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Being Bullied by a Neighbour? What You Can Do

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 9 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
Bully Bullies Neighbour Harassment

If you, or anyone in your household, feel as though you’re being bullied in your neighbourhood or even your own home, it can potentially make your life unbearable. You have the right to feel safe in your own neighbourhood and protected from harassment, so don’t let a bully take that away from you or your loved ones.

Children Being Bullied

Bullying is a common problem, especially with children. In some cases, a bullying incident may be a one-off, a trivial falling out between children, and isn’t necessarily anything to worry about.

Listen to what your child is saying about the bullies and keep an eye on the situation. It may all blow over.In the meantime, arm your children with strategies to deal with the actions the bullies are taking, such as trying to ignore minor things, asking the bully to stop, and telling an adult.

If a child is being picked on frequently, you could try walking with them to school, supervising play areas or speaking to the parents of the bully or bullies and trying to resolve the issues amicably.

In very serious cases, or examples where there have been actual physical violence, it might be possible as a last resort to take out a restraining order, making the parents and the bullies stay away from your child. If the situation has become that serious or dangerous, it’s advisable to involve the police, get some information on your legal options, and consult a lawyer. Thankfully, it’s rare for childhood bullying to need that sort of intervention.

What’s Considered Bullying?

Bullying and harassment, especially when adults are involved, can be subtle, hard to pinpoint and consist of many separate incidents which can turn into persistent bullying when they are carried out repeatedly or over a long period of time. It is important to know how you are protected under the Protection From Harassment Act.

If you’re being subjected to any form of unwanted behaviour from a neighbour, it can be described as bullying. It could take the form of constant harassment, physical or verbal abuse. Name calling or teasing constantly can be bullying if they upset you or cause you any distress. Some bullies may choose to simply 'blank' you or spread rumours about you. Serious cases may even involve threatening or anti-social behaviour.

In some cases, neighbourhood bullies can be so subtle and their actions can become so regular that their behaviour can be overlooked. That doesn’t make it right. Long term, bullying can cause mental and physical health problems, and affect your well-being.

What to Do if You’re Being Bullied

The very nature of adult bullies make them hard to reason with. You can try avoiding the culprit and hoping they get bored with annoying you, if the bullying is mild.

Kill them with kindness. If the bully sees you as a threat, try befriending them, even if you don’t want to. If you turn the tables and act as if you’re willing to be friendly, you could get a positive response. Try a friendly 'hello' or offer to help them with something. This might not work, but is worth trying as a first course of action.

Try being assertive, too. Use assertive body language, stand straight, don’t avoid eye contact, and confront them with statements like, "I've noticed that you seem to be trying to bully me and I would like you to stop."

If all else fails, or the bullying becomes serious or physical, involve the authorities.

If there’s a discrimination element (you’re being bullied because of your race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion), contact your local authority who may be able to take action. Some local authorities have Safer Neighbourhood Teams who work with communities to identify and address local concerns.

In some cases, a local authority can apply for a court order against the perpetrator, banning them from carrying out anti-social behaviour, nuisance or threats against you or your household, and even evict them if they carry on.

You may be able to take out a civil injunction against the bully. Take advice from a solicitor about your options and what you need to do if that’s the case. Find out more about the Proection from Harassment Act here.

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My next door neighbour always invites people for dinner, man and women talks racist comments to disturbe me mentally, initially, they have 3 boys, and invite people with children to make noise, while adults loudly laughing, group discussing and getting ideas to distress me, they use to be student before now they bought 3 bedroom house next door to me,they also keep tenants with them. The houses are terraced in my road. At the moment they have couples with them. His Male tenant is a smoker and throws cigarette end into my garden, one summer night his male tenant threw cigarette end, which landed on my trampoline plastic side, that night it was raining, thank God, when I spoke with the lady. She invited people for dinner and talked about me and said I was lying, oh my dear lord what can I do. I don't own my house, it's a 3 bed home housing.
Jannah Mary - 9-Dec-19 @ 6:33 AM
I've had violent verbal harassment from my neighbours since I declined to sell my privately owned flat to them. They shout death and die and whore through my bedroom walls all afternoon throw my rubbish every slam doors and bang on my walls. This has been happening for eight years. The authorities refuse to do anything. They also deal drugs. What am I supposed to do and don't say move out!!!
Scooby - 20-Nov-19 @ 7:19 PM
I like my neighborhood but some make it so uncomfortable. This lunatic lady sticks her head out the window because I walk my dog on the sidewalk. I still do because my dog wants to sniff on the sidewalk. She slams the window, screams and yells and curses me. It is as if she was the owner of the sidewalk. Many dogs walk on the sidewalk because it is public. She watches and spies on me.I turn my back so I don't have to see her face. I don't care. She can p in her pants. It is about time to be brave and not be intimidated
Nelly - 13-Nov-19 @ 6:28 PM
I can relate to all these comments, I have been intimidated and bullied by my niebours for 13 years. I live in a first floor flat and they live underneath me...they are fanatical about running water and this happens from 4am when the man gets back from work and all other times of the morning and afternoon...on a Sunday morning they are excessively running water flushing the toilet and generally being noisy...I suffer from anxiety and depression and it makes my nerves worse. I have asked them to stop in a nice way but they always deny making any noise. I have got angry at times when it gets too much and they still deny it and he has threatened me where I called the police but they and the council wont do anything
Cazhappy - 10-Nov-19 @ 10:20 AM
My next door neighbour is a narcissist, him and his wife will do anything they can to threaten, upset and intimidate my partner (who has serious health problems) and me. They shout threats over our garden fence, badmouth us to the other neighbours and say my partner is making his illness up. They do whatever they can to wind my partner up and gaslight him which causes him physical pain, then they film the result. They have a camera pointing at our house and record our conversations. I don't feel safe and my partner feels like a prisoner in our own home. The police are useless and we struggle to afford legal action
Kitty - 5-Nov-19 @ 12:00 AM
Having issues with a neighbour, I'm disabled and was moved to this property following Anti-social behaviour in a previous property. I was told this was a nice area before moving in and after moving I found that the neighbour upstairs is abusive toward his wife and anyone else in the street he does not like. I recorded arguments for 5 months after moving in and they secured a CBO against him restricting him from the street for 12 months which expired on 15th Oct. He's now back and doing the exact same things, Shouting, stomping on the floor (he lives in the flat above me but its his partner who's the tenant) He's now resorted to placing screws and nails under my cars wheels which is in a marked disabled bay, I am unable to put up CCTV because its a communal entrance, my car is parked partially out of view from my property due to brick sheds, and I am unable to witness anyone placing items and objects. He's also placing my bins in my disabled bay whenever I leave the property and staring at me when I'm getting out of my car to move them before I get back in and park up. I've not been able to sleep since he returned, he's banging on the walls, The councils attitude is unless I witness him doing these things or he threatens me they will not be able to step in. What can I do? I am unable to move, I lost everything last year due to the issues and the speed in which I was forced to vacate my previous address after bricks were thrown through my windows and death threats were made by the drug dealers living above me and his family. Financially I'm in ruins. I need advice. Please help.
Parabellum - 29-Oct-19 @ 7:43 PM
Oh dear sympathies to all - in comparison I feel my neighbour at the side and behind my house isn’t such a huge issue. We seem to have attracted car jealousy which has made people curious about my business and how much money it makes but the gossip is content and very unpleasant hearing it every time I’m in the garden to the extent I’m now neglecting the garden chores which I used to love and instead scurryout to the bin and back in. People are so very horrible. The family behind have been filming me and The chap at the side had family members following me for several weeks to and from the school run and when I did my parcel deliveries or popped into the office. It was becoming ridiculous and very obvious and I have since made a point of smiling brightly and saying hello to those people. If they are curious why not pop for a chat rather than gossip and be involved in false rumour speculation. We will more than likely move as you can’t defeat jealous people with kindness when they are so pre occupied with trying to prove that you must be doing something illegal to own a nice car :( But we do have very lovely neighbours immediately next door and I will be sorry to have to move away from them.
Jaggie - 25-Oct-19 @ 9:35 PM
These neighbors that do this are psychologically ill made. My neighbor is a sociopath. Read about these personalities, so that you know who you are dealing with and you can try to out smart them. They are powerful, often getting good people involved in their misdeeds. Don’t be afraid! Avoid them completely and start reporting it to the police Every single time they stalk or harass you in any way, Espinoza your home. Pull out your phone when they start their crazy behavior and record them, Do not respond to them. If you have a HOA, keep logs, video, reports dates and times and set up a meeting with them at once. HOA was instrumental in helping me. Next call police, animal control for continued dog nuisance and any other city/county resources for the community. These type of violations can get. Very dangerous and the police like to stop this before any dire consequences occur. My neighbor is finally leaving this community after I reported continually all the disturbances and harassment she caused me and my family. She still managed to poison other neighbors with her lies, but again documenting and reporting is your strongest defense. Hope this helps.
Oli - 22-Oct-19 @ 3:55 PM
To, Kiwi, I am really sorry that your lives have been impacted by this couple, but to say whenever you hear an accent similar, makes you sick to your stomach, is a bit unfair? It makes anyone coming from the U.K. out to be a thug! They do sound particularly overbearing, which I can’t understand, but please, choose your words and prejudices carefully, you cannot condemn a whole country on the behaviour of two obnoxious individuals surely? I hope you find peace, maybe the authorities can become more involved in some way? Anyway, please don’t be upset by my comment, it’s not meant to hurt you. Regards. A nice Brit!
Suze - 15-Oct-19 @ 5:48 PM
It is a real relief to know I am not alone. I live in NZ. I have British neighbours who arrived in NZ about 10 years ago to retire. I truly believe they are mentally ill. My husband and I and the neighbour above (we live on a hill) are the only original residents left after they arrived. I truly hate to say it, but now when I hear an accent like theirs, I feel sick to my stomach. They seem overly obsessed with getting into everyone's lives. Upon arrival, they set up Neighbourhood Support for our street, then began trying to take over as if they controlled all of us... Door knocking, emails, phone calls, taking photos of our houses. It has been hellish. We worked hard for our home and as things stand now, if we sold up, we wouldn't be able to find one with the same views (sea and native bush) and built to the same high standard as we have done for the same money. So we are trapped. The police removed them as heads of neighbourhood support due to their revolting behaviour. And as new neighbours are now all around us it is like they are trying to bully us out so they can get away with all their stalking behaviour all over again. He has the habit of wandering on to my other neighbour's property when that neighbour is at work and the creep will be there, metres from me in the bushes when I'm in my garden. Makes my skin crawl. I'm positive they have hidden surveillance cameras pointed at their neighbours. She's extremely aggressive and also very large. I am guessing she has spent her whole life intimidating people. She has bullied other women besides myself. He is the leery type. Complete creep, full of oozing charm. Always needing to get onto other people's property. Thank goodness she is too large to walk much otherwise it would be a double whammy. The last time I ever spoke to her was years ago when she drove from her house to mine to abuse me! She lies about other women in extreme ways and I know that she must be doing the same to me, portraying me as the crazy one to the new neighbours. My husband and I keep to ourselves, giving a friendly wave to our neighbours is all I can muster. After this experience, I have no desire to be befriended by another neighbour as long as I live. We are the only ones left that has stayed and stood up to these people. All I can be thankful for is the fact that they must be in their early 70's and won't live forever. I don't understand why they can't just keep to themselves and why they have to watch everyone. It's utterly repulsive behaviour. I wish they would be deported for stalking and abusing!
Kiwi - 15-Sep-19 @ 12:45 AM
I had a problem with my brother after my Mother died and he has I feel gone a bit Mental. He took me to Court 5o get me out of his house as we were living together my Mother and I .She had pancreas and liver cancer and died in 2010.I was told by my neighbour that my brother had asked him to spy on me but it seems now that everyone around my neighbourhood are helping my next door neighbour' sayingeverything .They are now trying to scare me and saying that someone is coming today to see me which I have heard thru their gossiping. This gossiping goes on day and night and it is affecting me now as I am now finding it difficult to clean my house,plus I have had six weeks approximately with a Summer flu and sore throat which has made me very tired .I have told a doctor to hopefully get some kind of sympathy but they gave told me it might be wise to see a psychiatrist. I am not Mental but these neighbours have some influences and they have got to an Asian doctor who when I asked for more Counselling after my Mother died she then tried to get me to go to a Mental Clinic which I was very surprised and shocked about and then Cancelled the doctor and Clinic as I heard that if I had gone they would have tried to Section me which I heard thru this ghastly gossiping around my neighbourhood which really frightened me.I have my post opened and have complained numerous times but one Asian postman said that if I complain he would send all my mail back.I had a keepsake aspe t but that was useless .I have also been stalked on the bus and tube and also they are getting to my workplace as well.Most of the people around my neighbourhood are either on drugs or drink and my neighbour is on drugs which sometimes the smellones thru the air vent.I think all of this is due to my rather nasty si k brother who is getting people to torment me.I have never spoken to him since my Mother died in 2010 as he is ex police and Army and can do alot of horrible mind games.He took all my Mother's money and I have not been able to have much.Iwas sent a letter by my one of four Solicitors that I got to get the money from him that I was legally due,that I was the Sole Exctrix of my Mother's will.He found out and didn't let me have a reading of the will or see any kind of will but I feel he wrote a will for my Mother as he was doing all her finances and also got her friends to help him find me and her a Solicitor that didn't help me so I changed him .I feel that he of course paid off my Solicitors but I did get some money from a No Win No Fee Solicitor but my brother is living off millions andluxury whilst I had to sell my jewellery and my Mother's jewellery to pay my bills,but he has got these people working for him and payingthem to upset me because he has always been a bully to me as my Father preferred me to him so my Mother used to pour out her love to him but I am sure she was brainwashed by him and had her say things to me to upset me.She accused me of having Aspergers
Viv - 14-Sep-19 @ 7:11 AM
should be in shock at the multiple comments about bullies living as neighbours, but I am not.Sadly those same people who had no self respect and were bullies as kids, are now adults and some quite aged, and still have little to no self-respect and continue to bully and cause others to do the same.All you can do with those people is avoid where possible, but do not alter your life. Even if you tried to be nice, they’d find some other reason to bully you. Don’t spend any time on them, they will get their own karma as they continue to increase their karmic debt.The authorities are only as good as the experience as people they employ, so of the authorities employ racists then they won’t help you,if they employ incompetents, then they won’t help you and so on.You will probably find if you ate back that the same bullies in your street have tried to copy your standard in some way and because deep down they know that they can only poorly imitate, rather than quietly congratulate you, they spend their time trying to intimidate you. Ridiculous people deserve none of your time.
Angel - 7-Sep-19 @ 7:09 AM
I should be in shock at the multiple comments about bullies living as neighbours, but I am not.Sadly those same people who had no self respect and we’re bullies then, are now adults and some quite aged, and still have little to no self-respect and continue to bully and cause others to do the same.All you can do with those people is avoid where possible, but do not alter your life. Even if you tried to be nice, they’d find some other reason to bully you. Don’t spend any time on them, they will get their own karma as they continue to increase their karmic debt.The authorities are only as good as the experience as people they employ, so of the authorities employ racists then they won’t help you,if they employ incompetents, then they won’t help you and so on.You will probably find if you ate back that the same bullies in your street have tried to copy your standard in some way and because deep down they know that they can only poorly imitate, rather than quietly congratulate you, they spend their time trying to intimidate you. Ridiculous people deserve none of your time.
Angel - 7-Sep-19 @ 6:57 AM
I Live in Ferntree Gully with social housing near my house. The men next door are annoying me.I have not had a relationship with my grown up child for 13 years after asking my ex husband to help me by letting our .......
Kate - 2-Sep-19 @ 3:13 PM
My neighbour is constantly staring at me and my family,Every time I start the car & reverse there she is gawking out the window,She has called the police on me for talking outside on my phone & my children are now scared to play outside,It's really taking it's toll now on my mental health,I have gone to the police but police say there is nothing they can do as it's not a criminal matter,It's intimidating behavior & strategies to make me move out I feel threatened & my mental health is going but yet it seems nothing can be done
Haydey - 2-Sep-19 @ 1:07 AM
Myneighbour is constantly reporting us to the housing association. She lies to them but as she is private we don't have a leg to stand on. She throws abuse out when we are in our garden. Intimidates us allthe time and spreads lies. Am now at my wits end and want to move. She has driven a young girl out of her flat. Don't know where to turn. Am keeping a log but it's affecting our health now
San - 15-Aug-19 @ 11:44 PM
Hi, I am a 45 year old widow who lives alone with my 9 year old son. 3 family of my neighbours are bullying, harassing, intimidating and spying around my house for years. The Manchester Police and Trafford Council are not believing in my complaints ; as aresult, my 9 year old child is constantly living in a nightmare because of their harassments and bullying around our house! I feel like as Police and Council are encouraging them to continue their arrogant & bullying behaviourism towards me & my Son by doing nothing!! They are gang up against me and my son for bullying constantly. I feel like these neighbours are finding small things to bully me & my son horribly . They are obviously lying constantly to the Police & to the Council and I am always failing to make Police & Council to understand me with my poor speech of English . I am now, really concerned about my Son’s well being because he is quite emotionally abused from these neighbours! He is actually frightened to go out alone from the house and frightened even to see them ! But I don’t know how to help him ..
Amran - 12-Aug-19 @ 2:23 PM
Myco tenant in 2f is putting out rat poison for my dogs and following my elderly mother with camera phone he is so crazy he called the police on us for some trouble with his door we never did anything but he is escalating to a alarming rate
hope - 10-Aug-19 @ 8:58 PM
I've had problems with my neighbours son. He stands very close to my home, staring menancingly and speaking loudly. He is a bully and much like all bullies is a weak man bullying to convince himself, he is strong. I'm currently too distressed to type all the details. Just wanted to send some love to anyone suffering the ill effects of bullying. Bullies really are pathetic people and they target others due to their weaknesses, not yours. They select people who they, on some level, recognise as being stronger than themselves. If you're being bullied, you probably have an abundance of good qualities that the bully resents. Stay strong. I've found the following helpful - 1. Yoga is amazing and no, you don't need to be flexible or superfit. I practice with Yoga with Adriene (free-You Tube. She is a beautiful person and during difficult times, it always helps to remember, the world is filled with good people, there's more of us than them. 2. Self care - a treat, whatever you enjoy most, bubble bath, face mask, whatever, you deserve it. It's a good distraction. Love yourself. 3. Forcing yourself to read 100 pages of any book. This can help with spinning thoughts. Our minds become flooded when stressed then it becomes impossible to concentrate. Reading for even just six minutes reduces stress by 70% (I read that online, so it must be true). If not up to reading, then, looking out of a window as far as you can see resets the brain. There's so many other ways of distracting yourself and making sure you're okay. Be kind to yourself and smile even when you don't feel like it. I hope, with all my heart, that your troubles are short.
Kelsey - 31-Jul-19 @ 6:59 PM
I've been putting up with relentless verbal abuse from the people in the flat downstairs. It's like they have been in my attic numerous times don't know how they are getting in but I'm partly disabled from a deliberate incident two years ago when I was run over on the path and nearly died. This has all happened since then . I believe they are watching me for someone as they are watching incase I go back to the police. I believe they have seeing and hearing devices in all rooms even my bathroom. It's degraded ing
Kel - 23-Jul-19 @ 1:22 AM
I have suffered from bullyingfor years from the couple who live next door and I live in fear of what they'll do next. I'm a single woman with 2 small dogs who are not noisy except when they bang the gate.I live in a Victorian terrace with a path along the back and paths to gardens, my one and the house next door share a long path to our back gardens , everyone else has their own path.They refuse to accept or believe that the path is shared between 2 houses and has been for years and years. They obstruct my gate so I can't open it , there's a pine shelf there now last year a heavy plastic wheelbarrow and bricks. They damage my plants and pots though not in the way , put my recycling bins outside my back door. I've been sworn at by them , woman is the worst, vile notes and letters, intimidation , harassment, stalking , keeping an eye on me,blocking path with lots of hose pipe , trip hazard . They put up a security camera and last summer they ambushed me when I was invited to go and see my neighbour's 3 doors along , I was pushed around just got in back door in time , woman shouting and screaming. The man a big bloke pushed my elderly neighbour to the ground twice when he escorted me back home. I rang the police and police came round . The nasty pair erected a chipboard fence barrier over 6' tall so no way along the back now.Found slugs & snails and blue bait on my path last week, I suffered PTSD after this ,terrified dogs will get poisoned . The police & council said its a civil matter ! A free 15 min solicitor appt confirmed that they have no right to do that to me , they say I'm trespassing , I'm not !I'm dreading the summer holidays , cos guess what they're both TEACHERS so lots of holiday time. I own my house so do they. I went to the council office and said the bullying still going on , I broke down and cried and told them that if I went missing or was found dead enough people would tell them I'd been bullied for years and nothing done. Always a big gasp when I say they are TEACHERS. Long to move. I don't go outside the back or back path at all when they're home. Last summer I went in back garden twice, once on the morning they broke up then in August when I saw they were away, the next time 3rd sept when they went back to school.Any ideas , I live in fear all the time . Thanks
Dogs mummy - 7-Jul-19 @ 9:58 AM
My neighbour bought the house next door and it's all open plan. When they bought a Karaoke machine my husband politely advised that we can here everything! Since then I have caught him watching me in our garden. Yes I lost it with him and took a picture! He know tries to intimidate me! My husband caught him watching me in the garden and confronted him to which he called ME RACIST! My husband went mad and informed him about his stepmom and half brother coming from Trinidad! Since then we have to keep all our blinds drawn on their side of the house (we are semi detached). If I'm out the front he's out the front if i'm in the back garden he's in the back garden!
Fed up - 29-Jun-19 @ 12:50 PM
we brought our house off my neighbours at full price subject to 2 conditions no building and that we could bring our equines and they could graze the field.They have subsequently illegally started building a house and when challenged have thrown our equines off the land, put up a disgusting fence of broken chairs / rotten chip board and rubbish.we have the house on the market right now - we will never sell with this going on and its making me ill.I also think that they have poisoned one of my animals
just want out - 20-Jun-19 @ 7:44 AM
My neighbour is throwing bread into my garden ..its been goin on for 3 years..in aug last year i put up cctv..l now have 6 videos of bread coming over my 6 ft fence..is this anti social...this man has been doin more than this
Lisa - 17-Jun-19 @ 4:47 PM
My neighbour is throwing bread over my 6 ft fence...has been doing it for 3 yrs..l put up cctv..last august..l have bread coming over the fence l have 6 videos of this is this antisocial
Lisa - 17-Jun-19 @ 4:44 PM
The Protection From Harassment Act means nothing in Wiltshire because Wiltshire Police are so crap they try and avoid the hate crime being reported, they stop victims reporting it and they allow it to continue pretending nothing is wrong then they lie when they get complained about. People suffer the crimes because the Police wont do their jobs properly. The law means F All !!
BILL WEBBER - 17-Jun-19 @ 3:06 AM
We are having the same problems my neighbours gather in front us talk about us. The children constantly throwing balls and pressing our doorbell I told him off because we are picking up balls all thd time. They let people block our driveway they sell drugs they bang at nights when we are asleep we are awaken by loud bangs and this could be 2 and 3 8n the morning. The son comes out and cussing at us after 2 in the morning they slam their doors and now I just started to bang and dlam the door let them see what it is like. I am totally fedup with these people they throw garbage in out yard and spit in our garden this is never ending
Iamtotallyfedup - 16-Jun-19 @ 1:43 PM
In Jan 2018 new people moved in--I thought a nice family. Until then, despite being 73, I have had a happy active life, I live alone with my rescue dog, for the past 40 years with no trouble. We are in a terrace. After March they started making complaints about really petty things. At first I thought they were making a fuss over nothing, as I live a very quiet life and am--or was--quite independent.I realised eventually they did not want to be friendly or pleasant even in the most casual way over the fence--one of their threats being to take it down and build a higher one, despite the present one--built by me--is high and safe for my dog. Whether due to this or not I fell ill with shingles and my dog went to stay with friends as I had become housebound. After I improved enough to get out driving and my dog came back and employed dog walkers to help, my balance being affected, I got a complaint via Environmental Health that my dog was barking day and night, which was absolutely untrue, and I was "playing loud music" again untrue at "inappropriate times". I became the target of verbal abuse, like "We cant wait to see you in your coffin" and acts of petty vandalism. I have the police up several times and someone from anti social behavior , they all get fobbed off by this couple putting on the charm and denying everything. Recently they sent one of their relatives--a big burly thug-- out into their back garden to shout at me and my dog and say he is vicious and wants putting down. And so on and so forth. Frankly it was "got me down" to such an extent that I feel almost unable to keep going.
wuffalot - 1-Jun-19 @ 11:03 AM
Sorry you all are dealing with it. There's an old woman up here who constantly instigated the homeless people to harass and damage people's property. She is hated by her own family. One day I got fed up and called the police. They arrested her. She loves drama and is bitter . There's ways to get them back. Record and call the law ! Have witnesses.
Brit Brat - 28-May-19 @ 3:25 AM
I moved from the city to a village in the E of England 3 years ago.I am in the minority as I happen to be the only black woman in the village. It is a small one of about 1500 people. I knew this before I moved as I looked at the population statistics but I wanted the quiet life. The house is a semi-detached house and at the end of the road, so my neighbours and I are linked by a wall and separated by a fence. It turned out that there were 9 people in the house. A couple with 6 adult/teenage children ranging now from the age of 14 to 27 years old. The eldest son, 27 year old man also had his girlfriend living there. I did ask my previous owner about the neighbours, but she omitted to tell me nor did she say anything on the property form. The bullying started a week after I moved in to my new house. It was constant slamming of the front door. Banging on the walls during the night especially when I am asleep. Gawking whenever I go out into the garden or out to the front of the property. My previous car tyre was punctured. Constant dirt being thrown over the fence on to the patio and the conservatory. Beer cans thrown onto the front lawn Name calling Loud music Dead birds thrown on the lawn and into the garden I work from home. I began getting serious headaches which would last for hours. I would wake up with my head pounding. I went through several emotions and wondered what I had done apart from moving in. After a few weeks, I summed up the courage to speak to the parents. I invited them round for tea to discuss the problem. It turns out that 5 of the children have a form of mental illness so they are all registered with a disability. He said that the eldest son (who is the only sane one and the main culprit) will soon be moving out and that the second son was using drugs. The third son suffers from insomnia and is probably the one banging during the night. Then you have the girls and the last boy who have this faulty gene found in their mother. The mother had a stroke some years ago and he has had to raise them by himself. (Can you see the picture that I am painting?) In the eyes of the law, thay are all vulnerable people in society! After a lengthy discussion, I implored him to get help as it is not healthy to keep the children hidden from society. The oldest one workspart time as he is a named carer, but the others don't except for the last two who go to school and were always in the house at other times.I advised that they need something to keep them busy. The father agreed to move the 3 boys away from the front room where the banging was taking place during the night. This was not done as I was subject to the same anti-social behaviour during the night. After speaking to some friends, they said, I should be nice to them. I have a plum and apple fruit tree. I gave them some. Called one of the boys to come and hand pick some which I thought would appease them. It didn't change a thing as I was sti
Sandy - 11-May-19 @ 12:50 PM
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