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When you Should Contact your Local Environmental Health Department

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 6 Oct 2019 | comments*Discuss
Air Quality Environmental Health

If you have already read a number of articles contained on this website, you will have begun to realise that your local authority’s environmental health department covers a vast remit and they often your first port of call if you are experiencing problems with your neighbours or within the community as a whole.

It can be far quicker to obtain a resolution if you contact your environmental health department first as opposed to calling the police when dealing with many neighbourhood issues. In fact, in most instances, even if you call the police, they might refer you back to the environmental health department first. Here are the many issues that the environmental health department would deal with:

Air Quality

If your enjoyment of your own property is being affected by a Neighbour’s Bonfire or barbecue or if an industrial chimney is causing a problem.

Contaminated Land

Where you suspect that chemicals or associated materials have polluted either a water supply or have contaminated land.

Dangerous Dogs

If you have a problem with a Dangerous Or Nuisance Dog in your area or you have been attacked or been threatened by an attack from a dog. You’d also contact the department if you're concerned about persistent dog fouling outside your house or on local parks.

Food Standards

If you are concerned about the hygiene of a particular business which is manufacturing and/or selling food or drink to the public, or you have suffered a health problem as a result of eating suspected contaminated food.

Noise Levels

If you are suffering from the effects of Excessive Noise as the result of a neighbour’s party, loud music, a nearby factory or some other kind of business which is generating excessive noise or if you have an Incessantly Barking Dog in the neighbourhood.

Pest Control

If your own home or a nearby property has been plagued by pests which could be anything from a wasps’ nest to rodent control.


If flytipping has occurred on your street or if you suspect a neighbour to be guilty of flytipping elsewhere.

Graffiti and Flyposting

If graffiti or flyposting is happening in your area, your environmental health department will also deal with this.


If a neighbour is guilty of not disposing of their household waste correctly, or if you are experiencing a lot of litter on your property or street as the result of a business nearby.

Of course, in many of these instances, the problem can often be resolved by speaking to the relevant neighbour or nearby business first. However, if you’re unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution to a particular problem from the person(s) involved, or you don’t know who might be responsible for causing the problem, then all of the above fall under the jurisdiction of your local authority’s environmental health department. They have the powers and the weight of the law behind them to begin an investigation and to enforce a resolution, be that through the courts, if necessary.

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Having problem with neighbour who has business he has a weed pile at bottom of garden nettles six foot high he keeps on threatening me with his builders also visits from community officers about poop in garden in front since putting it online fife council will not lift this as not my dog compass bins two at bottom of garden stinking full of rubbish bought rubbish from businesses up to here
Nick - 6-Oct-19 @ 8:57 PM
We have a neighbor that has no water no gas no electricity they steal water from the neighbors, run a generator 24/7 use the bathroom outside they have a house that is half way burnt dwn that reeks of oder tons of garbage everywhere we are fed up what can be done
Krazy k - 3-Oct-19 @ 1:49 PM
Bins left out on the pavement permanently . Dogs barking . Dog poop on pavement . Gardens full of garbage . Garbage spilling from bins left out permanently . Fast food vendors wrappers littering the streets . Dogs should be licensed and the councils given powers to act . Some places the council do the clean up and send a bill to the offenders . Overgrown hedges get the same . Brilliant !
Bill - 1-Oct-19 @ 7:40 AM
I have lived in a property for nearly 7 years and my boundary between next door is divided my a hedge. My neighbour has a tree which hadn't been cut this whole time. It's now over the boundary and into my garden and over 10 foot high. I've asked her to cut it over a dozen time and she still hasn't. Its affecting the light to my garden. What can I do??
Vik - 26-Sep-19 @ 5:38 PM
We moved into a brand new property 9 years ago and very soon after our neighbours moved in. They constantly banged up and down the stairs, slammed doors and played loud music on and off for hours. We ended up complaining to the council who went round and spoke to them. Things generally calmed down but they still have their moments!! We had a 4ft fence between us and them and we asked the council if we could put a 6ft fence up. We were given permission. A couple of years later a 12ft trampoline suddenly appeared, they put it right next to our fence. We now have no privacy and all the kids off the estate come round and bounce, scream and shout for hours on end on a daily basis. With where the trampoline is they can see straight into our kitchen window. They do very little gardening and do not pick up their dog poo regularly so it stinks and we get loads of flies. We have put up with comments, staring, glaring and just a general horrible atmosphere for years. It can be quite intimidating at times especially when the mother and her mates is doing it to my 12 year old child. It is an awful situation and we begun to just feel hatred towards them. This is our lovely home and cannot afford to move but nor should we have to. I wish they would just move away as there doesn't appear a lot we can do as the bullying is very low level and kind of goes undetected.
Hanj - 15-Sep-19 @ 7:32 PM
i am having major health issues and my neighbor across the hall from me comes in and out of our building slamming doors all hours no consideration for others. and i have spoken to her about this problem and now they added stomping down the hallway and everytime i have spoken to the landlord the slamming of doors has gotten worse my health cant handle this . i dont have the money to just move and its hard to move out when my body does not allow me to lift anything heavy. also these people have invited other people to live with them in a one bedroom apartment this woman has a boyfriend and two kids a boy and a girl and another woman living in that apartment and they are destroying the building its awful. everytime i talk with this woman she starts getting nasty she has scratched my car alot and she dumped soda on my car. i was nice to her when she moved in . She has turned nasty and im tired of dealing with her crap . i dont feel safe with her living across the hall from me . i feel like a prisoner in my apartment now cause i dont walk so good anymore . not shure what to do.
Chris - 13-Sep-19 @ 8:05 PM
Neighbors terrace house(rented)is full of weeds,some 6ft high,no gate rubbish bags,bins never emptied,gutter hanging off,kitchen window (inside)full of live flies.i can't sit in my yard because of the smell and the sight and thought of living with all the flies,God knows what inside looks like. Council been a few times and promised to sort it tried env health .no joy. What next.had this for years gate blew off 3 years ago.still on floor in main yard.bin full with rain water or I would have emptied it myself.
Parky - 13-Sep-19 @ 7:52 PM
New neighbours son bought back a lovely girl who thought it ok to throw her guts up near our back gate. What a surprise it's not been cleaned up disgusting little tramp. Do I phone their landlord as I've his number. I dare not go and talk to them because I will blow my top
Y - 8-Sep-19 @ 1:06 PM
My neighbours are conducting a medieval type witch hunt. They try to stop me living a life.The latest is I am forced off the pavement by a man with dogs. He uses obscene language.
Hannah - 1-Sep-19 @ 5:25 PM
House Forecourt opposite my house has high weeds and dumped fencing panel, plus theres been a sign of ratsit's totally unacceptable
PADDY - 24-Aug-19 @ 8:37 PM
My neighbor has painted his own white 'H' line across the road in front of his drive as he was having arguments daily with the ice cream van stopping there. Can I report this as graffiti on a public highway? I realise it is petty but he is a nasty person and harasses my family constantly. I see no reason why he should be allowed to break the law.
Herts85 - 24-Aug-19 @ 4:07 PM
What can I do? I have new neighbours and they cook vast pots of very disturbing smelling food outsideon portable gas stoves. This is bad enough and has ruined my outside time, but they also tip all the cooking liquids into the garden..the flies are getting really bad...maggot ridden bins in the alley. What can I do?
Rose - 17-Aug-19 @ 1:45 PM
On one side of my house the neighbour has 10 kids and the scream from 9am until 11pm everyday. The other side has a huge angry dog that barks so loud it's incredible everyday. Its relentless and its destroying my life. I just want peace.
Davey - 16-Aug-19 @ 9:16 PM
Could anyone tell me what is the legal distance next door neighbours wastebins should be away from my windows and doors
chrissi - 16-Aug-19 @ 7:35 PM
Our neighbour every week puts her rubbish infront of our drive way blocking one of our cars to not be able to enter or exit the property. Is this legal? We moved her rubbish infront of her house and she instantly moved it back infront of our property again. Do we have a leg to stand on?
Ja - 16-Aug-19 @ 7:47 AM
My neighbor has had a skip directly outside our house for over 4 months. It is full and smells! It's in our parking space as she asked to use it for her skip. She says that she has asked the skip company to collect it but she is on a waiting list for collection I spoke to them today and they told me that there is no list and they usually collect within a couple of days. 5-7 absolutely max. We are now sick of the sight and smell of it. Is this worthy of reporting to environmental health?
RoberT - 13-Aug-19 @ 8:04 PM
I have a neighbour who plays his music really loud at night and weekdays.I have been round three times at about 4/5pm to ask him to turn it down. I think he has special neds or mental health issues needs as he doesn't seem to ever remember my name and is always stinking of beer.He is always apologetic and amicable but it never seems to stop.Two other neighbours have also been round dial to complain.I know we can do noise diaries etc but would it help to speak to his landlord first and deal with it in a more less enforcement way?
Mamma - 11-Aug-19 @ 10:42 AM
When the landlord who owns the property next door had some repairs done to his porch he left off the gutters and drainage pipe.Because of this excessive water is draining down the hill to myside of the shared drive.I have added extra channel run off drainage to cope with all the extra water however with the increasing of flash storms its unable to cope always.Can he be made to re-instate the guttering because i fear the flooding is undermining my house some small holes have appeared close to the house he refuses to accept there is a problem.
bigal - 6-Aug-19 @ 11:18 PM
My neighbor has loadsof rubbishbags in the front garden it looks discusttingat the from of the house before long there will be rats out there .and the back garden is no better what can I do about it..as it's a private house . I do not speak to the neighbor. But also cannot be healthy for use orthe kids .
Joan - 6-Aug-19 @ 8:45 PM
Hi, I have a neighbour that leaves out kitchen foil and plates/bowls of food. They do not own pets. This is now attracting pests and vermin. I reported to council and all they did was close the report, no comment and nothing done. What more can I do?
Lduk - 5-Aug-19 @ 8:22 PM
I have a neighbor that sell cakes out of her house. Me and a couple of the other neighbors were sick because of these cakes. I brought the concern to her attention and she just told us not to buy them. I don’t want other people to experience what I experienced. How do I proceed?
Chris - 4-Aug-19 @ 9:52 AM
My neighbours are constantly using drug substances this has been going on for years my local council is aware of all that's going on but they have got worse now they are constantly using it on the balcony outside my front door I have bad breathing issues and I am on medication for this I was also admitted to hospital in February of this year because of my health I am being looked after by my doctor in the borough high street and guys hospital I'm so stressed and since losing my husband just over a year ago I feel very vulnerable and even victimized by these people all the time
Nanny - 30-Jul-19 @ 8:17 AM
Ive got a really bad problem with the house over the back from me.the amount of stray cats and kittens is upsetting as theyre just breeding all time and iam getting all the cats and kittens in my garden.its upsetting to see and want to know if their is anything i could do to stop this.
Charl - 29-Jul-19 @ 1:11 PM
Neighbour does not take bins out plus fills mine and won't bring empty bins in just dumps rubbish without using empty bins
Blaw - 28-Jul-19 @ 4:46 PM
My neighbour refuses to take bin out or bring in wen empty plus fills my bin when bins empty just dumps rubbishoutside without putting in bin
George Bradford - 28-Jul-19 @ 4:43 PM
My family have been victims of harassment, treats & now violence after nine years of ASB due to our neighbours Drug & Alcohol addictions Barnet Homes have moved several addiction problem tenants into our dead end street since 2010 ( which was a lovely road to live in once ) The housing have never addressed any of the ASB that has come with it. Now my Lovely Wife has been violently attacked & robbed by two of these addiction problem tenants in front of our three year old daughter, & the housing body have done absolutely nothing to address any of this. They've only picked on my wife because I've never raisin to any of the ASB towards us. but the time is coming I've had enough now.... One of the addiction problem tenants has attacked three people in our street now & the housing have done nothing about her behaviour even though she has been taken to court for attacking my wife but she still goes out of her way to cause harassment on a daily basis. Only last night we were kept awake until 3am gone because of her behaviour & one of her drinking buddies. What has one got to do other than taking the law into ones own hands because nobody is helping me or my family, I feel so deliberately sorry for my Wife & our nearly four year old because they are having to witness all the ASB. We've had rotten meat put though our letterbox dog feces bags our front scratched up our car vandalized to over £1,000 pounds worth of damage. Our front mat thrown out the back windows water hose pipes put up though our opened windows. My mountain bike damaged tyres & mudguards, bullied by their family members. My Wife & I are at our wits end now, in not knowing what might happen to us or our home & Barnet Homes are not doing anything about it. Several other neighbours have raised the same concerns of harassment & racial abuse & nothing is being done to stop their behaviour.
Neil Reed - 26-Jul-19 @ 3:51 PM
Hi there, my neighbour has a wheely bin cleaning service and the cleaning is always intentionally carried out outside our house. There is always grass cuttings food waste left outside which then proceeds to blow into our property. The guy uses a jet wash also with cleaning products of which I do not know if chemicals are used which then spray all over my shrubs and car!! Is this legal?
Emm - 22-Jul-19 @ 10:57 AM
My neighbour garden at side of my house is full of bin bags full of rubbish the cats have put holes in them they don't recycle can I report to council the next thing will be rats
Joner - 12-Jul-19 @ 8:53 PM
Hi My neighbour has a pond which he is constantly over filling and it keeps leaking under the fence onto our patio area. We have spoken on several occasions and he doesnt see that its a problem as its only water and he is old so forgets!!! The water coming through stinks and leaves green sludge marks. Im basically at the end of my tether with him and i want to put a play area down for my grand daughter but cant do this because of this problem. Any help or advice would be fantastic. Thank you
vicsim - 9-Jul-19 @ 10:23 AM
I have a neighbour accrosed the road from me who keeps putting her rubbish sometimes two days before collection ,but she's placing it on my driveway ,I've had words with her but yet again I come home to boxes and litter left on my drive because bin men don't take this ,I've asked her not to and she NOS Ive cameras but she's still doing this ,I'm fed up with picking her litter up ,I've now got on film her doing this ,I don't want to fall out with her but I can't put up with this .
Sandy - 29-Jun-19 @ 11:58 AM
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