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What to do if you Suspect Your Neighbours of Drug Offences

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 24 Oct 2018 | comments*Discuss
Drug Dealing Neighbour Drug Offences

Quite often it may take some time for you to realise that neighbours living nearby may be involved with the supplying or buying of drugs. The whole world of illegal drug dealing is often a ‘cloak and dagger’ affair where activities are carried out in a very quiet, unassuming manner and there is often no specific ‘visual’ clues as to what a drug dealer looks like. Many of them can be dressed very smartly and drive around in luxury cars.

It’s also a myth to assume that drug dealing only occurs in deprived pockets of inner city areas. While this stereotypical assumption is perfectly understandable as many inner city communities are indeed blighted by the supply and use of illegal drugs, they are certainly not the only areas where drugs are a problem. In fact, this is far from being the truth.

Expensive suburbs and rural areas can have a problem with drugs and it’s not just a matter of ‘down and outs’ and those who you might assume would be your ‘typical’ drug dealer or drug addict who will always be on the lookout for their next ‘fix’. Many professional people whom you might think are responsible citizens and even ‘role models’ within your local community can fall prey to drug addiction. Therefore, drug dealing and related offences can occur just about anywhere.

Spotting The Signs

Some of the telltale signs that drug dealing activity may be going on in your neighbourhood include the steady flow of visitors to a nearby residence. Other things like watching out for brief encounters at the likes of your local park, bus stop or even on the street can also arouse suspicion. If you do suspect a neighbour of being involved with some form of drug dealing or trafficking whether as a seller or buyer, you should inform the police.

What You Should Be Observing

To help police with their investigations, you should Keep A Record Of Your Observations. These should include the nature of your observations and the times and location of where they took place. Also try to provide the police with a description of the person or people involved, and their vehicles, preferably with number plate information too, if possible.

If You’re Worried About Being Identified

If you are concerned that you will be identified as a result of you ‘shopping’ a suspected drug dealer to the police, don’t be. The police will guarantee that any information which is supplied to them is treated with the Strictest Confidentiality. If, however, you’re still concerned, by using a public payphone or writing into the police anonymously, you will still be able to assist the police with their investigations which they will appreciate.

Drugs and drug dealing have the potential to ravage a neighbourhood and can, left unchecked, turn what may once have been a prosperous and peaceful neighbourhood into one which becomes riddled by crime and anti-social behaviour. Therefore, it is important that you act as soon as possible if you’ve a strong suspicion that drug offences are taking place within your neighbourhood, as failure to act quickly will often mean that the problems associated with drug offences will only escalate and further disrupt and damage your local community.

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure if you should get the police involved and how to contact them read our feature about When to Get The Police Involved.

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Registered drug addict lives next door to me, wailing away for hrs. Reported so many times. I live alone but there are families and vulnerable people who live in the block! There should be somewhere else the authorities can house these people. Like a junkie yard! So fed up with the coming and going every night
Sa - 24-Oct-18 @ 11:05 PM
Like wise pippin and all above iv kept logs for almost 4 years now housing environmental and ploice crimestoppers all involved and you know what, nothing absolutly nothing has been done i feel so let down and misserable in my own home as night after night dronning vibrations and what sound like heavy fans and often wierd lighting from my nieghbours back bedroom..trouble is these type breed like rabbits who create a network and wheel and dealing amongst their own interbreeds living in the same community..so many of us hard working people who are suffering the effects of those who cheat the system and make everyone elses life a missery ..and the authorities cant do a thing about it or cant be bothered..wishing i could move from this hell
Redwhale - 18-Sep-18 @ 11:47 PM
I have two in my complex; both people are living with elderly tenants; one young man is is not to live here (a senior complex that one has to be over 55; this man is in his twenties).the other one just comes out and she buys or sells drugs 4 or more times a day.The superintendent sees it and others have reported it, but nothing gets done. The rental complex is doing nothing.Police were called on the younger man, but now he is sneaking in at night; he says he has no where to go; kicked out of 4 rehab centers---BUT he owns a Merdedes Benz 2011 four door car!!!Hopefully I will get help soon. Otherwise many of us will move out.
bette - 13-Aug-18 @ 1:51 PM
4 years of sleepless nights from sound of heat pumps fans etc drunken neighbours kept daily logs had monitoring equipment installed all of which picked up unusual sound and vibrations but nothing the authorities just do nothing i can't move as I'm single in a 3 bed lovely council home and I care for youngsters in my home ..it's torture as you'd like to believe people who grow drugs in their lofts are breaking the law but it has to be physicaly seen for the police to raid ..I'm so down it's unbelievable As this is my life living next to a drug den and alcoholic dysfuctionals
Redwhale - 15-Jun-18 @ 11:46 PM
I live in a house share and one Tennant who is 22 has his mates around 24/7.there smoking weed and blasting music 24/7.ive asked them god knows how many times to stop with the music because I get up for work at 5 every morning. But they don't listen. The lad delivers beers, wines and spirits for a company. I've heard him and his mates talking about using one of the vans that hasn't got a tracker on so they can Rob stuff and sell it on. Also with him smoking weed all the time he is driving under the influence constantly he's not safe to be on the road. I'm sure he was dropped on his head as a baby because no matter how many times I ask him to stop he carries on doing what he's doing. I'm coming to the end of my tether now and it's going to get to a point where I snap and do something. He's so disrespectful of others and this lad needs to be taught a lesson. He is making my life hell and my health is getting worse because of him.
Murphy - 31-May-18 @ 10:41 PM
Been down the route of getting housing society involed and policedone all the noise logs and numberplate taken when possible all info was passed on. They have so many visitors every day andcoming up weekends they turn up early hours of morning it's not just the drug dealing it all the noise of cars arguments doors slamming and loud music for hours on end.Police aren't interesteddon't have resources we were told when I called them out one night to a argument out front with the dealer and some men that turned upthe dealer was armed with police style baton.I just had enough and went out and told the lot of them to sod of.Ended up being threatened.police did nothing.Same with our housing.I now just hope to be able to move on a swap but had problems there when new tennents find out who lives next door.Can't take no more we just want a Peace and in need of some decent sleep.i not willing any more to do lolg sheets or anything else causehousing socierty have let us downso have the police.
pippin - 14-May-18 @ 10:35 PM
My neighbour is vulnerable due to his mental health status. He appears to be suffering from a brain injury but tells everyone he has 'epilepsy'. His shouting, angry rages, manic and throwing himself around behaviours are partly caused by his regular drugs use. His address is rented yet he is being used as a safe/storage house for illegal items. He is seen to be regularly dealing and buying drugs. He does not work (so my hard earned tax payments are helping to pay for this existence!). His choices to get involved in this seedy world have placed him frequently under threat from the dealers above him. Also, it attracts all kinds of shady characters into our other than him, fairly smart residential area. I have worked solidly for the past 35 years to be able to afford to live here. All these concerns have been reported to the local police. Guess what......they have done nothing!
Mungbean - 4-May-18 @ 1:38 PM
Report to crimestoppers, it can be done online anonymously, there's no point putting into on this site!
Mr Smart - 27-Apr-18 @ 7:11 PM
Forgot to say I am sure he sells drugs.
Truth - 26-Apr-18 @ 8:22 PM
I lived next door with drug dealer in Nelson Lancs. Reported many times. Police said there is no proof. Well, it is their job to prove it, but they expect people do it for them. I don't live anymore there, but today passed that street and noticed the drugger came out ofcthe house and went inside a car that was behind the corner. I passed near and felt a horribble skunk smell coming out of there. When will police start watching him? I hugely suspect he grows cannabis in the house.
Truth - 26-Apr-18 @ 8:19 PM
Druggies next too me reported loads of times nothing seems to be done.I can see them making drugs in their shed nobody seems to care
Louie - 6-Apr-18 @ 12:13 AM
You'll be lucky if anything is done to get rid of drug dealers.Even if you report it nothing ever gets done.These drug dealers are free to roam around and cause misery by putting schoolchildren on drugs.Nobody will help you.God help any other parent who has to go through this.It is never ending.
O - 29-Mar-18 @ 9:50 AM
A 10 month old baby is living inside of that crack house where dangerous drugs are being made
Cravitz - 28-Mar-18 @ 6:04 AM
I turned my neighbors in and nothing is being done about it and my neighborhood is turning into a drug dealers Paradise. I don't know what eslse to do.
Bug - 23-Mar-18 @ 3:55 PM
mechanic - Your Question:
Drugs being sold and used in housing association property next door We see youngsters coming and going Also the smell from the windows is skunk like.Not sure where to turn

Our Response:
Talk to the Housing Association first. If no action is taken and you are concerned/it's affecting you, contact your local police.
ProblemNeighbours - 27-Feb-18 @ 11:50 AM
drugs being sold and used in housing association property next door We see youngsters coming and going Also the smell from the windows is skunk like. Not sure where to turn
mechanic - 24-Feb-18 @ 4:15 PM
No. I have reported 2 neighbours to police often in 7 years and nnothing done,in fact police bully me etc.Smell of skunk, etc.seen gloves and non stop people up and down causing me non stop harassment..they damaged my car snd fence...hell in leasehold...
Chez - 11-Feb-18 @ 8:12 AM
Name and shame may be just may be some thing will get done ...Sandy hunter and Son Mark Bending 14 Wray ave Liskeard Manufacturing in loft and sale and distrabution of drugs
Jen - 7-Feb-18 @ 12:01 AM
3 years now living next door to suspected drug dealers and manufacturing drugs the constant noise of fans and genoratornoise is hell. .iv reported to council, police and environmental ..needless to say iv passed on plenty of suspicious activities and frequent short visits ..the council and enviro have closed the case what a waste of my valuable time acting as detective and putting up with sleepless nights and horrible vibrations and heavy duty fan noise my health and daily functioning is almost non existant seems like hard work doesn't pay but crime does ...
Enid - 6-Feb-18 @ 11:54 PM
A man who moved in our area last year was no problem, it later turned out he was a druggie and has brought several bad seeds around our area. They just keep coming, and they carry knives and damage everything in their path. It's horrible. There's nothing you can do. A few people are leaving the area, I think that is the only solution when you have scum coming to your area, specially when they don't live there. If only there was a way to keep people like that out. But the cows around our area let them in when they buzz the buzzer.
Mato - 18-Jan-18 @ 4:22 PM
I have drug dealers in a council house across the road been telling the police for 7 months constantly feeding them intelligence but nothing has been done think I will take the law into my own hands a short sharp fix!
TOM - 5-Jan-18 @ 11:35 PM
problem with neighbor stating he is extremely stressed had the face to face jeckly and hyde episodes occur frequently.Goes from nice to extremely aggressive. Suddenly tv fell over in night! this occurred twice and both times said this is an accident. Fire alarm went off for two nights. I dont know about drug manufacturing but there is an issue with now he has had water running off and on turning on taps bathroom and living room continually since 8am what on earth is someone doing with water on like the niagra falls below me constantly hearing pipes all day and constant banging around in every room. im thinking probability from his jeckly hyde explosive attitude he is manufacturing drugs I dont know what to do about it. he exploded at me for cleaning my windows the other day yelling ranting raving pointing at his head that he was stressed. im quite honestly concerned about why he felt the need to tell me not to clean my windows when its not doing anything to harm him. what can I do? he is slamming everything he can throughout the apartment below me I cant sit on the sofa without niagra falls below and every single door banging and slamming. hmmm what to do?
Grace h - 4-Jan-18 @ 6:40 PM
I have two drug dealers living near me.There are also other drug dealers living opposite who constantly smoke drugs on the balcony.Nobody does anything about it.It is an absolute waste of time even reporting it.You would get more response and help talking to a brick wall than talking to the authorities.
Daisy - 30-Oct-17 @ 9:11 AM
I have drug dealers living in my street now for nearly two years.I have supplied loads of information to the Police i.e descriptions of people coming and going, loads of different car registration numbers, but they have done nothing.The drug dealers are living in a private let, the Landlord is a drug dealer/gangster, thats why he allowed them to move in so they could sell the drugs.I have reported them to the Council landlord team, but they have done nothing. There cars have already been set on fire due to a feud with various gangs.I dont know what else to do.
Fiona - 28-Jul-17 @ 6:48 PM
I'd like to report 91 folkestone Road they selling drugs day in day out class a time c and causing trouble with anti social behaviour
Mj2017 - 16-Jul-17 @ 6:55 AM
disappointing response to comments ! hadenough is right the police do very little or nothing to help ! no point in adding to this . no help from police or local council unless you turn PI & provide evidence yourself !
nohelpgiven - 23-May-17 @ 11:24 PM
I have a neighbour who lives down stairs who is dealing heroin and I want to report him for it as I'm terrified. I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia and barely go out anymore. My husband always locks the door even if he's just going to the shop down the road as we've had junkies try and walk in our house before. We live in a four flat block and they always ring our buzzer because they're so high they forgot where he lives. I'm not sleeping properly either as the door goes at all times of the day and is very loud as it echoes in the hall. I do keep a detailed report of what's happening and have reported him on multiple occasions for animal abuse as he has an Alaskan malamute that he abuses which acts as a guard dog. I've phoned the police on him because there was one time he stabbed someone through the letterbox and there was blood in the entryway but they haven't done a thing. I hate living here as my every move is watched. Every time I enter or exit the building he is watching me. His dog has also tried to attack me before and even though it's only a year old it's massive. I'm so scared and have reported him to the police and council but he is crafty and apparently has more flat he deals in so if he sees someone he doesn't like the look of he goes out the back window to somewhere else. What do I do? I'm not scared of him as he's a coward but I know the dog would tear me to shreds if he found out I reported him. Please help me.
Kerz - 10-Dec-16 @ 11:05 AM
Oh and for the record, anyone else who finds themselves facing high end criminal activity, as, mine obviously was/is I would be very weary of reporting them, in future. After being bundled into a the back of a car and robbed repeatedly for trying to defend my family and after reading that they only face a few years in jail, even if caught, who ever said crime doesn't pay, obviously hasn't come across people operating at this high a level. And to my young girls wherever you are, I hope your safe now and I hope you are better protected than I could provide you, which unfortunately probably isn't the case, I don't believe anyone would go to them extremes if they intended to let us live our lives in peace, as I say I don't believe that this is low level crime, because basically its too well organised and far to consistent to be coincidence, I suspect I`ve actually caused someone with a lot of power problems for this extreme reaction, from multiple sources, was it worth me reporting, basically not, because, the results from my perspective are definitely not worth it, but, I guess that's why they have reacted the way they have in order to discourage whistle blowers, to set an example and in order to keep control over their dodgy dealings. Another reason I know its high end, there is, undeniable signs of police complicity, just like hillsborough and jimmy saville, recently someone has sent me pictures via facebook of my girls, who are now 8 and 10, with massive facial injuries, which is another indicator of high end activity, as they have even gone to the trouble, of setting up a facebook account to send them from and quite frankly, I now have no trust in the local law enforcement. When I tried to report the pictures to the local police station, the police woman on the desk didn't even take them seriously and seemed more concerned with asking if I was schizophrenic than doing her job, so now im seriously thinking of going to the independent police complaints commission.
HadEnough - 5-Dec-16 @ 8:40 AM
absolutely nothing. Further more, I have linked this guy and his associates, to multiple acts of drug activity and robberies in the local city, by way of his associates and after I was bundled into a car boot with my ex and kids after I tried to report them and following being spiked with drugs myself, which I suspect was probably GHB from the symptoms I displayed, which is another issue, what kind of idiot spikes a parent with GHB, when they are looking after young children. Very reluctantly I am now beginning to feel that I will get no closure on this, which was initially why I ended up attacking him myself. Essentially it was for my kids, which he thought he had got away with.
HadEnough - 5-Dec-16 @ 7:53 AM
Been plagued by dealers and addicts for years, reported them to the police, who have done absolutely nothing about them, thereby leaving me and my family vulnerable to retribution, I have been repeatedly robbed and assaulted by various members of their drug community, as have my children,they have tried to goad me and often repeat incidents they have been linked with in the past, every time i see one of them, in order to provoke a response, they also began a stalking campaign, after I told them I have had enough of their behaviour problems, they appear to believe they are immune to every law in the land and that rules don't apply to them, after flaunting every rule laid down in the housing contract they signed as a resident, they think they can mob and eliminate, anyone who is unhappy with their behaviour, including threatening young children, the fact that the police have done absolutely nothing only encourages them further and has basically made me wonder whetherthe local police are actually fit for purpose, as recently at least one has, been sacked for tipping criminals off regarding drug dens, to facilitate robbery of them, which I suspect is only the tip of the iceberg, because, every single time I report an incident the perpetrators always come back to goad me, as if they have been tipped off. One of the perpetrators in particular, sits on his balcony and acts as a look out for all the others, observing everyone going in and out of the building, smoking weed and drinking cheap cider, which I have recently discovered most of the time he steals, then after, my young kids got attacked, he repeated everything that happened, I ended up attacking him, due to this, because, basically if it wasn't him, how did he know all the details etc, this still never stopped him and basically he is obviously a career criminal, who doesn't intend to change. It was after my kids got attacked and him repeating what had happened that I got onto him, but, basically I think he was getting some kind of a kick out of letting me know it was him, it was basically his way of letting me know he had got away with it, hence I had a go at him and even though I put him down, next day he was back harassing me again. The same guy trys to knock on my door at least 3 or 4 times a week, knowing I don't want to befriend him, follows me every time I go out the building, to the pub or shops etc and yet even after reporting him and witnessing him being caught shop lifting absolutely nothing has happened to him, so I`d like to know, what this guy has to do for the police to do something about him, which is basically why I ended up giving him a dig after years of harassment. Basically I thought it would have caused him to stop his stalking, which isn't the case. It comes to something when you cant even have your own young children staying over night at your dwelling, without them being at risk from these idiots and more alarmingly, why have the police done absolutel
HadEnough - 5-Dec-16 @ 7:21 AM
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