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Getting a Solicitor Involved

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 15 May 2017 | comments*Discuss
Getting Solicitor Involved Using

Many people who have problems with their neighbours are often reluctant to get a solicitor involved. The main concern is usually the expense that could be incurred, and they might feel that a solicitor will bombard them with all manner of legal jargon which they might not be able to understand.

However, in situations where you have either tried to resolve a particular issue with your neighbour but have reached a stalemate, you’ve gone through a mediation service and that hasn’t worked either, or the Dispute Has Become Nasty, you might have no option but to seek legal advice.

What can I Expect if I Get a Solicitor Involved?

Well firstly, don’t be put off by the, sometimes, formal atmosphere of a solicitor’s office. A visit to a solicitor’s office might seem a million miles away from anything you’ve experienced before, but good solicitors will always try to put you at your ease, and explain things to you in a way in which you’ll be able to understand. Don’t forget, no matter how serious you think your problem is, you can be sure that they will have seen it all before countless times.

What can a Solicitor Do for Me?

Solicitors can help you on a number of levels. Firstly, once you’ve explained an issue to them, they’ll be able to tell you your legal position with regard to your particular problem. They can then determine what options you might have and, if there are several, they’ll be able to tell you the effects of choosing a specific option over another and the implications of each option.

They will also act as an intermediary, entering into negotiations with the other person(s) involved and make phone calls and write letters on your behalf. They will prepare all necessary legal documents and any court applications for you, and will ensure that you are represented in court.

But I can’t Afford to Pay for All of These Services

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on whether or not you’re entitled to legal aid. If you’re on an extremely low income and/or are receiving certain types of state benefit, you may be entitled to have all or a proportion of your legal costs paid for under the legal aid scheme, and a solicitor can advise you about this. However, government plans to cut the Funding To Legal Aid will reduce this entitlement.

What if I Still Can’t Afford to Pay or Wish to Take Another Route?

Even if you don’t qualify for any kind of legal aid whatsoever, you may find that it’s not necessary to worry about the total cost of a solicitor’s bill from start to finish. Sometimes, it may only take one or two instances of correspondence from a solicitor to the other party to force the person(s) involved to accept some kind of resolution which will prevent the matter going to court anyway.

Therefore, you may find that it’s worth ‘testing the waters’ if you can afford to do that, and if both you and your solicitor agree that there’s every chance that the other party is likely to back down in the early stages. Of course, there’s always a gamble with that strategy that the other party may decide to contest the case, then you’re either stuck with continuing with the process and incurring further legal costs if you’re not entitled to legal aid, or dropping the case altogether. Your solicitor will usually be able to tell you, however, if it’s a gamble that’s likely to be successful, based on the facts you’ve presented to them.

Other Options

If you’re uncertain about engaging the services of a solicitor or simply cannot afford one and you don’t qualify for legal aid, then talking with a member of staff from Community Legal Advice, which has its own website and is a free and confidential service, is well worth approaching. They’ll be able to advise you on your legal position and should be able to put you in touch with other advice centres close to where you live, who have advisers specialising in different areas of law who will be able to give you free, impartial advice.

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Penelope - Your Question:
Hi, I moved into a psl flat about 6 months ago and ever since have been kept awake by loud music, yelling and laughing and a barking dog. My bedroom borders these neighbours living room. Also, there is often a very strong smell of what I think is hashish, which normally would not bother me if it was just in the hallway but it gets so strong at times it permeates my entire flat. I have tried to resolve it myself for months as I am not keen on having the police involved due to a previous situation where a new unknown landlord came into my then flat unannounced twice, intimidating me. The police at the time said that as he was now my new landlord he could do as he pleased so I felt I had no other option but to leave the flat. I now feel trapped. Last night it was not just the usual loud party with vibrating techno music and screaming and laughing people and barking dog but the neighbour actually turned on a chainsaw several times while yelling abusive things about me (the walls are paper thin so you can hear people talking let alone loud music and screaming). I did actually phone the police twice as I am now really scared but the noise team never showed up or phoned me back. I don't know what to do any more and I have the feeling that because I come across as shaky and anxious I am not being taken seriously. Can you please help.

Our Response:
Report this to your environmental health officer. They may be able to place a noise monitor in your flat and take further action. It may also help provide you with any evidence to enable the polcie to act.
ProblemNeighbours - 16-May-17 @ 12:23 PM
Hi, I moved into a psl flat about 6 months ago and ever since have been kept awake by loud music, yelling and laughing and a barking dog. My bedroom borders these neighbours living room. Also, there is often a very strong smell of what I think is hashish, which normally would not bother me if it was just in the hallway but it gets so strong at times it permeates my entire flat. I have tried to resolve it myself for months as I am not keen on having the police involved due to a previous situation where a new unknown landlord came into my then flat unannounced twice, intimidating me. The police at the time said that as he was now my new landlord he could do as he pleased so I felt I had no other option but to leave the flat. I now feel trapped.Last night it was not just the usual loud party with vibrating techno music and screaming and laughing people and barking dog but the neighbour actually turned on a chainsaw several times while yelling abusive things about me (the walls are paper thin so you can hear people talking let alone loud music and screaming). I did actually phone the police twice as I am now really scared but the noise team never showed up or phoned me back. I don't know what to do any more and I have the feeling that because I come across as shaky and anxious I am not being taken seriously. Can you please help.
Penelope - 15-May-17 @ 1:28 PM
My hubby , my youngest daughter and myself moved into our new house 4 yrs ago.The 1st year was fine but exactly 1 yr later my neighbour told me that he had seen my hubby with another woman in our local town with a baby in a pram.My hubby can't have more kids so it wasn't him and he had called me that day from work.A month later he had a go at me for not saying hello to his partner.Then the month after he threatened to box me and my hubby, which went round to speak to him.A few weeks later I caught him throwing rubbish over my garden then all was quiet for a few months.I came home to find my new bird feeder smashed to pieces.Then 2 yrs ago on a Sunday while we were doing some DIY he came round our house and hit my hubby in the face.The police cautioned him and told him not to come on our property or talk to me at all.There have been instances here he stands outside our house and does the loopy sign and now his partner has started doing it.We had cameras installed as my car has been damaged but just later week he was yelling at me from his bedroom window and on my way back home his partner came out the house and started calling me names and then threatened my 12 yrs old daughter .I told her straight that I would rip her head off so she launched herself at me.We fought but her partner also attacked me.The police would like is to do restorative justice but they dont think they have do e anything wrong.They have slandered me in the street and tell every one who listens lies about us.We think this is parking related as they had a large drive for 3 cars but parka van outside their house and we have a drive for 1 car and park 1 car on the road.They hate me parking on the road yet my husband is allowed to do it.I want to get in with my life
Imgonnamakeyoupay - 4-Dec-16 @ 3:30 PM
huge noise of music going on for hours and poeple coming from a pob opposite where I live. could you help. Regards.
abdel - 23-Oct-16 @ 5:11 PM
Iv been stalked and harassed since 2009, my home set on fire twice through arsony and a neighbour spent drilling and hammering at my walls 24/7 for 4 years. I've been stalked by university students forcing me to transfer to two different colleges ruining my entire education, neighbours in Leeds. One neighbour has two dogs like in Will Ferrells idiotic portrait, she has nickname the bloody dog after me in a demeaning way and her son hacks 24/7 into my computer. If Im make a complaint online as now, she comes out right in cue with her yapping dogs and will talk to her dogs in directly about me. A solicitor has described what they practice in Leeds as GANG STALKING, it's cost me years of my education, being forced to resign, being discriminated by the local transport police, I even got injured last year through the NHS and never had problems before. Had quite a lot of media and American entertainers harassing me online, they even participated in this. I have had systematically every aspect of my life ruined. Gang Stalking is a ganging up through the authorities, medical services, media and members from the community about an individual they want to silence, torment to be cruel, for revenge quite often the victim didn't need to have done anything wrong. The whole purpose is to drive the victim nuts, through repetitive indirect intimidation through noise,colours, clothing, indirect talking and insinuations of intimidation and threat. In my case my neighbours spent DIY for 4 years day and night. In the area in Leeds the neighbours have been hacking into my computer, none of them want to conform which of the American entertainer have started this or if its just the transport police.Some police and local private ambulance have wasted their time from January blasting of their sirens and monitoring my private computer for months on end. Cars speeding by right in cue to something Im typing up on my computer thats a complaint or police cars showing up. If Im getting ready to go out some weirdos near by will come out at the same time and follow me, cars start speeding past. Somebody joked its an experiment by Criss Angel, Derren Brown, Dynamo, David Blaine and some psychics. I just think its illegal monitoring of an individuals that hates Americans and the police! its discrimination or Hollywood
drew - 15-Oct-16 @ 11:54 AM
I have been in my apartment for 2 years now and been wakened up at least once every night. The elderly man uses a walking stick and it thuds every time he gets up in the night. Into the bargain he then switches on his TV and I have reported this to Housing21 but no action has been taken and they haven't even contacted the people below. They have even started rumours that I am a schizophrenic, and obviously I am upset but feel even worse having returned from the police station only to be told there is nothing they can do. I have tried Environmental Health, Horsham Council, Citizen's Advice Bureau and it's all proved futile. Where do I go from here as I cannot believe that people can be so selfish and inconsiderate. I don't know that I can afford a lawyer as I am on a small pension and get help with my rent. I do voluntary work for a well known organisation andsomeone has even reported me, thinking I was earning!. It seems that I am banging my head against a brick wall!
Davy - 13-Sep-16 @ 4:34 PM
Hi, im seeking advise as recently have been receiving false complaints about nuisance noise garbage disposal and dog fouling, i have lived at the same adress for 6 years with my 7 year old daughter and never had any issues untill a new older lady moved into the next block ever since iv been receiving numerous complaints Im 5 months pregnant and keep myself to myself I know thease are acusations are false but how can I prove this, I this morning recieved a letter stating I could loose possession of my home due to 'antisocial behaviour' I feel like im being bullied. Confused why this lady is doing this to my family . How do I prove my innocence.
charlie - 17-Jun-16 @ 1:09 PM
I live in a small terraced house with an equally tiny garden, my neighbours acquired a Labrador type dog nearly two years ago they do not walk this animal and it uses the garden as a lavatory on a permanent basis, to a lesser or greater degree there is always poo out there both to smell and look at. Environmental Health came once, but my neighbour knew they were coming and cleaned up, so they assumed everything was fine... I would like to move in part because of this dirty neighbour the problem being on the sales form you must declare problems with neighbours, who would want to move in next to such people. not me ?
Vic - 10-Apr-16 @ 9:49 AM
I have a problemof racistneighbourswho have been harassing and stalkingme since I moved in my property 9 yr ago.they started shouting g throughtheirwalls that they don't know how I bought the house and that I must have done some fraud. They said I should move next to them. As the time passed by it became apparentand they were also sayingthey can see everythingI do insidemy house. They also said peopleare awarethat they watch me inside my house but nobody will report them.later on they involved the people on the other side and they would all talk about what I am doing as if theyare watchingtelevision. They said they wanted me to suffer from heart problemsand they also wanted me to lose my house. I in returnplayed my musicloud but this was duting the day to block their harassmentbut they both plotted me by annoyingme and reportingme to the counciltill the councilcame and took by televisionsets stereos and even smallalarm clocks away. The councilhave kept my propertyfor over 2 months and now they send me a letterto go to court for making noise for these people.
tsolo - 27-Oct-15 @ 2:39 AM
Having problem with all neighbours. I have the police loads of time and housing team and saying they can't help me. I have four children being abuse everyday and myself too. The neighbours being racism toward me and my kids. They have hit my children and I did report it to the police but they didn't any thing about this matter. So need with what right I have because me and my kids ain't safe in the house. We need a move but they won't move me and my children. This has been going on the 2years half and can't take no more bullying. So need your help me please
Frazer - 12-Sep-15 @ 11:38 PM
We moved into this house 23 months ago - old lady next door on the surface OK but she has a problem with shouting day and night. I have gone through all of the channels, doctors relatives council police adult social care and got no where. We will have to sell up as the situation is intolerable. Anyone know a solicitor who will take this on in Leeds?
Tog1951 - 14-Aug-15 @ 5:36 PM
Hi I am looking for some advice, we have had a constant battle with our local council for almost 18 years regarding our neighbours who cause problems from abuse, setting there dog to attack anyone walking down the street, to damaging property, preventing emergency vehicles from getting access, threatening us, partying from anything from 7 in the evening til up to 11 the next morning and sometimes partying for 3 days solid. The police, local councillor and noise abatement team have all been out over the years to witness this, they are well known as a problem family as they were originally moved to there house now to avoid the council evicting them at the time. For the last 8 years the Local council housing department man has had emails back and forth regarding the problems and keeps promising they are doing this and that to get an eviction, it never happens. At the last point we were told that they could not progress to the courts as there had been no complaints for 6 months. As a result from all this stress my mother has recently had a heart attack and my father has developed heart problems. I have kept record of letters sent between ourselves and the council/police/Scottish parliament,
TakeItIntoMyOwnHands - 3-Apr-15 @ 9:22 AM
I have suffered years of harassment/bullying/stalking and verbal abuse. The police never took this seriously but turned it on to me, an immigrant. the Sgt. Told me that police in south London, detest immigrants!!! So this lying devious jealous female got a way with all...lucky in 2014 Boyfriend chucked her out...getting rid of her...?????but she Had recruited. Drug dealersto harass meandtrash my car etc..... council told me they are not interested in Owners!!!!so they permitted the harassment,in fact they Insulted me,etc.. The new neighbour to. Behave in a barbaric way....lying and non stop harassment Police took her side.....being alone is an easy target...and female! So no one will take complaints about this female...she has connection to police and council. so. I should have erecteda full. CCTV set..?to record and. I advise. all to do this. Cameras don't lie. But nasty neighbours do. It is expensive.but worth every penny....police can'tlie and they do!!! I bought a one camera wireless /plug in set...in Croydon.. Input it on my window will . And have the screen in the lounge to watch. Oh boy! CCTV works well.....£190.00 well spent....3 years too late..so do this!
blue - 15-Feb-15 @ 7:08 PM
my fifteen year old daughter has been getting mentally and physically abuse and bullying from middle aged woman in street for two years
Leah - 15-Jun-14 @ 4:14 PM
I've had issues for a number of years with a neighbour, we now try to avoid him now. He's forced one family to move and we now have a new neighbour. She insists on parking inconsiderately. I have asked her to be more considerate and she flew off the handle. She said she had now become our neighbour from hell and that the first neighbour had warned he about us. The first neighbour is being 'done' for harassment, but I think something needs to be done to stop him telling people we're the baddies; there's others that don't speak to us as a result of him saying things about us. I just want to come home from work and get in with my life.
Fed up - 18-May-14 @ 3:00 PM
I will get straight to the point as history would be pointless. I live in what was once a nice block of 9 flats. Until the council decided to give us neighbours from hell. The problem I have now is that one of the problem neighbours insists on leaving her pushchair/pushchairs in the hallway. I contacted the fire service who contacted the council. The council told him that the council have a Zero Tolerance policy on anything left in hallways in flats. I have also looked on line and found that some Councils have actually removed the offending pushchairs without notifying the offender and said they would charge for the return of same. I have tried unsuccessfully to get this council to take action; also another tenant was also unsuccessful in getting the council to do anything. My fist complaint (I can prove) was back in January. I want to know if the council have a legal obligation to clear hallways if they are informed of obstructions. I also would like to know what would be considered a time frame for this action to take place, bearing in mind that several times the Anti Social Behaviour officers have walked past these Pushchairs in the hallway and done nothing. Also we have Caretakers regularly coming into this block with nothing done. The cleaner moves them out of the way the puts them back. What I wish to know is this can I take legal action against the council for failing to take any action about this problem?
itsmenotyou - 23-Apr-14 @ 5:06 PM
akawebby the same is happening to me....CROYDON COUNCIL>..BUT I OWN MY HOME they are lying they are setting people up to harass me!!!!!!!!and then twisting and turning they HAVE TREATED ME LIKE A PIECE OF DIRT.. 2004 now I have been harassed but they BLAME ME... one day I was so upset and I shouted as she touched my stuff when I was doing a new kitchen (nosy and does not work) and I forgot about the CCTV so they hold that against me!!!!2004to now she has stolen my stUff sworn at me.....told people to trash my car BUT I shouted on one day (2013) ..POLICELIARS...
BLUE - 18-Apr-14 @ 6:36 AM
My neighbours moved next door in 2005. Stupidly I went round and introduced my self and asked if she needed any help regarding schools childrens' facilities etc.BIG MISTAKE!! I hate myself for having done that. They stated giving me problems with parking. Deliberately parking in a selfish way and taking up space of three cars, with less then a foot of her car in front of her house and the rest in mine. She leaves 6foot from her drop down curb before she parks her car. This means I end up blocking mine. We have never parked beyond our boundary line and we have never parked in front of her house. In 2009 we had a little room built down the bottom of my garden and in the same year had out loft converted. They caused so much trouble and harassed our builders to stop building our loft and to re do theirs first. There is 8 of us living in a three bedroom semi and she only has two children in a six bedroom house. Since she came she was already throwing rubbish in my house and I only woke up to it in 2009. She has had cctv installed and now has it in her car which she reversesback into the drive . It can see inside my lounge and the other in the window , because that curtain is left open all night watching our coming and goings. It is made me ill and the police have done nothing. She also has been writing letters from the police and throwing in my house and rubbish through my door. She also mis treats her daughters and have heard muffled crying as if someone has put a hand over the mouthand turns on the hoover to blot the crying noise. She also leaves her under age children at home. When she found out I knew she started make my life hell. I can't go on holiday or go out for long. I washed my curtains and covered my windows with plastic sheets. When i took them down I saw her peering through my window. She has come on to my property, she removed my fence without asking and a few weeks ago broke a piece of my fence and threw it in my garden. She is waiting for me to throw it back and has the children watching the CCTV. I cannot let my children out in the garden. She already accused the boy across the road of damaging he neighbours car. He called the police. When the police came she never opened the door. The boys parents should have taken her to court. They didn't. She thinks she is above everyone because she is a bank manager. She has spread lies and gossip about me and the local Tory councillor who lives on the road has stopped and gossiped with them especially during the time i have having building work done. I thin she want me to move. I have not done anything to her . If i do move is that how life is suppose to be because someone thinks they can do that to you. If the CCVT was for their security there would be no need for the curtain on my side to be left open and the camera in my car facing my property. I feel I am being treated like a criminal. I could say that her husband is watching my daughters. She wants a reaction from me. I am being wat
Nikkyee - 21-Oct-13 @ 11:24 PM
Hi I'm the owner of a freehold coachouse with 2 leased garages underneath my flat , the leased garages are for the parking of a motor vehicle only however one of the leased garages is being used for other purposes like storage with shelving. I have explained to the person concerned about his lease obligations but he still continues to ignore my requests , he is constantly in and out of his garage making noise and treating it like some sort of garden shed and making a general nuisance of himself. I am the freeholder of the block and need to know the best course of action to take with very limited funds. I would appreciate your advice for this problem.thanks D.Miller
Damad - 5-Aug-13 @ 11:04 PM
Need some advise!!!! My neighbour is making false allegations about me and my family. She has lied to the council and the police there are now criminal proceedings for a public order offence. She is the one been antisocial and has caused the council to serve me with a notice of seeking possession and we are threatened with losing our home. The authorities are doing all they can for this women and isn't willing to help protect my family from these lies.They say the are following procedures and as it stands at the moment I'm the one accused therefore I'm not a victim from this. It's causing me and my family unjustified stress and no one will help me. I have 15witnesses to the things she's made false allegations of and the council are not willing to speak to them yet. The police have attended around 10 times and only on the first occasion was an arrest made. they spoke with these witness on the other occasions. But yet the council have not made any attempt to speak to my witnesses to beable to cancel the notice of seeking possession. I can't afford a solicitor and legal aid will not cover my seeking advice. What can I do and what should the council do?
akawebby - 13-Jun-13 @ 3:53 PM
I am self employed, work from home with my own business. New neighbours (a young couple) moved into the rented accommodation next door with 2 cats. The landlord of the property allowed this even though we have covenants that apply to the area which states no animals and no animals allowed to foul the area. We have fell out as the cats poo in the shingle area and outside on my decking. Since then, this couple have blocked my parking space, thrown lighted cigarettes onto my decking and put disparaging remarks that are harmful to my business on facebook and twitter. I have been to the police but they do nothing to help me and it is making me ill. Any advice please?
None - 21-May-13 @ 4:29 PM
I need help with neighbors who have threatened my family for 16 yrs.my mom is 72 ,my sister is disabled. And my nelhew has heart problems.the police know them and nothing gets donr.im scared something bad is really gonna happen next.my nephew cannot keep getting upset, when these alcoholic idiots start,he cant breathe and gets chest pains, my mom is gonna have a heart attack.noone will help and plenty of. Places have been contacted.this has to end now.can anyone help?
chris - 16-Apr-13 @ 2:22 AM
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