you instead.

Involving the Authorities

If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour from a neighbour, the local authority can get involved, and you don’t have to be a tenant. They can apply for court orders preventing violent anti-social behaviour, nuisance and threats and may be able to evict the perpetrator(s) if the behaviour continues.

If you are being harassed or treated badly by neighbours due to your race, gender, disability, sexuality or your religion, your local authority has a legal responsibility to protect you.

Involving the Police

The police can take action over neighbours’ anti-social behaviour if they’ve committed a criminal offence. If you’ve been physically attacked, your property has been vandalised, or you’re being threatened, you should definitely Get The Police Involved. If you’re being targeted by discrimination, whether verbal or otherwise, you should also tell the police. The police have to deal with any complaints about anti-social behaviour that arises from discrimination of any kind.

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My neighbours are constantly kicking ball in our garden they live two houses away, we have a fence yesterday when I came from work he started pressing the bell and knocking the door this been going on for 8 years now. We always give them the ball, but yesterday I had to cook and clean he playing in his uniform,the became so aggressive because I shouted at him for coming to my house the second time, he called me a black ugly focker so I cussed him back he always sweating at me all the time we can't have any peace with these people and it's not even summer yet how do we get some type of justice in this situation. Kind regards Mrs Clarke
Trinitodbone - 13-May-22 @ 7:16 AM
I was friends with neighbours offered to help clean up their gardens and heaps more than their alcohol and drug use became a problem. They can’t remember what they say and have incourage friends of their family to physically and verbally assault neighbours. Police have been called but as a victim was told off by police and still nothing but daily games from their family and friends
Fed up - 10-Aug-21 @ 12:21 AM
Neighbour who was a 'friend' . 10 years ago we agreed to part ways after I confronted her aboutbehaviour about(my) money. Since then she has not spoken. It is a, small community and she has a lot manipulated people into believing I am a nasty person. I know she does it all by insinuation and, appearing to be emotional and hurt. Once she has someone on board she uses them to involve and recruit new neighbours. I believe she is a narcissist andthe neighbours she recruits are flying monkeys In the past I have had people knock on my door and, accuse me of treating her badly. .. and feeding back she is visiting them with a flying monkey and both insinuating things, about me. Recently a new neighbour and myself were asked to contribute over £1000 towards a community issue We both declined. Since then the neighbour and the flyingmonkeys(Now, a strong clique) have ignored the new neighbour. At least I now have someone who can see what I see... but would like to know the best way to proceed. At this point I believe that she will work hard on her hate campaign and there may be chances to get written evidence of hertechnique for her smear campaign(me and new neighbour) as she has upped the anti because she would have benefitted from the project so is in destruct mode. I would, ideally like them all toget a soliciors (cease and desist)or a visit drom the police for harassment
She - 21-Jul-21 @ 11:11 PM
I am having a real problem, because I am a bad neighbour. I have 1 neighbour who is new and had a dog who barked all day he was at work. This went on for a few weeks. The dog has gone now. My partner has mental health issues and can flare up and shout to herself about anything for up to an hour. My neighbour called the police twice but they went away happy that there weren't any issues. Now he just bangs on the door to get me to answer when she has been shouting. I won't answer the door even if he's been banging for about 15 minutes. I have spoken to him once in public and he seemed aggressive but given that he's hearing someone shouting then I can understand that. Her shouting happens roughly once or twice a week. Should I drop a note through his door to explain? I don't want a face to face because I don't want my explanation to be rejected with abuse if I am honest.
SECarer - 10-Jul-21 @ 12:13 AM
Sometime ago neighbours moved in ‘pushy’ was not the wordto describe them. Two professionals destine to stand out and grab everything. Harassment started to constantlycome to our home and relativesrequesting us to change our land for them. We’ve requested to cut very high foliage they have planted, use a proper system to dump their rubbish not in the stream. They erected a fence over a shared area we maintain, they grown extremely high trees for a small garden they own to affect our side, light the night skies in a rural area. They use antagonistic means to annoy, subtle so no one notices. They have no consideration for others and portray themselves as victims. I think they are very unhappy people and i now ignore them. Their visitors are rude and abusive. Perhaps one day they will find what they are looking for and go away. Keep a diary of events, try not to bump into them or relatives, keep your business to yourself, be sure to engage with police, and agencies and give them the history of events. The accusersare normally the perpetrator who gossip and spreads falsehoods. Remember if they do it to one they can do it to you. These are very dangerous unhappy people best ignored! Be your happy self and stay that way!
Goldie - 15-Jun-21 @ 10:10 AM
OK so we have been through a mediator police environmental health and lived in our house for 34 years and these party animals moved in last year and our life has been hell and nobody can help environmental health said no proof regarding noise we are in our late 70/60 and they have been around our street to get evidence against us nasty couple and all they care about is drink and parties and we have to put up with it .Hope they live a happy life as they have destroyed ours.
Mono - 12-Jun-21 @ 8:51 PM
We have lived in our house for 15 years, 4 years ago a young woman with three children came to live next door, since we actually asked her and her mother not to build things in the garden at 3.40am (not the first time) she has been very nasty to us, shouted and screamed over little things, then lied and said we were the aggressors. Her mother died in January which is tragic, but not our fault, I had not been into my garden until the other day, I gave her small dog a piece of chicken ( very small and freshly cooked) which I will never do again. Her young daughter started yelling I was feeding the dog, she then began to scream at me saying it was on camera I had fed the dog, she was calling the police and that I had said her daughter was not normal, this was not true. I was on the phone to a friend at the time, my friend was shocked as she just heard this woman yell at me. We went out that afternoon and came back to a load of vitriolic messages from her friends saying they would like to hit us or that the young woman should. The police have been good and given us alarms but I and my daughter are now concerned about leaving our house. Would I have enough evidence to get an injunction against this woman?
Troubled - 3-Jun-21 @ 9:37 AM
We been in our house 53 years my self my husband and 2 handicapped boy up till Year2000 it was lovelyneighbours were lovelynow it I won’t what you got we out grownthis house garden so thay start trying to get us out with the rest of new neighbours that did not work then thay try to get the fence down I said can’t water and Electric under the ground now it car blockingso we have not Spock to them As they are gossip talk about every body and have cameras back and front watch people on iPhonetwo cars in drive no drop kerb and put his wheel round the side of our fence to block us in or out her relation as there car on the other side of us and she also blocking the man drop kerb it no joke but you know what I recon thay enjoy Been nasty to other people we were thinking of leaving but know I not put some one through what we havewhen thay do go I hope she keeps hear mouth shut as she says one thing to your face and another be hind you back
Poppy - 14-Apr-21 @ 7:01 AM
My autistic son has just got his own flat 2weeks after moveing in the bloke who lives above my son knocked on my sons door no mask and getting in my sons face told him to stop smoking canibus my son told him that he dosent and then the bloke got in his face and told my son that he was going to knock on his door.every day to make sure he wasent he allso asked.what was.the.woring noice was that he could hear my son said it.was the extraction fan that cannot be turned off the bloke then said was he growing canabus in his flatmy son was devastatedthat he was accuseing him of thease things he also said that he was playing loud music and loud tv my son hasnt got a tv he has got a kindle thst he plays music on wich is not loude my son came to my house after this in such a state he wouldnt go back to his flat so was at mine for seveal days i finally persuaded him to go back that night the bloke hammered on my sons door at 2am with a weapon that he was banging on the door with my son filmed him doing it he was going to hurt my son because he had reported the bloke to the council my son phoned the police and also a neighbour had phoned them aswell reporting that the bloke was trying to kick my son door down the bloke then knocked on the neighbour door to tell her that my son wouldnt open the door at this point the police arived and the bloke was still in the hallwaythe officer went in my sons flat and my son took him all round his flat to prove that there was no canabus no smell not growing it no tv and only a kindle for music then my son showed the officer the video of what the bloke had done .the bloke was visited by the officer the bloke made up a complete bunch lies so he was told that they had seen the video and someone else had phoned them aswell to report him trying to knock the door down and he had been in my sons flat and there was no evidence of canabus use or growing that hewas to stay away from my son then myson gets a letter from council telling him he had been reported for playing loud music and haveing his tv loud as ive all ready said he dosent have tv or stereo andy son hasen been back to his flat as he is to scared to so were was the loud music comeing from? What can i do ?? He is so depressed and wants to end his life he is haveing nightmares and just cannot understand why he is being bullied all over again its heartbraking seeing himlike this he is a gentle soul and he is really scared
Bunny - 22-Mar-21 @ 3:03 PM
With HCPs (Narcissists) The Issue is not the Issue.. They blame and over react to the slightest. Yes. they bare grudges and use proxies to control the target..
Zee - 8-Mar-21 @ 9:19 AM
I have been having problems with my neighbour andher new partner who seems dominant for the last ten months. They have been ignoring lockdown rules by switching homes, maybe reporting me to my landlord for feeding the birds (they will not say who it was), similarly reporting me to the Council to cut back my pavement fronting hedge (again Council will not say who it was), banging on my wall six times at 2.15 am during a get together during the November lockdown. This resulted in a huge flare up amongst them as I tried to take vehicle registration numbers. They sentt for a car to take away the most agitated of them who had been refusing to leave and using the most foul language. The arguments continued until 4 am before dying down. They tried knocking on my door during this time but I refused to answer. For all of those ten months I have been receiving interference on my TV reception leading to total loss of signal. At first it was mainly at breakfast time but over the months increased. A recent analysis of the interference pointed towards breakfast, lunch and tea times so I put a note through their door to ask if their oven might be the problem. They did not respond but six days later the problem ceased and did not occur for another three weeks. Now it has started again and I believe it deliberate but have no way of proving it. They now say I am harassing them ! It seems to be unique situation with a local aerial company not believing I could be deliberately targeted. Ofcom advised me to buy a new television.
simplyveggie - 18-Feb-21 @ 2:58 PM
I have been having problems with my neighbour andher new partner who seems dominant for the last ten months. They have been ignoring lockdown rules by switching homes, maybe reporting me to my landlord for feeding the birds (they will not say who it was), similarly reporting me to the Council to cut back my pavement fronting hedge (again Council will not say who it was), banging on my wall six times at 2.15 am during a get together during the November lockdown. This resulted in a huge flare up amongst them as I tried to take vehicle registration numbers. They sentt for a car to take away the most agitated of them who had been refusing to leave and using the most foul language. The arguments continued until 4 am before dying down. They tried knocking on my door during this time but I refused to answer. For all of those ten months I have been receiving interference on my TV reception leading to total loss of signal. At first it was mainly at breakfast time but over the months increased. A recent analysis of the interference pointed towards breakfast, lunch and tea times so I put a note through their door to ask if their oven might be the problem. They did not respond but six days later the problem ceased and did not occur for another three weeks. Now it has started again and I believe it deliberate but have no way of proving it. They now say I am harassing them ! It seems to be unique situation with a local aerial company not believing I could be deliberately targeted. Ofcom advised me to buy a new television.
simplyveggie - 18-Feb-21 @ 2:56 PM
My neighbour has made my life hell it all started cause I stopped lending her my belongings and she disliked the fact I said no after that she started letting all the air out of my car tires endangering my life and other road users lives cause I had to drive a few miles with flat tires I thought it would pass 2 months later I had to buy a pump when she saw me pumping my tires up she convinced one of her drug addict mates to come to my front door with his hands down his pants playing with himself that happened every week for more than 2 years and iv been raped 4 times in my life so having to see him do that at my front door was so terrifying she had my internet cut off by making out she was moving into my home she got quotes from lots of services sent through the mail to me and right now she has got her boyfriend to park his big car right in front of mine my car is parked in a parking bay and he is parked across the top completely blocking me in I cant drive my car to the shops to get milk. The cars are positioned in a T shape mine is vertical his is horizontal I can't get my car out of the parking space at all iv been dealing with her crap since march / april 2016 crosskeys wont do anything at all they just say I have to move she is the one causing all the problems so why am i the one that has to suffer moving it's not fair i thought bullies were kids but she is 30 I dont know how to stop her tormenting me
Diana - 24-Dec-20 @ 6:07 AM
Caz please don’t kill yourself over this, call someone please x
Sam88 - 15-Dec-20 @ 12:26 AM
Thanks for sharing this valuable information and insights. Your post is truely helpful, exactly what I was searching for. Looking forward for more such articles from your side in the future.
bryanedwards6 - 15-Oct-20 @ 7:56 AM
Me and my boyfriend have recently bought a house together and moved into a new area, we have a couple in their 60s living next to us and we have been chatting to them regularly. Last week me and my partner has a huge drunk argument, which started in the garden and then went on for a few hours in the house, shouting, swearing, doors slamming the lot. We went away on the weekend to sort things out with each other and while we was away my boyfriends dad stayed at our house to do some construction work. While we we're away our neighbor's went and told my father in law everything that had unfolded and how intense the argument was. I'm now worried and not sure what to do, should I take some chocolates or flowers over and apologize? This has never happened to me before so I'm stuck at how to approach the situation.
Chlo - 30-Sep-20 @ 3:33 PM
My neighbour downstairs has never liked me from day dot. We live in a new build and the stairs in the communal stairwell are hollow, the walls are too, and the doors are heavy fire doors. Ever since I moved in, she would constantly approach me to moan about other neighbours noise as they close the doors and walk down the stairs.... Then she started saying the same about me. I have always tried to be considerate regarding noise as I have been in that situation, with a neighbour previously who played music and did building works ect. Even going to court. So when she approached me about my partner leaving at 5.30 for work and myself at 7.30. I tried to explain that it is a hollow building and the noise does travel and we try out utmost to minimise the noise, but we can't be any quieter. Now she has started trying to approach my daughter who suffers with anxiety, over it. So much so my daughter was in tears because she is worried our neighbours hate us. I am at the end of my tether and I am not sure what to do, because she is not being aggressive, but it is making me feel nervous about walking outside my door for fear of being approached and made to feel stupid. If anyone knows what I could do. I would be really pleased.
Stevie - 29-Sep-20 @ 11:28 PM
My neighbor's are the devil in disguise he is x crack head so he tells peoplebeen in prison quite often for robbery helped them out when first moved in how he repayed me was by jumping a trainused my young son namedidn't know anything about this had bailiffs at my door but he messed up by using his own birthday on the fine I had to prove it wasn't my son then he started to hit his partnerthen he got put awaypeace and quietfor a while he was released I went away he came in my house with my son and started a fight with himhe then went on drugs tried selling his kids toys stole his partner money then he put his hand in my kitchen window stole my late sisters cancer money pot he denied it but partner said he did itpolice around for him all the time sent to prisonreleased againstolen a parcel from my porch was seennow he is back again making our lives hell my husband not in good health 2 times cancer and bad heart but the neighbours had a 2 day party outside the front of my house every time we went outside we would get laughed at then the arguments in the gardenall drunk tried to get some lads toimitate mr but the boys knew methen 2 weeks ago I was getting the cat inand he and his brother tried to attack me over my gardenfenceshouting at me and my husbandpolice called but wont do anythinghousing knowhe isn't on the tenancyshe is claiming benefitsfor her and 2 childrenthey have been on holiday twice in the last 6 weeks he walks around like Billy big rollocks my husband works now every time I walk past he makes pig noisesive just put security cameras up and they don't likeit I'm just waiting for him to go back on drugs beats her up and she will get a new front door4 th one panic alarm 4th one and all the help and other neighbours feeling sorry for her I'm seriously thinking about moving because I suffer anxiety and depression due to having been attacked over 20 years agoI'm nearly 60 I don't want this at my age I'm worried my husband will loose it and have a heart attackbut they are getting ready for another party she has cut the grass only time theydo thatand she is more cocky when he is aroundhe also drives her car with no licensewith kids in the car phoned the police but nothing police came out and told us that he has got a criminal record as long as his arm for violence and robberyI'm looking forward to another day in paradisenot
Pammy - 22-Sep-20 @ 7:09 AM
I have evil neighbours who have terrorised me for 14 years. Throw tree branches in front of my house, throw rocks in my garden, cat poo over the fence, dirty sanitary towel on my doorstep. Council dont care say do mediation. Just want peace and quiet. Going to report it online to police to get at least a case reference number. Its definitely harrassment and attempts to intimidate me as I live alone. Fed up now so determined to fight back. Planning to write a book about my experiences in the hope of helping others
Stressed out - 3-Sep-20 @ 2:44 PM
I'm moving.Can not fight these people he is in the military. She already punched me in the face with a metal fist.Resulted in stiches.She now follows me every time I leave my home and threatens me ....need help police won't because he is in the military.Euclid police officertold me this point blank.
Maureen - 10-Aug-20 @ 7:43 PM
I've been living in my upper apartment for 3 years now,we have tenants that moved in,in November since they've been here its been a living hell,they have a two year old that stopped breathing the father was drunk throwing cold water on her back shaking telling her to breathe the mother holding her new born on the phone with her mother if it wasn't for me calling 911 the child would be dead,since then it's yelling screaming loud music,they have been making threats towards me they are trashing my garden garbage all over tge hallway my landlord has tried many times to communicate with them but he is ignored they do what they want the police don't do anything i feel completely trapped in my home
mamabear - 7-Jul-20 @ 7:56 PM
I’m being bullied and harassed by neighbours who I share freehold with. They undertook building work without my permission. They knocked down the front wall To put in a very noisy rolling door and leave it open all the time so I get noise if I open any windows. They moved their kitchen above my sitting room and put no soundproofing in. Then put in hard flooring. It’s like living under a stable. But worst of all is the harassment just because I complained about this. They also block the driveway all the time. They have used the fact that I’m shielding to attack me verbally and threatening me at the window. I’ve considered suicidal as my only way out of this.
Caz - 25-Jun-20 @ 6:25 PM
My OH and I own our semi detached house and have lived here since1989. It used to bea lovely little cul-de-sac and our original neighbours were lovely too, but they had to move because of unforeseen circumstances. Our "new" neighbours moved in about 10 years ago. Within a short space of time our quiet little cul-de-sac was no longer quiet, at least not for us anyway. They are so noisy that it sounds as if they're demolishing the house. it goes on practically all day until their primary school age child goes to bed, then the whole building has to fall silent. If we make any noise while their child is in bed they bang on the wall. It can be something as normal as us watching the T.V.A few months ago I had had enough and knocked on their door. They denied making any noise and said they never hear any going on in their house. I know they're not deaf otherwise they wouldn't bang on the wall when they hear our TV on, which we never have loud anyway. After getting nothing but a mouthful of abuse, I came home and contacted environmental health by email to complain about them. In the meantime they got even louder and more obnoxious. We're treated as if it's us that are being the neighbours from hell instead of them. I don't know if it's anything to do with the fact that we've never really got on with them from the day they moved in. Right from the start they have always been very nosey, constantly looking over our fence to see what we have and then copying everything. I bought a magnetic insect screen a few weeks ago and within days they bought one exactly the same, including the colour. She was even jealous of all the wild birds we get in our garden as we have feeders, so she bought some herself and put them as close to our fence as she could. It didn't go down too well when the birds stayed in our garden and didn't use her feeders, so pathetic. She stopped putting any dry seed in them a couple of weeks later. My other half did suggest maybe we should move but we're far too old and haven't been in good health for many years. Not only that, nobody wants to move when they're in their 70s, and nobody wants noisy neighbours either. We just want a peaceful life now. I am now sleeping in the box room on my own as it's the farthest away from the adjoining walls. I've suffered from migraines since I was 10 years old and need to lie down in a dark quiet room whenever I have one. I'm taking antidepressants as well as all the other medication I have to take because of my ill health. We're both at our wits end and there's nothing we can do about it apparently, as all the neighbours did was lie to environmental health when they contacted them and blamed us. In my almost 66 years on this earth I have never come across such nasty people. Neither has my 72 year old husband. Words such as "considerate" or "well-mannered" don't seem to exist in their vocabulary.
Kia - 23-Jun-20 @ 8:23 PM
I have fostered for years but my next door neighbor who feels it's her right to ask what I am doing etc i hav done a lot of good turns but her daughter is in same class as my child they like each other but he has never in 4 yrs been invited round the fence side has gradually been filled in and they walk the otherway the way to school. We had a fall out with her daughter shouting at us and this was resolved but later on my child came home upset saying that he had been asked over for tea but her mum had said she didnt want his sort round there.I wrote a note saying I had spoken to him and his support around him ie SW,teacher and head teacher, she has come back saying she seeking legal action for slander. Am I wr to have protected my child from yet another knock in his life because she is a nasty person my child has come along way and doing well
Nic - 17-Jun-20 @ 6:24 PM
I empathise with all who are dealing with bad neighbours who are disrupting your lives. This is the twelfth year in my rented flat. A new neighbour moved in the downstairs flat 6 months ago. The day they moved in they were a pain in the backside. When the hoover went on at midnight I just knew it was a sign of things to come (although I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt). Low and behold lots of bass thumping music regularly. Cigarette smoke seeping through my ceiling and permeating belongings in my cupboard. They're a real piece of work. Non stop renovations so it feels like living on a building site. I'm trying to keep my cool because she I spoke to them about the loud music and asked if they could turn it down a little, they took my polite request as a challenge and turned it up louder. Clearly there's no reasoning with them so I ignore them. I have reported them to the relevant authorities now and they can sort them out. I am hoping to move soon and so someone else can pit up with the petulent behaviour. My biggest sympathy to them.
Ghost Demon - 10-Jun-20 @ 11:00 AM
To Steph.I read your Story with horror. If its any consellation , it happens everywhere , not quite so bad but it is a facet of human behaviour that is grossly underestimated . It is happening to me , has happened to me before too. Though not quite so bad. The effect on your mental health is terrible.The Police should act but they dont. They advised ne to get Cameras but then allowed the perpetrator to lay an accusation on me that it was harassing her ! They got all their facts wrong too.. Neighbourhoods can turn toxic. They attract toxic ppl depending on their layout. The sheeple dont want to be targeted themselves so go along with it.I suggest you get involved with your local Church. They can offer you friendship and support. They will help you move. I dont think you should have to do that but sometimes it provides the answer. Choose somewhere that is designed in such a way , that you dont get too involved with neighbours.In the meantime, know you are not alone and get comfort from that and its not any reflection on you , which is what they want you to feel. Take good care and look to the future without it. X
Conckers - 9-May-20 @ 6:22 AM
My neighbours are being victimized and harassed they are going through all the right channels but absolutely nothing is being done to help them. I have been reading the stories from other people and it would seem to me that you can say and do anything you want to somebody and their property and nothing will happen,the law needs to change
Anda - 27-Feb-20 @ 6:20 PM
This is my story, i moved in this house nearly 7yrs now and i was befriended by one of the people that has made me a prisoner in my own house. I admitted stupidily i had mild disabiltys and couldnt work. I didnt know that both sets of neighbours who live either side of me are close family friends and have a history of victimising and bullying single vunerable women. I in beginning was a good neighbour, had them round for drinks and nibbles, even let out my garage free of charge and since i dont drive i offered them to use my car parking space. It started from the 1st night i moved in the couple on one side had violent fights, tnrew things at my wall, constant excessive noise all times day and night, music, DIY and rows. I thought befriending them would neutralize things, there were times i thought what they were doing were by mistake like pointing lights at my bedroom window and leaving them on all night, throwing rubbish in my garden, i know now that it was deliberate, and soo was befriending me soo they could find out my weaknesses. They in the end stole things, put barrages up on my parking space soo vistors of mine couldnt use it. Took total advantage for weakness my hospitality, destroying my property, terrorising me and my indoor cat at the window. Then targeted me outside and i cant go out anymore or do my own garden due to threatning behavior and terror. Ive lost all my friends as they intimdated them and frightened them all off. I have just applied to social services and one of their collegues wont work with me due to the intimdation and bullying of the neighbours. Ive gone to police, soliciotors who said it would take 5yrs to go to court and told me to drop it, i know cant get legal help, these neighbours have actually approached me violently and aggressively but cos they didnt physically manage to get to me police wont act. The council say not enough evidence either and now im agrophobic i have panic attacks, im oppressed and having a breakdown because theres no help or support from anywhere. I cant move on my own and all of us are house owners soo no tenancies, im at the end of my rope and i have no where to turn, i live in hell by neighbours from hell and i wish someone would help me as its im literally considering sucide now, only way to get justice, as it will all come out at my inquest and maybe then something can be done. If ANYONE from parliment reads this MORE NEEDS to be done for people like me and justice needs to be served against these vile evil perpertrators these people have DONE this before prior to me, a single woman on benefits with 3 kids, she got housed but i cant.
Steph - 15-Nov-19 @ 5:09 PM
Im being stalked and harassed by my neighbour. 9 years on and our landlord wont evict him,blaming me for not accepting mediation. Why would i mediate with a man that follows me,steals my property has threatened to kill my dogs,set his dog on me etc. You dont empower a bully by putting him in mediation situation with his victim. I cant afford to move plus i was here first. Social landlord is not looking after me at all,but empowering the stalker neighbour.
Poppy - 17-Oct-19 @ 7:03 PM
I feel for each and everyone of you....life is unbearable and there’s no-one to help.I’m afraidpeople have lost all sensibilities and are not accountable for their actions and no-one wants to get involved. I’m in a similar situation,I own my home...18 months ago a ‘delightful’ family moved in next door.Things seemed to be ok until the nice weather hit and they revealed their prolific drug use.I’ve tried talking to no avail....they delight in being vindictive.At a huge cost I’ve had to seal the adjacent walls under the floorboards,I’ve bought massive bamboos to form a screen in the garden and as for the authorities,why bother!The only remedy is to move but,in the meantime,I’ve been keeping a diary and once we’re away from the situation,I’ll be forwarding the detailed diary to the relevant authorities and they can do as they wish. If other neighbours are willing to testify,then you have a greater clout, as you’re not seen as a moaning neighbour. As I said to my son,I have plenty of patience and they will get what they deserve! I hope you all get a resolution to the disputes.
Spoonbill - 27-Aug-19 @ 8:16 PM
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