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When you Should Contact your Local Environmental Health Department

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 24 Feb 2020 | comments*Discuss
Air Quality Environmental Health

If you have already read a number of articles contained on this website, you will have begun to realise that your local authority’s environmental health department covers a vast remit and they often your first port of call if you are experiencing problems with your neighbours or within the community as a whole.

It can be far quicker to obtain a resolution if you contact your environmental health department first as opposed to calling the police when dealing with many neighbourhood issues. In fact, in most instances, even if you call the police, they might refer you back to the environmental health department first. Here are the many issues that the environmental health department would deal with:

Air Quality

If your enjoyment of your own property is being affected by a Neighbour’s Bonfire or barbecue or if an industrial chimney is causing a problem.

Contaminated Land

Where you suspect that chemicals or associated materials have polluted either a water supply or have contaminated land.

Dangerous Dogs

If you have a problem with a Dangerous Or Nuisance Dog in your area or you have been attacked or been threatened by an attack from a dog. You’d also contact the department if you're concerned about persistent dog fouling outside your house or on local parks.

Food Standards

If you are concerned about the hygiene of a particular business which is manufacturing and/or selling food or drink to the public, or you have suffered a health problem as a result of eating suspected contaminated food.

Noise Levels

If you are suffering from the effects of Excessive Noise as the result of a neighbour’s party, loud music, a nearby factory or some other kind of business which is generating excessive noise or if you have an Incessantly Barking Dog in the neighbourhood.

Pest Control

If your own home or a nearby property has been plagued by pests which could be anything from a wasps’ nest to rodent control.


If flytipping has occurred on your street or if you suspect a neighbour to be guilty of flytipping elsewhere.

Graffiti and Flyposting

If graffiti or flyposting is happening in your area, your environmental health department will also deal with this.


If a neighbour is guilty of not disposing of their household waste correctly, or if you are experiencing a lot of litter on your property or street as the result of a business nearby.

Of course, in many of these instances, the problem can often be resolved by speaking to the relevant neighbour or nearby business first. However, if you’re unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution to a particular problem from the person(s) involved, or you don’t know who might be responsible for causing the problem, then all of the above fall under the jurisdiction of your local authority’s environmental health department. They have the powers and the weight of the law behind them to begin an investigation and to enforce a resolution, be that through the courts, if necessary.

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Looking for advice,. My neighbours car on his drive which is directly next to ours has mould growing all inside? Is there any health issues with this for us? Many thanks
Ki - 24-Feb-20 @ 4:05 PM
My neighbour didn’t put any grass on their land since they built the new houses, and they live here for few years and still don’t put any grass on their whole yard , their house land is higher than my house , they causing our street’s road very dirty, especially Everytime when is raining , the sand from their house will wash down the hill , and the sand always stuck in front of my driveway. When I drive my car into the garage , the garage floor is disgusting!
Evelyn - 24-Feb-20 @ 5:47 AM
My neighbour has 4 dogs and does not pick up after them. We now have rat infestation in the backyard. I have told him that rats eat dog poo but he refuses to believe me and does not want to accept responsibility.We live in rented accommodation. We had this same problem last year where I called pest control. Its £115 for each call out. What can I do?
Hannah - 13-Feb-20 @ 9:42 AM
Hello, I certainly agree with the topic of nuisance neighbours. Our neighbours have had a skip, full to the brim of rubbish (household & building rubble) in their front garden for over 6 months. It's a 2 week permit for skips usually so this is most peculiar. It's unsightly and we live quite close to a farm and fields, I certainly worry about the possibility of rats this close to our property. Can I report them??
Sedwards - 6-Feb-20 @ 10:40 AM
What can I do about an old mouldy car full of household rubbish sitting in my neighbours driveway for nearly 2 years It’s so depressing and bringing the whole street down
Vik - 5-Feb-20 @ 9:23 PM
My local gym’s rubbish bins are always overflowing and they have a corner full of the latest dumped rubbish constantly. On windy days the said rubbish is flying around the whole car park which is shared with other businesses who are constantly having to pick up said rubbish as the gym won’t accept responsibility for the rubbish. This issue has been reported before but never improves so what else can be done?
Raven - 1-Feb-20 @ 10:20 AM
A neighbour had her garden landscaped and 2 massive sacks of sand and gravel have been left on the street ....for the last six months it's been there
Helen - 28-Jan-20 @ 6:31 PM
Hi, I would like to report a hygiene problem from one of my neighbours. The bins are contaminated and overflowing. There is constant litter on the front and food waste around the floor. The bins have now been like this for a good Few weeks and no one seems to be doing anything about it. I’m very concerned for my children who play outside the house and if this continues to stay like this it could lead to far worse problems like rats. I would really appreciate some help with this but would to remain anonymous as I don’t want it to cause problems.
Belle - 16-Jan-20 @ 7:03 PM
I live in a council property and the wall have been taken half way down and half of it is still lose and iv told them for two day now and that still not done nothing it’s a chunk of a wall hanging off is there anything I can do cause it’s not on now my mum is 67 and it could fall on her
Patch - 14-Jan-20 @ 10:03 AM
Having a big issue with a neighbors cat.It's had 2 litters in the space of a year. The kittens only ever come into my garden to use as a toilet, I cannot let my young son out to play as it's always covered in cat mess!! Can't talk to them about the issue as they don't appear to care at all.I have tired numerous repellent ideas but none seem to work!What can I do now? Getting really frustrated.
Matty - 12-Jan-20 @ 7:55 AM
We live in our home approximately 8 month ago our neighbour's moved out, house is up for sale but the garden is still full of refuse, old toys, trampolinesetc which is fine but the household rubbish really needs to be removed its disgusting the address is 902 york road seacroft leeds LS146HTit is to the rear of the property, there is a green full bin at front of house we put out but they wont empty it because it is really heavy please could you help thankyou Karen Russell-wild
Refuse - 6-Jan-20 @ 1:59 PM
A new shop has opened and I have a vacant carpark due to the business I live next to being moved. The new shop a meat centre a door down from the car park have acquired a skip and it's become a health hazard due to it overflowing. The new people have destroyed my walk way pavement, their loose and again health hazard. I've even hurt myself due to the scattered debris. Please help.
Plzhelp - 6-Jan-20 @ 7:41 AM
Can everyone help me please, I have a problem with very bad smell coming from the downstairs property that is spreading everywhere in my flat, some days it is very difficult to stay in ta house and sometimes the smell lasts for days. I did discover that the downstairs property are using a comecial steemer but I can't see any extractor fans so I'm assuming that why the smell comes in to my flat, also I discovered that they using my draining sistem to pump out the steam, I get smelly steam coming out from the sinks and bathtub. Any advice would be much appreciated
Frisby - 27-Dec-19 @ 6:22 PM
Living in an attached house. Problems with the neighbours for years regarding their constant rubbish tip of a house that plagues them with flies, rats etc and then of course as it’s an attached house so it plagues us. Is there something we can do as it’s not right
Lucy - 18-Dec-19 @ 8:28 PM
I used to have a good relationship with my neighbour below over the last 10 years. He's always been a bit loud but we had a good relationship and every time I'd complain about noise he was always apologetic. Sadly since he met his new girlfriend three years ago life became hell with door slamming, his dog started barking more and all she ever did was being at home all day and using the bathroom while making a lot of noise till early hours in the morning. As soon as I raised a complain he started to turn against me and started taking it out on my kids (who are always of the house from 8am till 6pm) except weekends. Life became unbearable. He's now rented his property to three people who have divided the property and have TVs in every single room playingtill late hours of the night and heard through my bedroom. Rubbish overflowing from their bins and cannabis comes through my property non stop. I tried the police and the council but they are very slow at responding. I spoke to them and I get different people answering the door giving me different stories. My health has deteriorated as a result and I have developed anxiety and disruptive sleep patterns. I am so sensitive to everything I want to leave this city and live in the wildreness in total isolation.
Chris - 12-Dec-19 @ 3:38 PM
A new neighbour moved in couple of months back. We're living in an apartment block, most apartments are rented from same landlord. I had no problem at the beginning when my new neighbour was leaving rubbish bags in the stairwell landing for couple of days, as I thought it's going to be temporary until she gets removal sorted out. That never happened... She still has no rubbish removal bins and keeps storing her rubbish bags in the landing for 1-2 weeks! Asked our LL to remind neighbours to remove rubbish on a regular basis, but after about 3 days nothing has changed, so I left a note on her bags asking to remove. She went absolutely ballistic, attacking me that it's none of my business where she leaves these bags, how long they're there for and I'm not the LL to tell her what to do. Messaged my LL about the situation, no change for 4 days, same rubbish bags still there since 1,5 weeks... I'm sick of the situation, as she leaves the bags by the window centrally opposite to my front door, so the first thing I see opening the blind/ door is rubbish bags... I really don't know what else to do. Any advice?
Troger - 3-Dec-19 @ 9:56 AM
Since my neighbors roof behind my property has gone green this year it's getting in my open windows in my conservatory and getting in to my home and my dog and myself have an allergy and mites are present I already have a resperitory illness and costing me a fortune through my vet, is there anything that can be done about this through environmental Health please?
Jax - 28-Nov-19 @ 2:24 PM
Ever since my neighbor moved in its been hell, slamming doors, constant banging, fighting. They walk from room to room bang doors and stamping the feet, it gets really bad then he has 3 or 4 friends round, if tried talking about it, but he's always out his face on drugs and never listens just drools, sick of getting woken at 2/3 in morning most nights with his comings and goings,
Lumps - 4-Nov-19 @ 7:49 PM
We bought a house from a family that grain farms. We haven’t even owned the house a full year. Our house and property is next to some of the land they farm and they have a pole barn next door to our property. They store equipment there. They sold us our house and then built these 3 massive grain silos just a few feet from our house. They completely pulled one over on us by not disclosing this huge bit of info. We would have never bought the house and remodeled had we been told. We are out of city limits so we are in an unzoned area. So I couldn’t find a way to stop them from building the silos. They have threatened us after the epa tried to get involved. They didn’t pay their taxes on their farm or taxes on the land we bought for the year before we owned the house. They kept putting the bill in our mailbox expecting us to pay the taxes on their farm. The bank got confused by them and took the money out of our account. The bank talked with the farmers who sold us the house and they said they would drop a check off to us. They did not do this. They now won’t answer the banks phone calls. They got mad about the taxes and took a bulldozer and tried to remove that patch of woods to ruin my fiancés deer hunting. For the past several months our water bill had jumped way up and we couldn’t figure out why. I had started limiting the number of times I take bathes every week because of it. Then recently we find out that the farmers did not disclose the fact that there are water lines that run from our house to their pole barn. They don’t have their own water main. So this whole time they have been letting us foot the bill for the water that they use for their new farming operation. They are still using our water. We don’t fully know what to do and are working on finding and capping those lines. They threaten us not to step foot on their property. There was a snake infestation in our house they did not tell us about. We had to learn about this from a bunch of other people and deal with it. The basement flooded after we bought it. One threat they recently made was to turn us in because they say our septic isn’t up to code. We did not know that it wasn’t. Seems like they should have disclosed this when selling the house or whoever inspected the house for the loan should have caught this if it’s true. They run those silos at full blast spraying grain dust all over us. My kids are constantly sick from it. My oldest is weak and wobbly all the time from sinus infections and if she gets caught out in it and breaths it she will be caught her for the next several days. It sounds like a train battling a fleet of helicopters outside of my house and inside too. It causes my dog and all my ducks to cough too. The grain dust is so think it’s coming in through my windowsills, it piles up in my garage and on my car. It’s caked on my patio and landscaping. I can’t get it off my plants. Our pond has been wrecked and has turned a creamy green color. The fish won’t bite after t
Helen - 4-Nov-19 @ 7:30 AM
My property backs on to our local school fields separated by a tall conifer Bush. Unfortunately their side of gardening is lacking and a huge thorn bush has overgrown my entire hedge and has implanted itself all along my garden into the rest of my plants and bushes. I've tried to cut back as I can however its killing off my plants, it's too overgrown to tackle and its causing prick injuries no end to the family and my little boy who now cant play in the area. It's also horrendously unsightly and I cant even maintain my hedge anymore. Is this something I can get resolved?
Tara - 3-Nov-19 @ 3:47 PM
My next door neighbors dogs keep finding ways into my back garden and crapping all over and I can't let my kids play in the garden for fear of picking up or playing with the poo, I've told my neighbors about it and they say I should get new fence so other than paying for a fence is there anything I can do ? Can report them to anyone ?
J - 30-Oct-19 @ 9:51 AM
Ok so iv hand trubble from next door ever since i got my birds im being blamed for rats but rats have been coming in the loft for years as last people told me before i move next door have been winding my ducks up as well by playing a duck call and stressing my ducks out and thy have been saying thy goimg to poison my dogs and birds becoues of rats i think this is out of order and would like help thy all so want leave me alone i suffer witth anzity and thy know this thy have called enviament health on me 3 times now and niose conplants saying my birds make to much noise but thy dont thy hardly make any noise it seems there is a witch hunt again as other people have been report me as well im getting really upset and stressed as evey time i get a vist im sceard that i will losse my birds thy are every thing to me thy help with.my anzity
Lou lou - 30-Oct-19 @ 12:07 AM
We just some papers that someone filed a complaint against us for our dog barking.Our dog doesn't bark excessively.We live in a 11 story building with 20 apts on each floor, we also have a website where our building communicates openly about issues.Not once has this person stated there was a concern.We honestly wonder if this was just some prank, because there is definitely barking on our floor but it isn't our dog.With our building being so friendly wouldn't it make sense if our dog was barking to let us know?Why go to the extremes of reporting when you can easily just leave a anonymous note or knock on our door.I don't want/need to know who it was, but can a violation ticket be given to someone who files a report without merit, without trying to even make contact with the person their filing a complaint against?
Open - 29-Oct-19 @ 12:50 PM
Having problem with neighbour who has business he has a weed pile at bottom of garden nettles six foot high he keeps on threatening me with his builders also visits from community officers about poop in garden in front since putting it online fife council will not lift this as not my dog compass bins two at bottom of garden stinking full of rubbish bought rubbish from businesses up to here
Nick - 6-Oct-19 @ 8:57 PM
We have a neighbor that has no water no gas no electricity they steal water from the neighbors, run a generator 24/7 use the bathroom outside they have a house that is half way burnt dwn that reeks of oder tons of garbage everywhere we are fed up what can be done
Krazy k - 3-Oct-19 @ 1:49 PM
Bins left out on the pavement permanently . Dogs barking . Dog poop on pavement . Gardens full of garbage . Garbage spilling from bins left out permanently . Fast food vendors wrappers littering the streets . Dogs should be licensed and the councils given powers to act . Some places the council do the clean up and send a bill to the offenders . Overgrown hedges get the same . Brilliant !
Bill - 1-Oct-19 @ 7:40 AM
I have lived in a property for nearly 7 years and my boundary between next door is divided my a hedge. My neighbour has a tree which hadn't been cut this whole time. It's now over the boundary and into my garden and over 10 foot high. I've asked her to cut it over a dozen time and she still hasn't. Its affecting the light to my garden. What can I do??
Vik - 26-Sep-19 @ 5:38 PM
We moved into a brand new property 9 years ago and very soon after our neighbours moved in. They constantly banged up and down the stairs, slammed doors and played loud music on and off for hours. We ended up complaining to the council who went round and spoke to them. Things generally calmed down but they still have their moments!! We had a 4ft fence between us and them and we asked the council if we could put a 6ft fence up. We were given permission. A couple of years later a 12ft trampoline suddenly appeared, they put it right next to our fence. We now have no privacy and all the kids off the estate come round and bounce, scream and shout for hours on end on a daily basis. With where the trampoline is they can see straight into our kitchen window. They do very little gardening and do not pick up their dog poo regularly so it stinks and we get loads of flies. We have put up with comments, staring, glaring and just a general horrible atmosphere for years. It can be quite intimidating at times especially when the mother and her mates is doing it to my 12 year old child. It is an awful situation and we begun to just feel hatred towards them. This is our lovely home and cannot afford to move but nor should we have to. I wish they would just move away as there doesn't appear a lot we can do as the bullying is very low level and kind of goes undetected.
Hanj - 15-Sep-19 @ 7:32 PM
i am having major health issues and my neighbor across the hall from me comes in and out of our building slamming doors all hours no consideration for others. and i have spoken to her about this problem and now they added stomping down the hallway and everytime i have spoken to the landlord the slamming of doors has gotten worse my health cant handle this . i dont have the money to just move and its hard to move out when my body does not allow me to lift anything heavy. also these people have invited other people to live with them in a one bedroom apartment this woman has a boyfriend and two kids a boy and a girl and another woman living in that apartment and they are destroying the building its awful. everytime i talk with this woman she starts getting nasty she has scratched my car alot and she dumped soda on my car. i was nice to her when she moved in . She has turned nasty and im tired of dealing with her crap . i dont feel safe with her living across the hall from me . i feel like a prisoner in my apartment now cause i dont walk so good anymore . not shure what to do.
Chris - 13-Sep-19 @ 8:05 PM
Neighbors terrace house(rented)is full of weeds,some 6ft high,no gate rubbish bags,bins never emptied,gutter hanging off,kitchen window (inside)full of live flies.i can't sit in my yard because of the smell and the sight and thought of living with all the flies,God knows what inside looks like. Council been a few times and promised to sort it tried env health .no joy. What next.had this for years gate blew off 3 years ago.still on floor in main yard.bin full with rain water or I would have emptied it myself.
Parky - 13-Sep-19 @ 7:52 PM
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