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What to do if You're a Victim of a Neighbour's Violence

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 5 Jan 2024 | comments*Discuss
Neighbour Assault Neighbour Physical

Most disputes between neighbours can usually be resolved between each other and, even if things might have got a bit heated, there will, more often than not, be a solution or compromise which can be agreed to by both parties once the dust has settled.

Disputes Between Neighbours are commonplace, and the police will not normally get involved unless a crime has been committed or a situation has escalated to the point where a crime is likely to occur.

On rare occasions, however, tempers can become frayed to such an extent that one neighbour may lose their self control and become violent, which could result in a physical assault. In very extreme circumstances, an attack can occur ‘out of the blue’ and can be apparently unprovoked.

What You Should Do if You Are Physically Attacked by a Neighbour

If you find yourself in a position where you are being attacked by a neighbour, your immediate thoughts should be of making as much noise as possible to alert other neighbours close by who might be able to come to your assistance. Defending yourself to avoid serious injury is also a priority, and it will very much be a judgement call on your part as to whether fighting back is the right thing to do. However, the most important aspect you need to concern yourself with is getting to safety and away from the attacker.

Calling The Police

Once any assault is over, call the police. Obviously, in doing this, you need to ensure that you’re satisfied that you want to Get The Police Involved. If the violence was relatively minor, or you’ve reason to believe there were mitigating circumstances for the violent assault – your neighbour being drunk, for example – you may decide to leave the police out of the situation for the time being and wait until things have settled down sufficiently enough for you to go and discuss the situation with your neighbour in a calmer, more rational manner.

That said, you should also bear in mind that an assault is a crime, no matter what the circumstances are, so you should never feel the slightest bit of guilt in calling the police if you have been the victim of a neighbour’s violence if that’s the decision you choose to make.

Seek Treatment If Needed

If the violence necessitates you needing hospital treatment, go to the hospital straight away or have someone take you there. If you decide to press charges later, the more evidence that an assault has taken place in terms of medical records and, perhaps, photographic evidence of the nature of your injuries, the better it will be for you. If you don't need to seek treatment but still wish to press charges, you'll need to call the police anyway, who may also wish to take any photographs which might help in securing a conviction later.

Getting Counselling

Some people can be so shocked and traumatised as a result of being physically attacked and, especially by someone whom they know and who lives close by, that they may need counselling later. Therefore, once you’ve physically recovered from any attack, this is something you might wish to consider.

Being attacked by a neighbour is, thankfully, quite rare, but it does happen from time to time. It’s therefore important to understand that, for the most part, these kind of physical assaults are often preventable if you think about how to approach any disputes or disagreements you might become engaged with in the first place.

Neighbour-on-neighbour violence is more often provoked by both sides becoming very heated about a situation to the point where neither side is willing to compromise or to walk away when a dispute threatens to get out of hand. Therefore, it’s always better to try to calmly and rationally discuss any differences and to try to reach a compromise before tempers flare, or to walk away and to say that you’ll come back and discuss things another time when both of you can have a civilised discussion.

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My naighbour broke into my home twice extremely aggressive towards me I want him out I want somewhere safe I follow the law
??? - 5-Jan-24 @ 10:45 PM
I'm a victim of a violent crime defendant was arrested and released assaulted me again resulting in bodily injury needing surgery defendant is still free and assaulted me again the police seem not to care what can I do
Victim - 26-Oct-23 @ 8:15 AM
I am just another victim, of horrible corruptive druggie violent vermin neighbors. Reason why there's so many victims out there is because the law is insane and seems to protect the culprits NOT the victims! I have lost count how many times I have had to move because of violent chav neighbors who HARRASSED me out of every home I have had and yet those culprits still have a home! There should be a law that if the culprits bully harrass violently out of the victims home they should automatically be evicted! I empathise with all the victims venting on this website all the problems they've had to endure through rotten neighbors who shouldn't have been housed in the first place! All the violent ustable mentally ill have been housed in social housing. I have lived all over the UK and keep finding the same rotten types where ever I live, whether private or social rent!
Another Victim - 25-Sep-23 @ 9:13 AM
Gb iam in Lubbock TX and I was attacked by my next door neighbors mother and son in my door step with a bat and the police didn't do any thing now thay broken my windows in my apt. A. And keep harassing us I got to hate crimes on my back all I c as n do is keep prayed up faith be fullpolice didn't do anything it it was me I still be in jail looking for bailplease help me I got p.s.t.d and izm controlling it as if now but being black it's hard to find someone who believes me well my number is 806 831 4713 and if u could help me so I can carry on the the life I got left 9.7.1964. Thanks for reading astorytotell Cornelius James Allen thanks
F&d the after mask - 12-Sep-23 @ 7:56 PM
Please help I was recently assaulted by my neighbour. I have 4 children and we are terrified to return home. He has given us death threats and told people where we live and work. Police are aware but have let him out on bail. We have no home to go to and are currently sofa surfing
B - 5-Aug-23 @ 6:31 PM
Can you please call me on 07539844812.MisbahPLEASE HELP US. I am dyslexia so not good with reading and writing.. I am single mum with lots of health problem. Nextdoor she has ABUSED, THREATENED AND ATTACK ME. I do have police reference. My daughter is so scaredto go out. Her independently to leave the house has stopped. She now goes to my sister and stays there. I am at flat leaving early at 4 am so I don't see anyone. I
Green. - 17-Jul-23 @ 12:33 PM
. My elderly neighbor decides to house his homeless nephew, nephews girlfriend, and the nephew mom aswell. They come from the ghetto. Loud, disrespectful,. No respect they were evicted 2 other places now this is there last resort by living with elderly. Mom tried to bargen and offered rides out of kindness, she loaned stuff to them etc just to keep peace. Mother gave the nephews girfriend a item for easter and asked if she could return it back to her. Girl agreed. 2 days later item still missing, mom goes to get her item back, the boyfriend comes out hostile shouting slurs and all kinds of cussing. Mom let it go but had gave them parting words calling them "homeless" . Hell broke loose, they keep taunting and harassing bodily harm to us. They have anger issues they beat on the old man upstairs aswell. Police dont care , office management doesnt care , its time to set our sights elsewhere. They truely want to fight us over nothing at all.. and to top it off the item my mom wanted back in easter was in the girl hand earlier. They all want a reaction out of us and i feel miserable here, im autistic and have severe social anxiety and my once peaceful place isnt so peaceful anymore because theyre big bullies
Tired and ready to - 14-Apr-23 @ 2:16 AM
Hi my neibour has threatened to kill my family and said these singhs think they own everything he also said he was going to kill us and cost us money. He has said many many times he will rip my husbands beard off saying this to a sikh man is very disrespectful as we Sikhs have to wear the 5 ks. This is so racist. We have video and audio of this he has done this many times before but we didn't have proof but now we do. The police are doing nothing again even with evidence what should we do?
Kam - 4-Apr-23 @ 8:59 PM
Loud music, dog feces, dogs barking, physical assult, verbal assult, thuggery, bringing thugs to assult, not doing any kind of job and staying by the road allways. Yes my name is ashan and i like to bully people.i am a bully.
Kaalakanniya - 24-Mar-23 @ 7:50 PM
I was attacked by my next door jelani Mitchell here at willow on wassaic ny 12582 in doverplains Southview I want my landlord Mario to evict them in case he throughs another flower pot at me and breaks my other arm
Vaughn Curtin - 22-Mar-23 @ 3:38 AM
Why does it seem like the police are usually on the bad guy's side, or elsethey ALWAYS tell you to move, if there 's a significant problem with the neighbors. How pathetic and rude!
rainy - 5-Mar-23 @ 10:40 PM
My neighbour has been assaulting me, scaring me, obstructing my property, ruining everything outside my home, dog feces everywhere, sends the police to my house accusing me of things I never have done, the police have been at my home 8 times, once one police said that he didn't hear anything, questioned her mental state, things which she does, she has all her family there, sometimes 11/12 people, 6 dogs, bangs on walls, puts tapes of banging on walls, music, yelling, verbally harasses me, tries to assault me physically, attempts to throw rocks at me, disturbs anyone who visits, including the repair people, plumber, electrician etc. She is a business-woman, has a reputable restaurant, I'm a senior 74 years of age.. She kicked on my door more than once, the list is endless, my area is a pleasant townhome complex in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.. The police say that they cannot get involved... My neighbour also got the other neighbour to do the same thing, the other neighbour hosed me down when she was watering her garden, police said she told them it was an accident, people are afraid and do not want to get involved, my house is very nice, very comfortable, I love the area, I do not understand why the police does not do anything.. I have been living here for over 20 years, and this has been going on since 2010...and I don't know what she and the other neighbour want from me.. I am smack in the middle of these two vicious women...
traumatized by 2 vic - 3-Feb-23 @ 4:14 AM
I'm a 67year old female and was attacked by a neighbor, I have limited physical movement.The neighbor is a 40-50year old man. He attacked me in my apt private hallway, during this whole process I've been treated like the aggressor, I'm being charged with attacking him, none of this makes sense, I was so confused and upset after being attacked I couldn't speak with the police, however he was able to give a statement to the police while I was rushed to the nearest hospital, when is it okay to attach someone and not be arrested.please help! I'm in a lot of pain, can't eat or drink and none of the services I received at the hospital made sense. They took no pictures bottom line I was at the hospital for 7 hours and no one even gave me a drink of water all day. nothing to eat or drink, no nothing! I was treated like a criminal. What is up with this situation. ....... please help, I am a common sense person, what's going on.....
Pat - 12-Nov-22 @ 9:36 AM
I've just been reading that story about somebody lives in the ground floor flat? And I can relate to this. I've heard on the Grapevine this person lives in the ground floor flat is actually said nothing and it's something Robbie Stratton has been told it was this this bloke.. but it is not definitely it was him. the bloke said in the ground floor flat you take me to him and we will get it sorted. Like the both said in the ground floor flat he seems a bit strange when he had a good relationship with the lad upstairs why would he say anything and cause animosity between two neighbours full stop it seems a bit strange to me as well? This Robbie has arranged for his cardigan smashed up and him smashed up. He's a broken with long again and I was in a lot of ill health. And for young people to take this revenge out on somebody only on here say I think it is disgusting. The people who live in the top flat in C,p Clips. they've not had the best life and they surrounded by violence. And Drugs... is the contacts Robbie has got what will carry out this performance in this ground floor flat and he's probably said nothing. A a tall to anybody !!I know Robbie's girlfriend is have not had the best life she's been groomed by men she is in deat with everyone in clips.. when she was younger.... unfortunately the housing organisation don't do spot checks on people and their background I know Robbie has been done for witness intimidation before ?? It says a lot for the housing organisation who put them in these flats ? LHP not good name is it is ?? But I can understand fancy sitting about somebody's got in ill health? This is a trouble when somebody lives in a ground floor flat on his own ... if any complaints come in there's a personally complaining about but these young couple today the late 20s indicative and nasty they will cause harm and why they can but they don't look at their own lives..unfortunately the pain and suffering the causes. !! But I do know this personal lives and ground floor that knowseverything what's going on. I do know the housing organisation know and social services and the police.!! It says a lot for this family live in the top floor flat ... the young coupleRobbie Stratton and Amber Leigh Stevens... a father is one of the biggest drug abusers in the town he's a bum all they can do is cause misery and upset on People's Lives it amazes me what the kids gonna grow up like full stop but it doesn't change the problem is for patients got in the ground floor flat for not saying anything and getting a Tuesday something is not said and all this pain and misery what is going to suffer. But I can't see it ending the here? Everybody knows somebody in that small town where they live is only oneRd in the town and there is only one Rd out of town everybody knows everybody In the TOWN..,,, so this person is going to get his car smashed up what he's had to work for and he's going to get his flat smashed up and then I come
Darryl - Stev. - 3-Jun-22 @ 5:54 AM
I live in a ground floor flat and I have a lot of years I own my own property full stop and I've got a young couple couple living upstairs question mark and when they moved in I really got got on well with them. The worst thing about it when I leave my property I don't think about where I live or he was in my street. What about 3 weeks ago this lad upstairs from me called Robby Staton. You said you said something about me and it's come back to me you've grasp me up. I said why would I send him about you when I've got good relationship with you I said I've not said anything about you and whoever saying it the lion. I said tell me some said it and he said I can't tell you which really sounds suspicious? anyway I've over hear him saying they're going to smash my car up was parked on the front of my flat. I've got CCTV up but I've been noticing a lot of strange things lately people coming in the street checking CCTV cameras across the road from me which I've got on camera lhp the housing officers know and the police I know everything going on so the police that's recommended me that has CCTV cameras which I had done. Tonight the 3rd of the 6th 20 22 taxi food ovens please the half of the 11 out of it it will be round the street to check the CCTV out again. What's the best thing about this camera backed up the head office and it's on the cloud and email system full stop over here yesterday they said we all the cameras up isn't really what we're going to do to me and my property? This is the trouble when you live in the ground floor flat and if anything I said you automatically get the blame I've lived here for 15 years now and I have quite a few neighbours somebody is really good but the younger generation are very vindictive and nasty. But what they don't realise with everybody no one in the street and lhp knowing they will not only lose their tenancy but they will never get another social housing again but they don't take this into consideration which isn't really helping my circulation. For something I know I've not said if anything I really like the lad upstairs and his girlfriend I thought of a decent neighbours but you can never tell? He's already been in court for tampering with evidence and getting to witnesses and threatening them that they will how there house Watch and sorted out. I tried to keep myself to myself in the street I've got a good couple of Neighbours good friends they also lived in the street a lot years a lot longer than me. I also know they've got cameras up I actually got this Robbie on the course saying to his father-in-law Darryl that he's going to get his car smashed up preferably with him in it and smash his flat up. The police have had it and so as the housing organisation lhp? So always has been said on here so I won't say who said it but I said something which I haven't like I say I thought was a decent couple but you can never tell
Mark and Becky - 3-Jun-22 @ 3:18 AM
I am a victim of punishment for no reason. Police do nothing when a crime is reported. I am being surveillance 24/7. With no criminal record and no health issues to be subjected to pain, suffering and being used without my consent, when it comes to the Nuremberg Code, forced to inhale toxic substances which are not A Class drugs, being pumped into my mums flat. As a carer it's very danagerous whilst looking after mum. My phone calls are sometimes cut and I have to radial, stalked and victimised. There has been false misleading statements made up against me, plus I was kidnapped, its shocking. I made a complaint and received reprisal in another form, which resulted to assaults. We need to protect our human rights. And to clear my name if their illegal databaseçk I call out for someone, the navy if possible, this who is not scared, to help us. Thank you
PA - 2-Apr-22 @ 11:26 PM
Ain't dieversity grand? Our country isn't our country, let alone our neighborhoods.
DrO - 10-Jul-21 @ 10:49 PM
It's called discrimination cause anyone else is assualted or threatened the person gets arrested for it but cause hes got hate issues &mental health hes allowed to get away with it & nothing is said to him, police didnt even visit him he is not I'll but I am with multiple illnesses including copd&resp. & many other health issues, I am a very high risk cev under medical grounds who should be safeguarded but it dosnt look like I am I feel discriminated & unsafe living here incase he attacks me again as hes always threatening to kill me but it seems as if hes allowed to do this cause he has mental health problems, but I will not ask for nomore help & if he attacks me I am going to defend myself. All I want is to live my life I have left without all this trouble it's making my health worsen I dont want this neighbour in my life I dont know what hes like or does but I dont care as long as he stays out of my life & away from me.
Evelyn - 8-Jul-21 @ 8:13 AM
My mom bought an 1acre of land the neigbor built a fence 30 feet into my mom property and i asked if he can take it down i gave him 30 days to take the fence down and he didnt so i decided to take the fence down with my budied the neighbor came out shoting at us with a shot gun
Jacks - 17-Apr-21 @ 1:54 AM
My manor is my brother, he started this 5 years ago the rumors about me being lesbian, a prostitute, I sleep with anyone and will sell my self for what ever kind of dope. He has made falus police calls in two different county's called in on alot of people for doing drugs and used my name . He lays to my mom sisters and brothers about me and we went as far as saying I should do the world a favor and hang my self . This morning he almost got his wish. I tryed letting the housings know but of course nothing, I called the police station they said they were going tevect me. My mom and family don't help me or him. I was talking to a man that my brother alvin was or maybe still is seeing . Alvin was or still is , sleeping with Tina demery belgrade , Tina married tommy and he has passed on and is sleeping with her cousin and my brother alvin she is also a victim in his appt. He bitten her ear almost off and was beating her now he quit but she still suffers with the mental abouse. She had all the proof on her cell phone to prove he is jay . Alvin demery I don't care what he is that's his business but 5 years ago he made it mine . Can I get help from someone out there. I've been in fear of my life. Expecally the last 4 years. Eather he takes it,or has someone do it orhe actually got again what he wonted, me to do the world a favor and hang my self.
Babygirl - 10-Apr-21 @ 11:10 PM
I have lived in my neighborhood for 52 years, on and off, as it is the house I grew up in. All of my life I have had cats, as they have been a big part of my life always.In both my private and professionalal life, as I went to school and got my license in the veterinary field becoming a registered veterinary technician, in which I spent twenty years working in the field in high stress areas until shortly after my daughter was born, where I managed to stay home with her.At that time we had about five cats. Well through the years we stayed at about three to five cats until the time my my mother fell ill and my daughter and I moved back into the family home.Just prior to moving home, I was given a female kitten from a friend for my birthday and a male kitten from my daughter.Both of them un neutered.Well with the circumstances with my mom and the reality we were back at home living on a fairly large piece of land, my daughter began to breed research cats. We were not just backyard breeders, S these cats were ell taken care of and loved greatly. In truth never reaching over twenty.And to Ny of the surrounding neighbors, you would never of known there were twenty as the property was big and there most times were only about five seeable attime. Except at night we Except at night where the cats would come out from the woodwork, and I would take a good chunk of them out for a walk. Being there was no traffic in the area and it was she, they would follow until, I decided it was time to turn back around and head home.which they would then do the same.It is these cats which made up the elders of the cat colony. Today the eldest of the cats being at eight is nine years. Well as it turned out while my mother was ill the eldest cat, the father of the whole of them disappeared. Thinking he had run off like some of the others I just did my best to understand the reasoning or possibility as to what could have run him off so as not to have it occur another time. Because it was odd, S the cats all liked each other and got along well. At night or even in the daytime it was not uncommon for them to all come into the room in the garage and sleep on the bed which was in there. They at times would go into the house, however. Ost of them were outside and inside garage cats.It was sometime after, I found it to be that I had one neighbor who had been king the cats and another neighbor who had been taking the cats for his own personal self. As I discovered a few of them which he kept in his house never letting them out.Well when I discovered them, I did not know if I could do anything though in reality they had been my loved cats. So I kept quiet. Then my mo. Passed away. ND THE CATS BEGAN DISSAPPEARING . IN TBE OAST TWO MONTHS THE REMAINING FOUR OF MY EDEST MALES , CATS I HAD HAD FOR SIX, SEVEN, AND EIGHT YEARS DISAPPEARED. WELL HAVING SEEN ONE OF THEM IN THE WINDOW OF A NEIGHBOR I ASKED FOR IT BACK, BEING TD IT WAS NOT THEM WHO TOOK IT OR WHO HAD
na - 1-Mar-21 @ 12:28 PM
Me and my eight month old Australian Cattle Dog were walking out one night and noticed that our lights didn't work one of them broke in another dismembered in the other motion LED just been some how long tampered with so there's no lights on the outside and one thing led to the next I was asking the police officer's wife next to her about looking at the surveillance so you said yes as the other neighbor across the street she said she didn't have surveillance so the downstairs neighbor of my apartment place literally ran and attacked me in my little puppy in our truck as I was already hurt by my ex-fiance I did call 911 they made a joke of it all the neighbors lied and nothing is ever been done so I have lived in fear alone with my little puppy ever since people Come in when we leave like I'm scared day in and day out for my little puppy dog she's a nice little dog and she is being lied about I'm being lied about knowing believe I'm being set up set up set up cuz that's what the downstairs neighbor to sing so now I'm sitting in my driveway with my little puppy almost in tears as to what to do there's a water leak in my car and I'm scared to call my landlord no protection 911 or protection still to go tell the neighbor about anyting somebody's been tampering with stuff all day everyday around here and I'm scared to death and doing nothing wrong because all these people or Horde and lying and I don't know what to do But I don't want to attack again I don't want lied about and I don't want Set up I am talk texting a few to again the disability on my right side along with my left side my ex got my right side the neighbor got the left side and I have not been right since I have contacted I'm at my wit's end but I know that I don't know what to do right is right and wrong is wrong and I don't have a problem coming then but my ex does and my downstairs neighbors got her window open waiting for me to leave and I don't have one person but in my area is got my back man they even live with to talk to the cops 10 years please help me in this cute puppies
Jjpb - 1-Feb-21 @ 4:37 PM
My neighbor will not stay on their side of the property line. I and my son have warned them. It is causing a big problem. What should I do?
Jo - 12-Jan-21 @ 7:57 PM
I have a neighbor that is off his mental medication and he has been assaulting different people in the complex i never did anything to this guy but he always trying to harm me i call police and went to the office manager about this problem what other step should i take
Lois - 11-Jan-21 @ 7:42 PM
I have a neighbor that literally assaulted me and I did call the police and they did absolutely nothing and now it is to the point that she every time am I getting my truck stands at her door lets her dog out causes in my puppy to to act out I am literally on the right side and been assaulted by my ex she's assaulted me in my truck while holding the door open and swinging at me after running she's claiming to be disabled but obviously she's not if she can do that also do and I'll believe that when I leave my apartment she goes in my apartment when I leave my puppy at home I believe that she poisons my dog and I need serious help in the police will not help what do I do? Also I believe that she's lying to our landlord my mail has been being stolen since I moved in here along with my health is diminished she stood outside while I was taking apart an air conditioner this summer and glared at me the whole time now she's saying out loud off report that I'm just lazy and don't want to work it's due to assault is what my problem is please help I hope this all came out right eyes I'm talk to texting
Jj - 15-Dec-20 @ 5:33 PM
I was at my mother's house on my way out of her apartment her neighbor attack me will I still be able to go over to my mother's house or what apartment be able to kick me out but she hit me first
Bre - 2-Dec-20 @ 12:38 AM
My neighbor came in tomy house last evening I woke up to a man snoring in my living room. I woke him up asked him what he was doing in my living room he was very drunk and he beat me up real bad when the cat scratches my tennis swollen and I'm just very scared I put padlocks on the inside of my doors so he can't get in but I don't want to be locked in my home and live in fear from a man that I've never even been with he's just being drunk neighbor and his girlfriend's been trying to get rid of him for a long time he won't go away. but I never did nothing to provoke this beating nobody deserves to be beat like he beat me. He was trying to kill me I felt. He said he was going to break my neck can I talk to him down and then he got his boots on and can then he came back at me and I ran in my room and locked the door . Then he left I went to find the phone that he had thrown out in the snow and I called my boyfriend and he wanted to go out after him and I said no please no so I can he came back and now he's at home I'm locked in my house and I don't know what to do I have to let dogs out to go potty I'm not scared because I know I can't get in but I think he needs paid for this but not by abuse he needs a mental health for wanting to hurt a human being like he did me. No woman should be like he did me I have never been beat up in my whole life and I'm 59 years old what do I do
Nanny - 19-Nov-20 @ 5:58 AM
We have been assulted by neighbor they have had two friendsof our cars towed they have pushed me and my mom and other tenants around bullied us went to the police and managementand they did nothing now it has esqulated to forcibly coming into our home and assulting my partner who has never said any thing to them they did it a second time and 911was on the phone when it happened the police come and want to know why a fifty year olddidn't fight back and after they threatened us said now it's on for calling them still nothing and now they ganged up and four people attacked him and all his ribs on left side fracture orbroke black eye concussion and his body bruisedevery where and the police call it a fourth degree assult and never talked or even said a word to them so we are not safe and can't even get a restraining orderdo to no one will give us there namesso now can anyone help me
Scared - 3-Nov-20 @ 3:08 AM
My nextdoor neighbor has bullied and harassed me on many occasion. The final time was sucker punching me out on the front stoop out of nowhere. I fell to the ground and suffered an acute concussion,broken collar bone, and broken ribs. I got a restraining order on her...but can Icharge her to add to her record? Is there a time restriction to do this?
Susie - 25-Sep-20 @ 4:22 PM
I was physically attacked and threatened with a weapon By my neighbor but police did nothing in San Francisco. I now understand why people are against police. Wow! I guess unless your dead is when police will have reason for protecting the citizens of this state or country they call USA.
Brown people matter - 20-Sep-20 @ 5:53 PM
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