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What to do if you Suspect Your Neighbours of Drug Offences

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 13 Jan 2020 | comments*Discuss
Drug Dealing Neighbour Drug Offences

Quite often it may take some time for you to realise that neighbours living nearby may be involved with the supplying or buying of drugs. The whole world of illegal drug dealing is often a ‘cloak and dagger’ affair where activities are carried out in a very quiet, unassuming manner and there is often no specific ‘visual’ clues as to what a drug dealer looks like. Many of them can be dressed very smartly and drive around in luxury cars.

It’s also a myth to assume that drug dealing only occurs in deprived pockets of inner city areas. While this stereotypical assumption is perfectly understandable as many inner city communities are indeed blighted by the supply and use of illegal drugs, they are certainly not the only areas where drugs are a problem. In fact, this is far from being the truth.

Expensive suburbs and rural areas can have a problem with drugs and it’s not just a matter of ‘down and outs’ and those who you might assume would be your ‘typical’ drug dealer or drug addict who will always be on the lookout for their next ‘fix’. Many professional people whom you might think are responsible citizens and even ‘role models’ within your local community can fall prey to drug addiction. Therefore, drug dealing and related offences can occur just about anywhere.

Spotting The Signs

Some of the telltale signs that drug dealing activity may be going on in your neighbourhood include the steady flow of visitors to a nearby residence. Other things like watching out for brief encounters at the likes of your local park, bus stop or even on the street can also arouse suspicion. If you do suspect a neighbour of being involved with some form of drug dealing or trafficking whether as a seller or buyer, you should inform the police.

What You Should Be Observing

To help police with their investigations, you should Keep A Record Of Your Observations. These should include the nature of your observations and the times and location of where they took place. Also try to provide the police with a description of the person or people involved, and their vehicles, preferably with number plate information too, if possible.

If You’re Worried About Being Identified

If you are concerned that you will be identified as a result of you ‘shopping’ a suspected drug dealer to the police, don’t be. The police will guarantee that any information which is supplied to them is treated with the Strictest Confidentiality. If, however, you’re still concerned, by using a public payphone or writing into the police anonymously, you will still be able to assist the police with their investigations which they will appreciate.

Drugs and drug dealing have the potential to ravage a neighbourhood and can, left unchecked, turn what may once have been a prosperous and peaceful neighbourhood into one which becomes riddled by crime and anti-social behaviour. Therefore, it is important that you act as soon as possible if you’ve a strong suspicion that drug offences are taking place within your neighbourhood, as failure to act quickly will often mean that the problems associated with drug offences will only escalate and further disrupt and damage your local community.

Still Not Sure?

If you're still not sure if you should get the police involved and how to contact them read our feature about When to Get The Police Involved.

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I'm living next door to someone that smokes drugs and dives and sales it to under age people. And drives when smoking drugs. It also comes into my property the small. What can I do
Ozzie - 13-Jan-20 @ 1:19 PM
I have a neighbour across the hall who is selling . The ' boo ' arrives on a Thursday and Paul starts dealing as soon as his dealer is gone . The evening is pitted with doors from our mutual door entry system being open and closed every fifteen minutes . It's invasive and a pain in the arse . Paul was ill for a long time with a life threatening disease and I was reluctant to indict him but he obviously doesn't give a rat's arse about HIS neighbours . Last night the front door was wide open so now that's it . He's crossed the line .
Brad - 10-Jan-20 @ 10:45 PM
My children have to sleep downstairs on the floor sometimes because the smell of cannabis is so bad in their rooms. Where is law and order! Prisoners in our own home!
Billy - 4-Jan-20 @ 3:07 AM
My neighbor always smokes marijuana and i can smell it because the wind blows it in our open windows ,i close my windows everytime i smell my neighbor smoking marijuana thats why i dont make friends with him or i never did say hi to him
Joseph - 29-Nov-19 @ 3:01 PM
My neighbour smokes crack cocaine with her kids in the house. Second hand smoke is bad but this makes my head feel weird.
Lee - 10-Oct-19 @ 4:15 PM
All you folks complaining bout people smoking weed need to get a grip and people dont use diesel generators when growing so your all paranoid. Seems like you all have nothing better to do with your time apart from worry about other people's lifes
Dr seb - 7-Oct-19 @ 2:48 PM
Drug User living on 3 Lenham Way in Speke. Hides her drugs in her walls and floors leading to her causing constant slamming on the walls and floors all through the day and night. Threatens to kill us and falsely says she will call the police on her for walking past her house. Always keeps her blinds shut and attempts to block off every form of viewing into her own gardens or house. As of typing this she has been banging for over and hour now and she deserves to be locked up.
NotToBeFiguredOut - 7-Sep-19 @ 6:29 PM
You all are complaining about cannabis. Thats so petty and ridiculous. My neighbors are smoking what smells like burning chemicals and plastic. It could be meth or heroin. Actual, dangerous drugs. Everything I look up online only says to report dealers. I don't know who to call about users. They regularly have the same visitors, but i dont know which one is their dealer.
Pibbles - 6-Sep-19 @ 3:08 AM
Drug dealers living on 6 (SIXTH) floor of Felix Court in Charcot Road, Colindale, London. Constant activity day and night. Constant smell in the lift whenever they go in our out.
Hula - 3-Sep-19 @ 2:56 PM
I have exactly the same problem... Constantly smoking pot Young children there - Surely that’s a ‘safeguarding’ issue Infact they are smoking now - It’s making my life a misery and I own my home They are only renting and the landlord just doesn’t give a monkeys and gawd knows what the police actually do now - Cos I sure has hell don’t know
Fed up neighbor - 25-Aug-19 @ 7:10 PM
I am sick to death of smelling the pungent smell from next door neighbours smoking their canabis outside their back door. The smell actually makes me feel violently sick. I dont want to ring police but would love for the police to turn up to their property. I know for a fact they would know it was me that report them. I don't care to be honest just im scared to talk with police. I shout that the smell is disgusting so they hear me. I know for a fact they smoke it and drive round with their young kids in cars. I would love the police to check their property especially oitside buildings.
Annoyedneighbour - 20-Aug-19 @ 4:45 PM
Thank you Jules for your advice, over 5 years now of constant buzz of vents and heavy drone of fans even the noise and vibrations of what sounds like a generator every single night all had been picked up on E.H monitoring equipment and iv advised the police im worried about the hazards of fire from probable wire tampering and the heat from grow lamps but nothing absolutely nothing from the authorities and the local police who have all paid a visit nxt dr but thats all, i mean they arnt going to say here is this what yr looking for ...no because its all sealed up in their loft hell is living in my home ...
Redwhale - 17-Aug-19 @ 8:58 PM
For almost five years of ongoing vibrations and noise of what sounds and feels like venting, buzz of heat lamps occasional cannabis grow smell E. H equipment recorded an idling deasel generator and unusual frequencies and logged it all as low frequency noise Cornwall council, police just arnt interested iv all sorts of medical problems now from all the stress of sleep deprivation stress and god knows what else from all the toxic chemicals they use im fed up with playing detective to what the authorities have failed misserably let alone all the fire hazzards as i know they have messed whith the energy supplies Cornwall services is a total failure and massive let down regarding my human rights to feel safe and secure in my own home and to not be able to go to bed in the knowledge with will i manage any sleep tonight
Redwhale - 26-Jun-19 @ 10:48 PM
Mention fire hazards from neighbours growing drugs hot lamps wiring etc they act quicker as it's logged and if any thing happens or fire the police are responsible ... for not acting
Jules - 21-Jun-19 @ 6:57 PM
I have lived next to my drug dealing neighbours for 2 years, at first they kept themselves to themselves and they were ok, I ignored the stink of weed on an evening, they were quite open about the factthey indulged themselves and said if it bothered me then to let them know, I didn’t I just kept the windows closed even in summer just for a quiet life, They alway have people coming and going who only stay for 10 -15 minutes, Their house has brand new stuff New carpets brand new appliances He has temper problems he throws things slams doors in the middle of the night sounds like he’s pushing wardrobes down the stairs then storms out and Revs engineon car like it’s formula one racing car She has mental issues schizophreniaand changed her medication and starts shouting stuff in the street My eldest daughters new boyfriend says some people at his work buy drugs from these people and have even done some investigation of his own and can tell us what they charge so what we have suspected for so long is true, We are now getting reg plates and keeping notes to give in to police
Buddyup - 20-Jun-19 @ 11:50 AM
Anyone here are on shop watch my entire family is on it including me.The police even took our car numbers and put them in the ANPR sometimes we are refused petrol and be humiliated when we try to go out to shop.Anyone in this situation so we talk about how it affects our life holistically.
Iamtotallyfedup - 18-May-19 @ 11:26 AM
I reported my neighbours to the police about they selling drugs. The police came and searched their house but got nothing. But the police never asked for the information of where they store the drugs they buy old vehicles and store the drugs not in the house they keep them. I was so disappointed with this because they got nothing.These people are always a step ahead of the police.
Iamtotallyfedup - 18-May-19 @ 11:22 AM
I think everyone is fed up with it. Police won't do nothing council won't do nothing. It's the same in south WalesI think maybe people in Britain should form there own radical group.
Fluffy - 30-Apr-19 @ 3:20 AM
Reading so many people story make me understand I am not alone in my horrible every day life living next to drugh dealers. I have reported endless time to the police my suspect, what I am suffering with smells and noise that comes from next door. As many of you did happen, police say that there are no evidence and accuse myself of been paranoid. Neighboor got violent with me and harass me implying all sort of noise like birds, airplane, traffic although I live off road, dogs barking, fire alarm going on and off continueselly, police sirens and endless other annoying noise. Try to pay attention, many noise seem natural but are not. They have listening device trough wall listening at all time what I do. That's also the reason why in many cases I have called the police or other witnes and Just before they were arriving all noise was stopping. Make sure this is not happening to some of you reading. My life has been disrupted is almost 17 years that my house is not more my house.
Harassment suffering - 8-Apr-19 @ 10:48 AM
I reported a canibis grow house 4 times still nothing done . It's near my eldily parents and it stinks police are not interested useless
Don't listen - 22-Mar-19 @ 10:26 PM
Living in so called social housing for twenty two years on the 17 March. For twenty years a bullying neighbour and her cocaine dealing daughter have been harassing me some of the time for money at my door. But the last nine years another neighbour also well known to the police who is a skid row alcoholic and taking a lot of drugs has been persistently begging at my door for money and in the street in the area. I have complained to the landlord and to the police. This neighbour has also organised a friend of hers who doesn’t live here beg for money at my door February 2019 reading of alcohol money with menaces and a sob story. As for the landlord and the ASB officer I was advised most recently to be mindful and cautioned with the warning of a warning letter since the little predatory parasite had got herself a support worker who had written to accuse me of harassing her because I am complaining of the vile stench of the skunk and whatever she and her bullying visitors are smoking. I was told to shut up. The smell of the drug makes me feel sick. The ASB officer shamelessly admitted that a lot of their tenants are taking drugs. I have been to my MP and wait for letters to be written. A policeman advised me that following a warning the anti social behaviour stops for two weeks and starts up again. Imagine what it’s like here in the summer. The truth is I am the one that’s vulnerable. If a neighbour comes to your door begging for money ‘for gas’ don’t give it to them. When you stop the malevolence really shows itself for what it is.
St - 14-Mar-19 @ 6:46 PM
There's a drug den in my area... and nobody cares. Why don't the council do anything about it? "The council are aware!" Person is doing and selling drugs to all the druggies in the area, the monster left their door open and just up and left, people went in and stole everything in the house, literally everything, even the pipes and floors... it is a flooded house now, and nobody cares. Area - full of robbers, drug addicts and creeps, and people with mental problems.
Marie D. Joanne - 14-Mar-19 @ 11:30 AM
I have an Harassment Notice on me for making 30 calls to Hampshire Police for the heavy, heady, choking, pungent drug fumes which are filtering into my bedroom and work space which once required paramedics out.The Police only came out to gain evidence once but three hours after I had phoned. I cannot stand the fumes.They make me ill and cause anaphylactic type symptoms and terrible ear, nose and throat problems.One police officer refused in a VERY malevolent tone to come and gain evidence.The man from the same household was overheard saying:"I hope someone blows their place up" to another neighbour but when we told the police this, one officer said:"It was just a flippant remark and he did not mean anything by it".Our police force is covering up for our neighbours drug use.They are complicit with my suffering. I cannot get the smell of their retched fumes out of my nostrils and my nausea is off the scale.It also makes me feel starving hungry.
Bella - 23-Feb-19 @ 8:53 AM
I reported someone selling and growing canibis 3 times and nothing was ever done it's a disgrace why do we bother
Don't listen - 23-Feb-19 @ 12:23 AM
By all the comments iv read above I find it unbelievable that so many people are out their with the very same hellish situation I have been tollerating since 2015 suspected drug dealing and cultivation next door nieghbours they also supply illegal tobacco or baccy as they refare to! I hear the heavy duty pumps/fans go on around 11.30pm then all night heavy duty and wierd buzzing vibrations which stop you from relaxing ..then there is the house makeshift renovation..the council hear in east Cornwall have done nothing but tell me to put up shut up or move out by downsizing it's a joke being a decent citizen these days iv kept records iv passed on information and I am left to wonder why I ever bothered doing the right course of action! My heart goes out to anyone who has to put up with living next door to drug dealers and their illicit cultivation
Redwhale - 12-Feb-19 @ 7:42 PM
The police want photos which I have but all they say is it takes time to put it all together. I have this dtone sound of a night the neighbour said its her dryer...5 hrs? Moving stuff aswell. My heads cabbaged. Got to keep a record for enviromental apparently got to be on their paper. So will keep it till 28th thats if I havent had a brain heamorage.If nothing happens I am writing to papers and a book. My mum and I want to leave but who would buy next to this trailor trash? Letters on a postcard please.
Tiddles - 6-Feb-19 @ 2:20 AM
I have had neighbours who were evicted and put next to me and parents for 8 yrs. 8 yrs of hell. A police lady has had the cars stopped only last year. The tenantshave a private landlord as they were thrown out of a housing society. The landlord said Its only you who has to put up with them. We had cars by the dozen they said it was kids dads paying football subs ?? Smells od cannabis. A buzz that went of if we moved from room to room or went in front or back garden. People lieing in the rd of their head. People in front garden all hours of day night. Put my dad in his grave and 2 other neighbours. Mediator seen all the 7 diaries. Said they can do what they want on own property? She even walks down rd behind me when my mategoes for a taxi. Stand in the dark when i come home with shopping . Sits under umbrella in all weathers. Maybe we should all form our own vigilanty group.
Tiddles - 6-Feb-19 @ 2:12 AM
Hear i am again 4 years down the road same situation night time vibrations and heavy duty fan /pump noise, the environment monitoring equipment picked up on unusual frequencies and an idling deasel genorator noise and now the council have closed my case as they say could be coming from anywhere..iv kept 4 yrs of records on illegal activities such as illegal tobacco sellingsigns of tampering with their utilities suspicions of growing cannabis with good reason and im left with a council who couldn't care less and police who arent interested this is Cornwall drug capital ..i have wasted my entire energy keeping records and reporting illegal activities and still sleep deprived since 2015 living next to the nieghbours from hell who keep a very low profile
Redwhale - 23-Jan-19 @ 11:42 PM
I feel sorry for the “red whale “ comment below as I’m in similar position I live in a semi detached housing association house and had this damn buzzing noise and sometimes the smell of weed for the last 2 years but because I’m very private and quiet and live alone (no witnesses) they think they can do what they want with buzzing noise, it gets turned down if I have visitors they have cameras front and back, I complained and it took 3/4 months for anyone to get access come that time they probably cleaned up and started again once heat was off them and now the housing association dontseem interested when I tried to tell them it’s still there they said it was investigated and they found nothingsooooooo a total waste of time , I’ve tried confronting him (the tenant) and he says can’t hear nothing ?? He would have to be Stone deafif he’s innocent why not help me to find out what the buzzing is?! No he’s just defensive , such a waste of time and I’m stuck with this noise like an industrial fan through the night which is also risky as nobody there at night it could catch fire ,potentially, he supposedly works but I feel there justusing the house to grow weed , I don’t know whether to wait for damp to come through the walls or keep using my brain to try and find another way , very difficult to sleep sometimes but their getting away with this and very hard to get the help I need .
Maria - 2-Jan-19 @ 9:42 PM
the police don't care if you have proof, I've got footage of deals going down and people going into the bushes outside our homes and collecting bags.I offered to give the police footage on a flash drive which is as clear as a bell, you can recognise the druggies and I've even seen them in town.They didn't want it they said they would call and look at it incase an officer recognised them.Doesn't make sense, but they didn't call.Kept getting calls saying they would come but they never did.Still have the footage but they aren't interested.The Police said that people can get over enthusiastic when they have CCTV, I was trying to help them catch dealers!The dealers and druggies know the police don't care and that's why it continues.Its up to us all to try and keep our neighbourhoods clear.Police are a thing of the past.
doesntmakeadifferenc - 2-Jan-19 @ 12:16 PM
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