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Problems With Neighbours' Children

By: Sarah Clark (ILEX) - Updated: 7 Jul 2020 | comments*Discuss
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You don’t want to be labelled a complainer, but sometimes your neighbours’ children can be more of a nuisance than a blessing. Older neighbours may remember a time when you could pay an unruly child’s parents a visit and you would know that any issues would be swiftly resolved, but these days you have to be extremely wary of what you say and do about children in the neighbourhood.

What to Do About Noisy Children

Whether you appreciate it or not, there’s not much that you can do about excessive noise during the day from children. Kids are exuberant by nature and it would seem a little bit churlish to try to curb normal noise levels, even if the screaming and shouting is getting a bit too much.

If it really is becoming an issue, your only course of action is to ask their parents nicely to have a word with them. If you work shifts or simply need peace and quiet to concentrate while working at home, a quiet word might be the best way forward. Explaining that you need to sleep some afternoons may make the parents try to keep their offspring’s noise down.

Noise is a common complaint – recent research by Noise Concern revealed that 43% of people had been bothered by some form of neighbour noise.

Excessive noise levels were also blamed for forcing about half a million people to move in 2006, just to get away from their annoying and Noisy Neighbours, according the National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection (NSCA). At the time, their representative Mary Stevens said that many problems with neighbours were simply a result of being inconsiderate, and could easily be resolved by using a little common sense...

What to Do if Children Damage Your Property

Your first course of action, especially if the damage was clearly accidental, is to make a conciliatory approach to the child’s parents.

As far as the law is concerned, you can technically sue a child for the cost of the damage if they are old enough to understand what they were doing, but this kind of legal action is rare and somewhat frowned upon by the courts. It’s also a fact that not many children have the cash lying around in their piggy bank to pay for the cost of a broken window!

If damage has been done, and an approach to the perpetrator’s parents hasn’t been successful, you can consider suing the parents of the child. This is only appropriate in cases where there has been negligence on behalf of the parent(s) – for example, if they trusted their child with something dangerous like an air gun. They could also be considered liable for the damages if you can prove that they failed to exercise the control expected of a parent, given the child’s age.

“Can I Have my Ball Back?”

It can be irritating but it’s just a fact of neighbourhood life that kids playing ball games will occasionally mislay one into your garden. If children throw or kick a ball into your garden or onto your property, you should hand it back to them, keep hold of it for them to collect from you, or throw it back over if you find it later on.

The children should not trespass onto your property to pick it up, although in practice many probably do. If there is any damage to your garden caused by kids trampling over it, you would be entitled to compensation for any financial damages that were caused.

Still need more information? Read more about ASBOs, parenting contracts, penalty notices and parenting orders in our feature: children and anti-social behaviour.

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To Baja. You should really try living next to noisy neighbours before you pontificate about others. Sadly if you are rich enough to live in a detached house, we are not. Who said we were "old people". You're way ahead of yourself on that guess. We brought our children up to respect others. They had a great happy and energetic childhood but they also learned to appreciate other citizens
Exasperated - 7-Jul-20 @ 10:53 PM
How ridiculous. All old people moaning, I’m sorry but if you’re any too retire in peace why are you living in a house that’s not detached or in an area where children are allowed? The only children I know that dong make noise by running around are ones that physically can’t run. The only children that don’t scream are the ones that are physically not able to or very mentally broken. As parents the only way to do what you want to “see and nor hear” is by shoving them in front of tv from the moment they wake up to moment they go to sleep. Don’t think anyone thinks that’s healthy, To make such accusations towards families you don’t actually know - you must be a very shallow and nasty person. To hate children so much - move to a detached property or retirement estates. Simple.
Baja - 7-Jul-20 @ 8:55 PM
Totally agree with much of the above. We have totally thoughtless neighbours who believe their children should be allowed to run riot thumping up and down stairs along hallway etc. They spent ,7 months doing up their grotty house so they had french doors whole length of property. Now we have to suffer them and their kids 24 /7. If course never dreamed of putting in soundproofing sadly no law to say they have to. So our retirement peace and quiet is ruined. We do live in socially curtailed times ,but when normality returns you bet we will still have to suffer this total thoughtlessness as they never take children out of house. Desperate times
Exasperated - 7-Jul-20 @ 6:55 PM
CONTINUED FROM BELOW (last 3 posts)... They are spoiling them rotten, giving them everything, allowing them anything, to do what they want and then everyone is wondering why when they get to teenage years they are committing suicide these days, suddenly life is just too tough for them. The kid next door to me is so spolit and demanding he sounds like a demon (I kid you not) when shouting (or screaming) for his parents attention if they leave the room for a few moments.Parents are not doing them any favours by being lazy and not teaching their kids to be respectful. I am a good considerate neighbour, i've helped many of my previous neighbours with dog sitting, child sitting, lending stuff etc. Being quiet at night when their kids go to bed very early etc etc. I've also tried to be tollerant of my current neighbours, with the impact noises for the last 2 years. Also had to spend a lot of money to change the bark in my garden for slate, because their cat was using it for a toilet. The same in my front garden (now their cat just goes on my lawn!). So I don't see why they can't buy a rug or two. I am looking to move house to a detached house, but I shouldn't have to leave the house and area that I love, have worked on this house and garden for 13 years doing it up, because other people are so selfish. If you read this far, thanks for listening and I hope your neighbour noise suffering ends soon too because it really does affect your health and quality of life. It was even on the news for neighbours to be more considerate during lock down, as the Council has had so many noise complaints (double than usual). But my experience has been quite the opposite of "considerate", even though my taxes are paying for both my neighbours to be at home all day for months!
Tired - 5-Jul-20 @ 12:52 PM
CONTINUED FROM BELOW After putting up with the worsening noise for 2 more years, saying nothing, 3 weeks ago I tried knocking on their front door a couple of times to speak to them. But they were making so much noise they could not hear me knock (when they have their lounge windows open you can hear their screams and banging from 5 houses awayin the road! And these are wide houses). So I wrote the neighbours a very polite letter explaining how I work in my box room the other side of my house to theirs, with all the doors closed, and even put a double mattress the other side of study wall on its side. Yet still I can hear running, thudding, knocking, banging noises very loudly and can't hear my customers down the phone. Asking politely if they could either get some foam play mats/ rugs to buffer the impact noises OR give him soft toys to throw and discourage running indoors. It got quieter for a couple of weeks but now its nearly back to where it was. Yesterday I endured 5 hours of really loud banging as she was singing to him and he was throwing himself off of the furniture. This morning, on a Sunday I tried to have a lay in as had a bad sleep. I sleep in the box room (also my study) on other side of house to avoid their noise, using the best earplugs (35 decibels) and really loud white noise music on top of this, with me holding the headphones onto my ears and I still heard (as usual) really loud bangs ..."Boom!... Bang!" like an earthquake or living next door to T-Rex as it vibrates through the fabric of the building. There is nothing you can do to block it out! Nothing! I live in a large solid 3 bedroom semi house. They need to get carpet with underlay, maybe rugs on top of that. That is what I have in my house, and I don't even have children. Some people are just plain inconsiderate. I've been on other forums and there are decent parents who say they are bringing their kids up to be respectful of their neighbours and quiet. Not allowing running and only soft balls indoors. I wasn't allowed to run or throw anything indoors when growing up. Not even allowed to make noise outside on a Sunday. I was brought up in an age where there was a lot more decent people about who were considerate and strict of their kids. Its a simple as that, I understand kids can be trying but why have them if you are not prepared to bring them up properly and get strict often enough as needed. Just shouting at your kids a lot is also not enough, you need to discipline them and give them consequences for their bad behaviour such as taking away their toys or phones etc. But I don'tknow anyone round here willing to do that, some just seem to enjoyshouting at their kids like it makes them a good parent. Kids don't care about just being shouted at. They are spoiling them rotten, giving them everything, allowing them anything, to do what they want and then everyone is wondering why when they get to teenage years they are committing suicide these days, suddenly li
Tired - 5-Jul-20 @ 12:47 PM
For all those parents that say they can't easily control their kids I can understand that it does require effort. But my experience is I can hear the parents encouraging noisy behaviour with no consideration of their neighbours whatsoever, saying "good boy" as he jumps or runs, then that's met with crying noises as he falls over on their hard flooring, he's nearly 3. Also there is no excuse not to do anything to buffer the impact noises, if they want to let their kid/s run about and have hard toys/ balls they are allowed to throw indoors. My neighbour's have the stripped bare wooden floorboards in lounge next to my house, and hard echoy tiles in their hall and kitchen diner. Yet they use no rugs. We are all on here complaining of the same noises... running, stamping, ball throwing, repeated knocking noises as well as jumping off of furniture and screaming/ shouting. I can hear them when they are in garden and they never tell him off for screaming, they encourage it and are louder than the child themselves when they shout "good boy" and teach him how to play football/ basketball. The husband is keen on football himself and kicks his ball from the end of his garden to hit his house and my fence. He also bats a tennis ball on the back of his house repeatedly, which is loud and I can hear it from the front of my house. I believe he has an antisocial personality disorder and is doing it deliberately or he is just very unintelligent and inconsiderate. The wife is just as bad, if not worse. These are quite posh sounding people but they have clearly not been brought up very well themselves. In the past I've spoken to the husband and wife separately, very nicely, pointing out their kitchen door is quite clunky (can hear it my side) and if they can try not to bang it early morning, but still this loud early morning door banging has gone on for 3 years since they moved in, from 6.30 am in the morning! They don't even try. I also said about the "impact" floor noises that I can hear and mentioned the previous neighbour had rugs so wasn't an issue. BUT they have done NOTHING! NO RUGS! The husband is furloughed at the moment, the kid has got bigger and heavier and now is running about a lot and I swear they play football indoors as I can hear the ball bounce and the wife bouncing a tennis ball.Obviously its been worse for me as during lock down with the kid not going to nursery as he was 2 days a week. But I work from home and can't concentrate. Let alone get a good nights sleep. My other neighbour is also furloughed as is allowing her 12 and 13 year old boys to stay up until 1.30 am. They bang outside doors and run up and down the stairs (really loudly as they are both heavy for their age). So between my two inconsiderate neighbours i'm lucky if I get more than 6.5 hours sleep. Last night I got 5 hours and had to cancel social plans today as i'm just feeling too ill and tired. After putting up with the worsening noise for 2 more years, saying n
Tired - 5-Jul-20 @ 12:44 PM
I'm currently being driven to the point of insanity. Bought a house. Next door neighbor has an autistic child who screams , bangs walls, bangs everything else in the house from 8am till midnight Monday to Sunday. I'm working from home and it is horrendous to deal with. Mother seems to do absolutely nothing to stop him. It's so bad that a month after buying the house I'm putting it back on the market after putting a.load of money in to it. How is this fair. I understand having a disabled child is difficult but no matter what way I approach it , I'm the bad guy. I'm now blaring music to dry drown him out
daithí - 2-Jul-20 @ 12:18 PM
I think you all need to remember you were children once upon a time and ,when you had children did they sit in silence , probably not , children like to play they get excited some have extra needs or disabilities,let them be and if its causing you so much distress then perhaps speak to the family instead of moaning on here or slagging people of to other neighbours trying to get them to agree with you , gardens are a playground for children even more so since covid as they are not able to go to the park or the seaside as they are closed, I'm sorry but you will not force families to stop children playing in gardens .
Katy# - 1-Jul-20 @ 8:44 AM
So comforting to come across this thread. It seems that loud neighbors are a very common problem anywhere in the world. (I live in the San Francisco area of the US--but I stumbled upon this page by mere accident while doing a google search). Some of you have come up with wonderful coping mechanisms. Thank you all for your thoughts and for taking the time to write and post on here. Unfortunately I don't know that there's really much we can do about the noisy kids--I've already nicely asked my new neighbors to be mindful of the noise, but beyond that, what do you do when kids are running around and stomping? The mother said she wasn't aware of the children stomping, but maybe parents just don't notice these things when their own child is making the noise. Anyways, the best I can do is just plan around their waking hours, and nap in other rooms and/or wear eaplugs. But earplugs don't really help with the stomping sounds because the thuds are a low frequency, and earplugs do nothing to stop that sound. Oh well, I'll try my best to just breathe, and try to not get too angry.
San Francisco - 30-Jun-20 @ 5:21 AM
Live on lovely close no problems until family moved in not on close but their garden backs on to our close. Child continously bounces ball on concrete still going at 10 pm at night when I'm working nxt day. Ive been told child may has learning difficulties and best not to approach parents during lockdown but I can't take much more of the repetitive vouncing of heavy football that echos throughout close. I've moved to bedroom at back of hse but the echo and constant noise is driving me insane. How do parents think this is acceptable to allow to disrupt neighbours all dayevery day.
sj - 29-Jun-20 @ 10:02 PM
Can anything actually be done about screaming noisy kids , the woman who lives in a house at the end of my garden has 5 children, she’s not much older than her eldest and the youngest is around 4 when I’ve spoken to her about the noise coming from her kids , she’s a single mother if 5 children, she doesn’t work she has a car , smokes the house is a 4 bedroom detached on an estate that are 95% owner occupied, the rest are rented , she pays £1200 a. Month , my guess is she gets housing benefits, so in essence I’m paying her to make my life hell , it also seems to me that having 5 kids is a career move What should happen is that landlords should be made to insist in their tenancy agreements that neighbours are respected , far to often in fact it seems all the time now that you only get consideration if you are one of these no hopers , the ones that are happy to let society support them and use their children as weapons and the means to gain income, in Britain today 2020 we encouragethis type of behaviour, what we should be doing is reducing benefits to the first 2 children, if you can afford more than 2 then we should take that benefit awayas well Why should we as a society encourage and pay for irresponsible behaviour
Gaz - 29-Jun-20 @ 5:28 PM
Just out of curiosity. Is it bad if after two years and 3 months of lockdown. Countless attempts of mediation you've been driven to downright eye for an eye retaliation? Kids banging the walls running like mad up to midnight both next door and the flat below.. So in return I start blasting hard Rock music and beocming heavy footed whilst walking around. I am a respectful person. If they they're quiet. I will be nice, if they're not.. Well. The above is one of a few things I do.Am I in the wrong since there is nothing we can do otherwise??
Stijn - 28-Jun-20 @ 10:47 PM
Hi, very kind of comforting knowing that I’m not alone through this constant, intermittent noise of banging , screaming, kicking walls. Thosenext door kids stamping running it’s so loud it can be heard all over my house. Parents know about their noise annoying us but don’t seem to bother them ! Have to hide in loft room for few hours for peace with headphones on ! Stressing every evening before going bed as that the moment they the most noisy. Summer can’t open windows or seat in the garden as screams and noise of basket ball bouncingconstantly drives me mad. Thinking of writing to the council noise service. Will be interested to know if some of you have resolved or find an issue to this problem? Maria.
Maria - 28-Jun-20 @ 7:55 AM
I live in a housing complex made up of shared and full ownership flats on my side, and rented and social housing on the other. There is a 'communal area' in the middle, and half the flats in our building face that area. Every day, 10am to 10pm, from April to October, there are 20ish savage children 'playing' outside. Our lease strictly prohibits ball games, bikes, scooters, skates and any behaviour which would inconvenience any resident. Residents here are also not allowed to have pets. The screaming, screeching and shouting are nearly continuous from morning until late night. The children swear and play loud ball games. All the social tenants appear to have dogs, which they walk in the communal area. Some children have discovered that they can be even louder by banging their scooters against our walls and doors. We have asked our housing association over and over again to do something about it, but there have been no results. We are trying to get them to close down this communal area, as it has brought us nothing but grief. I developed severe anxiety lately, as I am stuck in the house, working from home, with my life dictated by these children and their parents. I could, perhaps, live with child or two being loud once in a while, but the screaming from our estate can be heard 3 minutes away, in the park next door, where all of this people could take their offspring. I think some people allow their children to run wild to the detriment of others, and being told that kids need to be outdoors isn't good enough anymore. I think we need a fundamental shift on how we think about this, and start imposing harsh sanctions on those who raise savage offspring.
CN - 27-Jun-20 @ 1:26 AM
Thought my first comment had been eaten. Sorry for saying same things twice ??
Lucrecia - 25-Jun-20 @ 2:44 PM
It's something of a comfort to know I'm not the only one at my wit's end over this. There are two families whose houses back onto mine and the kids are out from early in the morning to around nine in the evening. I know kids make a bit of noise but the screaming shouting and banging seems relentless, only stopping for around half an hour at dinner and teatime. Sometimes,as someone else has said,they scream as if someone is trying to kill them. I was almost driven to tears yesterday just through the frustration of it. I can't even go far to escape from it when it's hot like this as I get very tired in the heat. When I was a kid parents would tell us to keep it down if we got too rowdy but people don't seem to be so considerate these days and you daren't complain, even a nicely worded comment would probably be taken badly. I don't have any answers, I just wanted to add to the comments so people know they're not alone.
Lucrecia - 25-Jun-20 @ 2:42 PM
I'm new to this site and just found it by looking up "sick of noisy kids". I just wanted to feel like someone else understood. There are two families whose houses opposite the back of mine. Their kids are out from early in the morning to around nine in the evening, only seeming to go in for meals. I know kids make a bit of noise but their screaming and shouting seems relentless and I can still hear it even if I use earplugs. I was almost driven to tears yesterday, just through sheer frustration with it all. It's been worse these past few days because I get tired easily in the heat, so couldn't even go out for a walk or suchlike to escape it all for a bit. It shouldn't be too much to ask to have a little peace in your own home but it's literally just about half an hour at dinner and again at teatime,then the rest is constant screaming, shouting and banging about. When I was a kid, parents would tell their children to keep it down for a bit eventually, for the sake of the neighbours but very few people seem so considerate these days.
Lucrecia - 25-Jun-20 @ 2:29 PM
My neibours got 2 kids one is hiperactive they wake up at 7 am and start screaming the parents don’t help he scream even more than the kid they social behaver and words are disgusting !!! Mother ask me once if they disturbing me I told her no at alll the are kids but I did not know I will be lockdown 15 weeks with same routine !!! When will back to my work with shifts finish at 1 am don’t know how to deal with this . I live with housemate but is room other side and for him is perfect ok . They can control the kids because during day I don’t listen then at alll just early morning when wake up they behave not like human beings .
Miguel - 25-Jun-20 @ 9:06 AM
I live in an apartment complex that's situated just right to echo the sounds of screaming children in the pool. The mothers bring their child to swim to scream it out and work out energy before taking them home to bed. tThe pool closes at 10pm, and they stay all the way up to 10:15 to collect their belongings and head home. Tonight there were 8 children and 4 adults yelling and splashing away. My apartment complex's idea of a solution is to just call the police if they are trespassing afterhours. OR, i could break my lease and choose another apartment at the affordable price of $3000 USD. I'm so miserable that I can't go to bed when I'd like, or take an afternoon nap. I can't come home and enjoy peace and quiet after a long day at work. I've told myself over and over again to simply change my attitude. But i can't. It's so maddening, I may just cough up 3 grand and hunt for a less kid friendly housing development. I chose not to have children, but I didn't think their screaming would haunt my dreams.
Kelz - 25-Jun-20 @ 5:32 AM
I can’t believe I’ve found this site I’m becoming a right victor meldrew at the age of 37 ?????? We live in a little culdisac 20 houses in total and have been here since day one around 6 years ago. Unfortunately over the last 2 years 3 new families have moved into the street with lots of young children around 12 in total and they just have absolutely no respect what so ever. We have a brand new car on our drive yet the children feel it’s ok to ride the bikes onto the drive scratching the car riding under my window etc causing damage etc the other neighbours have also had enough The parents are out drinking in the street not giving a single thought about the kids or what the other families are having to put up with gone 11pm every night I’m like a nervous wreck constantly watching the cctv to keep them off my property. The children are as young as 2 up to 11 and just do as they please you ask them not to do it and they do it again and again unfortunately it’s us now that is looking to move it’s so unfair why people now bring up the children with such lack of respect for other people and their property
Lucky2020 - 25-Jun-20 @ 12:43 AM
I'm ready for something. Daughter's night owl, middle one finish work 11pm so still pottering come midnight. Neighbors playing music through Alexa till gone midnight shouting so much my Alexa starts playing song, then neighbors at back 4th day in row 7.40am week day (weds today) outside screaming, screeching, trampoline, waking household up. Wakes me n I sleep with ear plugs in.
emma - 24-Jun-20 @ 9:28 AM
How to deal with a parent who just won't listen or have a conversation with her kids? We have a very friendly dog who we are getting worried about letting out in our secure back garden because the kids next door keep trying to feed him chocolate and have been throwing toys which are choking hazards for him. We often have to get stuff from he that he really shouldn't have. We have politely told their mother and the kids (in ways the latter will understand) that we really don't want them to throw anything deliberately into the garden for him, or to feed him anything. Whilst they are young kids, I would say they are old enough to understand not to do something if they have been asked by their mother or a neighbour. I get that kids don't always understand; I work with kids. I'm beginning to get very annoyed that their mother isn't taking any of this on board and we have to have the conversation at least once every 10 days or so. It's getting difficult to try to deal with this in a constructive way and politeness doesn't seem to work.
Steve - 24-Jun-20 @ 1:56 AM
Good for you Jenny!.... I live in noise cancelling headphones & will be moving shortly to escape the squealing/screaming that has been increasing in my area over the last few years. It’s got worse during lockdown & I suspect this is, both with adults & children, a way of trying to get noticed & get some attention, which they have been missing during lockdown….. and when we were let out, visitors to beauty spots seemed to feel that they needed to mark the occasion by dumping litter & takeaway wrappers in such places, a bit like dogs marking their scent on trees…… these people apparently “need” need to have their existence and presence noticed?. God forbid we should return to “children should be seen & not heard” days because I really think it is important to children to feel acknowledged & listened to BUT it is also important for children (and some adults) to recognise that they don’t live alone on the planet and shouty/loud people can cause an annoyance to others. Learningconsideration for others really should be taught as part of a growing human’s life skills, because believing that you can do exactly as you please & stuff everybody else really isn’t very neighbourly and unless you’re part of the upper (immune) class, permanently shouting your opinion is unlikely to help you to succeed in life.
LillyR - 23-Jun-20 @ 12:45 PM
So much sympathy and understanding for you all suffering noisy neighbours.This sunny day I've just been driven inside by the unbearable noise of neighbours' children trying to kill one another (they haven't succeeded yet, but . . . ).What can you and I do? Ear defenders or headphones over cotton wool in the ears is a help but not always comfortable.Choosing to do the life tasks that need a quieter environment at the quiet times of day is the obvious workaround.So I'm gardening at 6 in the morning?I don't think so. The other idea I have is to change me.I practise meditation, so sometimes I sit quietly, do some breathing exercises and let my body relax.Then I listen.Really listen, to each and every sound I can hear outside the room.I take note of the kind of sound it is, notice its shape and quality, (just notice, no anger or frustration) and then (this is the hard part) I accept that it's there, and let it be.I return to my breathing and quiet within me.Then I do the same for the sound within the room:noticing, listening, taking note of its shape and quality, accepting that it's there, and let it be there, return to my inner quiet. Then I listen to what is within me.Am I disquieted emotionally or mentally?If so, I quieten by listening to my breath in the same way.And accept that I breathe.I am grateful for this.I find other things in me that I am grateful for and I say thank you. Quietly, I draw the meditation to a close and hold the gratitude.I try to keep the quiet within me as long as I can. Well, it's a way of helping, though it doesn't change anyone else.Except . . . somehow it does.While I've been writing this and letting myself quieten as I do, the neighbours' children have suddenly stopped the noise.It's become quieter outside as well. There are mysteries in this life that we cannot understand, but sometimes how we are in ourselves can affect the outer world.By quieting ourselves, we can bring some better intentions to the neighbourhood. May your own problems be eased and helped.
Jenny - 22-Jun-20 @ 4:29 PM
It's every single day with my neighbours. It's either screaming kids, dog barking or the father drilling or hammering something. I'm a night owl so the only time I get decent sleep is during the day but they're always screaming. No where to go to escape it as can still hear it loudly at the opposite end of my house. It is driving me insane.
Yuki2345 - 20-Jun-20 @ 1:08 PM
I cannot believe my luck that there's an actual page/forum for this particular nuisance! I was just scrolling online looking to get some solution in some way - to calm my own nerves and help me meditate. Haha, but no I see that neighbor's noisy kids are a menace that many people suffer just like me. I live on the 2nd floor in my building and right under the windows is a paved wooden stage originally meant to serve as a yoga platform for the community. Ever since the lockdown started, the community kids have taken to playing throw ball here. I work full-time from my home office - 10 am to 8 or 9 pm. servicing international IT clients. The kids started playing from 6-8 pm, then around 4-8 pm... and now they're out as early as 1 or 2 pm daily. They're screaming their heads off and obviously having fun. As an adult I understand that kids cannot be "controlled" a whole lot as they are likely to get carried away in their enthusiasm. But I also wonder if the reason they're out more often and longer hours is because their parents are fed up and send them out to get their own peace. I've tried asking them nicely to keep it down. I've tried asking the community manager to instruct them nicely. Obviously, "nice" doesn't work. But screaming at the screaming kids from my window would only paint me as a witch. I'm out of carrots, I'm out of sticks. Quite frankly, frustrated! Philosophically speaking, please tell me what I can do for my own peace of mind. Practically speaking, please tell me what I can do to relocate this ruckus away. Thanks to anyone who reads and responds..
MiniMe - 20-Jun-20 @ 4:45 AM
I miss the original lockdown rules as I live in an estate the park is rarely used due to lockdown and I'm sick of hearing kids yell and scream as they're allowed out. I dont see the parents around that type of area where kids do as they like. They're on bikes mostly which is fine but the noises at 10am?? I'm unemployed trying to desperately get a job. It's not all day luckily but double glazed windows are crap so I wear headphones daily that helps. I hate lockdown since I cant afford to go out or do much else and hate neighbours slamming car doors too why arent people more considerate everyone has become selfish. If I had too I would love to move but you just tolerate things I guess. Lockdown was great before but I'm sick I cant wake up with peace and quiet now. I wish it would rain more.
Fedup - 17-Jun-20 @ 12:42 PM
I think a lot of people on this site are a little unaware, the way I was before I had children. I can remember complaining to my husband on a plane while a young child sat screaming a few rows down for five hours. I didn't understand how the parents could allow their child to behave like that. My point is, now I know better and sometimes children are not as "controllable" as you think. Your experiences with your own children are not always an accurate representation of life for other people. Yes children should not be out after dark etc., that goes without saying, but parents sometimes have little control over the volume of their own children. There are children out there who have autism, learning issues and other conditions, and there are children who are so stubborn that no matter how many times they are reminded of something they will not comply. You can offer rewards, consequences, send them to their room but all in vein because the behaviour continues. You can either wait for them to grow up a little and deal with the noise or unfortunately move out. You will never be able to take the issue further as no-one will take you seriously. Children are noisy and you can't treat them like a dog and have them debarked, put up an electric fence or spray them with citric acid when they go outside or make noise. As I am writing this I am annoyed because our neighbours are having a party keeping my polite and well behaved 8 year old awake. He is sleeping in my room to get away from the swearing and shouting. We work around our neighbours behavours but it doesn't mean we like it and we will be moving out eventually. My point is if you live in a suburban area life doesn't revolve around you and if you don't like where you live do something about it and move. I hope your next residence is more peaceful. Living near people = children = noise,
Bee - 12-Jun-20 @ 12:16 PM
i want some advise my 6 year old son has just been diognosed with adhd he is very hyperactive and just doesnt stop he screams at the top of hes voice when he dont get hes own way and im worried about my neighbour as he doesnt like the noise of my sons playing in the back garden is there eanything he can do im really worried ive been here a year private renting and he is private renting too thankyou.
alisha - 11-Jun-20 @ 6:18 PM
I live on a estate where there are other kids when my daughters are out.,if The kids are a disgrace and parents even worse .A few kids have laid there hands on mine when spoken to parents its just a tirade of abuse. Excuses.The parents gave brought their kids up with the attitude its our estate and we can do say and knock hell out of others .Fine but not my kids .I will always defend my kids and family .Im the world's worst for doing thisHow can parents justify their kids behaving like that.?It's horrible
Shirls - 10-Jun-20 @ 4:16 PM
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