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Being Bullied by a Neighbour? What You Can Do

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 21 Oct 2020 | comments*Discuss
Bully Bullies Neighbour Harassment

If you, or anyone in your household, feel as though you’re being bullied in your neighbourhood or even your own home, it can potentially make your life unbearable. You have the right to feel safe in your own neighbourhood and protected from harassment, so don’t let a bully take that away from you or your loved ones.

Children Being Bullied

Bullying is a common problem, especially with children. In some cases, a bullying incident may be a one-off, a trivial falling out between children, and isn’t necessarily anything to worry about.

Listen to what your child is saying about the bullies and keep an eye on the situation. It may all blow over.In the meantime, arm your children with strategies to deal with the actions the bullies are taking, such as trying to ignore minor things, asking the bully to stop, and telling an adult.

If a child is being picked on frequently, you could try walking with them to school, supervising play areas or speaking to the parents of the bully or bullies and trying to resolve the issues amicably.

In very serious cases, or examples where there have been actual physical violence, it might be possible as a last resort to take out a restraining order, making the parents and the bullies stay away from your child. If the situation has become that serious or dangerous, it’s advisable to involve the police, get some information on your legal options, and consult a lawyer. Thankfully, it’s rare for childhood bullying to need that sort of intervention.

What’s Considered Bullying?

Bullying and harassment, especially when adults are involved, can be subtle, hard to pinpoint and consist of many separate incidents which can turn into persistent bullying when they are carried out repeatedly or over a long period of time. It is important to know how you are protected under the Protection From Harassment Act.

If you’re being subjected to any form of unwanted behaviour from a neighbour, it can be described as bullying. It could take the form of constant harassment, physical or verbal abuse. Name calling or teasing constantly can be bullying if they upset you or cause you any distress. Some bullies may choose to simply 'blank' you or spread rumours about you. Serious cases may even involve threatening or anti-social behaviour.

In some cases, neighbourhood bullies can be so subtle and their actions can become so regular that their behaviour can be overlooked. That doesn’t make it right. Long term, bullying can cause mental and physical health problems, and affect your well-being.

What to Do if You’re Being Bullied

The very nature of adult bullies make them hard to reason with. You can try avoiding the culprit and hoping they get bored with annoying you, if the bullying is mild.

Kill them with kindness. If the bully sees you as a threat, try befriending them, even if you don’t want to. If you turn the tables and act as if you’re willing to be friendly, you could get a positive response. Try a friendly 'hello' or offer to help them with something. This might not work, but is worth trying as a first course of action.

Try being assertive, too. Use assertive body language, stand straight, don’t avoid eye contact, and confront them with statements like, "I've noticed that you seem to be trying to bully me and I would like you to stop."

If all else fails, or the bullying becomes serious or physical, involve the authorities.

If there’s a discrimination element (you’re being bullied because of your race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion), contact your local authority who may be able to take action. Some local authorities have Safer Neighbourhood Teams who work with communities to identify and address local concerns.

In some cases, a local authority can apply for a court order against the perpetrator, banning them from carrying out anti-social behaviour, nuisance or threats against you or your household, and even evict them if they carry on.

You may be able to take out a civil injunction against the bully. Take advice from a solicitor about your options and what you need to do if that’s the case. Find out more about the Proection from Harassment Act here.

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Thinking about it now it'snot anything I have done or deserve when the neighbours start It's their own miserable Life's and they are just looking for someonne to take it all out on well am out of here sooner the better dont need anybody problemsgot enough of my own Thankyou
K2 mental ward - 21-Oct-20 @ 1:19 AM
I’m glad I found this site and have read the comments. My neighbour from hell is probably a genuine psychopath. I agree. Police allow thier behaviour and have limited powers. My council haven’t let me down YET. But I was spoken to rudely after they spoke to the neighbours. The neighbours have switched everything round on me. They have committed criminal offences which they got away with. They do things which are “just” not breaking the law. I think the simplest answer is to move. However I’m actually not able to without putting my elderly mother in thier firing line. I live in fear. Can’t go about my normal life. Have spent money and got into debt to try and avoid legal costs by shielding and protecting myself and staying out of thier way. But they just won’t stop. Does anyone here have a problem because of freehold and leasehold law changes? Leaseholders being given more rights appears to have attracted con artist and bullies into being able to kick the elderly out of thier home. Funnily I had PTSD before they moved in and went out of my way to let them know. They appeared to be aware because they spoke at me as though I was stupid and were aggressive. They are now following a legal route and I have discovered all thier strange behaviour and accusations were deliberate. I mean- who buys a home and moves in and keeps records on the one neighbour that is in the way of them gaining financially? But. I am at a loss. Apparently the law, new leasehold laws and the police and the authorities seem to have put me in the firing line and I’m getting ready traumatised. The police were gibbing me off about mental health issues. And not doing anything. The mental health Said it’s harassment and sent me back to the police. Apparently basic human rights are a myth and authorities not funded enough to properly investigate and no authorities liase. Just because of one bully com artist with no morals or empathy. I may lose everything and me my mum will end up separated and living in government pensions and housing. It’s appalling what the world has become. What this woman is doing is shameful I cannot get my head around how what she is doing is legally allowed in a country with a legal system like the UK. I say bring back legal aid so I can fight and I think the governments decisions should have had contingency for small freeholders. I am also worried about being taken to court. I am worried about when I will be able to sleep and eat and I live creeping about in silence as they live above and thier reaction to any noise I make is “revenge noise”- I didn’t even know what that was but I am certainly living it.i actually just took a sleeping pill as I am so desperate to sleep at a normal time and not have to be woken up because the neighbour stomps about at night
Confound - 12-Oct-20 @ 8:44 PM
Am telling you now my street is Suicide watch I put a new fence up at the front of my house The whole street is in on it humiliatedan intimidating it Is gossiping and stuff I put my fence up for my benefit not for the whole street I close my curtains because I can't stand the site of them neighbours from hell
K2 mental ward - 6-Oct-20 @ 11:45 PM
After 3 years of bullying by a group of neighbours involving false allegations to the police, physical damage to my property and myself, mental torture I have finally given up. Last week i was convicted in magistrates court of 5 fictious offences and lost my job as a pillar of the society. Luckily for myself I was given a conditional discharge. What sunk me was my pleading to the police over the last 3 years to help my family. This was brought up by the CPS and twisted around as obsession. The police officer I had trusted made this conclusion but failed to elaborate on the detail, as such I was not allowed to bring in my smashed windows done by the smiling neighbour opposite me or the verbal abuse. My other neighbours and I know the truth,but I have to admit my accuses were well skilled and the previous advice given to me by the same police officer played into their plan. Am I going to challenge the ruling. My answer is I can't afford financially to do this after losing my job and my mental health is bad. I couldn't understand why me as the victim was now the criminal, so I tried ending my life and ended up in a NHS facility. My advice is seek help, but never ever believe the police have your back. Be careful of the harassment allegation if you report the neighbour to the authorities, even if you are told to do this by the police. And most importantly do all your communication by email, never ,ever accept a phone meeting from the inspector. Because of the nature of their work they never remember anything, whether deliberately or not.
TheConvictedVictim - 5-Oct-20 @ 1:58 PM
These posts just prove one thing. Councils and police 'the Authorities' are ineffectual in most cases and treating bullies with their own medicine only ends in you, the easy target, being targeted by the 'authorities'. Both my neighbour and self have suffered this for well over 2 years. After over 18months of escalating harassment, threats and even violence we are both nervous wrecks, I am due in court on false charges of assaulting a large male neighbour by simple defending myself with one hand and my neighbour and her daughter are desperately seeking new accommodation. Both of us have been model tenants for well over a decade but the aggressor owns his own house so seems fireproof. One person on here immediately had the race card thrown at him for daring to complain and another, like us only saw action when it was against them not the aggressor. Police say not our problem, council says not ours. As for the standard advice. It doesn't work.
MRP - 29-Sep-20 @ 7:26 PM
Hi , my neighbors has been a big threat to me each and everyday morning and night and I'm tired of the battles, I'm being threatened with amasheddi and tools out the yard andit needs to stop, rocks thrown at my home, please help
Johnny - 27-Sep-20 @ 2:04 PM
I'm not sure how active this forum is but I'm having problems with a neighbour from an adjoining street. One night when walking me dog, he came out screaming at me. During his tirade he referred to me by the name 'Mickey' (that's not my name, which I told him) and acted as if he knew me. As far as I'm aware, I'd never met him before. From what I could gather from his shouting, swearing and aggressive behaviour he was unhappy I was walking past his property (around 4-5pm) as his dog would see mine through his window and start going wild, which is fair enough. I told him I would alter my route and tried to explain I wasn't 'Mickey'. Now he wouldn't believe me and was adamant that he k we me. I walked away and figured we all get confused, upset and thought little more of it. A few weeks later I was walking along a different street with a relative, walking my dog and we were having a bit of a laugh and chat. From about 10 meters away, the guy started shouting abuse at us. Again we tried to explain that he was mixing me up with someone else, and that he had the wrong person. Again he didn't believe me and we walked off because it wasn't worth the hassle. Now we're at the point where if I see him in the street he's making gestures, shouting abuse at the top of his voice and if you try to talk to him he gets fairly aggressive and 'gets in your face'. To make matters worse, someone had complained about his dog (not me) and he has told me that he 'knows it was me'. My concern is that his behaviour is slowly escalating and I'm concerned violence is going to be the end result. I'd rather not go to the police because a) it may escalate things b) I'd rather not get him in trouble over a misunderstanding. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
Uncomfortable - 23-Sep-20 @ 6:33 PM
Every nigbor I get picks on me everyday bully’s me for no reason one nigbors who hates my guts always side with the other nigbors always gang up on me they always yell though the wall make louid banging noises they have parties every nightthey bang on my door 2 am in the morning they always lowlife a junkies the agent dose nothing about it says it’s not his problem only cares about the money not the safety ofthere tenets I feel like I’m in danger all the time living in fear I suffer depression and aniexty need help feel lost
Kris - 21-Sep-20 @ 10:51 AM
It has been a while since my last post. I am now working again but I have 1 day off a week which is a Sunday i was watching with my surround sound volume at no 6 and when i just watch my tv it is on volume 1 just after 20.00 tonight i am watching my tv with subtitles because if i turn my tv down any lower it is mute and my neighbours are still moaning. I have resorted to lowering myself and shouting back at them for which I am not proud of but i am so upset, angry and feeling guilty allbthe time. It seems that my neighbours don't want me to enjoy or be happy with my own pathetic non existence little life. While im writing this their are making fun of me.
Depressed - 20-Sep-20 @ 9:10 PM
I have a neighbor whos dog barks any time after 7pm upwards .i used to get on with him .but in the end i reported it to my local council. 2 years of iti had .and still on going..hes threatened me .through me trying to resolve the matter ..hes a drinker. Too. I have anxiety issues. .i hold my ground with with him by standing up to him but because i reported him he constantly gives me hassle. banging doors ...i live in a 1. Bed flat ..why the council allow dogs in a 1. Bed flat. is beyond me
Beef - 20-Sep-20 @ 11:23 AM
I seen this middle eastern family with their guest are purposely provoking this asian family when the asian family was just minding its own business and was helping its own family member to park and get into the home. The asian family were not even making any kind of conversation/attention with middle eastern family and their guests but neverless they open their mouth and saying unpleasant unreasonable conversation to stop this asian family so trying to cause argument. They are not treating them right especially when living on same street. I do not ever see this asian family cause any trouble for any of us.
Enough - 18-Sep-20 @ 12:38 AM
we have a neighbour who has recently moved in about a few months ago. We didn't realise that he had moved in ever since there was no one living there for a long time and he doesn't come out, his window has no curtains and its dark inside. We live in a flat above him. One night at 11pm, i decided to wash the dishes since i didn't want to deal with them in the morning. However i wasn't aware that there was something wrong with the plumbing. In fact our previous neighbour whom we got along with didn't have a problem with this. He wasn't one who shied away from confronting us if there was any issues like leaking, noise, etc. However the new neighbour while i was washing the dishes started banging his ceiling really loud which of course is my kitchen floor, this was his way of complaining that the pipes are noisy. it did startle me and made me uncomfortable. the same week we found out that he reported us for this noise that we weren't aware of and which we had no control over. I understand how frustrating it is when yourre trying to sleep and there is a lot of noise. Which is why his complaint is reasonable but how he handled the situation isn't. We would've understood if he just knocked in our house and kindly asked us or told us the situation first instead of banging onour floor and reporting us immediately without warning. The council came to check the pipes and found that our house had no problems . Despite this we were more careful just in case. Especially opening the water too loud at 11pm when drinking water or washing dishes. Ever since then my family has tried to say hi to him or smile at him, hes ignored us... which is understandable. Not everyone has to like you.Today when i was rushing to leave my house, forgetting that it was slightly windy i closed the door loudly at 10:50am . He opened the door angrily asking if i don't know how to close the door. I apologised. I feel like this made him hatte my family more. I would like to atleast be civil with him.How do i do this, ever since he sees us as annoying neigjbours. i don't know if his dislike is something personal or the noise.How can we build a better relationship with this neighbour?
help! - 14-Sep-20 @ 3:08 AM
I have this neighbor. Well not exactly my neighbor. Shes from a neighboring apartment complex and she harasses me. It all started when I told her kids, who do not live in our apartments so they legally cant hang out on our staircase and block tenants, that they need to leave. They must have told her because now she harasses me, tries to fight me. She bangs on my door, always at night. I never answer because I know how confrontational she is from the other incidents and I have a baby. As soon as I walk out ofmy apartment shes coming over to harass me. She constantly threatens me. I filed a complaint with the police but they told me the only way they could actually help me is if she assaulted me. I literally dont want to get punched. Who does. Why do I have to endure someone like this. The way she acts is not normal. Being some wanna be thug is not normal behavior.
Adventurous - 7-Sep-20 @ 6:22 AM
I have a neighbour who shouts and swears at me or any of my family when we just smile at her to say hello.Her responses are a tirade of abuse I.e. ‘ why are you smiling at me ‘ also expletives. Her children bang on my windows and doors and she screams at her kids. I do not want to confront her as I am 70 and do not want any trouble, what can I do
Concerned - 31-Aug-20 @ 9:51 PM
I live rurally, and have no troubles with any of my neighbours on any side, except ONE. Said neighbour in question has hunting dogs loose in the yard. Three, to be exact. They bark non stop at the drop of a leaf and for hours at a time. I think they must be bored, for sure, as the yard isn't particular big or interesting. Previously, our house was unoccupied for a long time and the fence was damaged so they're dogs were getting in our yard and causing a lot of trouble. This was eventually fixed and attended to when the neighbours decided to get puppies and they were running away, escaping to our yard and out the fence and onto the road which, was obviously not our fault. Fair enough. But about a year ago, we decided to get chickens. We erected an area for them and although there were hiccups, we fixed them up in a secure place under the house. NO ROOSTERS by the way, and we set them up closer to the other neighbours who was glad we got them, fyi. Apart from the duck quacking a bit during the day, there's no real issues of noise. I didn't think we had a particularly bad relationship with the dog neighbour, but the dogs managed to rip the fence into our yard and literally killed our duck and a chicken. We approached him about it and he said he'd get a cage for them. Obviously, as hunting dogs, they legally can't be kept in town anyway. We thought the message got through. But eight months on, nothing has happened and the dogs are yet again, breaking the fence to get in. When I knock on the door to try fetch someone to get the dog, they don't answer. I admit I'm at my tether at this point, and I end up grabbing the dog and dragging it out of my yard. I tried to fix the fence again, but now I'm SUPER PISSED because my partner has now told me he is being verbally tormented and harassed by the neighbour while their friends were over. I don't know what to do at this stage. While the dogs are annoying, I just can't cop this neighbour's attitude. He refuses to address us, let alone accept his dogs are rampant killers and just will not do anything but torment us. I've had enough. Not to mention, I've had people complain about THIS NEIGHBOUR TO ME as WELL. They ask "how do you live next to someone like that?" And "I'd be terrified if my kids had to be next to that" And to be honest it's true. He's horrid. The dogs are horrid. How much nicer/tolerant do we have to be?? Even worse, we're renting, and I have a bad feeling he might own his house. I'm at my wits end. Some mornings he's so hungover, we can hear him vomitting (although it's a bit funny... But seriously??). Anyway thanks for reading my rant, and if anyone has any advice or anything, I'll all ears. The dogs are one problem, but his being a crappy person is another story all together. PS. we live in a very small rural community. We have a VERY good relationship with all of our other neighbours, one which has frequently chased the dogs out of
Teed off - 30-Aug-20 @ 5:51 AM
Aggressive intimidating neighbour that clearly has a problem with me Violent and scary
Cider - 30-Aug-20 @ 12:14 AM
So, I’m on private rent, I am a single mum with 3 boys 2,5 and 9. My 9 year old has adhd and keeps throwing things over the neighbours garden like clothes and rubbish (nothing dangerous thankfully). The first time the lady next door knockedon my door with a bag of rubbish I apologised and tried to explain to her that I’m here on my own and my eldest has a disability. Her response in an abusive manner was “your sons disability ain’t my problem!” shocked I said again that I was sorry and I will have words with my kids. My disabled child, not understanding, again threw a t shirt over the garden. I’ve been getting so much abuse from this neighbour about it even though Ive told herto tell me not about and abuse me about it so I can address it with my children. This has made my son worse and now his anxiety has set off he wants to keep doing it as now he WANTS to hear her shouting abuse ?? god help me! I’m not a complaining neighbour, the have loud music and lots of family gatherings I don’t complain once but running my son down due to his disability is starting to get to me I must admit. I know it’s wrong for him to throw things over the fence but I haven’t got eyes up my bottom and some times I need to sit down due to my own illness (hyperthyroid and anxiety) and need occasional toilet trips. Really don’t know what to do about this and can’t move to another private rent due to finances and being my sons carer.. need help and advice please ???
Kay - 21-Aug-20 @ 12:05 AM
So, I’m on private rent, I am a single mum with 3 boys 2,5 and 9. My 9 year old has adhd and keeps throwing things over the neighbours garden like clothes and rubbish (nothing dangerous thankfully). The first time the lady next door knockedon my door with a bag of rubbish I apologised and tried to explain to her that I’m here on my own and my eldest has a disability. Her response in an abusive manner was “your sons disability ain’t my problem!” shocked I said again that I was sorry and I will have words with my kids. My disabled child, not understanding, again threw a t shirt over the garden. I’ve been getting so much abuse from this neighbour about it even though Ive told herto tell me not about and abuse me about it so I can address it with my children. This has made my son worse and now his anxiety has set off he wants to keep doing it as now he WANTS to hear her shouting abuse ?? god help me! I’m not a complaining neighbour, the have loud music and lots of family gatherings I don’t complain once but running my son down due to his disability is starting to get to me I must admit. I know it’s wrong for him to throw things over the fence but I haven’t got eyes up my bottom and some times I need to sit down due to my own illness (hyperthyroid and anxiety) and need occasional toilet trips. Really don’t know what to do about this and can’t move to another private rent due to finances and being my sons carer.. need help and advice please ???
Kay - 20-Aug-20 @ 8:37 PM
Hello my name is Gina. I've been dealing with a narcissistic female neighbor who is constantly watching me! Also she moved. In 9 months ago. After only living there 2 weeks I noticed my car started getting vandalized! My car was being sprayed with acid! This has never happened to me.Until this neighbor moved in! She is also foing it to other neighbors too! Please let me know what to do about this neighbor. I don't know what to do anymoe PLEASE. Thanks. Gina
Gina - 17-Aug-20 @ 9:29 PM
I have some neighbours similar to that. I feel like going naked outside so they stop looking LOL. Keep building up your shrubs for privacy. Put on headphones & enjoy your property. Wave at them once each time you go out & they’re looking, or just ignore them completely. My partner waves, I ignore & wear headphones with noce music playing.These types of people are some of the stupid among us, and there are many.
JB - 16-Aug-20 @ 9:24 AM
I am dealing with neighbors who live behind me when I am out in my yard I have witnessed them watching me and talking bad about me with people who were at their house I ignored it , bullying behavior of the girl opening her curtain to look out and watch us as we tried to have a good day on our property doing yard work we have bought five bottlebrush bushes and put them directly in front of the windows of the problem neighbor the neighbor is still bullying us indirectly non-verbal it is very annoying I have spoke to her one time about a year ago and she was very cold to me had a conversation about cat that was hers and I tried to make a conversation with her about how I have cats also and she replied cold to me and wasn't willing to make conversation I accept that but ever since then the stalking has continued what else can I do I have contacted the police once told them about the issues they said it was good that I have it on record and to call them back if anything further happens the behavior is very indirect indiscreet nothing violent -I have the feeling the problem neighbor wants me and my boyfriend to snap or move out, does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this problem ?? I want to be able to enjoy my yard without feeling watched or stalked. I want to block the feeling of hate ; I get from these neighbors, I like my house and I'm not going to move out
Marie - 15-Aug-20 @ 7:42 PM
We don’t disturb any of these neighbors, we even don’t have any big parties like these neighbors. But I do notice i live in a neighborhood where you are only Asian neighbor and the rest of the neighbors are middle eastern. For 6 years, it was worst but now during this year 2020 and with covid these neighbors are making Even worst. That neighbor complain to us when we first moved, not to park in front of my home so we were being considerate and not park there. But then, they Have people parking in front of my home. I thought we had understanding but I guess not and not being considerate neighbor they are. Plus there was plenty of other spots closer to park near that neighbor home. They will spread bad rumours to other neighbors. They will call officer on you when you haven’t done anything to cause any disturbances. These neighbors knows we will not complain or do anything and of course we don’t speak same language. Ontario Canada. Can this be bullying?
Not right - 14-Aug-20 @ 4:12 AM
The saga continues a couple of nights ago I heard the neighbour next door (who apparently doesn't moan behind my back) complaining that I have my tv on all the time yes it is on all the time because I live by myself and I have it on volume 1 when watching sky, 2 when using my firestick and 6 when I have my surround sound on. I was so upset on Tuesday I called my brother crying and ended up losing my temper and shouting through the wall so they could hear how upset I was. It doesn't stop there since last week I have been putting my tv on subtitles so I didn't disturb them and this morning I heard them moaning at 5.45am which woke me up. That's the second day. I have also installed a decibel meter on my phone which read 30 max when I was watching blade runner 2049 on my surround. Whatever I do it isn't good enough.
Depressed - 13-Aug-20 @ 11:43 AM
Answer to the last comment I have been trying for 20 years to stop the same sort of harassment the parents in question say it's not their little darlings. You might have better luck with the police than I have.
Depressed - 5-Aug-20 @ 2:16 PM
Can someone please guide me if there is anything one can do to avoid being bullied by 9 year old kids in the neighbourhood. Me and my kids are suffering almost every other day due to their verbal attacks. Can someone please tell if there is any way out of it. Even the safe neighbourhood team is unable to coordinate with their parents. It's getting frustrating.
N - 5-Aug-20 @ 1:18 AM
Me again believe I am getting fed up too. Last night at 23.50 I was relaxing in my living room about to fall asleep when I heard shouting, screaming and very loud running which was aimed at me because they always refer me as that woman in that house. I know who it is there is a older more disabled couple the gentleman is alright but his wife thinks I deserved to be harrassed going back I think the ring leader is either a son or grandson of hers. What do have to do go out and physically hurt someone before they and the police get the message that this is out of order. I don't believe in violence and I have never hurt anyone.
Depressed - 4-Aug-20 @ 12:38 PM
A carry on from my last post. It sounded like the same woman from Sunday at 19.20 pm this evening went past my house and said "how are we going t get this cleared up dear, dear". I was trying to cutdown some follage this afternoon. And as my bin was filled up I couldn't throw it away it is only a small pile I assume that is what she is referring to. I have had enough of this constant bullying it s my house and she has no right
Depressed - 28-Jul-20 @ 7:24 PM
Yesterday two women went past my house and "no wonder everyone hates her." Then this morning some kid it sounded like one of the kids who have been harrasing me shouted "bully" as he went past. I hate confrontation because I always feel worse and like I'm in the wrong.
Depressed - 27-Jul-20 @ 10:31 AM
Hello, to whom it may concern, it is not right and unfair when a neighbour bully another neighbour cause they are from different race and don't speak same language. The area where I live, mostly all of the homes are the same race except my household. We get along with most of the neighbour but the neighbour across the street from us and with their guests who visit them, seems to bully us the most. They would purposely park in front of my home when there are spots closer to that house. I know i dont have the right but as a good neigbhour, be considerate and reasonable. There are times, When i get home from work and they are sitting outside, they will say hate words and spread bad rumors. During the pandemic it is getting worse. Everyday there are many visitors to their home. We do not bother any of the neighbours including the neighbour across the street. Neighbour bullying cause we are not from same race is not right. We are human. We just look different outside
Unfair - 25-Jul-20 @ 12:06 AM
my family has moved into this area. I feel like we are being bullying by this neighbour across the street from us. We are only race on the street and the rest of the neighbors are different race but in same culture. I don't want to be racist but it seem like they pick on us mostly than the rest of the neighbour cause we dont speak their language. When this neighbour are outside, sitting and talking to each other, I can hear them saying hate words and spreading words to other people everytime I come home from work. I feel like this neighbor are watching you at your every move so they know when to bother us. They always have their guests park in front of our home *there are other spots that are much closer to this neighbour and this neighbor driveway is available to park but these guests don't. *They purposely park in front of us so we have to beg for their guest to move their car so we can park. We do not even bother any other neighbours and this neighbour. Only time when we ask their guest if they can move so we can park at my home... but when we do ask their guest to move, the guest take their time to move. We ask so many time's if they can kindly not block us or park a bit up more into another space. At least be considerate and reasonable. These people always want to get their way. This have been happening for over 6 years now. Also When you try to fix something up around the outside of your home, they will compete with you aND do the same and will look down on you and spread rumors. We are not competing with them aND we are not trying to show off. We are trying to maintain the home. We don't bother any of thsee neighbor. Just want to come home and relax without any problem.
Stress - 23-Jul-20 @ 1:19 AM
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