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Anti-Social Behaviour from your Neighbours

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 17 Jun 2019 | comments*Discuss
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Anti-social behaviour can put a tremendous amount of strain on people and, if left unchecked, it can ruin a community all too soon, with disputes between neighbours being a common problem. There are a whole range of laws governing anti-social behaviour, which can lead to legal action being taken against the perpetrator(s).

Anti-social Problems

Anti-social behaviour can incorporate a whole range of issues. These can include problems with:

  • Noisy neighbours
  • Drug taking and drinking on the streets
  • Pets – particularly dangerous dogs and Barking Dogs
  • Litter and graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Racism
  • Teenage gangs or other forms of intimidating groups or individuals such as young and unruly children
  • Abandoned cars
  • Fly tipping

However, it’s important to remember that in certain instances, anti-social behaviour can mean entirely different things to different people. As neighbours, it’s always necessary to realise that we will often have different values, beliefs and opinions, and so what someone might object to and see as anti-social behaviour may not be covered by any of the legislation. For example, if you like to mow your lawn every week, but your next door neighbours takes a more relaxed attitude towards keeping on top of their garden and only mows it every month or so, then that wouldn’t be classed as anti-social behaviour under the current legislation.

How To Tackle Anti-social Behaviour

There are numerous different approaches to tackling anti-social behaviour involving neighbours living close by. The action to take will often be determined by the type of behaviour involved and the person(s) causing the problem. For example, how you deal with your next door neighbour who is playing their music too loudly after midnight is likely to be very different from how you’d tackle the problem of a gang of teenage youths jumping on top of cars in the street.

In certain situations, you may feel that the problem is serious enough to dial 999 to get the police involved or, at the other end of the scale, you might be able to resolve the problem by having an amicable conversation with a neighbour. Remember that neighbours may not even be aware that they are causing a problem.

In other circumstances, however, your best course of action is likely to involve contacting the relevant department within your local authority or alternatively, getting in touch with your local anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, who is likely to be a member of your local police force. You can find out who that is on the Home Office’s website by simply inputting your postcode. Within that website, there are also details about how you can contact your local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership Representative.

What Happens Next?

If your complaint is investigated, you may be asked to gather evidence by the antisocial behaviour team, which might include keeping a diary or log of the offending behaviour. Depending upon the seriousness of the issue, the police may be called in straight away. Should a particular case go to court, you may also be asked to give evidence.

What About Possible Reprisals?

Many people who are asked to testify against their neighbours in court are frightened to do so for fear of reprisals. However, it can be arranged for you to give evidence anonymously and you do have Confidentiality Rights. Also, a police officer, a doctor, health worker, council official or teacher can also give evidence on your behalf if you feel particularly vulnerable.

Other Solutions

In many cases of antisocial behaviour involving neighbours or other members of the community, a resolution can often be obtained before the matter even gets to court. Official warning letters and interviews can sometimes be sufficient to stop the problem, but other methods include drawing up Acceptable Behaviour Agreements or Parenting Contracts as well as Fixed Penalty Notices and Noise Abatement Notices. The courts also have the power to issue Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and can resort to other methods such as dispersal orders and demoted tenancies, for example. Read more about how to apply for an anti social behaviour order.

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I have lived in a Housing Association property for 6 years. All those years we have been subjected to a family behind us from the same Housing Association, kicking football against their house, now this isn't your just a kick around, it's a constant banging every other day and I mean booting that football. Along with the coming over of fences and playing football from one house to another, the fences are the low 3ft type picket fence and subjecting us to abuse when we have told them to stop booting the ball against our fences or trespassing or shouting and just generally being loud. Now we have had this on video and been told we can't film this apparently but when we had an incident of school kids causing nuisance outside that was OK by the police, so was kind of in a grey area about that, as we are not filming because we are stalkers, just capturing anti social behaviour.Also to add these kids that are there,don't live there,it's thier grandkids.Our Housing Assocaition do nothing. It's making my life hell living here, as this area is how I can say not a mixed area, it's a large concentration of one community. Many a time I have been told " this is not your area" and had homophobic abuse as well. Hopefully someone who knows the law can advise us if we are we allowed to film anti social behaviour, and is our Housing Association required to help us if we have been suffering with anxiety/depression and hyper sensitivity and made them aware of it for many years.
Samo - 17-Jun-19 @ 1:56 AM
My son jumped over a fence to get his ball because the neighbour werent home and a women saw him do it will i get in trouble?
Ryan Richard - 30-May-19 @ 9:01 PM
We recently moved onto a bungalow in a small village. Three weeks ago the man across the road knocked on the door after 10:00pm and complained our cat had been in his house and "attacked" him and sprayed his carpet. I explained our cat was in our bungalow and is female. He went away muttering. The next day he reappeared claiming he "knew" it was our cat and also claiming it had broken a tablet computer and other property on his house. As I again denied his claim he went away very unhappy. At lunchtime today he came to the door with new complaints about me taking my cat onto his garden to defecate, damaging his car some six weeks ago and generally calling me a liar. All this was shouted on my doorstep and when asked to turn down the volume he just shouted louder. We are now thinking of moving again But what can I do to stop this behaviour?
Newface - 27-Apr-19 @ 3:07 PM
Just moved in a council house and neighbours have loud music on every night at the moment it’s still going on and it’s 7am here they let fireworks off outside they have people going round doing drugs as I can smell it through my walls and fighting outside this is only two weeks since I’ve lived here Rangbthw police and they said it’s a council issue I’ve contacted council but they haven’t got back to me I’m heavily pregnant live by myself with two daughters I’m scared to go round in case they do Somethin I’ve had my tyres slashed and yet still no one does anythin
Pregnant and ratty - 13-Apr-19 @ 6:58 AM
Hello there I have just moved in to a new flat and one neighbour is having party's evey weekend banging on walls and floor constantly and from Sat I handed that he has a asbo for drugs and fire arms and the council haven't told me about this were so a stand
Hoopy - 18-Mar-19 @ 7:52 PM
I have the opposite issue. I have a downstairs neighbour that is only happy when I'm sat on the sofa. I vacuum - she bangs, I put shopping away - she bangs, I get up for work early - she bangs etc etc. I feel like I need to be static for threat of her braying on the ceiling. Lived here almost 10 years with no complaints, she's moved in and I'm being threatened with anti social behaviour orders. I never play loud music etc. I don't even have family and friends over as she gets enraged. This is all day and night. I would be more understanding if it was at night. I feel some people aren't suited to loving in flats. I have an upstairs neighbour that can be noisy but I wouldn't start banging as I accept people aren't able tolevitate!!
RoDarling - 11-Mar-19 @ 6:17 AM
I too, have an upstairs neighbor whos six year old child has been dropping an unknown object an unknown item that clatters on her wooden floor. From 08:00 until up to 20:00.This can go on all day, every day. I have approached the parentsthe housing association many times but still can not have a day of peace. This is an immigrant family and of late have accused me of being a racist and they are taking me to court.
srinagar1234 - 10-Mar-19 @ 3:53 PM
Hi i have a nighbour that lets her 8 year old run and bang everyday the walls are so thin its starting to realy scare my dog don't know what to do had enough now.
pez - 28-Feb-19 @ 8:36 PM
i have an issue with my neighbour about his loud music monday to Friday nights at first.i tryed to talk to him numerous times nicely but all i get back was nasty names ive been called and doors been slammed in front of my face.so I've been trying to ask some help from local colchester council but nothing changed.its only get worst...he become even more aggressive.once we get back late at night with my partner from the hospital as we lost the baby,and guess what...our car been covered in red dust from his painting work in front of it.at the time i was down already becouse of our loss ,and all his behaviour that we have to cope with.when we asked him why did he done this and who is going to pay for polishing work he just been shouting at me once again and walk off by saying that im the one who is always looking forproblems .when i called the police he pretended to be very nice person and promised to pay for the damage that he done.but he never did.then i tryed to talk to him again he gets aggressive towards me and been saying that im stubborn and he is not going torepay any penny.the thing is that we have to share the parking spaces but instead of using car park slot he is making here a storage by putting all the things like old lockers big washing line balloons of gas and its make difficulty to get to my parking space.we asked him to remove his washing line away cuz it's not safe and in case it's falls its going to do some damage for my car.he ignored us again as usual.i get in touch with council again and they told me its nothing we can do about it.wehen the washing line finally got on to my car leaving a big scratch on it i called the police again because he started to harassing me in front of my guests as it was my birthday...nothing happened again...i fell like no one is doing anything to helping us council can't do anything as he is vulnerable person who is trying to get clean after being drug addicted and they are taking care of him..leaving us to suffer!police not doing anything either.landlord don't care...im so deeply depressed after all this stress so i get my self a cctv to wach a car parking as he been harassing me to smash my car but it's only recording on one side.every single time i have to check under my tyers before leaving the parking as he putting things under to make some damage. im working as a nurse and can't cope with this any more i have no sleap before long shifts at work. im always in stress becouse i don't know what to expect from him next...please help me!!!what else i can do ?who do i need to contact if council and police are doing nothing
erica - 25-Feb-19 @ 10:43 PM
Reading stories on here showsI’m not alone. My neighbours are disgusting and inconsiderate. Single mum with 5 kids and on benefits because she can’t be bothered working. I tried to have words with her numerous times about the racket and she just mocks us and gets worse. We all work and day and night door slamming, banging on walls, loud music, shouting and kids banging everywhere. Random men turning up and it’s like living next to a club day and night. It is so bad and can’t sleep due to the noise and house vibrating. I reported it to next doors landlord with recordings and log- got told they need more evidence even they have 2 years of this- I called Manchester council out and they said they couldn’t do anything only tell her to keep it down. It is so ridiculous that we feel like prisoners in our own home. On Thursday only got 46 mins sleep and then to work tired. Can anyone advice what we can do? So sick of this and it’s affecting us to a stage we can’t cope. We own the house.
Angel - 23-Feb-19 @ 8:00 PM
My neighbors always bang his wall as he said he get disturb of my two boys walking, running, playing bla bla bla. I have 6 years and 4 years boys. Many times i make them stop but they are kids since 4 years we heard always bang bang on the wall. We talked with those idiot family. But nothing stopped him. Till yet we havenot make complain to police nor the council. We knew that they dont do anythings and it turns more worse than this. I dont know what to do to this type of people. Is their any origination or group who can deal and can bring changes to those type of people. Please help me out
Ss - 3-Feb-19 @ 6:08 PM
Live in a semi-detached next to a rented property of 2 guys. Last year a younger man moved in as well and has caused nothing but trouble since. The walls are so thin we can hear everything; constant banging and shouting, furniture moving, work out machines. We called noise control team continually but they could do nothing and the useless council have absolutely no power either. What’s more we even had to call the police on numerous occasions as he was threatening other tenants one time and another he’d beaten his girlfriend(?). Both of the property’s landlords have blocked our calls too- truly shows the type of people renting out this place... He’ll go away for weeks to months at a time only to come back again and start the disruption all over. Whole situation has drained us and the children are petrified when home alone. We have even resorted to lying on the floor in hallway downstairs to sleep, as it’s the only place the noise is quieter during the night. Put the house on the market but after 2 failed attempts to sell things aren’t looking up there either... Just wish inconsiderate people like him would burn in hell to be honest so the whole ordeal could be over. Good luck to anyone in a similar predicament, remember to keep your chins up!
Sad & tired - 8-Jan-19 @ 9:05 PM
Live in a semi-detached next to a rented property of 2 guys. Last year a younger man moved in as well and has caused nothing but trouble since. The walls are so thin we can hear everything; constant banging and shouting, furniture moving, work out machines. We called noise control team continually but they could do nothing and the useless council have absolutely no power either. What’s more we even had to call the police on numerous occasions as he was threatening other tenants one time and another he’d beaten his girlfriend(?). Both of the property’s landlords have blocked our calls too- truly shows the type of people renting out this place... He’ll go away for weeks to months at a time only to come back again and start the disruption all over. Whole situation has drained us and the children are petrified when home alone. We have even resorted to lying on the floor in hallway downstairs to sleep, as it’s the only place the noise is quieter during the night. Put the house on the market but after 2 failed attempts to sell things aren’t looking up there either... Just wish inconsiderate people like him would burn in hell to be honest so the whole ordeal could be over. Good luck to anyone in a similar predicament, remember to keep your chins up!
Sad & tired - 8-Jan-19 @ 8:46 PM
i have noisey neighbours next the walls r thin she hot a son they both slap the doors really lound and they dont walk they bang on there feet because they dont know how walk at all i think and also she as other people stay at the house while she is away like her mom and the 3 kids and when she does comes back she as 2 lads stopping with her while she goes to work and leave them 2 in the house to do what they like in the birmingham city council house.
ann - 1-Jan-19 @ 2:34 PM
It is a nightmare I am living in our area has turned to crime and people are just vandalizing stuff they don't own. Also I have two nightmare neighbors now, mainly because of one who wouldn't stop banging. Put up a battle with these people threatened them to keep away or ELSE my bat would deal with them, yet it doesn't make any difference, it's like they feed off of it. Neighbors who live below me started trying to harass me over what? Some mentally ill neighbor on my other side banging the wall in? So they occasionally started to ring my doorbell for me to open the door for them, YET... they know the PIN. It's harassment. They'll do that because the door is on the other side of the building and I'm on the complete opposite side. I asked family to help me, they declined. So now guess where I am? AT BREAKING POINT. Just looked out my door at 11PM cause I heard banging, turns out it was my mentally ill neighbor next door. Then I see some JUNKIE woman swearing at me outside, and I'm like WTF? So I am hated for trying to defend myself from these nasty drug addicts and crazy people? Saying how she hated me, I don't EVEN know the woman. But if I see her again and if she is anywhere near my home, she will get a bat to the head. My mentally ill neighbor caused so much trouble that people targeted her home, she is that mentally ill that she thinks it was "ME". How stupid is that? My house got targeted too you know. Someone broke my door handle and messed with my locks. But from what I learned, there is no getting through to the mentally ill. Police = useless. Council = useless. Mediator = useless. And you know the police? They don't even come out anymore when you call for them. That;s why I gotta protect myself. I saw a BLACK man outside my house the other day and I was like WHO IS HE? @sara I feel you. It's not fair is it? But you seem like you have serious mental issues, because if you didn't you'd have left that home ages ago. Specially if you WORK, that's what I would have done if I could have escaped. All that you explained is a nightmare, something I'm going through too. Well something similar... but also other stuff too because of one person. And you're right, these people can get you put away. That's why I would usually advise people to MOVE if they can. It got so bad at one point I asked my council for a transfer only for them to respond by saying - we don't do that anymore now you have to SWAP houses. Tried the home swappers, nobody wants to trade and you have to PAY to use the services. Can't afford that. TIME WASTERS! Why did the councils remove the option to move after you've lived somewhere for several years? I've been here six years now, it'll be seven after 2018. It's horrible, they should give people the option to move, because bad things can happen and then you are stuck suffering, and I know deep down that not everywhere is like that. Growing up and living alon
A.G - 19-Dec-18 @ 1:01 AM
There are some absolute horror stories here! I am shocked that people are so inconsiderate. Mine seems pretty tame by comparison...my neighbour slams doors. The front door, the kitchen door, the flat door, cupboard doors...all of which I can hear clearly through the wall. I am assuming her doors have handles on them, I just cannot fathom why she doesn't use them! I have knocked on her door several times and she never opens it so I have put polite notes through at various times reminding her that she has neighbours either side and that we don't enjoy being woken up at 2.15am (I have a job to get up for but not at 2am!) when she's slamming about the other side of the wall. It improves for about a week, then it's like she has amnesia and reverts back to slamming! She is on benefits and rents the flat from a private landlord. I am trying to find out who manages the property because if she won't listen to me then maybe she'll listen to them. I have no idea who this is though. I have got the freeholders info from the land registry and have written to them. But if it turns out they don't know who is responsible for the flat how can I trace the property manager? Someone is responsible for keeping her in line and I am certain she would be in breach of her tenancy agreement. Help please!!!!!!!!
Sleepflower - 2-Dec-18 @ 7:39 PM
I own my house..my next door neighbours own theirs. I live on my own, they are a family of 3 with a 2 year old. The walls are paper thin. I have already had to ask them to ventilate their house better and open their windows as their cooking smells make my house smell, it’s awful when you’re lying in bed and smell it. Also their toddler is screaming, I mean actually screaming, and running around the house until gone 10pm. This is causing me a lot of stress. I’ve already knocked about the smells and it’s made little difference. Now I need to speak to them again about the child. Shall I write a letter? I’m worried I’m going to lose my temper as they’re stressing me out so much.
Zobo - 30-Oct-18 @ 10:33 PM
Weak bullies form gangs to intimidate neighbours, use animal cruelty and their own children to do their dirty work. You cannot reason with these weak bullies and moving house is never the answer.They are just about everywhere and never work. They use all forms trickery and are good at lying, Repetitive in their actions no matter how nicely you ask them to stop. I believe Governments support them. One only has to look at the many complaints made and how the system is failing society. It all has to do with Power, Greed and Money. If only the large number of abused confront Governments we could make a difference. When election day comes remember what government made the difference in combating bullying and meant every word of it/
Alan - 28-Oct-18 @ 9:25 AM
my neighbours are disgusting they have been measuring there boundary line from where they have decide to push there fence . I cannot no longer lock my gate . Damaging the fences had to replace them twice . drilling into my boundary wall drilling and nailing wood to my fences. when approached damn right rude get abuse from them. constantly calling the police, no one is helping or putting a stop to it. facing cameras into my property which of police has overall done nothing about!! thrown rubbish into my garden stolen tools if my husband absolutely disgusting people .
ki - 27-Oct-18 @ 1:22 AM
It’s unfortunately the life we live in now,,more and more people don’t give a damn about other people, I have noisy neighbours,mainly at night ,talking loudly after 12am slamming doors moving cars,there is 4 people that live there ,I started being polite but they don’t listen just take the piss so I just wake them up early in the morning when there’re asleep it’s the only way,cos councils can’t do nothing about talking ,i I have to sleep in another room , which I feel is unfair ,,my father used to deal with people like this very affectivly but has since passed away,,it’s always usually rented accommodation where people are noisy and these people are young polish ,,if my mother didn’t live with me ,I would wake them up every time they made a noise,,,if I didn’t say anything I’m certain they would be more noisy,,I feel for all “decent” people who have terrible neighbors,,it’s awful,,,,hang in there ,,they might move away ??
Jonnybravo - 21-Oct-18 @ 4:29 PM
We live in a small ground floor flat and our neighbour upstairs like to heavily run up/down their stairs, slam their doors, scream at each other or their dog (which you can also hear scratching around). These are at unnecessary times too, middle of the night and even at 5am in the street. This happened again at 7am and even in the afternoons. The man who screams and shouts is also swearing “shut the F up” etc and the woman is just all out screaming. I might take a note of exactly when it happens but not sure who to report it to? Any suggestions?
Steve - 28-Sep-18 @ 8:39 AM
For weeks now the house behind myself has been nothing but a nightmare. It’s either a private let or mortgaged house currently being occupied by at least three young people between their late teens and early twenties and they also have a dog. Now, I’m not saying that every teen or young adult is like this, there are young renters/homeowners who do brilliantly with houses but for these three it’s not the case and they are clearly not mature enough to have a property because of some of the things they are doing which is causing myself and others distress. They are never awake during the day, their curtains always drawn but they will keep the street up from 10.30pm - 4.30am every single night with guests coming and going to the house, allowing their dog to run through the streets doing its business in gardens and on public footpaths instead of giving it at least access to their large back garden to do its business. It’s constant crushing of cans, throwing them into their bins, slamming the lids, slamming the doors, shouting, talking loudly on their phone, trying to get access into my back garden via the gate, inviting guests over until the early hours on both weekdays and weekends where there are children needing up for school, people needing up for work, people needing up for appointments or whatever important things need done that day. They always take their bins out and back twice a week on weekdays after 1am when they are clearly indoors all day to take them out at reasonable times which suggests they know it’s disturbing people. The police have been out at least once to surveillance the area because of unrelated crimes that have occurred in the area in the past eight months, but I highly suspect as well as other people also affected in the street by the activity that there’s a lot more going on than just drinking and staying up all night wandering outside peoples houses and they aren’t exactly doing a good job of keeping it secret either. Been to the council, have asked them what they can do but because it’s either a private let or bought house they can’t do anything about it, that it’s a police matter if I or anyone else in the street feels unsafe, which isn’t really good enough. If anyone’s lives are in danger or their properties targeted for break ins, arson or whatever, then the police aren’t exactly going to be here within minutes. Is there not an easier way of finding out who owns the house or who they rent it from so that they can be contacted directly to get these issues resolved? I think I’ve been very tolerant the last two years I’ve lived here, but enough is enough, my gate has been tried twice now and that’s something I absolutely cannot ignore.
Fed up - 2-Sep-18 @ 1:11 AM
Am 37 weeks pregnant with a 1 year old little boy at home on my own my son can not sleep at all with the people that live above us banging non stop he can’t go to bed at a normal time or wake up at a normal time for the passed 2 night he hasn’t been at home because of it I am tried and sick of the non stop banging and shouting. Some think needs to be done I have been rushed in to hospital because of the stress i can’t live a peaceful life with my babies with the non stop banging all the time I would happily let anyone sit in my flat day in day out and see what I have to put up with this is Beyond a joke there is 3 kids up there in one bedroom and a husband and wife
Holly - 24-Aug-18 @ 11:44 AM
Hi. I need help with an insane neighbour. He lives two doors away on his own. His mum and dad own the house but moved out and left him there a few years ago. He’s obviously got serious mental issues because during the day he will walk past, shake you by the hand and be pleasant. Then, usually at night times or early hours of the morning, he will walk down the street shouting and swearing at the top of his voice (and he’s got a very loud voice). He uses really bad language, won’t say on here but I’m sure you can guess. Sometimes it’s just havibg a go at an imaginary enemy, other times it’s aimed at specific people in the street. We also believe he keeps drugs there for a local dealer. Very often cars will pull up outside, bib, then either him or the other man (the one we think is the dealer) will come out, hand them something, then they’ll drive off. There are a lot of children down our street and also an old people’s home, they don’t need to be living with people like this. None of us do though. I contacted the police one night when he was out in the street shouting and they said someone would be in touch. A couple of days later a policeman called and said there’s nothing they could do and if it happened again we need to call an ambulance. I called an ambulance the next time and they said he’s not hurt so there’s nothing they could do. His mum and dad have no interest in him. They live a long wayaway so can’t hear. Him. He’s also smashed most of the interior out of his house. Apparently he has no bed or furniture. It’s all been smashed and put on a bomb fire. He seems to be knocking all his internal walls out too. Desperately need help. Is there anything we can do?
Mitch - 19-Aug-18 @ 12:42 PM
I have a nieghbour downstairs ( in a set of flatsthree downstairs threeupstairs ? ) My neighbour below me tends to come up thestairs early hours of the morning from 2.00AM to 6.00AMany timesduring them hours ? He sneaks up the stairs and listen at ma door and looking through mykeyhole and also he goes through my rubbish bagslate on nitethis bloke is a total wierdo,creepy and a spooky blokewhat and whywould posses some oneto do such a thingI feellike I'm reading on egg shells,intmidated, uncomfortable , on edgeI'm not a noisy or a nuisancenieghbour ,what can I do and get done about this freaky, spooky wierdo
Scottie - 18-Aug-18 @ 7:31 PM
gaz - Your Question:
I have new neighbours and noticed he had rats under his shed,i went round to tell them and the lady said she knew ,and he feeds them.i reported it to the council and they sent him a letter but he still continues to feed them.

Our Response:
Go back to environmental health, they have powers to take further action against this resident if he is encouraging vermin that may present a health problem.
ProblemNeighbours - 6-Aug-18 @ 11:45 AM
Most of the people on here aren't even British. Of course everyone deserves to live in peace and tranquility. However, if you aren't happy then move out or go home. You must have funds to have upped sticks and moved to another country? No? Then you're draining the DWP and your housing is FREE. Was your original country's living conditions worse or better? Weigh up the pros and cons. As for everyone else, the council and police are not your only hope. Fear is a remarkable tool-use it. I understand some bad neighbours are threatening and violent so try to think of another way around that to scare them. Saying 'I'll call the police' to some people is like throwing petrol on a fire. Try using other ways. Think out of the box. Good luck.
NoNameSorry - 4-Aug-18 @ 6:27 PM
I have new neighboursand noticed he had rats under his shed,i went round to tell them and the lady said she knew ,and he feeds them.i reported it to the council and they sent him a letter but he still continues to feed them.
gaz - 3-Aug-18 @ 9:22 PM
I know some of you here and You make up False allegations to violate People's privacy get people fined And evicted and you even use your nationality religion and caluture differences to get people convicted Then the people you falsely acuuse get released later cause Thier inocentyou women and men deserve what you get you should be thrown in jail for life all Of youwho protects good Honest people from you guys As long as you guys and women keep doing what your doing Every one will continue to live in fear I hope one day the law works Soon To protect us from such people Kind Regards Your local judge Retired
No Laden - 3-Aug-18 @ 12:32 PM
A neighbour is regularly stirring trouble and today started shouting at my partner who is anglo Indian because he was watering the garden and was saying you did it yesterday.I sent downstairs to see what was happening and he picked up his walking frame and came towards me with it.I said threatening to him a woman whereby he slammed it into the cupboard.Can we take any action against hm?
bhuda - 22-Jul-18 @ 11:01 PM
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